Ohio Gov. John Kasich Believes the Bible Supports the Welfare State

Once again we have a politician using the Bible to support a political position. This time it’s Ohio governor John Kasich, a Republican, believes the Bible can be used to support taking money from some people so it can be given to other people. He’s critical of people who oppose the expansion of Medicare in […]

Two Ways to Fix Immigration

The majority of people opposed to Obama’s immigration policies are not opposed to immigration in general but to what America has become in particular. The great waves of immigration that built America happened when the government of the United States was relatively small. There was no Federal Department of Education, no Great Society, no food […]

Immigration Reform: Now is the Time to Abolish the Welfare State

Democrats are keen on not letting a crisis go to waste. As soon as the Virginia shooting took place, liberals were immediately calling for more gun control even though the man who murdered the two news crew workers jumped through all the legal hoops. You can’t legislate against evil and crazy. Donald Trump has lit […]

Pardoning a Turkey is Not Like Amnesty

During the White House Turkey pardon this year, President Obama joked that his critics would call his action “amnesty.” “I know some will call this amnesty,” he said, as the people in the room laughed. “But don’t worry, there is plenty of turkey to go around.” Obama also joked that his turkey pardon was “an […]

Using Ferguson Shooting to Prepare for the 2016 Election

Drudge is carrying the following headlines: 15 people shot in 8 hours in NYC… POLICE VIDEO: Gunman Shoots, Kills 2 Men On Harlem Street… 7 Killed, 29 Wounded In Chicago… Any time someone is killed, it’s a tragedy. It seems, however, that some killings are more important than others. It depends on who’s the victim […]

Cliven Bundy, “the Negro,” and the Liberal Attack Machine

It didn’t take long before the liberal media went on the attack against Cliven Bundy, especially when they found something that was racial. According to Adam Nagourney at the New York Times, here’s what Bundy had to say in an edited version of his comments: “I want to tell you one more thing I know […]

Fight Illegal Immigration by Abolishing the Welfare State

Let’s get a few things straight: Our elected officials do not represent people who are in the United States illegally. They do not represent people who hope to become citizens or are contemplating coming here illegally. Our elected officials represent the people of THIS nation in accord with the Constitution they took an oath to […]