Can a Homosexual Inherit the Kingdom of God?

America has become a Romans 1:18-31 nation. By that I mean that God has turned our nation over to its sinful lusts and desires. The Apostle Paul wrote about a people under God’s judgment for not only turning to sin but approving of a number of sinful ways. Among the sins referred to by Paul […]

No Middle Ground on Homosexuality and Sexual Immorality

The following article was written by Kevin DeYoung, senior pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan, near Michigan State University. It is difficult to exaggerate how seriously the Bible treats the sin of sexual immorality. Sexual sin is never considered adiaphora, a matter of indifference, an agree-to-disagree issue like food laws or holy days […]

Liberal Presbyterian Church USA Rejects God’s Word in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

When man thinks he knows better than God, whether he admits it or not, he is assuming the role of God. Every single problem we see in the world around us can be attributed to this fact. Adam was the first to think he knew better than God and when he acted upon that, it […]

Which Thief Are You: Forgiven or Condemned?

What kind of life have you lived? Are you one of those people who believe that you’ll go to heaven when you die because you’re a good person? If so, how good is good enough to deserve heaven? I’ve asked this question to many people over the years and generally they say that they’ve never […]

“Don We Now Our FUN Apparel” Upsets Homosexuals

It’s sad in today’s culture when people from a perverse lifestyle latch onto a word or symbol that once meant or stood for something happy and wholesome and turn it into a trademark for their sinful lifestyle.  For example, the rainbow has stood as the symbol of God’s promise to never again destroy the earth […]

Nearly 200 Cities Pass Laws Discriminating Against Christians

Gay activists are successfully getting laws passed in cities around the country that discriminate against Christians.  The laws are called nondiscrimination laws by the LGBT activists pushing through one city council after another.  So far, over 180 cities have passed these so-called nondiscrimination ordinances. In essence the laws provide special protection to LGBT individuals while […]

What Makes Teenagers Shoot a Baby in the Head?

Sherry West, 41, of Brunswick, Georgia, was pushing her year old son Antonio in his stroller down the sidewalk.  She was approached by two black teenagers, one of which was armed with a gun and demanded her money.  West told the teens that she had no money, so the teen with the gun told her […]

Talking to Your Kids About Connecticut Shooting

Whenever there’s tragedy like the shootings that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, everyone starts wondering what to tell their kids about what happened. People start asking how a loving God could allow such an evil thing to take place. So often people start to question their faith in such a […]

Huckabee First Politician To Admit America Has A Sin Problem

In the wake of the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, many politicians and other public figures have made comments about the incident.  Most of the liberals point to the need for more gun control while conservatives point to problems within our society as a whole. However, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is the only politician […]

Barack Obama: “Sin is Being Out of Alignment With My Values”

Not only does Barack Obama act like a god, he equates his religion to himself and not the Christian God he professes to believe in.  It’s not about what God says in the Bible, but it’s all about what Obama believes and that belief is centered around himself. Anyone who follows mainstream Christianity knows that […]

Military Chaplains to be Charged with Sedition and Treason for Preaching Against Sin

One of the main news topics this past week involved President Obama’s mandate that Catholic and other religious institutions were required to provide free medical coverage for birth control.  Then the president seemed to offer an olive branch, but upon closer examination the branch turned out to be deadly hemlock and not olive.  He said […]