More Birth Control Needed for Middle Schoolers Says CDC

Another sign of just how far America has fallen from its moral foundation can be found in the latest announcement from the Center for Disease Control. In their report School Health Profiles 2014, just released, they state: “Support for comprehensive, standards-based school health education is found in the following U.S. Department of Health and Human […]

Utah 5th State to Defund Planned Parenthood Following Release of Videos

The Center for Medical Progress has been releasing videos showing how Planned Parenthood has been selling organs and body parts of murdered babies for profit. In one of the more recently released videos, the baby’s heart was still beating as the abortion staff removed its brain to sell to a research firm. The videos have […]

Sex Education Working: California Sees 70% Increase in Teacher Sex Crimes

When God was removed from our public schools some fifty years ago, He was replaced with things like atheism, evolution, socialism and hedonism. I looked online and found the following definitions for hedonism: noun 1. the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good. 2. devotion to pleasure as a way of life: The later Roman emperors were notorious for their hedonism. Instead of being taught to think of God and others, kids are being taught that it’s […]

School Teaches Your Children Can be ‘Genderqueer’

Homosexuals are in the recruiting business. They want your children and grandchildren. They need future victims for their homosexual ways. That’s why they are pushing hard to have homosexual history taught in government schools. For example, “Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill making California the first state in the nation to add lessons about […]

Gun Education vs Sex Education

With the most recent senseless killings at a California university, gun control is once again front and center. Although Joe the plumber didn’t word it correctly, we all know what he meant. A killing spree by an obvious whack job gives no one the right either TO confiscate our weapons or pass knee-jerk, feel-good laws […]

Chicago Kindergartners To Have 300 Minutes Of Sex Education Per Obama

At what age do most parents believe it’s time to teach their kids about sex and relationships?  Many parents believe that puberty is the time to teach them about their bodies and relations between boys and girls.  Sadly, too many parents may believe there is an appropriate age, but they fail to do anything about […]

Tennessee Passes Abstinence Sex Education Law

In a move to protect their children from the liberal sex education of organizations like Planned Parenthood, Tennessee has passed a law which promotes abstinence. Known as House Bill 3621 and Senate Bill 3310, the new bill was signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam.  The new law will make it illegal to teach students […]

Public Schools Charging Kids with Sexual Harassment for Being Kids

The public school systems across America are so screwed up that they haven’t a clue what they’re doing.  Students are being taught graphic sex education in elementary schools along with the acceptance of perverse lifestyles such as homosexuality. But now more and more schools are charging students with sexual harassment and suspending them from school, […]

Tax Dollars for Slutty Teachers

“Our public school is different.” Most probably that’s what the parents of students who go to Lincoln High School in Stockton, California thought about their school. Of course it is different. Stockton CA is not one of those low-end neighborhoods with minorities and troubled families. Why should it have any problems with its public schools? […]

Democrats Don’t Care About Your Children

If you are still unsure of who to vote for in the upcoming elections, perhaps you need to think about the impact your vote will have on your children.  What kind of legislation does each candidate support and how will that legislation affect the next generation.  While I can’t list each politician from every state, […]

What Should Schools Teach About Sex?

For over two centuries America was a Christian nation and taught Christian values in the schools.  Topics such as sex were not allowed to be taught in the schools and were left to the parents to handle. During this time, most Americans still held on to Christian values which included teaching their children about abstinence […]