Teacher Busted For Stomping On American Flag In Classroom

Michael Copeland overheard his daughter talking about one of her teachers and how he threw the American flag on the floor and stomped on it in front of her class.  He asked her to tell him more about what happened.  This is what she told him, as Copeland relayed it to a local news reporter:

“He drew a couple of symbols, like one of them was a cross, and he said, ‘What does this represent,’ and everybody said, ‘Christianity.’”

“Then he proceeds to take down the American flag, and said, ‘This is a symbol, but it’s only a piece of cloth. It doesn’t mean anything,’ and then he throws it down on the floor and then stomps on it, repeatedly.”

“I asked what was he trying to get, the point across? And she said, ‘I don’t know,’ and he said, his explanation was there would be no consequences, it’s just a piece of cloth that doesn’t mean anything.”

Her teacher, Scott Compton, is an English teacher at Chapin High School in Chapin, South Carolina.  He not only stomped on the flag in the one class, but he did it in two other classes as well.  According to people in the area, they say that Compton is a good teacher, however he is very liberal and ‘wears it on his sleeve,’ even though teachers are warned about sharing personal opinions in class.

When the incident was reported to school officials, they didn’t hesitate to act.  He has been placed on a long-term suspension and is being investigated by the school.  A substitute teacher will take his place for the remainder of the school year.

Spokesman for the school district, Mark Bounds told the local media:

“Our superintendent served in the military, I served in the military for 20 years, our flag is a symbol of our freedom, and so many people have fought and died for that liberty, and so we take this action very seriously.”

Hooray and Hoorah for the school board in Chapin, South Carolina.  It’s about time that someone stood up for the American Flag and what it stands for.  Too many American men and women have died and been maimed in defending and serving that flag for someone to treat it with such disrespect, especially in front of a school kids.

Now I would like to see the Chapin schools, and every other school in the country teach the US Code for the Flag of the United States of America.  As a matter of fact, I just went to the school district’s website and suggested that very thing.  I hope you consider doing the same thing.

268 thoughts on “Teacher Busted For Stomping On American Flag In Classroom

  1. A big ditto to that suggestion.

    Thank God for a parent who pays attention to what is going on in his kid’s school and took action when he heard about this.

    Those students should all be told that Scott Compton was terribly wrong in being disrespectful to the American flag which symbolizes the countless patriots who shed blood for our liberty.

    This anti-American indoctrinator should be fired and given a one-way ticket to his totalitarian country of choice. We shouldn’t prevent him from the precious learning experience of having to live under the philosophy that he so enthusiastically espouses.

    1. “and given a one-way ticket to his totalitarian country of choice. ”

      It’s completely within the school and communities right to fire this teacher. But you take it a step further, what you are suggesting is WAY more anti American than what this guy did.

      1. John Mescas… Ahhh….Spoken like a true believer.

        It seems to me that folks who believe that redacting our history, trampling on our Judeo/Christian foundation, mocking our cherished traditions, and dishonoring those things that symbolize the deeds of our patriots and heroes…..and who have such an attraction to all things Marxist might be happy to put their beliefs to the test and live in a totalitarian country ruled by M/C leaders.

        I don’t much like someone trying to change my country……imperfect as it is.

        Un-American, you say? You have no clue.


  2. The district is obviously trying to fire Compton now—even if the students couldn’t be trusted, it’s hard to hide physical evidence on the flag. If the district is forced to take him back, I’ll be surprised.

  3. The idiot should be deported. No one, absolutely no one is forced to stay in America. And anyone showing so much disrespect for our country by doing this should be sent somewhere else to live. Deport the the dumb idiot, he sure does NOT belong in the classroom!

    1. Anyone who disrespects our country should be forced to leave huh? Wow, Talk about STATIST .. You certainly are a lemming aren’t ya.

      1. He sure as hell DOES NOT belong in the classroom. Get the idiot out of teaching. The students are upset, and that is not right. Get the looney tune out of the classroom before he pulls a gun!!!!!

    2. Just put him in a state pen with the general poulation,let them know why he is there.They will change his name to Sally.

    1. In no way is that true. Those who are enemies of this country may try to make the flag be misrepresented as that, but to those Americans who love her, to those who fought and fight to keep her free, to those of us who are thankful and love the oppurtunity in life we have because of this country, we hold our heads up with pride when we see this flag. The flag is a reminder of all the bad we have had to endour, the lives lost for the rest of us to raise this flag. It is a symbol of our heritage, a blazen emblem of our love, and representation of true Americans pride.Never will this be a symbol of oppression. That goes to the flag of the democrats and liberals. Those who serve the anti American Obama to the rest of us it is our inspiration and our heart. Stand for the flag as if it is your own family as so many have given so much so this flag can remain flying over the country they love keeping us free… Never allow it’s true meaning and message to be harmed. This teacher should be removed permanantly as his actions were not appropriate for his job. It maybe his right to do as he did, but the only reason it is his right is because of that flying flag of freedom…..I do not care what any person thinks of it..I am an American, I am more then proud to be an American and I am tired of those who disrespect our country from within and then turn around wanting free life from her.It’s not racial to love your country and it is not incorrect to openly declare your loyalty to this country. I both love and pledge my loyalty to The United States of America and if that offends anyone to bad. I will defend being blessed with my ability to live here and if you want to try to take that from me, then by god come get some as I will not lay down ever to anyone who wishes to challenge that…..God Bless America and god bless her citizens.

    2. If that’s the You feel about our flag and our country there any many other countries you would be welcomed to move to anytime. The sooner the better.

    3. The flag is a symbol of freedom.

      It’s the cronies in the White House, in Congress, and on Wall Street making our lives a mess. What we need are honest people who want to better people’s lives. Not steal money or restrict personal rights for their own political gain.

      1. “No—it is a symbol of the ideals for which America stands. That never changes.”

        The problem is, for many people the symbol represents death and destruction. Some innocent civilians in the world only know the U.S. as the people who took away their Dad or baby sister, etc … In my lifetime, the U.S. has murdered millions of people in morally bankrupt wars (Vietnam, Iraq) … To me, it’s offensive to see the flag respected. To each their own, I guess.

        1. You are more than welcome to go somewhere where you can respect “their” flag. Please do so.

  4. A teacher should kn ow better, whether or not the point he is making is technically correct. A scandal of this sort is OF COURSE going to impact his job!

    That being said, there are apparently an awful lot of folks who think they can eat a menu, or travel to a new location by holding a map.

    No one died for a flag. They died for the country that the flag is a symbol of, and the confusion over this is pretty tragic.

    1. What does it matter?This is a school not a place for teacher to spout their personal ideology.This moron should have been teaching the kids grammar not preaching to them.

      By the way “no one died for a flag”is your opinion as a civilian so speak for yourself.Do NOT tell us in the military what we do and how we think.In forgein countries that flag is as close to the homeland as we can get.

      1. I don’t know why you chose to respond to my comment with non sequiturs. I had already stated that, as a teacher, the guy was clearly going to get into trouble for this kind of stunt whether or not he was technically right.

        So we agree on that part.

        The second half of your comment doesn’t make any sense, but I do wish you better luck in your ongoing struggles with the English language in the future.

        Have a great day…

        1. Wish you luck in your struggles in understanding the importance of our FLAG and I hope it is your flag.

        2. Katy, are your fingers typing what’s in your head? I see several weird things here. Could be dumbness on my part.

        3. Dunno. I thought I was making a comment about symbols originally. Seems to be a few folks who honor symbols over what those symbols represent.

