TSA Guilty of Molesting 10 Year Old Girl?

Have you ever had a negative experience going through TSA security at an airport? A professional acquaintance of mine also had a very humiliating experience with the TSA.  On one of his travels, he was taken into a room and forced to strip completely naked in front of complete strangers because he set off the […]

Kid With Bomb-Like Device Gets Invited to White House

A Muslim teenager was arrested for bringing a clock he built to class — which teachers thought might have been a dangerous device. It was not part of a science class. The story has made Ahmed Mohamed a minor overnight celebrity A campaign of support on Twitter — with #IStandWithAhmed — was the site’s top-trending hashtag for a […]

Report: TSA Stops Only 1 in 20 ‘Bombs’ in Tests

So all that patting, pinching and probing you’ve put up with for years just to get on board what amounts to a transit bus with wings surely has made U.S. airlines  among the safest in the world, right? Wrong. In fact, that statement is so wrong that the head of the TSA has been sent […]

Airline Passenger Jailed for Wanting to File Complaint against TSA Agent

Over the past ten years, we’ve heard hundreds of horror stories involving TSA agents. Grandmothers, nuns, moms and girls have been groped and molested by TSA agents. Veterans have been treated rudely and had their rights violated. Personal items have been stolen from luggage and mundane harmless items have been confiscated by TSA agents. Perhaps […]

TSA Wants Pat-Down of Passenger AFTER His Flight

One of the worst things about flying is going through security. My mother and sister-in-law flew from Houston to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. My mother is 92 years old. She walks with a cane. She had no problem going through security in Houston. On their flight back to Houston from Pittsburgh, she and my […]

11 Facts that Show We Live in a Country Run By Idiots

The following list has been attributed to comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Snopes says Foxworthy is not the author. The original compiler is a man named Fritz Edmunds. 1. If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for being in the country illegally, you live in a country run by idiots. […]

TSA Letting Illegal Aliens Board Planes Without IDs

The TSA, that government-funded gang of rapists at our airports, is supposed to be keeping the country safe. That’s the understood deal, at least. That’s the reason airline travelers put up with being harassed, ogled, fingered and groped in order to hop on a flying silver tube that isn’t supposed to explode. But there’s a […]

Reading ‘The Jewish Press’ Causes TSA to Detain 72 Yr. Old in Wheelchair

Has America become so afraid of offending Muslims that they turn their attention to other ethnic or religious groups like Jews? Phyllis Chesler is a 72 year old Jewish author and academic who uses a wheelchair.  She is a professor emerita of psychology and women’s studies at City University of New York.  She is also […]

Dry Runs: Is there Another 9/11 being Planned?

A local TV station in Orlando Florida obtained an internal airline memo warning of the potential for another terrorist strike. The memo from the pilots union of US Airways warned that, “There have been several cases recently throughout the airline industry of what appear to be probes, or dry runs, to test our procedures and […]

TSA Metastasizes To Inculcate Fear At Train Stations And More

The Commissars of the Transportation Security Administration have authorized themselves to work in train stations. Instead of manning check points, they are randomly raiding stations and searching and groping victims selected by chance. And the cancer is spreading elsewhere as well. According to the New York Times’ propaganda piece, it is wreaking “security” on “sporting […]

Yes, This Is The TSA… And It Is The Rest Of Your Government

On CNN’s home page yesterday, the teaser headline was prominently displayed: “STEALING, SLEEPING, THIS IS THE TSA?” It led to this story: “A new government report says misconduct by Transportation Security Administration workers has increased more than 26% in the last three years. Some of the most serious violations include: Employees sleeping on the job, […]

Illegal To Pat Down Terrorist Same Way TSA Pats Down Airline Passengers

Have you ever experienced a pat down by a TSA agent while flying somewhere?  I don’t fly often, but I’ve had pat downs twice.  One was minor but the other was enough to inflict pain and discomfort of my genitals.  The TSA agent ran his hand up into my groin quite rapidly and it felt […]