Will You Vote for Romney if RINOs Make Him the Nominee?

The Republican Party leadership must be having a lot of trouble sleeping these days. With two political outsiders — Donald Trump and Ben Carson — leading the presidential pack by tapping into voters’ justified anger at the GOP, these are some desperate times, at least according to the Washington Post. One of the surest signs […]

Speaker John Boehner Set to Retire from Congress in October

I thought I was dreaming when I heard the news. John Boehner is going to retire at the end of October. Maybe that’s why he was crying as the Pope spoke. Boehner knew his days were numbered. It couldn’t come at a better time. With Boehner gone, the Democrats won’t have an advocate and Obama […]

Republican Leadership Dodges Questions About ‘Cromnibus’ Votes

If you happen to be walking through the halls of Congress this week and you see a slippery-looking, crablike creature scuttling from pillar to pillar to avoid detection, don’t be alarmed. It’s just Sen. Mitch McConnell dodging questions about his role in blocking Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee’s challenge to President Obama’s executive granting […]

We Will Get the Government We Deserve

Mitch McConnell beat his Tea Party opponent in Kentucky. Let the establishment gloating begin, for now. So this is what will happen if the Republicans take control of the Senate. John Boehner will remain Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell will become Senate majority leader. The establishment will lock up the government and will […]

Conservatives to Watch that are Rattling RINO Cages

This may be the year we begin to throw off the shackles of establishment Republicanism. The moment in history we take hold of our destiny and reverse what will otherwise be inevitable. More and more true American conservatives are coming forth to unseat the old Republican guard. Sure, in past years, this has been a […]

Boehner Leads Charge Toward Debt Disaster

One day after the Congressional Budget Office warned that the United States’ growing debt was leading toward a “fiscal crisis,” House Speaker John Boehner and 27 other Republicans joined Democrats in passing a bill to raise the debt ceiling for the next 13 months. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, an occasional upstart himself, voted […]

It’s Not all Bad in the GOP

I’m a Bible-believing Christian first, a conservative second and, sometimes, with rapidly dwindling frequency, a Republican third (but only when the Grand Old Party is behaving itself). Although the GOP’s RINO establishment still controls its legislative reins, I’m mildly encouraged by some recent developments at the Republican National Committee (RNC) level. It seems that under […]

Why Are Liberals Attacking Liberal Chris Christie?

An absolute truth about those on the left is that they will always reveal what or who scares them. They attack or attempt to silence anyone they fear, for example, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and even Ronald Reagan when they thought they could get away with it. They do tend to be a bit more […]

GOP: Thumbs Up for Communism, but Tea Party’s a Threat

How out of touch is the leadership of the Republican Party? In the same week Karl Rove and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced that they would refocus on crushing the Tea Party, the GOP tried to appeal to blacks by sending out a message wishing them a happy Kwanzaa, the pro-Communist non-holiday favored by […]

Life on the Republican Spineless Chicken Ranch

On October 8, NBC reported, “President Barack Obama vowed not to relent to what he called Republican ‘extortion’ that would threaten a default on the national debt, but suggested he might accept a short-term agreement that could jump-start talks with Congress. “But the nation’s top elected Republican, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, described Obama’s possible […]

Corporations Want Cheap Labor, Border Patrol Stands Down

Amid the push for amnesty for illegal immigrants, Border Patrol officers are being ordered to stand down and not pursue border hoppers, drug runners and other people entering the country illegally. Shawn Moran, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, said that Border Patrol management has been ordering field agents to essentially stand by […]

Let’s All Sail on the ‘Ted Cruz’ Ship from Texas

This is what Republicans should be. Take a long look at the freshman senator from Texas — Ted Cruz. He’s giving the Democrats and RINOs a dose of what it means to go to Washington and do what you said you would do when you asked people to vote for you. Cruz took an oath […]