        4. Our American flag(long may she fly), has been a symbol of freedom for centuries. It has been a Pall for every coffin for every American soldier that has fallen preserving our freedoms and liberties. If this coward has taken joy at dishonoring our flag, he has chosen to spit on the graves of these Patriots, and has caused great harm to the parents, widows and widowers, sisters, brothers aunts and uncles by doing so. I pity the man that does that to the American Flag in my presence!

        5. “That flag”… represents liberty and freedom for masses the world over. Carried on shoulder patches, jeeps, planes and ships, helmets and cemetery crosses. It flies over cemeteries all over the world where liberation of the oppressed was wrought.

          110th CONGRESS

          1st Session

          H. RES. 888

          Affirming the rich spiritual and religious history of our Nation’s founding and subsequent history and expressing support for designation of the first week in May as `American Religious History Week’ for the appreciation of and education on America’s history of religious faith.


          December 18, 2007

          Mr. FORBES (for himself, Mr. MCINTYRE, Mr. AKIN, Mr. BARRETT of South Carolina, Mr. CULBERSON, Mr. DOOLITTLE, Mr. FEENEY, Mr. GINGREY, Mr. GOHMERT, Mr. HAYES, Mr. HENSARLING, Mr. HERGER, Mr. JONES of North Carolina, Mr. MCHENRY, Mrs. MUSGRAVE, Mr. PEARCE, Mr. PENCE, Mr. PITTS, Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin, Mrs. SCHMIDT, Mr. WALBERG, Mr. WILSON of South Carolina, Mr. WOLF, and Mr. YOUNG of Florida) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform


          Affirming the rich spiritual and religious history of our Nation’s founding and subsequent history and expressing support for designation of the first week in May as `American Religious History Week’ for the appreciation of and education on America’s history of religious faith.

          Whereas religious faith was not only important in official American life during the periods of discovery, exploration, colonization, and growth but has also been acknowledged and incorporated into all 3 branches of American Federal government from their very beginning;

          Whereas the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed this self-evident fact in a unanimous ruling declaring `This is a religious people … From the discovery of this continent to the present hour, there is a single voice making this affirmation’;

          Whereas political scientists have documented that the most frequently-cited source in the political period known as The Founding Era was the Bible;

          Whereas the first act of America’s first Congress in 1774 was to ask a minister to open with prayer and to lead Congress in the reading of 4 chapters of the Bible;

          Whereas Congress regularly attended church and Divine service together en masse;

          Whereas throughout the American Founding, Congress frequently appropriated money for missionaries and for religious instruction, a practice that Congress repeated for decades after the passage of the Constitution and the First Amendment; And more…http://www.wallbuilders.com/libissuesarticles.asp?id=5799

      1. Are there any left?

        Hey, symbols can be powerful things, but it is important to know that there’s a different between a map and the territory. Otherwise you end up with people like we see too often in Congress, who LOVE that flag but don’t seem to care one iota for America or Americans.

        1. Don’t know if there are any left. If there are, probably very few. I think most people know that the flag is a symbol. During the Civil War, many flag bearers died carrying that “symbol” in battle. Many units had their battle flags, and they protected those flags at all costs. It is not a meer piece of cloth that Mooch talked about, and I think you may be falling into that same trap.

        2. People certainly get emotionally attached to it. Similar to how a child becomes emotionally attached to his favorite blankie.

        3. Any era of veterans and patriotic Americans will honor what our flag represents. Katy, you certainly could use some history along with your proper English.I’m not trying to get into a pissing contest with you, i am only pointing out the significance of the American flag to you.

        4. I absolutely respect the flag and the nation. I do think it is important for people to understand what a symbol is, though. We fight over abstract labels and symbols all too often.

          The school setting – particularly at a pubic school – was an exceedingly poor place for this teacher to have tried to teach that in this way.

        5. Yeah, I know there are WW2 Vets left – a couple of my great grandfathers among them. We were talking about the Iwo Jima crowd. I think the last one died a couple years ago.

          There are a lot of fake outrage things on these right wing sites, but, as far as reasons to be offended go, it seems as though a teacher stomping on the American flag is a fairly strong one.

        6. American flag will always be controversial. There are many people who justifiably feel protective over it. There are also many people who are justifiably angry over it.

        7. Yeah, and I think people can UNDERSTAND the idea of “America” in different ways.

          Symbols like that are fantastic as a way for some people to understand something. And although – like I said earlier – teaching students that srt of abstract thinking is GOOD, I think a pubic school teacher should have been able to figure out this was not the best way to do it.

        8. If you thought that I was talking specifics when I asked you about the Vets from Iwo Jima you are sadly mistaken. It was an example I used to make my point because it is the most well known (well, to the semi-educated anyway). It was an example, along with the Civil War example I gave you of the men and women who have gained confidence, morale and strength from that “symbol”. There are many other examples of the same that I could cite, but if those two examples didn’t make my point, nothing will.

        9. Oh. When I wondered aloud over whether any of those guys were still alive, I meant specifically the Iwo Jima flag guys.

          Obviously, there are still plenty of WW2 vets still around, thank God, and there will be a little longer.

          I understand the flag as a point of pride.

        10. I said nothing about the Iwo Jima flag raisers (flag guys? are you serious?) I was speaking of the men that gained courage, confidence and morale from the flag raising. 3 of the 6 of those “flag guys” were killed during the battle. All 6 were awarded the Medal of Honor. It is obvious to me that you have no respect for the men and women that died for that flag.

        11. You said, and I quote, “Ask the survivors of Iwo Jima what they think about the American flag.”

          I asked whether any were still alive.

          I’m not sure where the disagreement lies here. You seem to have a need to disagree with me and simply aren’t finding a grounds for argument.

        12. “I’m not sure where the disagreement lies here. You seem to have a need to disagree with me and simply aren’t finding a grounds for argument.”

          That’s the problem with applying “labels” to each other , like “conservative”, “liberal” — We humans are so TRIBAL in nature that many of us refuse to agree with the other side, even when they are right . . We actively seek out ways to disagree and BE disagreeable to each other. It’s such a shame.

        13. I know what my comment was and don’t need your quote. There were thousands of Iwo Jima survivors. For you to think that I was only talking about the flag raisers is ridiculous. The last (2nd) flag raiser, Navy Corpsman John Bradley died in the early 2000’s. His son wrote a book that you may be interested in reading. It is about all 6 flag raisers and their lives before, during and after the battle. It is “Flags of our Fathers”. You may think again about the flag as a symbol after reading it.

        14. Look, it is clear you are looking to argue with me and are getting increasingly frustrated that I’m not rising to the bait.

          I am not disagreeing with you on anything! Are you okay? Do you just want to vent at somebody?

        15. I can assure you , at every given moment we are awake, someone is doing something that would potentially offend you. We could spend all our waking life finding new things online that offends us. (That will NEVER change) … What it boils down to , would you rather spend your life always looking for the next thing to be outraged over or spend your life looking for GOOD and BEAUTIFUL things?

        16. The GOOD and BEAUTIFUL things you are talking about are getting fewer and far between under the Obama administration.

        17. I have many good and beautiful things in life. I don’t focus as much as you on negative things. I also notice you right wingers tend to manufactor outrage. You invent things to be outraged about. (Like Obama’s Czars and Vacations–> both of which are nothing new to U.S. presidents and Obama isn’t taking advantage of either any more than previous presidents — yet you crybabies have shown yourselves to be the biggest hypocrites on earth to ALL OF A SUDDEN make an issue of it. We try to figure out why you single out Obama on this — Doesn’t take long to figure out the most obvious difference between Obama and the other presidents.

