PBS: Ted Cruz and Father are ‘Satanic’

Yes, they actually said “Satanic.” A PBS panel of so-called journalists on the “PBS News Hour” show called Sen. Ted Cruz “Satanic,” then doubled down by likewise labeling Cruz’s father, Rafael, who is an evangelical pastor. New York Times columnist David Brooks was asked a simple question by host Judy Woodruff, whether any of the […]

Guess Which Causes Detroit’s Satanic Event Will Benefit

A self-described Satanic group held the “largest public satanic ceremony in history” on Saturday in Detroit as it unveiled a statue of the devil to a crowd of some 700 people. The statue of Baphomet, the goat-headed version of Satan, shows the devil sitting on a throne looking all pagan and demonic as smiling children look on adoringly. […]

No God, New Gods, and All Hell Breaks Loose

The rise of the new atheists is getting a lot of attention. They are everywhere. It’s fashionable to be a new atheist. It’s the “in thing.” I can hear people at fashionable cocktail parties saying, “Yes, I’m an atheist.” Someone overhears the conversation and joins in, “I’m also an atheist. Isn’t it cool? John Lennon […]

Satanism Rears Its Head in Sandy Hook Shootings

So with all the banter about guns and Adam Lanza’s Asperger’s syndrome or whatever mental illness he had, it turns out that the final truth could be something far more sinister, something that regularly gets buried by law enforcement and the media. The UK Daily Mail Online has reported that Lanza was into Satan worship […]