Background Checks Could Not Have Prevented Black Muslim Terrorist Attempted Assassination of White Cop

Last Friday, Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett was sitting in his police car when a man ran up to the driver’s side door, shooting as he approached. When the gunman reached the car, he reached his hand inside the windowed and continued to shoot until his gun was empty. Amazingly, Hartnett was only hit three […]

Black Shoots White Cop, Will Anyone Protest?

Forty years ago I applied for the local police department. I passed all the tests and physical except at the time my eye sight without my glasses did not meet the minimum requirement. I truly wanted to be a police officer at the time to help protect my family and community. America has drastically changed […]

Black Executes White Cop – No Racial Outcry!

Once again we have an example of how the liberal media is refusing to accuse a black of committing a racial hate crime. Sheriff’s Deputy Darren H. Goforth, 47 had stopped at a Chevron station to fill his patrol car. He was in full uniform when a young black man came up behind him and […]

Black Felon Kills White Cop – Where are the Riots Now?

In 2001, white Cincinnati police officer Steven Roach shot and killed Timothy Thomas, a 19 year old black teen. Police were in the process of executing an arrest warrant for Thomas when he tried to flee the scene. In the process, Roach shot Thomas as he believed the young man was reaching for gun in […]

Missouri Governor to Sacrifice White Cop to Appease Ferguson’s Blacks

There is no doubt that the shooting death of Michael Brown is tragic, what’s happening to the city of Ferguson and Officer Darren Wilson is even more tragic. Brown’s accomplice in the robbery that took place just prior to the shooting told the media that he and Brown were walking away from Wilson when the […]

Racist for White Cop to Shoot Black Attacking Him but Not Racist for 3 Blacks to Murder White Woman in Her Home

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen black activists scream racism anytime a white person does something to a black person but turn their heads when a black targets a white person.  Case in point was Trayvon Martin.  Black activists ignored the facts that Trayvon was a troubled and angry kid with a […]