Atheists Push (Again) to Remove “In God We Trust” from Nation’s Currency

A group of atheists wants the courts to declare the phrase “In God We Trust” unconstitutional and removed from our nation’s currency. These atheists are the secular version of the Islamic State who go about destroying anything related to competing religions. And atheism is a religion. “Satellite images confirm that the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq has […]

Christian Symbols Banned From Chapel in VA Hospital

I try to make it a practice to vet the circulating-emails I receive before I forward them on. I think one of the best sources to vet email rumors is They seem to lack a political bias one way or another, and they are discerning in terms of religious rumors. They don’t throw the […]

Feds Pay Baptist Group $182 Million to House Illegal Alien Kids

Have you ever noticed that many liberals are hypocrites? They scream and holler about the smallest connection between anything associated with government and religion, or let me restate that as anything associated with government and Christianity. Schools have been sued for using church auditoriums for concerts because the school didn’t have a large enough venue […]

Separation of Church and State Wants More Government Control of Churches

In colonial days, most political news and announcements were made from the pulpits of churches.  When the call for independence from Great Britain went out, it was announced from the pulpits.  In numerous instances, the local pastor led his people into the Revolutionary War. The Founding Fathers relied on pastors throughout the new nation to […]

Obama Touts Middle Name to Muslims In Michigan

Muslims Hurl Rocks, Concrete, Eggs at Christians and No Arrests Dearborn, Michigan has the largest Muslim population of any other US city.  In May of this year, Hamtramck High School in Dearborn held a girl only prom so that Muslim girls could attend.  Muslim girls and boys are not allowed to socialized and dance together […]

Why is All Girl Muslim Prom Not a Violation of Separation of Church and State?

When was the last time you heard about a public high school holding a Baccalaureate Service for their Christian students who were graduating? When was the last time you heard about a public school holding a Christmas (not holiday), Easter or Hanukkah program? When was the last time you heard about a public school that […]

Christianizing or Secularizing America

In what can only be described as “completely uninformed,” a recent article submitted by Blair Scott of the American Atheists attempts to define its strategy and rationale for fighting the “secularization of Christianity.” If that phrase tripped you up, you are not alone. I had to read it twice to make sure I read it […]