        18. John Mescas…..Your evocative statements about ”good and beautiful things” are overshadowed by your leftist blather about ”right wingers”, ”crybabies”, ”’hypocrites” and concern about the ideology of our leaders.

          You make foolish assumptions.

          HOW do you KNOW that many of us conservatives were not just as critical of former presidents who did wrong things? Point is….you don’t know.

          Well, let me tell you. I’ve been active politically for more years than you you’ve been alive, and have never just ideologically followed anyone. I’ve been very vocal in my criticism of a host of conservative leaders who I believed to be in error.

          I disagreed with Reagan’s progressive tax and his policie decisions which resulted in the closing down mental hospitals which resulted in millions of mentally ill people, many of whom had been hospitalized for decades, being turned out into the streets.

          I disagreed with Bush senior’s decision to raise taxes after he’s promised he would not and with his position on Globalism. I disagreed with GW on a host of issues: his unwillingness to close the borders, the wars, his out of control spending…and more.

          I have disagreed with many things that both Republican and Democratic presidents have done and have told them so by letter, phone, fax and email.

          And I disagree vociferously with Obama because I believe that he is our first elected COMMUNIST PRESIDENT. Only an idiot would believe that he is benignly pro-American. Any intellectually honest person, looking at his words and his actions since his university years, would be forced to conclude that he is an arrogant, narcissistic man, an imperious president, who, by administrative fiat, is attempting to grab all the power that he can, and a contemptible person who detests what America stands for.

          Now you can get back to your name calling.

        19. I see good and beautiful things everytime I take a hike though the mountains (Which I’m now allowed to carry firearm and protect myself on hike, thanks to Obama for signing the bill with that provision!) … I see people doing wonderful things for each other all the time. I see incredibly talented and beautiful new generation coming up behind me – amazing young people like Jackie Evancho. — I see a generation of new veterans coming home from Iraq and never having to worry about going back to that hellhole, thanks in part to Obama. I see military families getting much more help than they have in the past, thanks to the attention that the Biden’s and Obama’s are giving them. — There are many wonderful things going on in the world — It’s just that you have your head so wrapped around your petty hate and misinformation you are hopelessly addicted to online, that you will never be able to see it. It’s tragic to live like you have chosen to do.

    2. Ask about the patriots at Fort McHenry. There many dead patriots hold up our flag. need to read the story about the writing of ” the Star Spangle Banner” The tragedy is your misunderstanding.

      1. I can’t even imagine why you thought that comment was at all relevant to anything I said.

        Nevertheless, um, thank you for your patriotism(?)…

        1. That’s a ridiculous line of discussion.

          First – and perhaps most importantly – it is beyond useless to try and talk about life qualifications online. Any punk with a keyboard can claim to be a decorated general.

          Second, military experience has nothing to do with the concept of a symbol NOR is it a qualification for loving one’s country.

          Using the “Did you serve?” card is less than useless in this ontext. I know you have to have something more substantive to say than that!

        2. No dear all your lines of discussion have been ridiculous. All you have to do is look at the responses you have received and you should be able to tell that many would die for that flag. If you are the last survivor of a fort you are to burn the flag as one of your last acts before being run over by the enemy. It is not to be allowed to fall into enemy hands. So to say one would not die for the flag is a vastly wrong assumption.

        1. There are 2 symbol languages, English & Hebrew. My 3 y/o knows the cross, batman, super heroes, dog, cat …

        2. Ditto ~ So what’s your fancy, your stance? I read all of your comments, yet you manage to remain anonymous to the reader as to why you come here today. Is this really about Symbolism or are you here to stir the pot, per se? Curious?!

        3. With this article, I was mainly here to see the comments, and then I got caught up in responding to others’ responses.

          The teacher needs to be fired. The flag is a symbol, and we’re all free to say it is, but a public high school can’t have teachers trying to make a point by doing that kind of stuff.

          I always love it when someone can expand my thinking when I’m wrong, especially if they can avoid sinking into insults and assumptions.

        4. “to see the comments” by whom? There are many Americans who are disgruntled by all the happenings post election. That aside, I wonder where you are coming from? Do you think our Amendment rights should be discarded like a dirty dish rag? Are you aware that all our live we have been symbolic in one form or another? Symbolism is not just an American way either, it is Universal. The American Flag is demonstrated as “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” which is why it is symbolic of our troops. I am fully aware of your purpose to analyze this ideal, but it is what it is…our freedoms are in jeopardy, no matter which way you spin it, we are now looking down at the barrel of Socialism. There is no longer any respect for our Veteran, who fought long and hard for our freedoms, one of which we would not be having this conversation, here today! I wonder why this President wants to cause such a divide and conquer of our once Independent Country…disturbing at least!!

        5. I didn’t vote for the President and don’t really align myself with the left or the right. I’m a pro-2nd amendment, pro-life, pro-decentralized government Christian, so that sort of kills any chance of signing on with the Prez…

        6. If the majority of Christians were like you, I would reanalyze my decision to stay away from the church.

    3. All hell would break loose if a teacher would take out a picture of Obama and Mooch and threw it on the ground and stomped on it. What’s your point?

  5. Many, many men & women have died protecting this wonderful symbol of freedom! Not only does it represent countless acts of “valor”, heroic deeds & un-selfish love for one’s country and countrymen – but only two people in this world would voluntarily die for the greater good of mankind – Jesus & an American soldier!

    1. I don’t think Jesus was looking smilingly down at America when village after village of men women and children were burnt to the ground in the 1970s Vietnam. I don’t see Jesus nodding in approval on anything to do with that war — nor our destructive activities in many other parts of the world. America is only as good as the leaders that lead and the voters that vote. AT some points, America has been remarkably moral. At others, it has been beyond evil.

      1. Were you there? That AI doubt very much but you spout all the verbiage against our troops when you have no idea what you are talking about. Best thing you can do is keep those idiot thought to yourself or just talk among like groups

        1. ” or just talk among like groups”

          There is no such thing. I don’t believe in talking to people who automatically agree with me and blow smoke up my rear. In any case, it’s none of your business where I decide to post.

          By the way, I don’t speak so much against the troops as I do against the fools who sent the troops there in the first place.

        2. “Were you there?”

          I wasn’t present for the holocaust either but I know what the Germans did was truly bad and disgusting. You are similar to holocaust deniers like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

        3. Let’s face it. All of us who were there in Vietnam were “baby killers.” After all, didn’t John Kerry, the Secretary of State appointee testify before congress that we were?

  6. The problem is I would love to stomp on this individual as he stomped on the American flag, This is no longer politically correct to say or do. Would get me arrested unlike the flag stomper.Many citizens died to be able to raise that flag across the world. Talk about destroying what America stands for. It is a slam to all US citizens. To many of our citizens are rolling over and playing dead. If you stand for nothing. You will fall for anything. Welcome to the new American nightmare.

    1. Mostly, though, you’re one of those tough-talking cowards who likes to go online and act tough.

      That’s the reason our puerile revolution will never happen: Tough talking right wingers talk tough anonymously online but have NO ability to follow it up.

      Keep up your tough words… You sound so big and dangerous… Haha!

        1. You seem to think YOU have a ‘keen’ mind. You accuse him of hiding online while you do the same with your insult. Why don’t you use your ‘keen’ mind and find a way to meet and say what you commented to his face? To quote you, “I think the (did you mean ‘that’) everybody is probably pretty safe.” Seems like a typical liberal strategy, accusing others of what you yourself do.

