Obama v. Putin: A Tale of Two Presidents

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin have a couple things in common. Both are domestic authoritarians and believe themselves to be dictators of their respective countries. Beyond that, they are pretty much polar opposites. Putin, the ex-KGB agent, fancies himself a tough guy, a man’s man, spending a great amount of time shirtless and probably in […]

Are North Korea Threats of War for Real? 

Tensions between North and South Korea are nothing new. The problem isn’t the continued tension and bluster from the North – it’s the ever eroding sanity of North Korean leaders. Every new leader appears to be more unhinged than the last. So maybe we should concern ourselves a little less with the lunatics in Iran, at least for […]

Military-Style Haircut Banned From School Named After Medal of Honor War Hero

McMinnville, TN is a quaint rural town of about 13,000 residents that lies about half way between Nashville and Chattanooga. They are known more for the 450 plant nurseries that generate over $300 million a year. Located in McMinnville is Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School, named after a young Navy hero who died during Vietnam. […]

Navy Chaplain Relieved of Duty for Being a Christian

Barack HUSSEIN Obama continues to wage war on Christianity although he still professes to be a Christian. On September 30, 2011, the Pentagon issued a directive to all military chaplains to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies and to make military chapels available for any such private ceremonies. In response to the Pentagon directive, the Catholic Archdiocese for Military Service issued […]

Ben Carson Blasts Obama’s Treatment of Military

A lot of conservatives are watching Dr. Ben Carson to see if he is going to run for the 2016 Republican nomination for president. At first Carson said he was not going to run, but after hearing from so many people in support of him, it seems likely he may run. Chris Wallace, host of […]

State Department: Can’t Beat ‘Em, Might as Well Hire Them

State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that the United States can’t defeat ISIS by killing its members. It’s an interesting point of view because, historically speaking, dead people don’t put up much of a fight. Nonetheless, Harf continued, “We’re killing a lot of them, and we’re going to keep killing more of […]

It Takes a Woman’s Touch to Fight ISIS

As the American-led aerial bombing campaign against ISIS has failed to produce any substantial results, Kurds in Iraq and Syria have been at the frontline of battles against the Islamic State army. The Kurdish units known as YPJ, or Peshmerga, have been particularly valuable in that fight. Composed of women soldiers, the YPJ is the terror […]

Former Defense Secretary/CIA Director Says We are Entering a 30 Yr War with ISIS

Leon Panetta has been a loyal Democrat his entire political career. He started out as a Representative from California and worked his way up the political ladder to the Director’s seat of the CIA and then to Secretary of Defense. Panetta played Obama’s party line when he lied to the families of the Benghazi victims. […]

Obama’s War on Christianity Reaches California Schools

Our Muslim president has been openly carrying out a war on Christianity. He has repeatedly attacked the Christian rights of members of the military, from enlisted men and women to chaplains who at one point were threatened with court-martials if they didn’t defy their faith by catering to homosexuals. Obama waged war against Christian values […]

Doublespeak on ‘Non-War’ War Against ‘Non-Islamic’ Islamic State

It’s bad enough to contemplate going into a war with a half-baked strategy built on the desire to sway opinion polls. It’s suicidal to go into a war following “leaders” who can’t even agree on whether it’s a war, or on the nature of the enemy. Before we’ve even begun, the War on ISIS is […]

Hamas Tells Israel to Forfeit Land to Pre-1967 Boundaries or Face Years of War

With Barack Obama leading the parade, the world has been condemning Israel for the current conflict between them and Hamas. It doesn’t matter to Obama or the world that Hamas started the fighting by attacking Israel first. Since fighting has resumed, it’s been Hamas who has repeatedly broken temporary peace agreements by being the first […]

Is it Time to Declare War on Mexico?

In March of this year, Javier Jose Rodriguez was visiting family in Sasabe, Arizona, about 30 miles west northwest of Nogales, along the Mexican border. Rodriguez had been drinking some beers early Saturday morning and was driving around the town when members of the Mexican army opened fire on him. He was shot in the […]