A Perverse New Year’s Eve Ending to 2015

My wife and I spent New Year’s Eve with friends. While we were enjoying our own festivities, I was watching one of the over-rated end-of-the-year celebrations on the Mac that was sitting on the mantle so we could keep track of the countdown. And what did I see? Admitted bi-sexual Jessie J singing John Lennon’s classic overrated atheist […]

Income Equality Has Made the Poor Wealthy

You may have heard the story of a teacher who taught a lesson about income equality. A college class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one should be poor and no one should be rich. Income equality should be the goal for a just society. The professor put their argument to the test […]

Government Wrong Again — Americans’ Wealth Still Down 55%

Most Americans saw large portions of their wealth, savings, investments and retirement accounts disappear by the beginning of 2009.  It all started with the collapse of housing market in early 2008.  The housing market took the rest of the nation’s economy with it.  Some individual 401K retirement accounts lost over 60% of their value.  Thousands […]

Obama’s Betrayal of Black America

In 2007, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) made a speech at Hampton University in Virginia.  He addressed a predominantly black audience and made a number of promises to them.  He promised to make things better and build more houses for blacks.  He told them: “We are all God’s children and we can all unite to work […]

Does Obama Rule by Principle or Politics?

In election years, the Democratic Party hosts a number of fundraiser events known as Jefferson – Jackson Day.  Named after presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, these events are generally considered to be quite important for the Democratic Party’s candidate to attend. The Jefferson – Jackson Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa was recently held while […]

99 Percenters are 99 Percent Lunatics

Yeah, I know, more hype and coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but some of them are finally spelling out their demands. Previously, the general message was that they wanted to distribute the wealth so that everyone will prosper.  They were protesting the economic condition and lack of jobs. But now they are making […]