Wisconsin Voter ID Law Upheld by US Supreme Court

If you want to buy a car, you have to have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. If you open a bank account you need some sort of identification. If you enlist in the military you need ID. If you travel outside the US you need a valid ID. If you apply for […]

Holder Sends Agents to Watch for Racial Discrimination at the Polls Not Voter Fraud

You would have thought that with all of the widespread reports of voter fraud flooding the conservative airways (you hear very little of it on the liberal mainstream media) that US Attorney General Eric Holder would be sending agents out to watch for voter fraud, but he didn’t. He did send Justice Department agents out […]

North Carolina Democratic Workers Helping Illegals to Vote

In the 2012 elections, there were a number of instances of voter fraud. A Democratic poll worker in Cincinnati was convicted of voting twice for herself and then voting for a number of other people including a relative who had been dead for several years. There were numerous reported instances of voting machines that changed […]

Voter Fraud Could Decide Many Mid-Term Elections

With the midterms less than a week away, we are being bombarded with campaign ads. The radio, TV, Internet – they’re everywhere. We are also being deluged with stories of campaign fraud. Yesterday I wrote of Colorado’s new all-mail balloting and the potential for massive fraud in that state. But in fact the fraud doesn’t […]

Colorado Voter Fraud the Wave of the Future

Evidently Colorado has been working hard to obtain the crown of biggest voter fraud state in the nation. They have some stiff competition, but with Governor John Hickenlooper’s 2013 signing of a new election law, I’m sure they feel confident. The 2013 law has effectively nullified Election Day in Colorado. All ballots are now mailed […]

Federal Judge Rules to Allow More Chances for Voter Fraud in Ohio

When I became the age to vote, the opportunity to vote was on Election Day. Employers were required to give employees enough time off to vote if their work schedule would not otherwise allow them to vote. Everyone knew when Election Day was and they made arrangements to their schedules to afford them the opportunity […]

The Civil Right of Voter Fraud

The hysteria has begun, although it never really subsided. Like the IOC (International Olympic Committee) president declaring the Olympic Games open, so too has our beloved leader officially declared, in this election-year, the protection of voter fraud has begun. Yes, Barack Obama has kicked off the commencement of the seven-month full-court press to protect our […]

Democrats Caught on Video Admitting Illegal Campaigning In Texas

We all know that Democrats in numerous locations were conducting voter fraud in the 2012 primaries and general elections.  Dead people, pets and non-citizens were voting for their favorite Democrats.  Here in the Cincinnati area a nun was found to have filled out absentee votes for others and a Democratic poll worker used absentee ballots […]

It’s Okay To Discriminate Against Low Income Kids But Not Low Income Voters

Once again, US Attorney General Eric Holder is suing a state about their voter ID laws.  North Carolina is one of five other southern states to pass stricter anti-voter fraud laws.  The Tarheel state’s new laws shorten the length of time for early voting and established tighter requirements for voter identification. As usual, Holder believes […]

Trayvon Martin Being Used As Poster Boy To Promote Voter Fraud

Last month, the US Supreme Court struck down Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.  That section was a special provision that allowed the federal government to have a discretionary control of state voting laws in areas where there was historically voter discrimination against minorities.  This provision was aimed mostly at southern states and certain […]

Barry Soetoro DC Voter Registration Form Could Be Evidence of More Voter Fraud

J. Christian Adams is an election attorney that used to work in the Voting Rights Section of the US Justice Department.  While there, he tried to prosecute two members of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation.  Adams had eyewitness testimony and video of the two actively threatening voters standing in line waiting to […]

US Supreme Court Votes to Allow Voter Fraud

The Democrats have just won a huge victory in the US Supreme Court that could effectively keep them in power indefinitely. In 2004, Arizona voters passed Proposition 200 which required everyone wanting to register to vote to produce the necessary documents to prove that they were a US citizen.  Prop 200 required anyone renewing a […]