SCOTUS Places Thousands of Children at Risk

When the US Supreme Court ruled to totally abandon all vestiges of America’s Christian foundation and values by approving homosexual marriage, they also opened the door for the ruination of thousands of children. A lawsuit filed in Mississippi explains what I mean by the ruination of thousands of kids. A Mississippi state law forbids the […]

State Representative Tells County Clerks to Disobey Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage!

In Tennessee one lawmaker is urging the county clerks in his state to DISOBEY the Supreme Court ruling that would force them to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. The legislator’s name is Rick Womick (R-Rockvale), and he says that most of those clerks would prefer to ignore the ruling, but the Governor and the […]

Our Government Would Outlaw the Declaration of Independence Today

Many people don’t know we celebrate Independence Day. It’s a non-work day, so that’s good enough for them. Political independence from a controlling government over local politics was the goal. The following is from Breitbart: “A new poll just out from Rasmussen shows the credibility of the Supreme Court has been severely frayed among likely voters. A […]

SCOTUS Opens Door for Home Invasions, Burglaries, Rape and Murder

In 2008, the US Supreme Court ruled in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller. A summary of that case is: “Handgun possession is banned under District of Columbia (D) law. The law prohibits the registration of handguns and makes it a crime to carry an unregistered firearm. Furthermore all lawfully owned firearms must […]

GOP Asks SCOTUS to Look at Medicare Death Panels

Will Republicans repeal, replace or just leave Obamacare alone? Opinions vary on all three possibilities. Some people who have never been able to obtain health insurance due to pre-existing conditions don’t want to lose their new coverage and I understand their feelings. Others are saying they want Obamacare repealed or replaced because they are paying […]

Senate Bill to Overturn SCOTUS Ruling On Hobby Lobby FAILS!

Liberals, feminists and socialists reacted strongly to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties. Some of them reminded me of biblical characters who tore their clothes and covered themselves in ashes as they wept in sorrow. Senate Democrats were bound and determined to overturn the Supreme Court ruling by […]

SCOTUS Overturning Buffer Zone Law NOT Reason for Celebration

In 2000, the Massachusetts legislature enacted the Massachusetts Reproductive Health Care Facilities Act, Mass. Gen. Laws, ch. 266, §120E1/2. Section 120E1/2 states: “Section 120E1/2. (a) For the purposes of this section, “reproductive health care facility” means a place, other than within or upon the grounds of a hospital, where abortions are offered or performed.” “(b) […]

SCOTUS Protects Citizens’ Cell Phones from being Searched

A lawsuit, Riley v. California, that challenged that legality of arrest-related searches of cell phones had made its way to the US Supreme Court. The crux of the lawsuit was that law enforcement searches of cell phones without a warrant were a violation of the Fourth Amendment that protects citizens from unlawful search and seizure. […]

SCOTUS to Hear Challenge to Ohio Law that Lets Politicians Determine Truth in Political Ads

Ohio has a state law called the ‘false statement law’ that allows a group of politicians and bureaucrats to determine if someone is using false statements in political campaign ads.  If that group has the same political agenda, they have the power to silence opponents to their political views. This was the case back in […]

Supreme Court: Christianity Is False, Immoral, and Socially Destructive

I’ve seen a lot of praise for Antonin Scalia in his dissenting minority opinion against the majority that struck down one part of the defense of marriage act. But I don’t think, as insightful as Scalia was, that he really has drilled down to the essence of what the Kennedy-led majority has done. Scalia, if […]

Obamacare: SCOTUS Left Some Options Open to States

While all of the Democrats are out getting smashed over the Supreme Court ruling allowing Obamacare to stand, they did leave a few options open for the states and GOP governors are looking at those options. Obamacare calls for states to increase their Medicaid coverage to include families whose household income is 133% of the […]

SCOTUS Rules In Favor of Landowners Against the EPA

Located in the Idaho panhandle is scenic Priest Lake which is known for its great lake trout fishing as well as it beautiful setting.  It’s an ideal location for anyone wanting to build a home and settle down. So were the dreams of Mike and Chantell Sackett who purchased nearly two-thirds of an acre in […]