        2. Without making any assessment of my own mind, I will merely say (somewhat proudly) that I have never found myself typing “GTO SKANK” to anyone online.

          Beyond that, I’m not sure who can beat up whom around here. Sorry.

        3. It is really easy to spot those libs isn’t it they are the only ones that make those kinds of comments, but face to face they are quite a bit different especially when they know they are going to suffer the consequences, they will bluster right up to the point, then turn tail & run. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.
          What needs to be done is their welfare cut so they can’t afford computers

        4. I understand what you’re saying, and personally, I’m actually not on the left or right of the current political spectrum.

          The anonymity of the internet makes people bluster a lot. Face to face, most people are better at reading the person they are talking to, and we can all generally communciate ideas that way without resorting to vague threats of violence and reprisal.

          Good luck on your welfare idea.

        5. It was ‘GFY SKANK!’ not “GTO SKANK.” Wow. Something so simple and you can’t get THAT right, yet, we’re supposed to listen to you people when you comment on important subjects. No I won’t.

        6. C’mon, man, you have to be capable of more than trying to defend 2nd-grade-type insults.

          I’m not asking anyone to listen to me. But when someone chooses to take the time to read something I’ve written and respond, I think we can all agree that we ought to try and be at least marginally constructive with what we say.

          We can all learn a lot more – and convince others of our positions a lot more effectively – when we do.

        7. Mostly, though, you’re one of those tough-talking cowards who likes to go online and act tough.

          But your fantasies of violence and revolution would require you to
          get off the internet, so I think the everybody is probably pretty safe.


          Exactly. That’s the kind of keen mind I was talking about!

          I copied and pasted the comments above from YOUR posts. How EXACTLY were they constructive?

          So, let’s see, YOU rant and call someone a coward, etc. Then, when someone calls you on it, all of a sudden we’re supposed to be civil and just get along? That’s EXACTLY what’s happening in Washington. The Democrats say Conservatives have a ‘war on women’ (because we don’t want innocent children ripped from their wombs), we want to “put y’all in chains” (because we want to give people an opportunity to better themselves rather then keep them slaves to the government). We want to ‘CONSERVE’ the things that made this country great not turn it into another failed progressive experiment. (USSR, Cuba, China, Greece, etc., etc.) You want to be constructive? Start putting forward REAL solutions that WORK. NOT solutions that are ‘compromises’ that end up being nothing but lip service to the problems. This teacher SHOULD be fired and not let anywhere near children. He’s supposed to be teaching them how to think for themselves. How to live a productive and happy life for themselves and their children, NOT, how to trash the greatest country in the world where they are supposed to have these opportunities. Knock off your crap and contribute. I’ll be waiting.

        8. I am generally pretty civil to people who act civil. To those who, as I point out, go off into fantasies of murder or violence, I will generally ignore it, bt sometimes I’ll throw out a line like the one you quote.

          If you notice, the commenter to whom I said the line you quoted had said how he’d “love to stomp” the teacher and then went into how PC American doesn’t like patriots stomping people for their speech.

          So I think I’m pretty well on track with my consistent statements that this teacher ought to be fired – and it sounds as though you agree with me. In fact, it sounds as though perhaps, instead of going off on me like this, maybe you should have been calling the other guy on what he said, too.

        9. It’s very evident who the classy and decent people are around here. It’s also very obvious who the spoiled, classless, immature and childish people are. You guys keep making this distinction very clear.

        10. Who’s doing the name-calling here John? Mostly, all I’m seeing from your comments are ad hominem attacks and what you see as wrong with the country. I see NO solutions. (also I would LOVE for you to be face-to-face with a WWII veteran and see what he/she thought about your ” not squabble over a petty flag desecration” (copied and pasted from your post) comment.) As usual, liberals (like you) incite people to anger, then try and take the moral high ground. America IS the shining beacon as long as we keep to our founding principles. The problem is, people like you want to change things away from the things that made our country great. Yes, I read your ‘lip-service’ patriotic ramblings, but, comparing conservatives to the Taliban shows your liberal slant. Conservatives want to ‘CONSERVE’ the things that made our country great. You obviously consider yourself ‘classy and decent’. How about proving it with some REAL solutions that WORK. NOT some parroted ‘feel-good’ pablum about not wishing violence on people. Some people deserve violence. (tyrants, bullies, traitors, etc., etc.) We became the greatest country in the world by violence against people who wanted to take away our rights and keep us as serfs (slaves) to their tyranny. This teacher deserves to be fired and never be allowed to teach children again because he was teaching them to disrespect the country that gives them the greatest opportunity to have the freedom to pursue the lifestyle they desire for themselves and their children. Be part of the solution or shut the hell up.

      1. And you are probably one of those brain dead liberals who are paid by the Progressive Liberals to go online and make stupid statements. They even have to be given a printed outline on what to say according to one of your ilk.

        1. They certainly wouldn’t be getting their money’s worth if I was. I don’t tend to agree with the Left on very much.

          In fact, haven’t found enough like-minded people, politically speaking, for me to know who my “ilk” might be.

        2. Please read my message again, slowly. I describe your ilk in no uncertain terms Of course you can’ find and “like minded” people. I Think about that.

        3. Glad to help you out. You didn’t make any sense at all. Just tried to straightened you out. Must be your “first blush” problem. After several years of supervisory classes and supervising 30 women I can spot can spot your “ilk” a mile away. Your totally, tacky, small town persona came through with your reply to SFCSHINN. The first part of that name is probably a rank in the military. Your little “fantasies of violence and revolution” is a typical liberal phrase heard from the “Occupiers”. Don’t hear much from them anymore.

        4. Your comments make less and less sense every time you try again.

          Look, I don’t know who you are. I don’t know why you think you know anything about me. Literally every single thing you have said about me is such a radical misstatement – right down to saying I’m from a small town(?) – that I have to think you are trying to be wrong.

          I don’t have anything against you, but you really are barking up the wrong tree.

          Better luck next time?

        5. Apparently more people disagree with you than agree. Katy must have given you a thumbs up. How pathetic. Meow……

        6. Post on some site that’s not an insane rabid right wing hell hole like Godfatherpolitics and see how many people “give you thumbs up”

        7. “Your little “fantasies of violence and revolution” is a typical liberal phrase heard from the “Occupiers”. Don’t hear much from them anymore.”

          Annie, you have got to be one of the most ridiculous people I’ve encountered online in a long time! Katy is simply and honestly pointing out the frequency with which Right Wing “keyboard commandos” talk excitedly about “violent revolution”. Just in a few weeks of reading WND and similar blogs, I’ve seen probably two dozen people remark with apparent glee, their fantasy of “civil war” and their idea that they would get to “kill all the liberals” .. — Spend just an hour reading comments on WND or here and you will see numerous comments like this.

        8. “kill all the liberals”
          Get some new material comrade… You seem to blabber the same ole line on every article!

        9. See that is what I mean about liberals they just don’t under stand I didn’t see where
          Annie mentioned violence, the only ones that mention that are you liberals & you have to be in large groups. My best advice for all of you libs is iff you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, idiots every damned one of you

        10. You know Katy? “Katy is simply” trying to show off an intelligence she does not have. AHA another liberal paid poster! I am simply pointing out the frequency with which brain dead liberals attack anyone who doesn’t goosestep to their agenda. “keyboard commandos” I like that. It has a nice military ring to it. I would rather read the WND news the MSNBC. The Left Wing Propaganda Machine (aka “mainstream” news media) treats the American public like mushrooms. They feed them manure and keep them in the dark. Spend 5 minutes listening to MSNBC and become catatonic with the lies (omission of facts) they fly into the air. at an unbelievable rate. Don’t worry about “killing liberals” after gun control goes into effect it is usually the Christians that die.

