Have Our Veterans Served and Died in Vain?

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day and I proudly raised my American flag in honor of them. I took time to reflect on their service over the past 240 years. I thank them for winning and preserving our freedoms and rights. Millions died or lost limbs or suffered other injuries in their service to our country. But […]

Veteran’s Day Protest Flying American Flag Upside Down

I’m very big on proper etiquette concerning the United States flag. When I was in school we were all taught proper flag etiquette. We were taught to never let the flag touch the ground, how to properly raise and lower the flag, when the flag is allowed to fly half-staff, how to fold the flag […]

For Veterans: The Tale of Fearless Freddie vs. Bed Check Charlie

First order of business on this Veterans Day (which we celebrate today, even though it was actually yesterday — yay, “guvment”), turn to the veteran beside you and give him or her a big hug and a thank-you. For all active-duty personnel, we’re  keeping you in our thoughts. If  you have a veteran in your […]