White House Clueless Why Gun Sales Hit Record High

Two weeks after the terrorist attacks in Paris left 130 dead, gun sales in America hit a one day record high. The FBI reported they conducted 185,345 background checks on Black Friday, hitting a one day record high. In fact, ever since Barack Obama began his anti-Second Amendment campaign to in 2009, gun sales set […]

White House Psy-Ops ‘Nudging’ America Obama’s Way

Anyone who has ever paid attention to politics for long should understand the depths to which cynical politicians will sink in order to manipulate the voting public and gather power to themselves. The Obama White House, however, made it official about a year ago, and recently its Social and Behavioral Science Team, under the Office of Science […]

Kid With Bomb-Like Device Gets Invited to White House

A Muslim teenager was arrested for bringing a clock he built to class — which teachers thought might have been a dangerous device. It was not part of a science class. The story has made Ahmed Mohamed a minor overnight celebrity A campaign of support on Twitter — with #IStandWithAhmed — was the site’s top-trending hashtag for a […]

GOP Impotence, White House Unconstitutionality & Judicial Overreach – America is Broken

Obamacare: the national socialist healthcare program that has resulted in higher costs for less coverage. It has revealed the impotence of the Republican Party and the continued unconstitutional actions of Barack Obama. Even though over 70% of the American people were against the Affordable Care Act, a Democratic controlled Congress forced the socialist healthcare plan […]

Housing Market Indicates Economic Recovery Slower Than Reported

So many people watch the stock market and NASDAQ along with unemployment figures and the GDP to determine just how well or poorly our economy is doing. If you believe the propaganda coming from the White House you would think our nation’s economy is well on the road to recovery. Don’t forget that these are […]

Could Obama Cost Hillary the 2016 Election?

In January 2009, the liberal Democratic Party found themselves in control of the House, Senate and White House. They fully intended to show America what changes they could make by ramming Obamacare down our throats against the wishes of over 65% of Americans polled. The Democrats attacked our Second Amendment rights to own and bear […]

White House Hypocrisy on Immigration: Christians No, Illegals Yes

Do you recall the Romeike family? They were a family of Christian homeschoolers that fled Germany because the government was going to permanently remove the children from their parents because the parents insisted on homeschooling their kids. Mom and dad didn’t want their kids educated in the liberal government run schools and indoctrinated with anti-Christian […]

Home Ownership Dropping 8th Straight Year Due to Obamanomics

If you listened to the reports coming out of the White House you would think that all is rosy and well with housing market. In some areas that might be true as home sales are up. Just this past month, I watched as heavy equipment cut down the wooded area behind my house and scraped […]

Blacks Disappointed with Obama Wonder if Supporting Clinton Worth It

Regardless of the fact that Barack Obama is half white, the only real reason he was elected to the White House in 2008 and 2012 is because he appears to be all black. Millions of blacks in America voted for him solely because of the color of his skin and his promises to make their […]

Obama Claims to be Closest Thing to a Jew Ever to Occupy White House

The sign of a truly delusional person is when they start making claims they believe to be true but are so blatantly false that everyone but them see it. I believe that we now have proof that Barack Hussein Obama is delusional, as if there was any doubt before. Feeling frustrated that so many people […]

Global Warming Makes More Weak-Minded Democrats

Because there aren’t enough real issues to keep our government occupied, President Obama poked his head up out of his foxhole to do a little fear mongering about global warming this week. Actually, he didn’t poke his head out (possibly afraid to see his shadow) so much as hand a memo to the nearest PR […]

White House Violates Court Injunction and Issues Thousands of Work Permits to Illegals

If the person occupying the White House is supposed to set the prime example for all Americans, why should any of us obey any law ever again? Barack Obama and his administration have willfully violated the US Constitution and federal laws on numerous occasions. All of them involved should have been imprisoned long ago for […]