Prestigious NY Medical Groups Drop Family Care to Expand Services for the Wealthy

New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) and the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S) have been running the Family Medicine Residency Program to provide high-quality family care in upper Manhattan and Washington Heights which consists predominantly of working class families. They employ over 30 medical residents who have completed 4 years of premed and […]

Socialism Spreading Among Young Adults

This past week I had a chance to speak with a young twenty something adult. The conversation started with the low profit margin at the restaurant where she worked and I share with her what the industry standard is and then what is happening in San Francisco with the increase to their minimum wage. Suddenly […]

Obama Driving Citizens Out of Country While Welcoming Illegals

During the 2012 presidential campaign, one of Barack Obama’s main accusations leveled against Mitt Romney was that he was outsourcing jobs overseas. Facts showed that Obama’s charge was grossly over exaggerated and in fact Obama had also been outsourcing jobs and military contracts to other countries. But now it seems that Obama is outsourcing US […]

White House Advisor Asked If Obama’s Tax Increase on the Wealthy Is For Real

Barack Obama once again wants to destroy the American economy and job market by taxing America’s wealthiest people to the tune of $320 billion. His proposal includes changing the capital gains tax and eliminating the exemption for inheritance tax. He wants the government to be able to claim nearly half of any inheritance when a […]

Obamacare Contributing to Obama’s Inequality of Wealth Just as He Planned

One of the issues that President Barack Obama hammered on during his State of the Dictatorship address was the growing inequality of wealth.  He complained that the gap between the wealthy and the poor is widening and said something has to be done to change it. Well, Obama’s been working on the gap since taking […]

Obama’s Constituents To Be Hit Hardest By Tax Increases

Call it poetic justice or just plain stupidity on the part of Obama supporters, but the top five states that will receive the biggest tax increases as a percentage of income are states that voted for Obama’s re-election. New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire will all be experiencing between 5.8% and 6.8% tax […]

Obama’s War on Wealthy is War on Us All

President Obama took to the airwaves Saturday with a renewed effort to pick the pockets of successful Americans. Called the “Buffett Rule” after billionaire Warren Buffett, who sheds crocodile tears over paying a lower tax rate than his secretary, the plan would raise an estimated $47 billion over 10 years. The president also called again […]

Occupiers Beating Dead Horse and Only Hurting Working America

It’s an old expression and probably many younger people may not understand it, but the Occupy movement is beating a dead horse and getting nowhere. In the days before automobiles, horses were one of the main means of transportation.  Traveling long distances took days and there were times when the rider would continue to beat […]

1 Percenter Michael Moore Still Lying to Public

Michael Moore, who has made a reputation and career of producing very one-sided documentaries designed to promote his own perverse and warped views, has been very supportive of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He actively talks about the 99 percenters and their justifiable complaints aimed at the 1 percenters in the nation. Moore has said […]

Who Do You Blame? Wall Street or Washington DC?

For the past month, the news on TV and online has been flooded with the Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Chicago, Occupy, Occupy, Occupy.  We all know that this movement blames Wall Street and the wealthy for all of our economic woes.  We also see that most of those joining in the movement seem to be […]

Dems Using Occupy Wall Street for Socialist Agenda

What originally started out as a peaceful protest by a group of people that are frustrated with America’s job market and economy is turning into a movement to help promote and sell the Democrat’s socialist agenda.  Early on, a number of those gathered in front of Wall Street spoke out about how the financial sector […]