Houston LGBT Losers Resort to Economic Blackmail

The LGBT+ community and the Lesbian mayor of Houston got trounced in Tuesday’s election of a bill that would have allowed men who thought they were women to use women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms. It was sold as an equal rights ordinance. Refusal to follow the law would have meant fines of up to […]

One of the Most Chilling Super Bowl Ads Ever

Since my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, is not in the Super Bowl this year, I’ll be watching the game off and on. My blood pressure will remain constant. I’m not sure who to pull for. How the game is played will sway me to a team. Sometimes the Super Bowl ads outperform the game. We’ll see. […]

New York City’s Annual Murdered Unborn – Abortions – Exceeds Super Bowl Stadium Capacity

This Sunday is Super Bowl 48.  The Seattle Seahawks will be facing off against the Denver Broncos which should be quite the match up.  The number one defense in the nation against the number one offense in the nation has odds makers scratching their heads trying to predict which one will prevail. Tens of millions […]

Duck Dynasty, Duck Commander Wines, and the Freedom to Discriminate

Duck Dynasty has caught the imagination of millions of viewers. I’ve only seen a few segments, so I can’t speak to the attraction, although I’ve read a number of articles that explain why the show is so popular. But with popularity comes differences of opinion. The latest is over wine. “Despite his devotion to dinner […]

Super Bowl Commercials Prove Violent Movies Affect Us

Over the past several decades, a number of family organizations have contended that watching violent movies, television and playing violent video games affect people in a negative way.  They claim that it gives troubled youth ideas to replicate in real life.  Others say that the constant barrage of violence de-sensitizes them to the point that […]

NY and Boston Mayors Push Gun Control with Super Bowl Commercial

Were you one of the over 100 million people to watch the Super Bowl last night? Did you watch it because of the football or did you watch it for the commercials like millions do? At the cost of $3.5 million per 30 seconds, they are the most expensive commercials on television and a sizeable […]

The Sorry State of Education in MMXII

Over the weekend I watched an hour-long program on Joe Namath. Namath is best remembered for winning Super Bowl III against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts. Now we learn that a lot of teenagers (and adults) may not be able to decipher this year’s Super Bowl number. III is easy. But what about XLVI? Roman […]