What Makes Teenagers Shoot a Baby in the Head?

Sherry West, 41, of Brunswick, Georgia, was pushing her year old son Antonio in his stroller down the sidewalk.  She was approached by two black teenagers, one of which was armed with a gun and demanded her money.  West told the teens that she had no money, so the teen with the gun told her that if she didn’t hand over her money, he would shoot her baby in the head.  She said she thought the gun was fake and again insisted she had no money, the teen turned, and shot Antonio in the head.  In the ensuing melee, Sherry was shot once in the leg and another bullet grazed her ear.

A passerby called 9-1-1 as Sherry pulled her son out of the stroller and tried to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to save his young life, but her efforts were in vain.  Police offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.  They received leads through various hotlines and phone calls.  Following up on those leads, they arrested 17 year old Demarquis Elkins and an unnamed 14 year old.  Elkins can be tried as an adult under Georgia law.

Sherry says the motive was robbery, yet many people have been asking why something like this could happen.  What would cause teenagers to commit such a horrendous act of shooting a year old boy in the head?  In all of the reports I’ve read, no one has been able to offer up any reason for the actions and that only shows just how far from God and the Bible our nation has strayed.

In Genesis 3, we read where Adam chose to disobey God, committing the first sin in history.  That sin brought suffering, disease and death into the world (Rom. 8:22).  Adams sin corrupted all of creation including his own offspring.  In Genesis 4 we read where Adam and Eve’s first born son was jealous of his younger brother Abel and ended up killing him, the first murder.  In Genesis 6:5, we read:

“The LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

Since we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, we all are born sinners with wicked hearts and thoughts.  Our sinful nature and wicked hearts are what leads to us committing such violent and obscene acts like shooting an infant in the head or gunning down a classroom of kids.  It’s what leads to stealing, lying, cheating, lusting, sexual perversion, homosexuality, pornography and war.

It’s not God’s fault, it’s man’s fault.  We’re filthy sinners, blackened by the vileness of our thoughts and deeds.  As such, our only guarantee in life is to spend eternity in Hell because of our sins.  According to Scripture, just one sin in a lifetime is enough to separate us from God in this life and throughout eternity.  No one is capable of living a perfect sinless life, meaning that every person in history is condemned to Hell.

However, as John 3:16 states:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

That eternal life is a free gift from God for all who believe in Him.  It isn’t anything we can earn by living a good life as our lives will never be good enough to earn it, so He provided the means for us to come to Him holy and pure.  Romans 6:23 reads:

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

And Ephesians 2:8-10 reads:

“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

Events like the shooting of little Antonio not only shows us the depravity of mankind, but also reminds us that we are in such dire need of a Savior and that Savior is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.  Son of God and Son of man, He lived a perfect life and was offered up as the perfect and pure sacrificial lamb for OUR sins.  He was hung on a cross and died an excruciating death for OUR sins.  He was dead and laid in a tomb and descended into Hell to the pay the penalty for OUR sins.  What makes Christ different from any other prophet or religious figure in history is that He was raised from the dead and ascended into Heaven to prepare a place for all who believe in Him.  There is no other way to get to heaven but through faith in Jesus Christ.  In John 14:6, Jesus said:

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Hopefully, you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have the assurance of where you will spend eternity.  If not, please find someone that can help you find that path before it’s too late.

478 thoughts on “What Makes Teenagers Shoot a Baby in the Head?

  1. The shooter deserves a quick death penalty. A quick bullet to the back of the head after trial. The accomplice should be imprisoned for life without parole and without bail.

    1. Let’s be real. No jury in this country is going to give a 17 year old, or worst, a 14 year old the death penalty. Especially not if they are black! Life in prison without parole is what they should get, and, IMHO, far more fitting. Why should they get the easy way out? Let them spend the rest of their lives thinking about what they did?

      1. Three hots and a cot , Boy, now thats a real punishment. Prisons are not some punishment, they have more rights and are more protected in the prison system than they are on the streets. Prisons and their ways of life are right up those kind of peoples alley. Spend the rest of their lives thinking about what they did? They will do no such thing, they will be strutting their stuff, and be so proud to themselves at what a big person they are and they had to pay for not listening to them. In their mind they should have just done what they told them to do.

        1. And, exactly how much time have you spent in prison? Anyone who reads your uninformed response, and has actually done time in prison is probably laughing their asses off at you right now. I haven’t done time, but I have close relatives who have and from their first hand accounts, I can assure you – it is no picnic.
          But, hey! Don’t take my word for it. Go stick up a 7-11, get caught and see for yourself, moron!

