Jeb Bush’s Economic Reality: When You Don’t Have the Money Cut Spending

As Jeb Bush cuts salaries and slashes campaign staff, he, through his own actions, has provided us a teachable moment. Jeb’s progressive establishment beliefs of big government spending have run up against the reality of the private sector. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition between the world of government fantasy and that of the real. Jeb is […]

Top Democratic Senator Calls for $975 Billion Tax Increase

Democrat Patty Murray is the Senior US Senator from the state of Washington.  She has been in the US Senate since 1992 and now serves as the Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, which places her in a very influential role when it comes to the nation’s finances.  She was also a member of the […]

Obama: I Cut Spending Last Year by $1 Trillion

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, host and DC gun law violator David Gregory asked Obama if he sees himself as accountable for Washington’s inability to come to a suitable compromise on the over-sensationalized “fiscal cliff,” a term that the media and Washington have been using to scare Americans into accepting more socialism. Obama responded that […]

Disguising the Non-Recovery: Why Obama Might Want the Fiscal Cliff

From what I have followed in the news, Obama isn’t acting like someone who wants to avoid “sequestration”—the automatic cuts and tax hikes that many have dubbed “the fiscal cliff.” Instead he acts like someone who thinks he has a hang glider ready. Of course, since Obama is basically playing “chicken” with the Republicans in […]

Answer These Questions Ron, Newt, Mitt, and Rick

There’s saber rattling in the Middle East; Obama has shut down a job-creating pipeline that would make us less dependent on foreign sources of oil from less than friendly nations; unemployment is still high; there is no budget; spending is out of control; our elected representatives support bills they don’t read, can’t understand, or understand […]