Bill Stops NSA Phone Records Collection, but Big Brother Still Watching

The provision of the Patriot Act that allowed the NSA to hoover up all the phone records in the country and store them at their facility in Utah has been allowed to expire. That’s a good thing. But it doesn’t mean we have our privacy back. Even though the government will now have to return […]

Clinton Ally and Donor Investigated for Spying on US for Foreign Enemy

When Hilary Clinton was Secretary of State, I often wrote that I believed that her closest aide and confidant was guilty of spying and was most likely passing state secrets to the terrorist organization known at the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma Abedin was closer to Hilary Clinton than any other member of the State Department which […]

Big Brother Will Track ‘Social Pollution’ on Twitter

Orwellian doesn’t even begin to describe the deeply disturbing nature of a government-funded project being developed at Indiana University. Called Truthy, the program will monitor, categorize and flag messages on Twitter in a way that even the NSA doesn’t. According to the developers’ website, Truthy will help research “social epidemics.” What does that mean, you […]

FBI Can Turn On Your Web Cam Without You Knowing

With all the news the NSA spying on US citizens but accessing their phone calls, emails and internet usage, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the FBI is also spying on us with the use of sophisticated malware.  What that malware can accomplish may change your computer usage. The Washington Post described how the […]

Out of Control NSA Agents Spy on Lovers, Thousands More Innocents

Those who sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither, Benjamin Franklin famously said. That phrase seems particularly relevant since the first revelations broke about the National Security Agency’s extensive telephone and Internet spying programs. From the first, there were many people who believed the NSA was not being completely honest about the extent of its activities, […]

Despite National Impoverishment, Politicians Facing Pushback On Big Brother

It seems that politicians are facing so much opposition on the NSA’s unconstitutional spying on American citizens that had to write about it. While they assure the reader that no one is as angry as they were about Obamacare (nice to be reminded of that, though) it is still undeniable: “Still, doubts and criticisms […]

Postal Service Photographing Your Mail & Giving That Information To The Government

Many Americans have been outraged to learn that the National Security Agency has been spying on their phone calls, email and internet use.  Eric Snowden literally sacrificed his life, as he knew it, to let Americans know the extent of the government spying.  His information was proven correct when a family found themselves under government […]

Terror Alert a Real Danger or Another Cover?

This is going to sound bad, but bear with me. I actually hope there is a group of terrorists planning something big against the U.S. this weekend. Not because I want anyone hurt or hate my country or love terrorists, but for the simple reason that I’m sick of being lied to by this Administration. […]

US Military Continues To Strip Service Members Of Their Constitutional Rights

Our servicemen/women sacrifice part of their lives to protect America, the American people and the Constitution of the United States.  Once Barack Obama became Commander in Chief, he has continually stripped our military people of the same constitutional rights that they are defending. Christian military personnel are no longer allowed to express their faith because […]

Michele Bachmann, Obama Defender, Should Be Front Page News

Yesterday, I searched for Michele Bachmann on Google News. Only Salon and the UK’s Guardian had a story emphasizing her role on the floor of the House, praising the Obama Administration’s spy program. Only Salon made a headline out of it. A couple of others mentioned her. Why didn’t we see headlines on all major […]

Biden Recommends Congressional Investigation into Spying on Americans’ Phone Calls

Ever since Edward Snowden divulged the extent of the NSA spying on Americans, the Obama administration has done everything they can to justify what they are doing.  President Obama says it’s legal and necessary and so does Attorney General Eric Holder. In their defense of the collection and monitoring of all of our phone calls, […]

Senators Don’t Know, Don’t Want to Know Extent of NSA Spying

With the NSA spying on all Americans, violating the Fourth Amendment under color of authority with impunity, you’d think that our elected officials would want to get to the bottom of things and find out what’s really going on over at Big Brother Central. Not so much. The Senate scheduled a hearing the other day […]