Jeb Bush’s Economic Reality: When You Don’t Have the Money Cut Spending

As Jeb Bush cuts salaries and slashes campaign staff, he, through his own actions, has provided us a teachable moment. Jeb’s progressive establishment beliefs of big government spending have run up against the reality of the private sector. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition between the world of government fantasy and that of the real. Jeb is […]

Donald Trump May Create Super PAC Just to Defeat Barack Obama

In many ways, I’ve never been a big fan of Donald Trump.  I saw him as an arrogant snobbish extremely wealthy individual who had no concept what most Americans face in today’s society. However, my opinion of him has been changing over the past year.  When he was contemplating a run for the White House, […]

Pride-LGBT Super PAC Campaigning for Obama

First the liberal Democrats, then blacks, Hispanics, women, communist and socialist organizations rallied to support Barack Obama in his re-election bid.  Now the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender crowds have joined in the campaign efforts to win Obama a second term. Based in San Francisco, the land of nuts, fruits and flakes, Marcus Lovingood has launched the Pride-LGBT super […]