Prestigious NY Medical Groups Drop Family Care to Expand Services for the Wealthy

New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) and the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S) have been running the Family Medicine Residency Program to provide high-quality family care in upper Manhattan and Washington Heights which consists predominantly of working class families. They employ over 30 medical residents who have completed 4 years of premed and […]

Courts Say Christian Cop Must Attend Muslim Mosque Services

What would you do as a Christian if your boss ordered you to attend a worship service at a Muslim mosque and ordered you to instruct your subordinates to also attend? Would you comply and attend the service or would you stand up for your faith, knowingly risking your job? That’s what happened to Capt. […]

Christian Pastor to Hold Easter Services at Local Mosque

Rev Michael Moran is senior pastor of The Spiritual Life Center in Sacramento, California and he recently announced plans to hold his Easter morning service at a Muslim mosque.  He said the idea of holding Easter service in a mosque run by the Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims (SALAM) came to him in a […]