        11. SFC= Sargent First Class,if Army,a fairly high ranking non comissioned officer,out ranked only by Master Sgt & Sgt Major,would indicate quite a bit of time spent in the service of our country.

        12. Classy.

          But I do think it is interesting that you have a pro-life, Christian, over-educated dog with (non-labor-based) anarcho-syndicalist political leanings.

          You need to take good care of that very rare dog!

        13. Do you ever try to make an argument for your side? All I see are personal insults from you. You never actually attempt to defend the conservative position. (perhaps because it’s indefensible?)

        14. Well, I think you might be thinking more of anarcho-primitivism. And that’s okay, too, although completely unrealistic for anything above the individual level. Plus, I like having music downloads and medicine.

          What I called non-labor-based anarcho-syndicalism for lack of a better term would really be about decentralization of political decisions down to a local level to the greatest extent possible. This is different from the typical American Libertarian decentralization, because I think that something would have to be done about centralized capital or else you’d be trading one huge public oppressor for one huge private one.

          Anyway, it’s a pipe dream in today’s political dichotomy, but… in light of my other positions, nothing else makes sense.

        15. I’ll give you points for humor…..just wish this were a humorous topic. My heart aches as I watch the freedoms my father risked his life for and so many of his generation died to protect are now being whisked away by executive order or traded in for an ” Obama Phone” or for what has been described as free health care…oh, sorry….I mean “affordable health care” but will cost more than any of us can imagine. So I kind of understand when folks get emotional and speech loses a little “class”. And I must admit that the Dems seem to be better at their composure. I suspect, though, that instead of it being a result of higher intellect it has more to do with a lack love for what this country is. For even with our flaws and alleged sins of the past, it has still been the greatest land of equal (yes, not completely equal….but closer to that ideal than anywhere else on earth!) opportunity, greater freedom and the most generous people in the world! What I am watching all around me is cause for a bit of hysteria. It’s hard to imagine anyone who truly loves America to be at ease.

    2. Yes, you would get arrested if you assaulted this guy. There is a big difference between assaulting a piece of fabric and assaulting a human being. The fact that you think this is UNFAIR shows yet another example how absolutely unhinged, violent and insane the conservatives have become in America.

      1. John Mescas…..That you don’t comprehend that all the flag represents is appalling…….yet not at all surprising. So many others on the left consistently do that same.

        You just don’t get it. Pity.

        1. When someone slashes the fabric of the flag, it does nothing to tarnish anything that flag represents. All the teacher did was make himself look immature and get himself justifiably fired. That’s all there is to it — There is no bigger ramification going on here – You are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

        2. That’s all you say to people who disagree with you. You never even attempt to make your case on any issue, you just deem yourself to be superior and case closed.

        3. There are terrible things Americans have done in the name of our flag in our lifetime. Evil deeds have blow back – this is blow back. All that took place here is a teacher shown himself to be too immature to teach children. We live in too divisive times and he should have known that he would be hurting the sensibilities of many of his students or their parents. Teachers need to keep their outrage and politics out of the classroom. He clearly stepped over the line. But that’s as far as it goes, you too are crossing a line.

          When anyone hurts the U.S. flag, all they are doing is expressing outrage toward what the U.S. represents to them. They are obviously only thinking of something bad the U.S. has done. They are not attacking the good things U.S. is SUPPOSED to stand for —At least , most of them aren’t. I’m sure some people actually DO hate the freedoms U.S. has, but people hate the U.S. for far more justifiable reasons. The people here who wish to violently attack him are only justifying his anger against the U.S. Why wouldn’t you want to love him instead so that he see’s Americans as good?

        4. I watched the “outrage” in the 1960’s. The “college” students with their sex and drugs and rock’n’roll. Especially that anti-establishment garbage. David Mamet finally came to the realization that “WE THE PEOPLE” are the establishment. Some of the old hippies who work at the newspaper haven’t forgotten that. Their articles are so hate filled against that man. Another fact has came to surface about those days. The KGB was using “disinformation” to lead those idiots. The were easily manipulated by the Communists. Still are. The information came from an KGB agent who defected to Canada.

        5. You really don’t understand what that flag means to an American, do you? My family has been Americans since 1621. We have fought in the Revolutionary War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam and one grand uncle was at San Juan Hill. Too big to keep track of everyone now. That flag is a representation of the American people. I guess liberals are not part of “WE THE PEOPLE” You don’t seem to have any pride in America. You snicker and sneer at people who really do believe in America. If you take a good look at yourself you are simply empty. Sadly pathetic.

        6. You want to make HOLY idols out of material things. If it were up to people like you, you would make it a CRIME to desecrate anything the bible, constitution or flag was printed/sown on. Such laws go against the VERY freedoms that the constitution gives us.

        7. Yes and a disturbing number of American conservatives have much more in common with the Taliban than I have with conservatives. I agree with conservatives on a few issues regarding morality but the people I have found to be anything BUT moral.

        8. John Mescas….Wrong.

          1. AS a Christian to worship anything but God is sinful. But there is nothing wrong with memorializing the honorable and heroic things that others have done. And protecting those things is not idolizing them. You seem to have a problem separating honor and respect from worship for a Holy God.

          2. Every American has the right to burn any book they own, whether the Bible, the Quran, or a novel.

          3. Every American has the right to burn any copy of the Constitution that he owns. The Constitution is kept in the National Archives. While it would be a shame and a crime for anyone to break in and destroy it, since we have so many copies, our government wouldn’t fall.

        9. Then we agree on most of these points. My only difference is, I believe the people who fought for our freedoms in WW2 (most of whom are unfortunately dead now) would want us to fight to protect the freedoms they stood for – not squabble over a petty flag desecration. Taking such outrage over petty things like this is such wasted energy. Save your outrage for the next time America or some other country embarks on immoral wars like Iraq — We have had plenty of things in our lifetimes to have plenty of justifiable outrage over!

        10. “You just don’t get it. Pity.”

          No, YOU don’t. You are a superstitious and simple minded person that thinks desecrating a piece of fabric does anything to hurt the reputation or ideals that the flag stands for.

          When a government becomes so authoritarian that it locks people up for insulting it’s flag, it’s no longer a government headed toward freedom –but one headed toward fascism and tyranny. People like YOU would empower such a government. People like YOU scare the crap out of me.

        11. “You liberal piece of crap, you can eat S*!t and die.”

          Hi, Nice to meet you too! Hey, you’re starting to convince me that the “conservative” cause is righteous!

        12. The only authoritarian I see is the one in the White House who routinely dismisses the constitution by bypassing congress with hundreds of executive orders. The flag is to be treated with respect as a symbol of our nation and the people who fight for our country. There is an actual written protocol on how to handle the flag and properly dispose of it once it has become too worn to fly. Boy Scouts are still taught flag protocol today. If we are headed toward fascism and tyranny sir, it is not because of those who respect the flag and what it represents, but because of those who hate everything it stands for and hate the very founding principles of this nation.

        13. Bush signed many executive orders as well. Why weren’t you crying out about it then? … Which executive order violates constitution? Be specific.

