Obama’s Sunday Night Speech Rife with Lies and Hypocrisy

Barack Obama addressed the nation at prime time Sunday night. The White House says Sunday night was picked to reach the largest audience. Really? In his speech praising and supporting his fellow Muslims, he picked the night and time when many Christians are attending evening service. So who was he really addressing? In his speech, […]

Canadian Warns US We Will Lose Freedoms of Speech, Religion, Press Due to Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage

All indications are pointing to the inevitable legalization of same-sex marriage throughout the United States. Chances are the US Supreme Court will rule against the states that have constitutional amendments defining marriage as the union of one man with one woman. After all, Justice Ginsberg has performed a number of same-sex marriages, which should be […]

Obama’s Amnesty Speech Riddled with Misleading Facts

Last week, Barack Obama assumed the role of supreme dictator of the United States by creating law without Congress. He waved his traitorous hand and granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. In his speech, like many of his speeches over the past 6 years, there were many lies and misleading facts that were twisted […]

Scores of Democrats Walk Out During Obama Speech

Is the Democratic Party preparing to crucify their messiah? Are the crowds calling for the release of Barabbas over Obama? In 2008, Barack Obama was almost deified by liberals and socialists as they mobbed to his presence and voted him into office. Like so many first century Jews, they believed that Obama was going to […]

Senator Introduces Bill to Silence Christians and Conservatives

Two hundred and fifty years ago, American colonists who criticized King George III would find themselves arrested and thrown into prison.  Sometimes they lost their businesses, homes and families because of their sedition to the crown.  The colonists had no freedom of speech to criticize the king, parliament or even a British citizen. When James […]

Freedom of Speech Only Applies to Gays

Last week, Maryland joined the ranks of Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont and Washington DC in becoming more like Sodom and Gomorrah than part of the nation our Founding Fathers bled for so many years ago. Same-sex marriage is creeping into main stream America like a red tide that kills off everything […]

Bullying Laws Violate Freedom of Speech and Religion

I am not endorsing bullying and do believe it to be wrong.  However, I don’t agree with some of the new anti-bullying laws and rules being set forth by schools and states as they can be used to violate the First Amendment rights to free speech and the freedom of religion.  In some instances, there […]