An Ignorant Hollywood Liberal Who Made His Fortune From White People Seeing His Films

Hollywood liberals are some of the most rabid and ill-informed leftists on the planet, and another one has come out to prove it. This time it’s Samuel L Jackson — you know — the black guy that’s in 90% of the movies made in the last 20 years and seems to be always killing people. In […]

A Real “Hands Up. . . Don’t Shoot” Story That Will Break Your Heart

Regarding all the terrorism around the world, and particularly in the Middle East, it’s getting increasingly easy to become frustrated to the point of saying, just carpet bomb the whole region and be done with them. Maybe we haven’t come out and said it, but many have at least thought it, even in passing. It would […]

Why Do We Reveal Our Strategy In Advance To Our Enemies?

I recall hearing about impending offensive military actions about to take place during our involvement in Vietnam. The Tet Offensive was broadcast across our televisions prior to its launch and hundreds of American troops were killed or wounded. Of course it never made sense to me that America had to get approval from the UN […]

John McCain Using Obama Donors to Purge Arizona Tea Party

John McCain has got to go. He’s up for reelection in 2016. The Tea Party needs to begin the process of ridding this political pariah from office. He’s a menace to good government and constitutional fidelity. McCain’s latest deed of political maleficence is working behind the scenes to lead a purge of Republican conservatives from […]

DHS Official Caught Selling US Citizenship to Illegals

It’s no secret that liberal Democrats want to turn 11 to 15 million illegal aliens into US citizens and registered Democrats. Barack Obama has been on the verge of using his executive powers to override Congress and grant amnesty and open the road to citizenship for the millions of illegals. I believe his whole purpose […]

Former Defense Secretary/CIA Director Says We are Entering a 30 Yr War with ISIS

Leon Panetta has been a loyal Democrat his entire political career. He started out as a Representative from California and worked his way up the political ladder to the Director’s seat of the CIA and then to Secretary of Defense. Panetta played Obama’s party line when he lied to the families of the Benghazi victims. […]

Afghan and Vietnam Wars both Suffer Most Casualties under Liberal Anti-War Presidents

In the 1960s, Vietnam was a war that nearly ripped America in two. I vividly remember the 1964 presidential election between President Lyndon B. Johnson and Senator Barry Goldwater from Arizona. Johnson was a card carrying socialist who campaigned on ending the war in Vietnam and bringing all of our boys home safe and sound. […]

Does Anyone Respect The American Flag Anymore?

When I was in grade school, I was taught proper flag etiquette.  Among the rules that dealt with the American flag was one that I was told was among the most important and that was to NEVER let the flag touch the ground.  I remember an older boy in our school that was getting ready […]

U.N. Invites Iran To Help Decide International Arms Trade

Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house, what in the world were the United Nations leaders thinking when they appointed Iran to membership in the U.N. Conference of the Arms Trade Treaty? Iran has been standing defiant of the United States and rest of the world in its development of nuclear […]

They Do It in Vietnam

Eventually, even people in Communist nations – and even nations where the individual people and their families have been oppressed for centuries – begin to realize the value of individual liberty, and the sanctity of property. And when they realize it, they fight back. Literally. That’s what Doan Van Vuon, a fish farmer in the […]

What I Learned While Living with a One-Legged Man

Men and women who have served in Iraq are returning home. More than 4400 will never return. Many will return with damaged psyches, broken bodies, and missing limbs. We won’t know for a long time if these causalities were worth it. For those who lost loved ones, it wasn’t worth it. I know they have […]