Hillary Content with No Clear Strategy to Fight ISIS

Most of the commentary I’ve read about last weekend’s Democratic debate said that Hillary did a great job and handled herself well. However, there are two points that revealed her true feelings on ISIS. First of all, like most other liberals, she used the term ‘IS’ instead of the more popular term ‘ISIS’ for the […]

Why Do We Reveal Our Strategy In Advance To Our Enemies?

I recall hearing about impending offensive military actions about to take place during our involvement in Vietnam. The Tet Offensive was broadcast across our televisions prior to its launch and hundreds of American troops were killed or wounded. Of course it never made sense to me that America had to get approval from the UN […]

My GOP Proposal for the Next Four Years: Comply with Democrats 100 Percent

The stock-market’s plummet the day after President Obama was re-elected is the perfect symbol for what is to become of America over the next four years. Obama not only beat Mitt Romney in Electoral College votes, but he did so handily (303 to 206). It appears that, at least for the time being, Americans are […]