      2. Bravo. Why kill them? Let them spend the rest of their lives in jail being passed around among the other inmates as “fresh meat”. Who knows, being that there is such a distaste among inmates for the killing of babies, they may take matters into their own hands and dole out the death penalty.

        1. I doubt if either one of these two teenagers would give a hoot in hell for what happened. Anyone who can shoot a baby in the face and then walk away because they didn’t get any money, isn’t worth the salt off a pretzel. I like the idea of other prisoners taking matters into their own hands when they find out they have a baby killer among them. Now that would be fitting justice!

        2. If the prisoner’s are black, they won’t care he shot a white baby. As a matter of fact, they may give him a pat on the back.

        3. Good point. Never thought of that. Let’s hope they end up in a White Supremacy aka Skin Head cell. They will be more then happy to “drive home” the point of abusing children….they are experts.

  2. This article nails it for sure. But as it pointed out, it’s amazing how the overwhelming majority in this nation are truly ignorant of the cause of all the evil around us. Even well-intentioned Christians get all worked up over the mere symptoms of the problem and are therefore kept busy on the sidelines, never getting into the real battle. The problem is unreconciled relationships between God and individual sinners. Abortion, homosexuality, pornography, corruption, taking down the 10 Commandments from some building, removal of prayer from schools (no it wasn’t; you can pray anywhere you’d like!), and all the rest are just symptoms of what the bible clearly reveals as the cause of it all.

    Check this out for easy to follow and understand details:

      1. Wow, John, lern sumpin ever day ya duz! Ah neva new dat da first amendum allows punks ta shoot babies! I means, like hooda thunk it!

        1. I responded to your post filled with religion reasoning for evil. Can you not follow the conversation?

      1. Thanks Sharon. I wrote it to encourage and motivate the HiFos and round out some stuff we all are already aware of – and to educate the LoFos and attempt to get them to see that they are enslaving themselves by supporting their slavemasters. Don’t know how much good it will do but it’s eliciting a lot of positive feedback. In the end, we must rest in God – but on the other hand, if He’s asking us to get in the game, we have to stop sitting on the sidelines!

    1. Confiscate all arms and these criminals will find one and the young lady who’s child was murdered will surely have no way for self protection. Evil crooks don’t follow the laws on the books.

        1. She was talking about assault rifles in particular.

          She is one person, without support she can’t get anything done. Do you know how many crazy ideas and bills are floated around by individuals? People wanting to abolish the Federal Reserve, people wanting their states to secede from the union, people wanting to remove the term limit for presidents, etc…

        2. She may be one person, John, but she’s a Senator. And the only reason Harry Reid didn’t allow it to be put to a vote is because it was unpopular, not because he disagreed with it. Also, I posted the wrong video. Here is the one I meant to post. Yes, I understand there are crazy ideas floating around, but the problem is that most don’t carry such a reaction from both sides as gun control.


        3. I give the same response. She was talking about assault weapons in her quote.

          They asked her: “What do you say to people who support the right to own arms (Americans) that this is the ‘camel’s nose under the tent’ and the next thing you’ll be after is concealed carry weapons; you’ll be after kinds of gun rights?”

          She isn’t lying because her quote had only to do with assault weapons. Not other gun rights.

        4. Same old line: “No one is trying to confiscate all arms”No one is trying to confiscate all arms.No one is trying to confiscate all arms.No one is trying to confiscate all arms.No one is trying to confiscate all arms.No one is trying to confiscate all arms.No one is trying to confiscate all arms.No one is trying to confiscate all arms.No one is trying to confiscate all arms.No one is trying to confiscate all arms.

          You really are that dumb….and dumb is FOREVER!!

        5. Remember the 94-04 AWB? I bet there were people just like you back then, saying the exact same thing you did. Slippery slope! They’re gonna take all the guns!

          Fast forward to 2013 – did that happen? Nope. You’re just like those Mayan calendar dooms dayers. How sad.

    2. Well, you are half right.
      I did some research a while back using the Government’s own Unified Crime Statistics. Which I will summarize here:
      In 1960, before the Kennedy Assassination and the gun registration madness which followed, a time when you could buy a hand gun in the corner drug store, the District of Columbia (Washington D.C) had fewer than 100 murders during that year. In the late 90s at a time when you weren’t even allowed to own a hand gun in D.C. there were over 300 murders a year! This despite the fact that the population had actually decreased significantly from 1960 to 1997.

      Supposedly easy access to firearms had nothing to do with this horrendous murder. The blame lies solely with the persons who committed it.

