Workers Demand $15 an Hour to Cook French Fries

I remember my first minimum wage job came with the whopping pay rate of around $3.35 an hour. At the time, that actually seemed like some decent money to a high schooler, and after a lot of hard work, I got my first raise of 25 cents an hour. It wasn’t a lot, but it […]

Will Supreme Court Destroy Unions Grip on Workers?

Twenty-six states have laws that either force workers in a number of fields to join unions or pay union dues even though they do not belong to a union. It doesn’t matter if they want to join or support a union or not. Teachers, electrical workers, plumbers, manufacturing and even many retail workers have to […]

Fast Food Workers Warn of Civil Disobedience If They Don’t Get $15 Per Hour

In the movie “Blazing Saddles,” there’s a great scene where the sheriff, to save himself from a town full of gun-wielding bigots, pulls out his gun and points it at his own head, using two different voices to convince the townsfolk to drop their weapons or “I’ll blow this n—–‘s head all over this town!” […]

Bad Tenured Teachers in California Beware as Unions Lose Court Case

We’ve all had good teachers and bad teachers and have wondered how bad teachers continue to hold their jobs. It’s called tenure. Once they reach tenure, it becomes extremely difficult to terminate them. In April, I reported on a lawsuit filed by nine public school students that challenged the legality of several California laws that […]

An Argument against the Minimum Wage Hike

The fervor for a hike in the national minimum wage is picking up steam as RINO Republicans like Mitt Romney are jumping on board. Is it just me? I thought Romney was a brilliant businessman with a keen economic mind. Could he possibly be signaling that another run at the White House is being considered? […]

Chuck Schumer Wants to Change First Amendment to Limit Free Speech

Liberals do not like much of what’s in the Constitution. It’s too limiting. The portions they do like, they reinterpret. How many times have you heard a liberal quote the actual words of the First Amendment when the issue of religion comes up? Mostly we hear that the Constitution requires a “separation between church and […]

Whiny Scholarship Athlete Shabazz Napier Says He Goes to Bed ‘Starving’

“Shabazz Napier, point guard for The University of Connecticut’s men’s basketball team, recently told reporters he understands why athletes at Northwestern need a union, as he sometimes has to go to bed ‘starving’ because he cannot afford food.” What? Apparently the whiner had enough calories to expend to help his team win the NCAA national […]

Unionized Teachers Jeopardize Students’ Futures over Money

Have I ever told you how much I hate unions?  They are responsible for many companies going out of business because they could not afford union demands.  Unions are costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, especially unions that deal with government employees.  On more than one occasion I’ve seen unions ruin lives, families and […]

Wisc Governor Spurs Economy by Cutting Spending, Limiting Unions and Cutting Taxes

Democrats’ solution to a struggling economy and job market is to increase spending and taxes and fully support the liberal union demands that are too much for many businesses.  A prime example is Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) who advocated the need for a $1 trillion stimulus just for social programs which she claimed would fix […]

Harry Reid Must Have Been High on Coke During His Koch Brothers Rant

Harry Reid (D-NV) took to the Senate floor to denounce the Koch Brothers. He claimed that Republicans are “high on Koch” claiming falsely (naturally) that the only big political donors come from conservatives. A list put out by has a list of the 156 “Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2014.” The top donor, coming in at […]

NY Mayor’s War on Successful Charter Schools

If you thought former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a tyrant, you should see his replacement.  The people of New York voted in Democrat Bill de Blasio who is turning out to be more of a socialist tyrant than Bloomberg ever was. His latest attack is aimed at the charter schools in New York […] Job Destroyer vs. Walmart the Job Creator

Last week I received an e-mail alert from my friends at More specifically from a subgroup called “MoveOn Civic Action.” Boy what a pithy name. It has the well-known “MoveOn” moniker, but has been spiced up with “Civic,” so we know they’re working for the collective – doing their civic duty. And it also […]