          “but because of those who hate everything it stands for”

          Most people who hate the flag don’t hate the good things U.S.A. stands for – they hate the bad things the U.S.A. has done in the name of good. I was born into a country that was actively murdering innocent Asian civilians. I grew up witnessing from afar as my country murdered millions upon millions. My country also made it legal to murder millions of unborn children in Abortion in my lifetime. All told, in my nearly 40 years, America has been responsible for more innocent deaths than Hitler ever could have dreamed possible. If it were not for the potential the people of this country still have or the many good things that people of this country have done, I would be fairly anti-American.

        14. The problem with people who hate America is that they haven’t witnessed the good things the American people are responsible for. There are many good people in America; It’s just hard to see the good when clouded by all the terrible things America has done.

        15. Unfortunately the good in liberals is clouded by their “head in the sand” ideals. Take gun control. Ever research it? A book “Death by Gun Control” uses provable, documented world history for its data. In the 20th century 170,000,000 non-military people were murdered by their governments AFTER gun control was enacted and enforced. Hitler, Stalin, Mao to name a few. Check out The JPFO Genocide Chart. It includes the government, dates, targets, civilians killed, “Gun Control” Laws (total disarmament) Features of Over-all “Gun Control” scheme. Strange coincidence but the gun control laws are seriously similar to those proposed by Senator Feinstein. In California Rep Skinner wants ammo registered. The noose is getting tighter. I know, you think that can’t happen in America. Since liberals are a sell out to American they think they will be safe. No one is safe when they have their freedoms taken away.

        16. If you are so concerned with the murdering of innocent children, how can you side with the current administration? And while the killing of civilians in war is horrific, it is impossible to avoid. There is No…..I repeat NO comparison to the holocaust of Abortion, which is getting unprecedented aide from our current president and Senate. Why don’t you take your soapbox to the liberals and try to turn that national sin around instead of focusing on what you consider sins that are long past? While I’d agree that desecration of a symbol….even one as precious as our flag, is little in comparison to the sin of Abortion, it does not minimize (as you tried to do) the offensiveness of that act to all who have sacrificed life or limb or loved one to protect us.

        17. John, your Kenyan president is responsible for killing all those children in abortion…he wants the muslims to out number us. If you don’t like the way this country is, then go live in some communist country and you will realize what you have here….why is it that all these foreigners are breaking the doors to come into this country.? When you leave, there’ll be hundreds willing to take your place, so hurry up and get going.

        18. I don’t like the way this country is but I’m not going anywhere. I’m just going to work to change the country. Don’t like it? Go FK yourself.

        1. I’m a disgrace because I think it’s wrong to inflict violence on someone? People like you are why the GOP keeps losing elections.

        2. GOP keeps losing elections because people will vote for whoever you ask for a cell phone (bribes), because only about one third of our military received ballots, because liberals at voting polls were refusing to let the GOP keep an eye on what was going on (the police finally put a stop to it), because more than one techie said the machines were fixed, because Obama got more votes than registered voters in several precincts. because people who were not going to vote showed up at polls and found that they had already voted (wonder if the false vote was cancelled), There is tons of information. I saved a video where in Texas the NAACP was pulling Obama voters out of line and putting them up front while in the line that was really long other people were waiting to vote. They also placed cases of water inside the polls and refused to remove them. Guess they were given special dispensation by the messiah. In Callif when it was announced that voter IDs would be issued 60,000 voters went off the rolls. That was in LA alone. How many were registered state wide? My Mom had a saying “All the dirt comes out in the wash”. It will someday.

        3. “All the dirt comes out in the wash”

          I suppose that’s why all the DIRT like YOU is coming out in the open now. All the cockroaches are coming out to the light.

        4. You are really upset. Notice you never address the gist of the post. A lot of voter fraud but you avoid the truth for cockroaches? You need a time out. Now go sit in the corner with your koolaid and calm down. NOW! We really aren’t out to get you. Actually, my dear, we don’t give a damn!

        5. Why should I be upset about voter fraud? I voted multiple times in order to see the communist take over of America.

        6. Told you the truth comes out in the dirt……and you aren’t just simply dirt you are sewerage. Hope you get your wish. Know who they get rid of first? Those who helped bring down the government in the first place because if you will betray your own government you will betray them. Just couldn’t hold your dirty little secret any longer. How easy you would be to torture into a whimpering mass of crap.

        7. Except “they” don’t know who I am. It’s not like I voted with a real ID, you dumb broad. I’m a communist with good connections. If SHTF , I could easily blend in with you conservatives. In fact, several people locally think I AM A christian conservative. You idiot Americans have been SO easy to manipulate and infiltrate. Your destruction is imminent.

        8. Alright little johnny. You are getting tired so lets stick a fork in it. I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. And, honey, you ain’t got brains for spit.

        9. My, my, my, little johnny is really and ugly little booger. Mommy must have wiped her nose to beget you. I know you haven’t any class but please do not advertise it to the world. Goodnight little Johnny (and probably little in ways I don’t want to imagine).

        10. ” this country & what it stands for”

          The problem with people like you — You pretend to be a patriot but you are absolutely CLUELESS as to what this country stands for. You only care about freedoms for people who think like you (which is the VERY ANTITHESIS of what the founders set up this country to be like)

        11. We know what it doesn’t stand for! Progressive liberalism. In this case it is regressive liberalism. George Soros has predicted that America will become a “dictatorial democracy”. That is what you and your ilk are striving for. We were under one dictator, King George. Now you want us under another one.

        12. “We know what it doesn’t stand for! ”

          Have you not noticed who the majority was in the last election? You are the minority. The minority doesn’t get to dictate what the country stands for any more. BOO HOO BOO HOO

      2. It’s really sort of amazing that some of the same folks who point out that people fought for the flag can’t understand how important free speech is to the values behind that flag.

        People die for the values, the life, and the rights.

        So the guy gets fired for doing something over-the-top. But to threaten to beat him up(?) for expressing something unpopular indicates someone is just not getting the bigger picture.

        1. It just doesn’t seem logical to me either! .. If the U.S.A. is truly the shining beacon on the hill and truly stands for good, it’s hard to imagine how beating someone up in defense of this ideal really makes the case that -” Yeah, I’m representing the good guy, That’s why I’m bashing your face in ”

        2. Katy, I agree, kill them with kindness, it is unfortunate that this teacher got political with his philosipy, instead of teaching the corriculum.

        3. Um….you are twisting what was said. He was expressing how he felt. He was NOT saying he was going to act on it.

      3. Typical liberal comment. If you don’t know squat just call the conservatives any stupid you might use to describe yourself. IDIOT!

        1. Your comment makes no sense. “Call conservatives any stupid” .. Learn to write in English, moron.

      4. John Mescas…..You a legal citizen?… Otherwise you would know better
        By your response, I will make that a rhetorical question, I know illegals have a hard time assimulating.

      5. John, would you feel the same if that piece of cloth was your wife’s wedding dress?I took the oath to defend this country and constitution 3 times and administered the oath to many enlisted solders. I took it to heart, so that “piece” of cloth you scorn is in fact my first wife’s wedding dress. You mess with it and you pay big time.

        1. People mess with your “piece of cloth” every single day in America. What, you going to go door to door and make people “pay big time” for messing with your wife’s ugly wedding dress?

