VA Now Using Your Tax Dollars to Treat Transgenders

Last year we learned that the Veterans Administration was allowing thousands of veterans to die instead of treating them. It was discovered that over 100,000 veterans waited for months before ever getting an appointment to see a doctor and get treated. When news of what was happening became known to the public, who then became […]

100,000 Veterans Experienced Long Waits for VA Appointments

First the reports leaked out about the long waits for veterans seeking care at the Phoenix Veterans Hospital. Once the secret of falsification of documents and records to cover long waits emerged the dam of secrecy broke open and more reports flooded the news. Earlier this week, the Cincinnati local news said that the VA […]

Vouchers a Better Way than the VA

The VA hospitals and their subpar medical care isn’t a new debate. The only revelation is that now we have documented cases of veterans actually dying from lack of care. The VA system has always been a mess. It can’t help but be. It’s after all, run by the government, and we all know that […]

My 60-Year-Old Document Shows VA Used Civilian Hospitals

Nearly everybody is up in arms over the VA scandal. As usual, President Obama voiced his outrage and moved on. To show that he cares, he visited the troops in Afghanistan. He’s had six years to fix what he claimed in 2008 needed to be fixed. The fact that “he cares” is all that low-information […]

Guantanamo Detainees Receiving ‘First-Rate’ Medical Care

While doing some research for a previous article, I came across an article published by American Forces Press Service and posted on the U.S. Department of Defense website. I was shocked when I read it, especially since the VA scandal erupted. The medical facility in Guantanamo is said to be “state-of-the-art.” Capt. Barry Barendse, a […]

Al Qaeda Terrorists at Gitmo Treated Better than US Vets

Our nation’s courts and government agencies are confused and out of control. It’s no wonder they can tell the difference between the anatomy of males and females in the same-sex marriage debate. Their priorities are misplaced with rulings on sex change operations and care for terrorists. “A federal appeals court in Boston . . .  […]

VA Destroys Veterans’ Records Rather Than Treating Them

You would think that the men and women that have served our nation and placed their lives on the line to defend our country would receive the best medical care possible, but that’s definitely not the case for many veterans. Veterans in the greater Los Angeles area spend months, even years waiting for exams.  The […]

Veterans Wait Years For Benefits While VA Employees Get Bonuses For Inept Work

If you are a veteran, have you run into difficulty getting your benefits from the Veterans Administration?  I read about a number of veterans that waited a year or more to receive needed benefits including medical treatment.  Men and women who served our nation only to get wounded and maimed end up waiting months to […]