    3. Could that have included easy access to a baseball bad, a kitchen knife, a box cutter, a reciprocating saw blade, a pocket knife, a screwdriver…. should I go on, or do you need more weapons that anyone can choose to commit a crime with? Look at 9/11. Box cutters, you could say, brought down the twin towers. If evil people want to commit a crime, John, they will find a way around the laws, the metal detectors, and around any sane thinking in order to be able to commit the crime. They could have had easy access to anything. But because guns are sensationalized now, we are incorrectly forced to believe that all heinous crimes are only committed with guns. Hog wash.

      1. Are you really comparing the lethality of baseball bats and screwdrivers to guns? See, this is where the conversation becomes ridiculous and nonproductive. If you can’t see the difference between a screwdriver and a gun, there is no hope.

        ” If evil people want to commit a crime, John, they will find a way around the laws”

        I agree. People who are committed will make evil happen. Now, with that said, when they do this, do we want them to have access to guns or baseball bats?

        “we are incorrectly forced to believe that all heinous crimes are only committed with guns”

        We aren’t forced to believe this. IT IS FACT that ~75% of our homicides are committed by guns.

        1. You cannot put lethality on a scale. Perhaps the speed at which they kill, yes. But a baseball bat can be just as lethal as a gun.

          “…do we want them to have access to guns or baseball bats?” What makes you think that a criminal is going to follow gun control laws? It’s not about baseball bats or guns, John. It’s about how our society has become more violent. You keep missing that point. If its not a gun, then its a knife. If its not a knife, its a baseball bat. Did 9/11 not teach you anything? Guns were not allowed on the plane, so they used box cutters. Then they started sceening for liquids. Why? Because violence is not about guns. It’s about violence. And when we address violence as an issue of violence and not about guns, we will actually begin to see these trends change.

          Also, you misread my statement. I said “we are incorrectly forced to believe that ALL heinous crimes are ONLY committed with guns.” Take away the guns, and the violence will continue with something else, with criminals still using guns. Just look at the violence in Great Britain or Australia.

          Gun control laws will not hinder criminals from getting a hold of guns. Why? Because these two boys are your example. They had no prior history of violence, and even if they were adults, the willingness to kill with a firearm would predicate their inability to get a gun. No one would have known their intentions until it was too late. You can’t limit a firearm from someone who has no history of gun violence to begin with. Interestingly, the government wants to ban assault rifles, almost never used in violent gun crimes. The problem is that the argument of “necessity” is overreaching the “right” to bear arms. Once you make a case for infringing on a constitutional right, any constitutional right can now be subtly infringed.

        2. So you believe that all weapons have the same potential for lethality? Just like money and prosperity, right?

          You mention 911. You say that since box cutters were used, they are as dangerous as weapons. Would you rather allow guns on places or box cutters? Just because they used box cutters doesn’t mean that guns aren’t dangerous. Your arguments are all misdirections.

          “You can’t limit a firearm from someone who has no history of gun violence to begin with. ”

          But we don’t let mentally unstable people buy guns.

          ” Once you make a case for infringing on a constitutional right, any constitutional right can now be subtly infringed.”

          You claim this but have no proof. When we abolished slavery, did this happen? When we gave women the right to vote, did this happen?

        3. First, I have no clue what you’re trying to allude to in regards to weapons and money. Also, I didn’t say guns weren’t dangerous. But they aren’t “dangerous” in the way you describe if they are handled respectfully. My arguments are not misdirections. As for your remarks about slavery and women’s right to vote, there were never any constitutional amendments protecting slavery, nor protecting the right to prevent women from voting. So hence, there was no infringement. In fact, the constitution, if read and lived correctly, is already an argument against slavery, and an argument for women’s votes as well… that all men were created equal.

          No one ever claimed that ending slavery was an infringement on a specific constitutional amendment supporting, defending, or establishing slavery. The exact opposite is true of the right to bear arms.

          Also, in regards the supreme court ruling. #1. The amendment is clear, and should be interpreted in its most clear meaning. #2. The ruling arguments were never made in the days that constitution was drafted. That’s not to say that don’t think mentally ill people shouldn’t have guns. #3. Most of the arguments were not made in regards to the type of weapons people should own, and I think that is the main thrust of gun control critics. The 2nd amendment displays 2 things. #1. It was assumed that the people would make up the militia necessary to defend the state, not the government making up the militia. Remember, it was all free men, not an National Army that fought the Revolutionary War. #2. It is the right of the people to bear arms, and shall not be infringed. We already have seen when law -abiding citizens aren’t allowed to carry their firearms especially on University Campuses. Only those with criminal purposes carry them, and no one is able defend themselves in those cases. I’m sure if 1 teacher had a gun on him, Columbine and Sandy Hook would have had way less casualties. Even the Japanese didn’t invade American soil because they knew there was “a gun behind every blade of grass.” Notice how the criminals don’t consider schools or public buildings as “sensitive places”… they just don’t care.

