VA Now Using Your Tax Dollars to Treat Transgenders

Last year we learned that the Veterans Administration was allowing thousands of veterans to die instead of treating them. It was discovered that over 100,000 veterans waited for months before ever getting an appointment to see a doctor and get treated. When news of what was happening became known to the public, who then became […]

VA Switched to Processing ObamaCare Applications

The Veterans Administration (VA) scandal is off the front page. There are too many scandals for the Obama Administration to contain. The scandals are coming so fast and furious that the media is actually reporting that Obama and Co. are falling out of favor with the American people. The poll numbers for Obama are disastrous. […]

Veterans Wait Years For Benefits While VA Employees Get Bonuses For Inept Work

If you are a veteran, have you run into difficulty getting your benefits from the Veterans Administration?  I read about a number of veterans that waited a year or more to receive needed benefits including medical treatment.  Men and women who served our nation only to get wounded and maimed end up waiting months to […]

An Inconvenient Veteran: Big Government Failing the Troops

Back in 08, during his first inaugural address, President Obama stated that the question was not whether government was too big or too small but only concerned with whether government worked. According to a new report from the Center for Investigative Journalism, we should ask our veterans that question. The problem with Obama’s claim is […]

Obamacare Will Affect Gun Ownership

While everyone is still reeling from the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare and the individual mandate, they are overlooking another aspect of the legislation that will violate your right to privacy and your ability to purchase a gun. One of the thousands of aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act is the […]