      6. I am shocked you feel that way, the overwhelming reality of violence, and calls for the same, live squarely in Liberalville USA. And these acts of violence far exceed the expression of anger aimed those who disparage the Country that provides your every need, yes, the Liberalville Violence is a elevated violence requiring “rape free tents” at your outings and an outright willingness to defend the storing of dismembered fetuses in a mop bucket for several days before pitching the remains in a fly covered dumpster. Forget your ties the the KKK and support of Jim Crow, you long ago eclipsed such embarrassments.

        Feel; free to use the practiced skills of the AmeriKan liberal, that of lying, innuendo, finger-pointing, race-bating and name-calling, but do take the time to own the behaviors spilled from your sickened and fetid agenda. You have earned it.

  7. Put this teacher on the same boat with Piers Morgan…one way ticket out of this country! That’s about as un-American as one can get…my hat’s off to the superintendent and school board for taking swift action.

    1. No, I don’t remember anything like that. And you don’t either. We don’t violently attack people for engaging in free speech in America. We DO violently attack people like you who threaten people though

    1. Get a bullet to the head for stepping on a flag.????… Really? I thought Muslims were the only people who killed others for disrespecting their flag or religion. You Americans are apparently just as bad!

        1. You conservatives ARE NOT American. You are a dwindling minority of poor losers who are throwing temper tantrums. You will never get your way in America again and you CANT STAND IT. Some of you fantacize about MURDERING people who voted against you. You are a very sick and disturbed group of people and you need to be DEALT with.

  8. Let me understand this stomping and desecration of the USA Flag in a school classroom, real complete. Americans fight for Freedom all over the world to give folks at home the right to desecrate the US Flag, because it’s their RIGHT? Why shouldn’t they at least be put in jail for life for treasonous acts against those who died?

      1. I learned the approach from the liberal play book. ‘When in Rome . . . ‘

        Not sure how you missed the man fired is the hypocrite, claiming to be a ‘teacher’ and soaking up all of the perks of being a Citizen of the greatest nation in the world . . . like some (think you) it takes very little to confirm the obvious.

        Anyhow, have a great weekend, and put down the glue bottle, it is eating little holes in your brain.

    1. 10:46PM…Just heard on Fox that the school fired him. A school board representative was on with Greta and said that they suspended the guy until they had made a thorough investigation…which they did swiftly…..and they fired him.

      He also said that the school was bombarded with messages from people all over America decrying the act.

      Way to go, Chapin High!!

  9. calm down folks. i live in Chapin and my daughter goes to school their. first point, he is a really good teacher. 2nd your god should come from inside your self, not from something outside your self. 3rd, this country is so far gone from the idea of america and freedom, we are fast becoming a third world intolerant country. you have to give freedom to others to have it for yourself.

    1. He’s such a good teacher, he got fired! Oops, he is not a good teacher. A good teacher would not have done what he did. He is a bad teacher, face up to it!

  10. I just retired from teaching after 22 years at the same school. If he had done that in that school. I know a few teachers including myself that would have waited for him to leave campus that evening and teach him some respect, the old fashion way!

    1. Wow. Coach, were you the phys ed, or driver’s ed instructor? I can’t imagine anyone letting you through the gate on account of your brain.

  11. The mexicans stomp on the American flag all the time! The gutless Americans don’t seem to have a problem with them doing it! The American roll over cowards!!!!

    1. Yes, and the cops, with guns, are there to protect their so called ‘right’ to do it. It’s time to change that scenario!

  12. Well I’m glad they took some kind of action, but I assume when they say he was put on suspension that means he’s getting paid to relax at home or play golf for the next 4 months. Just fire him and get him out of the system.

      1. Do you realize how stupid your answer sounds? They pick and choose depending on your color who they arrest and for what! DUH, stupid American!

        1. Well, hmm… Let me try and follow this, then.

          I have not read anything about what race this teacher is.

          Are you saying they SHOULD have arrested him? Or are you saying they didn’t arrest him because of his race?

          It seems that, regardless of how the government DOES operate, they should NOT be arresting people for this sort of thing. But they probably can’t have him teaching kids, either.

          Any racial implications of the story are something you are going to have to explain.

  13. Good for the powers that be and who suspended this moron. Inasmuch as he had every right to desecrate the US flag (freedom of expression), he doesn’t realize that lots of good people died for him to have that right. However, actions have consequences and he definitely went over the top. He should stay suspended indefinitely. He is a menace to society.

    1. “he doesn’t realize”

      How do you know what he realizes or doesn’t realize? Do you know this person? Or do you just talk out of your hind end about people you don’t really know?

      1. John Mescas…..You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that as an American, he knows darned well what the flag stands for. But, just like Obama, he is anti-everything that America stands for and he couldn’t contain himself.

        No matter how you look at it, Compton is a loser.

        If he doesn’t realize what the flag stands for, he is disqualified as a teacher of American children.

        If he does know what the flag stands for but dishonored it anyway…in front of children….than he is an incompetent out-of-control-fool to have so little appreciation for those who died to make America great.

        Either way, he deserves to be fired.

  14. It is long past time for school officials in every state to take action when a teacher is so obviously over the line. And this one certainly was. He needs to be fined and punished as far as the law allows. Let him wear his liberalism outside of school!

  15. That bloody teacher (so-called) should be fired from his job and then a statement put into his jacket why he was fired. If he loses his job I hope that he can never ever get a job teaching, love to see him pushing a broom down a street after a Veteran’s or Independence Day parade. (PICKING UP ROAD APPLES!)

    I damn near lost the use of my legs and my kid brother in Vietnam defending freedom..



    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM).

    1. “I damn near lost the use of my legs and my kid brother in Vietnam defending freedom..”

      How were you defending Americans freedom in Vietnam. Please explain that to me. If we didn’t go to Vietnam, How would American’s freedom be compromised???

      1. Thank you for your Service Sir! My sister also served 26 years, retired LT Col, I swear she has never been the same;/… Some people have no clue!

    2. I hate to break it to you, but you were hardly any better than the SS. troops in Nazi Germany. they were “patriots” to their country too. They killed for their flag when they were ordered to do so. If you hated and killed “Gooks” – you are as prejudiced and bad of people as the Nazi troops. Vietnam did NOTHING for our freedom — It actually COMPROMISED our freedom. It showed the rest of the world how morally bankrupt America had become.

  16. The teacher challenges critical thinking in the classroom. This must not be tolerated. Did his action make you think or only emote? The flag should be respected because the thing it represents is worthy. But worship a piece of cloth? What does my God say about that? I certainly don’t advocate walking on the flag, but frankly, no matter what anyone does to it can mar it because its principles are eternal. While a pristine piece of Flag cloth may be beautiful, war-torn battle-scarred remnants can be breath-taking when one observes that the ideals survive and transcend generations, geography, ethnicity, and even the icons which serve to remind us. Burning the bible does not destroy it. Walking on the flag doesn’t change its properties. I’m afraid that getting bent on this like a Muslim over flushing a Koran may betray liberal programmed tendencies more than rational conservative thinking. I’m accustomed to hysteria from left. It looks unbecoming. Ignore these flag-burning attention seekers; giving them the time of day just incites more nut activity.

    1. I would not wager on that…I am 99% sure of it! This teacher should be FIRED. When I was a child, back in the sixties/seventies, we were taught that allowing the American Flag to touch the ground was a “very bad thing, like a crime so to speak. Now you have teachers stomping on it, others burning it, etc. Where is this Country?

  17. What is sad is this is one of the liberal individuals brainwashing our children under the guise of education. How is that O’Bama Kool-aid tasting? Did you get your first paycheck of 2013 with no middle class tax increase? How is that Hope and Change and Forward working out for you?