        4. The first amendment has many restrictions:http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/95-815.pdf

          Are you disputing the findings of the Supreme Court case? What are your credentials for deciding what the amendment says? They say it is not absolute – that is the final and legal word on it.

          Mass shootings happen in gun free zones because they mostly involve students being bullied – their targets ARE the students, who they feel are responsible for this. It’s dishonest to not take this into account and say they shoot up the place only because it’s gun free.

        5. Nothing I said about the constitutional amendment was untrue. I don’t need credentials to have an opinion. I need credentials to actually have an opinion that can actually change anything.

          Second, I never overlooked WHO was doing the shooting. I was merely stating that if the constitutional right to carry was permissible on school grounds by law-abiding citizens, preferably adults, school shootings would not have the number of lives taken the way that they have. I never said they chose schools simply because they are gun-free, but rather BECAUSE they are gun free, law-abiding citizens are handicapped in their ability to defend themselves, as well as others in those situations.

        6. You said the judges were wrong in saying it was not absolute, based on your reading of the 2a.

          You can not prove that if law abiding citizens were carrying that it would have changed the outcome. Just like I can’t claim that if they had tried to intervene, it would have resulted in more injuries.

        7. I don’t have to prove anything… look at the statistics of D.C… one of the most gun-controlled, yet problem with gun violence cities. The mere fact is that in instances like gun-violence in schools becomes more prevalent because those that carry the weapons illegally know that everyone else isn’t going to have one to stop them.
          As long as gun-free zones exist, two things are true. Those who commit gun violence on campus don’t have to worry about much resistance to their crime, and secondly, we’ll never know if they could have been stopped… but gun control advocates will just have to continue to live with number of lives lost as a result.
          To say that it couldn’t have changed the outcome for the better is disingenuous. It is common sense that if most law-abiding citizens would be carrying on campus, there is not only less likely a chance that someone will take the risk to carry out gun violence on campus, but also, there’s a better chance of the outcome being better with someone being able to take down the criminal. That’s really a no-brainer.

        8. Again you make the false assumption that school shooters target schools because they are gun free. They target them because their classmates are their targets and they are all in one place for maximum damage.

          In regards to DC, they implemented gun bans there precisely because of the high levels of gun violence.

          ” but gun control advocates will just have to continue to live with number of lives lost as a result.”

          Or, you know, regulate guns? Why not have gun training before being able to buy a gun? Doesn’t seem so absurd. Naw, that can’t be it. It’s the gun free school zones that are at fault!

          ” It is common sense that if most law-abiding citizens would be carrying on campus”

          You can’t force people to want to conceal carry. Take Arizona for example, very gun friendly. They have 184,422 active conceal carry licenses as of March 10. Their population is 6 million. That means 1 in 32 has a CCL. That is not “most” by any means. Then we have to look at the demographics of who has these licenses. In Florida for example, only 26% of permit-holders are in the 21–35 age group. Students are mostly in that age range, which means you are then cutting total CLL number in 4.

          Lastly, the vast majority of gun deaths do not take place on school grounds.

          Sorry to break it to you, but we have a gun problem in this country and that is not going to be solved by throwing more guns at the problem.

        9. John… gun regulation is already seen in D.C. for example, and yet the violence is higher than most U.S. cities. Gun control is not the problem. Also, as long you have gun-free school zones, you’ll continue to see defenseless teachers and kids get killed by those who don’t obey the law. That’s a fact. So you’re assumption that gun-free And you think that violence will go away because of gun laws? Do you still not realize that if you have an overeater, that taking donughts away won’t make them a non-overeater? The same with violence. Taking away or restricting guns won’t make our society less violent. But what it does do is take away the constitutional right to bear arms.
          Also, no one said anyone had to be forced to conceal carry. But as long as it is understood that guns are not allowed on school campus, that’s extra incentive for those who want to carry out those crimes to take the risk. In other words, the mere fact that there could be weapons could be a deterrent, but isn’t anymore.

          Like I said before, moral relativity is the issue…not guns.



