Why Is Sanders Catching Clinton in Iowa Polls?

The past couple of days, several news outlets have been reporting that Bernie Sanders is rapidly gaining strength in Iowa polls and in some of the polls he is only a couple points behind Clinton. However, none of the news outlets are explaining why. I suggest that there are three main reasons why Sanders is […]

Is Hillary Losing It Under Pressure?

It’s not an entirely novel sensation you get from watching Hillary Clinton squirm like a worm on a hook. She’s dragged the country through too many scandals for that. But this time, there are signs she is cracking under the strain of too many revelations at one time. The Clintons have always been masterful manipulators […]

GOP Gaining Voters Because of Obama

How many times have you heard people say that they were voting for the lesser of two evils? Another newly released poll indicates that this very attitude of voting for the lesser of two evils may just help the GOP win more votes than the Democrats would like. According to the latest McClatchy-Marist poll, Barack […]

Do You Believe Obama Wants to Resign?

Since George Washington first took the oath of office on April 30, 1789, only one US president has resigned the office. On August 9, 1974, I’ll never forget watching the news when Richard Milhous Nixon announced to the nation that he was resigning as President of the United States. Nixon’s resignation resulted from his attempted […]

Obama All Talk No Action Doll

Every once in a while, I see a political cartoon that hits the spot and inspires me to write about the topic. A.F. Branco is a partner of Liberty Alliance LLC and I received his cartoon Obama All Talk and indeed it has inspired today’s article. It got me thinking back to a number of […]

IRS Employees Who Don’t Pay Taxes & are Disciplined Share $2.8 Million in Bonuses

Most of what we hear about the IRS lately involves their White House directed targeting of conservatives and Christians.  I say White House directed because when all of the targeting started, the IRS Commissioner visited the White House many more times than any other member of Obama’s Cabinet.  That cannot be a coincidence. In the […]

Obama on IRS Corruption: ‘Not Even a Smidgen’ of Truth

In one of the more out-of-touch, reality-denying interviews he’s given, President Obama told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly that there was “not even a smidgeon of corruption” involved in the IRS’s targeted harassment of the Tea Party and other conservatives. Just to review, sometime in 2010, prior to the last presidential election, the IRS began […]

Christie’s an Amateur Tyrant Next to Corrupt Obama

The media’s wall-to-wall coverage of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s revenge-by-traffic scandal is just the latest squirrel hunt to distract the nation from focusing on the many scandals and failures of its president. The media would have you believe that Christie’s abuse of power in closing lanes of traffic to pay back a Democratic mayor […]

If Presidential Election Held Today, Romney Beats Obama Says Poll

A year ago, many of us were extremely disappointed at the presidential election.  Although decided by the Electoral College, Obama still won the popular vote by a 51.1% to 47.2% margin. Since that time, Obama’s administration has been rocked by a number of scandals, all of which point to his dishonesty and lawless nature.  At […]

Further Evidence Obama Orchestrated IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups?

In his usual ‘not me’ fashion, President Barack Obama claimed he had no knowledge of the IRS targeting of tea party and conservative groups until just before the public announcement. With the mounting evidence, I find Obama’s denials to be a lie and offensive to the American people.  He is not enough of a man […]

There Are No Scandals When the Earth is in Danger

We’ve all experienced lame attempts to change the subject when people have been caught red-handed engaging in sleazy business, but the White House just made one the lamest efforts ever. Drowning in scandals involving spying on Americans and improperly using information and political authority to harass conservative groups for their beliefs, the Administration asked for […]

Scandals Rock Obama’s Ratings

When Barack Obama was re-elected last November, it was with some of the lowest approval ratings for a sitting president since ratings were kept.  They ranged anywhere from 49% to as low as 45%. Earlier this year, the White House started getting some Americans believing their false reports of economic and job recovery.  In response […]