Joseph and Mary were Neither Homeless Nor Refugees

The Christmas story has been turned into a political message about homelessness. Recently, liberals have claimed that when Mary and Joseph could not find a room in Bethlehem – you guessed it – it’s just like today’s refugee problem. Never let a contrived Bible story go to waste. The problem with the refugee analogy is […]

Cruz or Rubio: Who Won 5th GOP Debate?

If you are a Ted Cruz supporter like I am, you thought he won the debate. The same goes for Trump and Rubio supporters. To supporters of all others – “Rots-a-Ruck.” This time around it seems more people are talking about the Cruz v. Rubio battles than anyone else, including the Trumpster, concentrating on their […]

Illegals Claim They All Pay Taxes Nailed For Not Paying Thousands in Taxes

For decades thousands, perhaps millions, of illegal aliens come to the US and work for cash. Their employers don’t claim them as employees and thus neither the employer nor the illegal pays any city, county, state, or federal taxes. In addition to not paying taxes, many illegals send some of their money back to family […]

Why Would Illegals Even Want US Citizenship?

Who really wants to give illegals US citizenship? Is it the illegals or liberal Democrats who seek their votes? Currently, millions of illegals get free public education for their kids without paying any local or state taxes that go to education. Millions of illegals are receiving some form of government assistance – food stamps, welfare, […]

Donald Trump Want’s Americans to Pay a 35% Tax on New Cars

Donald Trump wants to run for president. He says he can beat Hillary. Sometimes Donald Trump has something good things to say, and sometimes he makes me shake my head in disbelief. During a speech in Raleigh, North Carolina, “Trump referred to the constantly growing field of Republican candidates as ‘clowns,’ and said former Florida […]

Global Warming Makes More Weak-Minded Democrats

Because there aren’t enough real issues to keep our government occupied, President Obama poked his head up out of his foxhole to do a little fear mongering about global warming this week. Actually, he didn’t poke his head out (possibly afraid to see his shadow) so much as hand a memo to the nearest PR […]

Waitress Wants People to Stop Tipping to Help Pay for Public Schools

Have you heard the one about the waitress who didn’t want a tip? You’ll never believe the punchline — or maybe you will. Chloe Hough, a waitress at Boss Hawgs Barbecue in Topeka, Kansas, was working her last shift at the BBQ establishment when she eyed Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback at one of her assigned tables. […]

The “Illegals Pay Taxes Too” Argument

One of the mainstays of the Democrat agenda that must be completed prior to Obama’s exit is the legalizing of illegal aliens. And as if right on cue, the Fiscal Times via Yahoo Finance has presented proof that immigrants, despite being undocumented, are contributing a portion of their (ill-gotten) income to paying their fair share. The […]

Theft by Taxation (So a Majority of Voters Will Want More Government)

“As of the close of business on April 14, the Treasury had brought in a record $1,477,901,000,000 since fiscal 2015 started on Oct. 1, 2014, according the Daily Treasury Statement.” The 16th Amendment gave the Federal Government the authority and power to tax every everything and everybody, and the courts have expanded that power. Here’s […]

Will GOP Cave to Democrat Demands for New Taxes and Spending?

Even when the GOP has the majority in Congress it gets steamrolled by Democrats. Each Republicans refuse to fight the Democrats, the Democrats get bolder in their demands. They sense weakness and go for the kill. They feed off Republican weakness. Here’s the latest from the minority party. Will the Republicans give in again and […]

Millions of Illegals Getting 3 Years of IRS Refunds for Never Paying Taxes

Barack Obama is making a total mockery of working Americans. He uses our hard earned tax dollars for his perverted anti-America agenda. We are paying Planned Parenthood to murder hundreds of thousands of babies a year. We are paying billions of dollars for green energy programs, most of which fail in less than five years. […]

Obama ‘Very Interested’ in Raising Taxes by Royal Decree

Fresh off a month in which the Obama Administration took control of the Internet with 300-plus pages of new, still-unseen (by the public) rules, Emperor Obama is full of big plans. Not only does he want to ban ammunition used in the most popular rifle in the United States, under the pretense that it is […]