California Liberals to Destroy State’s Ecology and Wildlife

I understand that many people are against hunting and fishing. They believe it’s cruel to hunt down an animal, shoot it and take it home and eat it. However most of them have no clue about effective wildlife management and the need to control animal populations to keep them healthy. Have you ever heard of […]

Obama’s Environmental Stupidity About To Destroy 1.7 Million Acres Of Northern Arizona

Barack Obama, like so many other flaming liberals know little about effective land and wildlife management. Their actions often lead to the destruction of forests and other habitats and the loss of wildlife. Having a degree in wildlife management, I’ve seen far too many cases of this happening to share here. Now Obama is about […]

Solar Energy Plant Canceled Due to Fried Birds

Call it Kentucky fried irony. An Oakland-based “green energy” company has abandoned plans to complete a 75-story solar energy tower in California’s Joshua Tree National Park because rays emanating from a nearly identical facility have been exploding the local wildlife. Seriously. Birds that fly into the path of concentrated solar beams can be instantly fried alive. A similar […]