California Democrats Want to Tax Fuel Efficient Cars by the Mile Instead of the Gallon

At the beginning of the 1900s, automobiles were introduced to the American public. It didn’t take long before they became popular and started replacing horses and carriages. It also didn’t take long before states saw a new way to earn money by taxing the gasoline the cars used. In February, 1919, Oregon passed the first […]

Obama Tax Policies Driving Record Number of Americans to Renounce Citizenship

The Obama administration has been setting a number of records. Some of the records they have set they wish never happened like the record number of gun sales in each of the last four years. Obama’s anti-gun efforts have been a boon to gun and ammunition sales. However, most of the records set by the […]

Dem Senator Wants to Tax Rich & Small Businesses to Pay Off Student Loans

The Democratic Party claims to be the party of the poor, middle class and small business owners.  Yet, under the regime of Barack Obama, the poor are getting poorer, the middle class are joining the ranks of the poor and small business owners laying people off and closing their doors.  And if Democratic Senator Elizabeth […]

Obama’s Top Priorities Good for Democratic Votes, Not for the Economy

The nation narrowly averted defaulting on our loans and creating a smokescreen financial crisis.  Obama held out and forced the spineless Republicans to cave in on their principles and accept the tyrannical demands of a raving madman.  The government is back up and running from its 17% partial shutdown and supposedly everything is back to […]

Legal Challenge to Obamacare Moves Forward

Once Obamacare was passed, there was a host of legal challenges filed.  Most of them centered around the insurance mandate and whether or not it was constitutional for the federal government to force citizens to purchase a product. One of the lawsuits launched against Obamacare involved a businessman named Matt Sissel. The Pacific Legal Foundation […]

Insurance Mandate Illegal Because of Chief Justice Roberts’ Ruling

After the arguments were heard before the U.S. Supreme Court in March, it appeared that the insurance mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act was doomed.  Many were hoping that the entire health care package would be thrown out as well. On June 28, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court rendered its decision.  In a move […]

Should IR$ Tax Olympians For Winning And Representing U.S.?

I’ve been watching some of the Olympics and some of the stories of how some of America’s athletes have struggled to reach the pinnacle event for their sports.  Many of them have had to sacrifice years of ‘normal’ growing up in order to train, train and train some more. For example, Michael Phelps has been […]

If It Looks Like Tax, Sounds Like A Tax and Works Like A Tax, It Has to Be A Tax!

I’m sure most of you have heard the old adage that if it looks like a duck, walks like duck and sounds like a duck that it must be a duck.  Well, the same is true about the individual mandate penalty of Obamacare, but Barack Obama is calling it a pig instead of a duck. […]

Has the Supreme Court Opened Pandora’s Box With Individual Mandate Ruling?

As you all know by now, yesterday the United States Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold the individual mandate along with most of the rest of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.  But I can’t help but wonder if their ruling hasn’t opened up Pandora’s Box for future government mandates. The Obama administration had argued […]

United Nations Secretly Planning to Tax Internet Providers

Recently released documents reveal that the United Nations International Telecommunication Union is working on plans that would allow them to tax the major Internet Web content providers.  The list of tax targets includes Google, Apple, Netflix and Facebook. According to the report I read, the tax proposal originated with a lobby group based in Brussels […]

What Would You Say To President Obama If You Had The Chance?

Last night I had the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama face to face.  We shook hands and exchanged the typical superficial greetings and then he asked me what was on my mind. I looked the President straight in the eyes and told him that I thought he was intentionally destroying America for his own […]

Obamacare is Sexist and Discriminates Against Men

There has been a plethora of news about women’s health coverage and Obamacare.  Issues such as the contraceptive mandate focus entirely on women.  There is also the push for additional free medical preventative measures such as mammograms and PAP tests. But what provisions are there for men and their health?  What about the millions of […]