Blacks Beat White Homeless Vet to Death – Where’s the Protests?

Robert Barnes, 51, was a white homeless veteran living on the streets of Olney, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. In January, his sister Diane visited him and bought him new boots to keep his feet warm in the cold winter. That was the last time she had a conversation with her brother. On April 7, […]

Black Shoots White Reporter on Live TV over Racist Comment but Hillary Blames Guns

The residents of central and southwest Virginia were shocked yesterday morning when one of their star news reporters and cameraman were gunned down during a live broadcast. Alison Parker, 24, was doing a live interview with Vicki Gardner, the Director of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce at the Bridgewater Plaza. Adam Ward, […]

White Teen Beaten By Group of Blacks & No One Mentions Race

Why are the media and everyone else afraid to charge blacks with being racist? I don’t know of any laws that state only Caucasian people can be guilty of racism and not blacks. Just look at the media from around the nation. Everyone focuses on any incident involving a Caucasian person, especially a police officer, […]

White Only Events Racist but Black Only Events Not

Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ is a restaurant in Milliken, Colorado owned by Edgar Antillon. He has been advertising ‘White Appreciation Day’ on June 11th where he is offering a 10% discount to Caucasian customers. Once the word spread, Antillon has been called a racist and has received numerous criticisms. He’s even received bomb threats. Amid a […]

You Can’t Be Right if You’re White

Race and color have become the latest ways to defeat an argument. Facts and reason no longer count when a subject is debated. I suspect that the reason for their non-use is that most people who come out of today’s government schools don’t know how to reason and don’t know how to identify a fact. […]

Jamie Foxx Is One Racist Black

Two weeks ago I wrote about Jamie Foxx’s blasphemous statements referring to Barack Obama as lord and savior. Now the so-called black comedian has once again opened his mouth and spewed out racist remarks that would make Martin Luther King Jr. shudder in his grave. On Saturday Night Live, Jamie Foxx was talking to the […]

Black and White: Who’s Killing Whom?

Ever since George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin a month ago, it seems that everyone is talking about racial crimes.  Every time a non-black commits a violent crime against a black person, certain black activists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson crawl out from the cracks like cockroaches when the lights go out.  They do their […]