  18. That jerk (I wouldn’t call him a “teacher”) deserves to be fired. However, it does send a message: there are a LOT of so-called Americans who hate this country and hate capitalism. They want to see the country ruled by a Marxist moron like Obama. Jerks like Scott Compton and his ilk would like to see Republicans in labor camps. Liberals vaunted “tolerance” doesn’t exist.

    1. “Jerks like Scott Compton and his ilk would like to see Republicans in labor camps.”

      During the Bush years, you conservatives told liberals to “eat cake” and “if you don’t like what Bush is doing you can leave the country ” … After 8 years of this kind of “republican tolerance,” now it’s time for you to get a little of your own medicine. Labor camps for republicans? That’s the least of your worries.

  19. But withdrawing from the union is OK? Disrespecting our laws and our President is fine? Where does your patriotism line get drawn? Bunch of hypocrites.

    1. FO KARLjr. BTW, what’s all of that brown juice dripping out of your nose? You need to pull it out of YOUR PRESIDENTS arse.

      1. Right wingers only bash people us unpatriotic if they insult the President THEY voted for. The are only for free speech if it’s speech THEY agree with. They only want freedom of religion protections on religions THEY tolerate.

  20. Nothing will happen & he will get his job back with back pay, they never did pass a law against desecration of our flag. Just look at the beaners (mexicans) in Arizona & what they did with it, shame isn’t it?

    1. Yeah, because nothing shows the world that you really represent the good guys — like wishing death on someone for simply insulting you … I really see the light and honor in that! (not)

      1. John Mescas….Really…….who cares what you think?

        Ever hear of hyperbole?

        You leftists can really dish it out but you just can’t take it. With the most vile rhetoric, you viciously attack conservatives for standing up for American values and traditions…and expect us to cower in response to your intimidation tactics and rancor.

        Well….you expected wrong.

        You have thrown God out of our schools and are trying to prohibit any allusions to him in public life. You’ve mocked our Christian values and used your godless materialism to justify changing the law and subsequently our culture. You trample the flag and other cherished traditions and expect us to silently assent to your ideological whims.

        We will not.

        Capitulation is not in our vocabulary.

        1. “You leftists can really dish it out but you just can’t take it.”

          “You leftists” … First off, You don’t know me. You don’t hold me accountable for anything I haven’t done, so if I’ve done or said something – quote me and show me how I was wrong … You don’t know what I approve of in other people or my values or anything about me … I call out anyone on “any side” if they are wrong …

          ” You’ve mocked our Christian values and used your godless materialism to justify changing the law and subsequently our culture.”

          Where have I ONCE mocked Christian values? WHAT are you talking about?

          When have I ever trampled the flag? I even agreed that this guy was justifiably fired – just read my comments! .. what is wrong with you?

        2. John Mescas…

          Right. I only know you from the comments that you’ve posted, most of which I’ve read. You use the rhetoric of the left. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quakes like a duck….its a leftist duck.

          Since you appear to have aligned yourself with the left, I used the collective ”you” form in my comments.

        3. I have never aligned myself with anyone but myself and my family. Don’t presume ! … If you disagree with anything I’ve said, QUOTE ME and make your case why I’m wrong. So far, all you do is post silly cliches and half-witted attempts of insulting.

        4. This is why you far right American conservatives are absolutely destroying the GOP — You simply MAKE STUFF UP about your opposition. (In other words, you flat out LIE) People that 10 years ago would have been totally in line to vote for Romney didn’t vote or voted for your opposition because of extremists like you scaring them away or pushing them under the bus. You insult anyone who disagrees with you; I ensure you that you’ve insulted people who would have normally been on your side. Your insane extremism even scares me and you acknowledged earlier that you are PROUD of the fact that you scare people. You are one sick person.

      2. Senator Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii considered himself to be Asian American and was offended when a fellow legislator referred to him as a Jap. The senator was a true patriot. At the out brake of WWII , at 17 he enlisted in the US Army, E Company, 442 , a Combat Team made up of Japanese Ancestry. He saw action, won the METAL OF HONOR and lost his arm. Mescas,you have no idea what it means to serve under the flag that senator Inouye and millions more of us have done to protect the freedom and liberty, which you do not deserve.Have you thought about immigrating to Cuba?

  21. Good for that superintendent. I was beginning to think no one cared any longer. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only teacher teaching this garbage, and there are way too many liberal professors in colleges everywhere warping minds in the same way.

  22. With teachers as that I can see why the change has come to this country. The many of our boys, men and women that have gave their lives for the flag are clumps of dirt to these type. I hope his act follows him forever and he find no help from us.

  23. @John Mescas . Sounds like you, calling names again.I’ll not stoop to your level; all I can call you is an unAmerican “NON-VETERAN”, your unpatriotic liberal attitude makes that blatantly obvious. As you stomped on OUR Flag did you realize that the same piece of “cloth” that you insisted on desecrating was at the same time giving you your sick ides of freedom?

  24. Hey guys lets face it.
    It’s NOT as much about the flag as it is about PC.
    You can’t be white, conservative, a working person, middle class or Christian anymore.You better not have any money in the bank either. Or a home. Or a nice car.
    Darkies, deadbeats, beggars, illegials, gays and unions have COMPLETELY TAKEN OVER OUR COUNTRY.
    what are you going to do about it? Nothing.
    Complain, you’re called racist or Hitler.
    PC has taken our souls away. We no longer have any rights or anyone to even defend us.
    Politicians are so eager to give our country away to the above mongrels, especiallly illegials they fall over themselves to be the first to sell us down the river.
    We need a third party

  25. Argue the point all you want, the less respect we show for our Flag and it’s true syybolism, the more rights we will willingly give up. I have to admit ( speaking for myself) I swore my alliegiance to God and Country and if I were unfortunate enough to be in an area where someone shows disdain to my flag or as in the past spit on our soldiers. I would be first to cause them bodily harm by any means necessary, and damn the consequences. That’s how deeply I feel about my Country.

  26. who are we going to blame ? Who are we going to blame for our lack of decisions. time keep on rolling and noting happened .The actual government keep tightening the rope around our neck and nothing happens.Don’t cry then.

  27. To the left the flag doesn’t mean anything but oppression and imperialism. They have no idea what that flag really means or even how that flag protects their right to act like a-holes.

  28. I am glad the school took action. I will go to my local school district’s site and propose teaching the US Flag code. I sometimes wonder how many schools are still saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

  29. At least the school had the smarts to get rid of the guy. Just wonder how he has slipped under the common sense radar for so long?

  30. I am a retired teacher and these sorts like Compton think this makes them look cool. Actually, you can’t say that he is a good teacher – a good teacher uses his head, follows common sense rules, and leaves his huge ego at home —- he needs to move and teach in some other countries and see them stomp on our flag

  31. John Mescas

    Freedom of speech is running your mouth. I don’t have a problem with that.

    Desecrating “The American Flag,” is not freedom of speech.

    My father fought for that grand old flag in WWII.

    I fought for that grand old flag in Korea and Vietnam.

    If you descrate the flag in front of me, I will fight for the grand old flag again.

  32. At a ceremony at the cite where the World Trade center stood Michelle Obama made the gripe,” All of this for a DAM FLAG” and President Obama nodded yes with her in agreement.Don’t remember the date, may have been 2009.This was on national TV news coverage.

  33. 700. Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties

    (a)(1) Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on
    the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under
    this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.

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