Can a Homosexual Inherit the Kingdom of God?

America has become a Romans 1:18-31 nation. By that I mean that God has turned our nation over to its sinful lusts and desires. The Apostle Paul wrote about a people under God’s judgment for not only turning to sin but approving of a number of sinful ways. Among the sins referred to by Paul […]

Christian Church in America Has Turned to a Lesser Authority

There was a time in America when the Bible and God’s statutes were the sole source of absolute truth and authority. The Founding Fathers quoted from the Bible more than four times more than any other source in their personal and political writings. The foundational aspects of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution […]

Justice Scalia Asks ‘Why no ancient Greek gay marriages?’

The Supreme Court will make a ruling on whether same-sex marriage should be made the law of the land. If it does, what will the states do? Will we see states ignoring the ruling of the court since there is nothing in the Constitution – including the 14th Amendment – giving jurisdiction to the national […]

A Response to the PCUSA’s Decision to Approve ‘Gay Marriage’

Robert A. J. Gagnon, Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, was asked by Peter Smith, Religion Editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, to comment on the upcoming decision by the Presbyterian Church in the United States (PCUSA)1  to approve “‘gay marriage’ by deleting from the Directory of Worship the definition of marriage as […]

Taco Bell’s Gay Commercial a Fake but Company Likes It Anyway

Has Taco Bell joined the ranks of companies that are endorsing and promoting homosexual marriage? If so they have join the ranks of companies like Target, Penny’s and Starbucks to name just a few. A Taco Bell commercial has shown up on the internet, but not yet on network television. It features two men who […]

White House Celebrates Lifestyle of Abomination

On Thursday, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden once again demonstrated how unbiblical and perverted our government has become, by hosting their annual LGBT celebration.  The celebration and speech by Obama reminded me of the pagan rituals described in the Bible, as they reveled in their sinful lifestyles that God described as an […]

Secretary of State Doesn’t Talk About Dead People, She Talks To Them

In a culture that is losing its biblical values and morals day by day, it’s not surprising to see more and more people turning to such occult things as mediums, séances and fortune tellers.  Eastern mysticism with its spirit guides has also become increasingly popular.  Many people are also claiming to discover their past lives […]

J.C. Penney to Replace Hundreds of Employees With Auto Checkouts

Last month, I reported that J.C. Penney had lost half their value since launching their pro-homosexual advertising campaign and endorsing same-sex marriage.  Consequently, president of the company, Michael Francis was forced to resign.  However, I’ve seen no indication that the company will abandon their stance on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. In the latest attempt to […]

Will This be America’s Last July 4th?

On this date 236 years ago, 56 courageous men, most of who were devout Christians, placed their lives, their family’s lives and all of their worldly possessions on the line when they signed the Declaration of Independence. Their goal was to rid themselves of the oppressive tyranny of England and King George III.  These brave […]

Same-Sex Marriage and the 2012 Presidential Campaigns

Vice President Joe Biden made another blunder last week and ended up forcing President Barack Obama to publically endorse same-sex marriage.  There’s never been any doubt about where he stood on the issue as he has done many things to set the stage for national acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriages.  But now it’s official […]

Homosexual Military a Sign of God’s Judgment?

This week saw the end of the long standing ban on homosexuals serving in the military.  This is truly a sad day for our normal men and women serving their country.  With the new rules, they will find themselves at times being forced to put themselves in possibly compromising positions with sexual perverts that would […]