Utah 5th State to Defund Planned Parenthood Following Release of Videos

The Center for Medical Progress has been releasing videos showing how Planned Parenthood has been selling organs and body parts of murdered babies for profit. In one of the more recently released videos, the baby’s heart was still beating as the abortion staff removed its brain to sell to a research firm. The videos have […]

Bill to Allow Firing Squads for Executions on Utah Governor’s Desk

For centuries, a death sentence was often carried out without concern for the suffering of the criminal. Stoning to death was a very panful way to die as was crucifixion. Hanging was common for years and sometimes it was swift and merciful if the neck broke and sometimes it took minutes for the condemned to […]

Not Feeling the Love for Mia Love Right Now

I followed the campaign of freshman Congresswoman Mia Love over the past few years, although not closely. She seemed to be conservative, not to mention that she is both female and black, which doesn’t hurt in a day of bean counting politics. It’s really a darn shame that we even have to mention that she’s […]

No Eviction for Couple Who Haven’t Paid Mortgage Since 2008

In December 2008, Samuel and Courtney Adamson stopped making mortgage payments on their Utah home and they are still living in the house. The mortgage was owned by Bank of America who turned foreclosure proceedings over to a subsidiary of theirs called Recon Trust. In January 2010 Recon Trust sold the Adamson’s home in a […]

Sanctioning Immorality in the Name of Legal Fiction

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion in the overthrow of the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013 made a mess of marriage. He opened a Pandora’s Box of future litigation. Polygamists see that they’re next in line for judicial satisfaction. who will be next? It reminds me of the Neil Diamond song “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation […]

‘Bigamy and Polygamy are Crimes by the Laws of all Civilized and Christian Countries’

A judge in Utah has said polygamy is a legal right. Of course he did since the Supreme Court ruled on the moral equivalency of same-sex sexuality and heterosexuality. Eleven years ago “Justice Antonin Scalia warned in Lawrence v. Texas that the Supreme Court majority had created ‘a massive disruption of the current social order’ […]

Eric Holder is One of the Reasons We Fought the War for Independence

Attorney General Eric Holder said that the federal government will recognize more than 1,000 same-sex marriages that were conducted in Utah “despite an earlier announcement this week from the state’s governor saying the state would not. The decision means those Utah couples will have access to federal benefits that are available to married couples in other […]

Why Bother With Elections When We Have Judges like Robert J. Shelby

We could save a lot of money and political angst by just appointing judges to make laws for us. We’re already at that point that our lives have been turned over to five unelected people sitting on the Supreme Court. “Let it be written . . . Let it be done.” The latest judicial scandal […]

A New Tax Plan that Could End Government Education

If you really want to change America, America’s schools must be changed and the way they are funded. Whoever controls the schools controls what’s taught. America’s education system is designed to further the interests of government. Public education is government education. Government education is popular because the majority of people get it at a discount. […]

Prairie Dogs Destroying Town More Important Than Residents Says Government

Cedar City, Utah is a small college and farming town in the far southwest corner of Utah.  It is located a few miles north of beautiful Zion National Park and not too far from the Nevada border to the west.  Southern Utah University is located in Cedar City that sports a population of around 29,000 […]

Small Utah Town Seeks To Arm And Train Residents

Spring City is a small town in Utah of about 1,000 people. They’re planning on taking after Kennesaw, Georgia and encouraging all its residents to own a gun and to go through weapons training programs. They’re recommending that their teachers and homeowners carry concealed. The idea was first brought before the city council by Councilman […]

Book Promoting Lesbian Parenting Creating Furor in Utah School District

What do you do if your kindergarten child came home from school one day carrying a library book that praised a pair of lesbians raising a family while at the same time portraying someone who opposed them as afraid and uninformed? That’s exactly what happened to a mother in Kaysville, Utah, about twenty minutes north […]