Why There Won’t be any ‘Rapefugees’ in Texas

When two years ago a Texas father beat his daughter’s rapist to death, no one in Texas had any doubts as to what the decision of the Grand Jury would be. The law in Texas not only allows but specifically authorizes the use of lethal force to prevent sexual assault. In this, the state gives […]

TX Gov. Abbott Calls for First Constitutional Convention to Protect States’ Rights

The Revolutionary War with Great Britain lasted from April 19, 1775 to September 3, 1783. At the end of the war, our fledgling nation was ruled by the Articles of Confederation which had been ratified on March 1, 1781. The Founding Fathers realized that they needed a better ruling document and called for a Constitutional […]

14 Muslims Arrested Trying to Cross Arizona and Texas Borders

On Monday, members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force detained and arrested six men illegally crossing the border near Sonoita, Arizona. Five of the men were from Pakistan and the other from Afghanistan. US Customs and Border Patrol released the following statement about the arrests: “U.S. Border Patrol agents in Sonoita, Arizona, apprehended five Pakistani […]

TX Gov. Warns County Sheriff Who Wants to Turn Dallas into Sanctuary City

Dallas County, Texas is the second largest county in the state of Texas with a population of 2.3 million people. It’s also the ninth most populated county in the country. Thirty-eight percent of the county’s population is Hispanic so it shouldn’t be any surprise to learn that the county sheriff is a Hispanic Democrat by […]

How Much Do Illegals Cost Texas Taxpayers Each Year?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared how much illegals cost taxpayers in Ohio, Maryland and North Carolina. The combined cost to taxpayers in those three states amounts to over $4.8 billion a year. That’s a lot of money for states that most people don’t think about as having that many illegals. But what […]

Some Disturbing Facts Come Out about Muslim “Clock Boy”

Several days ago I wrote about a 14-year-old Muslim boy in Irving Texas, who, by all accounts at the time, was just an innocent Texas high schooler. I wrote that he built a clock from scratch out of parts he bought. Unfortunately, due to the appearance of the “homemade clock” (it looked like a tiny suitcase bomb), […]

Family BBQs Stillborn Baby After Beating Teen to Force Miscarriage

The inhumane horror that people inflict on each other never ceases to amaze me, but when it involves members of one’s own family, it makes the brutality all that much worse. A young Dallas teen found out just how cruel and vicious family can be. Her ordeal started in 2013 when she was raped by […]

Texas Supreme Court Slams Door on Houston’s Lesbian Mayor

One would think that a southern city with such ties to the financial and oil industries would be somewhat conservative, but that’s not the case with Houston, Texas. In 2009, the citizens of Houston elected Annise Parker, a lesbian and gay activist, to be their mayor. Then they re-elected her two more times since then. […]

Texas Schools Ban Planned Parenthood from Classrooms

Planned Parenthood has been brainwashing America’s youngsters for many years. In many schools they distribute free condoms and tell your kids that sex is okay as long as they use protection. In other schools, they provide a very liberal sex education curriculum that teaches everything from promiscuous sex to advocating experimenting with homosexuality, anal sex […]

If Liberals Can Ignore Immigration Laws, Conservatives Can Ignore Same-Sex Marriage Laws

Regarding same-sex marriage, the Knoxville Sun Sentinel wrote: “In a historic decision, a sharply divided US Supreme Court on Friday extended the right to marry gays and lesbians. The 5-4 decision immediately wiped out Tennessee’s constitutional definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman. All states now must license and recognize same-sex marriages. Gov. […]

Texas AG to Protect Religious Freedoms of Public Officials in Wake of Supreme Court Ruling

In 2002, Texas Supreme Court Associate Justice Greg Abbott was elected the state’s Attorney General under then Governor Rick Perry. During Abbott’s tenure as the top cop/lawyer for the state, he constantly stood up to protect the constitutional rights of Texans. He fought against measures to impose unconstitutional gun laws and laws that stripped Texans […]

First Lesbians, Now Arabs Taking Over Houston

Overall, Texas appears to be a state that is largely conservative. Perhaps that’s true for much of the state but not for Houston. To begin with, Houston residents voted in a lesbian mayor who could be described as being a hyper gay activist. She has extended special and privileged benefits to gays, lesbians and others […]