76% of Immigrant Led Households with Kids Receive Welfare

About 15 years ago, a family I knew wanted to immigrate to the United States but met with some resistance from the US government. Customs and Immigration insisted that the family had a way of financially supporting themselves once they moved here. They were told that the government didn’t want them to rely on any […]

Why Would Illegals Even Want US Citizenship?

Who really wants to give illegals US citizenship? Is it the illegals or liberal Democrats who seek their votes? Currently, millions of illegals get free public education for their kids without paying any local or state taxes that go to education. Millions of illegals are receiving some form of government assistance – food stamps, welfare, […]

Arizona Budget Cuts Include Limiting Welfare Benefits

On Monday I posted an article in which I asked the question: How Much Longer Can US Afford To Be a Welfare Nation? In that post I shared the welfare is costing over half a trillion dollars a year and that figures grows more and more every year and that we as a nation can’t […]

How Much Longer Can US Afford To Be a Welfare Nation?

If you’re the recipient of any form of welfare, you mostly likely see it as a life saver and the only thing keeping you from ending up destitute and homeless. But how long can the US continue to pour billions of dollars into the many welfare programs? With so many different types of welfare programs, […]

Immigrants Being Used to Build Democrat-Majority Cities

WND reported that on April 23 Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed signed an agreement with U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) making Atlanta a “welcoming city.” “Reed became the nation’s fourth mayor to embrace the White House push to roll out the welcome mat for new immigrants and refugees and remove barriers to citizenship. Critics say the program […]

Man Ordered to Pay $30,000 Child Support Even Though DNA Proves He’s Not the Father

I have a confession to make. I enjoy watching real life crime programs that trace the course of events and evidence that leads to the arrest and conviction of a criminal. It’s fascinating what they can do with today’s technology in identifying DNA, paint, hair, fabric, and other trace evidence. With the help of chemical […]

Joe Legal vs. Jose Illegal

The following has been floating around the internet for some time. A number of people have commented on the health insurance part: “Hey, just give Joe legal ‘free’ healthcare. Problem solved.” This is typical of ‘Progressives.’ Somebody’s paying for the ‘free’ healthcare. Or, “Just give Jose a Social Security number.” But if someone can work […]

Detroit Man Walks 21 Miles to and From Work Each Day

While most others in his situation would give up and give in — become wards of the state by collecting collect welfare, food stamps, etc. — 56-year-old James Robertson refuses. He has too much pride. He is making his way on $10.55 per hour working at an industrial plastic molding plant, making plastic components for […]

Mitch McConnell Has Adopted Obama’s “Yes We Can” Slogan

“To incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), it is more important for Republicans to be the party of yes than go all-out to defund President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty.” Mitch McConnell is beginning to sound more like Obama every day. One of Obama’s campaign slogans was “yes we can.” A great slogan until voters […]

Black Woman Says Black People Should “Speak Properly”

As difficult as blacks had it during the days of segregation, a distinctly black culture developed, even in the prevalence of racist attitudes and restrictive laws. We forget, or have never been told, that Washington, D.C., from 1920 to 1960, “was a financial, spiritual, and cultural stronghold. Because Washington was a segregated city, blacks simply […]

Five Civil Questions to Pose to Your Liberal Friends

If I were being totally honest, I would say that it has not been my experience that very many left-leaning folks in this country want to have an honest dialogue on the key issues that separate left from right. This is particularly true amongst the academically credentialed leftists I have encountered who presumably know they […]

The Great GOP Immigration Debate Takes the Stage

This last week I moderated a debate on the subject of immigration in Newport Beach, California. What made this debate unique is that it featured two folks quite to the right in their politics, Jon Fleischman of Breitbart.com and Flashreport.org fame, and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (Orange County Republican), VS. Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute, […]