Planned Parenthood Gets Raise from US Taxpayers for Providing Fewer Services

Over the past several years, state and federal Republicans have been working hard to defund Planned Parenthood. They don’t believe that a private organization that murders unborn children should be supported by taxpayers, many of which object to abortion. With a Republican controlled Congress, you would expect them to work towards either defunding Planned Parenthood […]

How Much Do Illegals Cost California Taxpayers Each Year?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared how much illegals cost taxpayers in Ohio, Maryland and North Carolina. The combined cost to taxpayers in those three states amounts to over $4.8 billion a year. Those were followed up with a report on how much illegals were costing Texas taxpayers a year, a state with a greater number […]

How Tax Payers are Getting Ripped off by Electric Cars

The bane of the private sector is taxes. Everyone knows this. Taxes lead to less hiring (except for tax accountants and attorneys), less profit, and businesses being less competitive. The higher the tax rate, the worse it all becomes. On the flip side, subsidization can be a boon to the private sector. If your company […]

How Much Do Illegals Cost Texas Taxpayers Each Year?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared how much illegals cost taxpayers in Ohio, Maryland and North Carolina. The combined cost to taxpayers in those three states amounts to over $4.8 billion a year. That’s a lot of money for states that most people don’t think about as having that many illegals. But what […]

Illegals Cost North Carolina Taxpayers $2 Billion a Year

Earlier this month, I reported that illegals cost Ohio taxpayers nearly $900 million a year, and those figures were based on numbers from a couple years ago meaning the figure is higher now. In 2010, it was estimated that there were at least 110,000 illegals living in Ohio. Five years later that figure has surely […]

100,000 New Yorkers Lose Healthcare & Taxpayers on Hook for Nearly $2.5 Billion

On August 8, I reported that 367,000 Texans were losing their healthcare insurance due to Obamacare. Several major insurance companies were losing millions of dollars on a number of Obamacare plans even though they had raised premiums from the year before. Now I read that over 100,000 New Yorkers will be losing their healthcare plans […]

Taxpayers Paying Obamacare Workers $1.2 Billion to do Nothing

One of the signs of a government out of control is how it spends taxpayer dollars. In the past, I’ve reported on such needless government spending as studies on duck penises and snail sex. To me, the largest item of needless spending is the billions of dollars of aid going to countries all over the […]

Oregon Taxpayers Pay $303 Million for Scrapped Healthcare Website

In spite of President Barack Obama’s proclamations of the success of the Affordable Care Act, we continue to hear more stories of failures than successes.  Yeah, I know that Sen. Harry Reid claims that there are no failures and that all of the people that have experienced problems and nightmares with Obamacare are all liars. […]

Obamacare Must Bail Out Insurance Companies at Taxpayer Expense

The sign up for Obamacare is going so well it appears that insurance companies will need a bailout. And as bad as the sign up numbers are, the number of “customers” that have actually paid for the program is likely a fraction of the paltry sign up numbers. The administration either doesn’t know or will […]

Taxpayers Fund Over $500,000 For Stop Smoking Study Of LGBT Population

Remember just a few short months ago when the sequestration took place?  Democrats said the world would end because of the required massive budget cuts that were imposed by President Barack Obama (sequestration was his idea and he signed it into law).  Thousands of federal works were being forced to take unpaid days off (furloughs) […]

Annual Cost to Taxpayers for Obama Family is $1.4 Billion

How would you like to live a life of luxury without spending a dime out of your own pocket?  You can fly anywhere in the world on a private jet, have staff waiting on you hand and foot and even have your mother-in-law live with you for free. This past weekend, I did a piece […]

U.S. Taxpayers Paying to Burn Churches and Build Mosques

The United States government continues to funnel billions of dollars into Muslim countries like Egypt.  Egypt and other so-called friendly Islamic nations are more than happy to receive our money while at the same time hating our guts and laughing at President Obama’s foolish gestures of peace. These so-called friendly Islamic nations seem to be […]