Blood of San Bernardino Victims on Obama’s Hands

Within minutes of the nation hearing about another mass shooting in San Bernardino, Barack Obama began his anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, blaming guns, not the people. It didn’t take long for investigators to learn that the shootings weren’t just a work place random shooting, but it was an act of terrorism and the AK-47 used in […]

What Happened to the Third San Bernardino Shooter?

The initial reports that came out after the San Bernardino shootings is that there were three assailants. Then all of a sudden there were two dead people and no more talk about a third shooter. For the longest time President Obama and the liberal media downplayed the narrative that this was an Islamic hit — […]

Jesus, Guns, and Self-Defense: What Does the Bible Say?

Good Christian? Bad Christian? It all depends on who’s doing the evaluating. The reaction to Jerry Falwell Jr.’s comments on encouraging students at Liberty University to be armed in case there is an ISIS attack at the school has led to a great deal of theological and political angst. Brian D. McLaren, described as “one […]

Columnist Compares Messianic Jewish Victim to Terrorists

There are some people for whom words are not adequate to express the revulsion their actions cause. Presenting New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi, whose last name is just coincidentally the same as the nickname formerly applied to the East German police under the Soviet Union. Stasi just wanted to correct the record in […]

Liberals Pray that Obama and Government Will ‘Fix This’

The cover of the Daily News featured a slam at prayer and God with this headline: “God Isn’t Fixing This.” It followed the headline with this tag line: “As latest batch of innocent Americans are left lying in pools of blood, cowards who could truly end gun scourge continue to hide behind meaningless platitudes.” Talk […]

Liberals Immediately Linked California Shootings to GOP and Planned Parenthood Shooting

You know that it had to happen. The media made a prejudicial leap by implying, before any facts were known about the assailants, that the attack might have had something to do with Planned Parenthood. One liberal nut ball and screw-loose liberal blamed the San Bernardino County attack on Republicans before anything was known about […]

“Lock Your Doors and Load Your Guns” Says City Attorney

San Bernardino, California is about 60 miles due east of Los Angeles.  The 2010 Census listed the city’s population to be around 210,000, making it the 17th largest city in California and 99th largest in the nation. In the 1990s, the San Bernardino economy was thriving.  Then in 1994, President Bill Clinton began closing a […]