        10. “Also, as long you have gun-free school zones, you’ll continue to see defenseless teachers and kids get killed by those who don’t obey the law. That’s a fact.”

          Yep. Very true. We should make it harder for people to access guns. I can buy a gun right now with zero background checks on the internet. How’s that for messed up?

          “And you think that violence will go away because of gun laws?”

          No, violence will not go away. The amount of damage that comes from violence can be reduced. Harm reduction is the goal of gun control efforts.

          “But what it does do is take away the constitutional right to bear arms.”

          Again, the 2nd amendment, just like the first amendment, is not absolute. Certain regulations are constitutional. How does taking high capacity magazines and assault rifles off the market have any impact on you bearing arms?

          “But what it does do is take away the constitutional right to bear arms.
          Also, no one said anyone had to be forced to conceal carry. But as long as it is understood that guns are not allowed on school campus, that’s extra incentive for those who want to carry out those crimes to take the risk.”

          How many school shootings were done by people who didn’t attend the school? I am repeating it for the third time, maybe you will understand, the people committing these acts are doing it because the students are their targets. You can not prove anything about extra incentives, you just assume it.

          “In other words, the mere fact that there could be weapons could be a deterrent, but isn’t anymore.”

          Again, an assumption. Columbine shooters knew there was a guard on campus and went for him right away.

          “Like I said before, moral relativity is the issue…not guns.”

          Oh my god, what are you talking about. What is more likely to create a difference, that you will change the morals of our society or that we make guns a little harder to access.

  3. Metaphorically speaking, astronomers have it wrong: the “blackest hole” of all creation lies within the human heart (doubters, read Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness,” or visit a local E.R. on a Saturday night). Furthermore, a human heart that is without God’s love and grace, is even blacker still. Only a monster with such a heart could have shot a precious innocent infant in the brain.

    Yet our government would blame the gun (formerly the stone with which Cain killed Able, or the arrow, or the trebuchet, or the sword), thus ignoring the evil that lies within the human heart, and the illnesses that afflict human minds. Instead focus upon an inanimate object, with no will of its own. Distilled, pure insanity.

    Seeking to serve the Lord is the only answer, and to live with Jesus Christ in our hearts is the only path to a future for America. Yet none are so blind (I give you Marxists) as those who will not see. Dominus vobiscum.

    1. Beautifully said, Jim….and shamefully true.

      Jer 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

      Jesus is indeed the ONLY hope for us all.

      Dominus vobiscum.

        1. Hey “smoken” John. I can tell you’ve had your morning enema, the pressure has been released, and blood flow returning to your brain…if only for the next few hours. Once again you’ve missed the entire point of this these discussions, and you’re babbling and rambling on about who knows what subject. Your assignment today, is to write a 200-400 word SA on: “Why Do Teens Commit Crimes?” This should be a fairly easy subject for you to tackle, and you’ll stay focused on the facts and not your irrational and emotional puzzle palace. We are all looking for your contribution.

        2. Sadly John drinks the fluid once done with the enema . . . . for the ‘electro-lights replacement’ (sic).

          His papa never called the boy bright.

        3. BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA John couldn’t make a coherent argument on his own to save his life. He is utterly incompetent of making a coherent argument.

        4. Exactly. Coherent? One must be conscious in order to be coherent. No wait. In John’s case, he is coherent for an unconscious person. Had it backwards.

        5. Case by case? You’re a case alright! Wow John, you can remain silent and be thought stupid, or …

        1. RR…….John’s atheistic relativism won’t permit him to identify anything as
          ‘good’ or ‘evil’ so he has no moral framework from which to judge these
          things. Of course, he doesn’t seem to grasp that fact.

        2. Exactly. I think he just likes to argue and draw attention to himself. We’ll never know what he believes until the final judgement.

      1. People need to grow-up on this site…Satan leads to Evil, Evil leads everything Bad, everything bad leads to people like Hitler, Stalin, and Oboozo, and our Congressmen/Women! We are going down hill so fast “We the People” can’t keep up! The way to save yourself is through Jesus Christ…Period…!!! If you believe anything else you have become one of Satan’s fools!

        1. You’re right. There is so much hate on this site. I’m ashamed that I have added to it. This is supposed to be about a horrid act by some walking demons. Pray for the mother who will never get over this, never quit blaming herself. The child is in God’s arms.

      2. NYC Mayor Bloomberg blames Guns…Surprise he hasn’t blamed Drugs for the cause of much of American’s gun violence…Take away the drugs and we’d all be a lot safer in this country…But it’ll never happen…The Police Dept. would have to lay off 70% of their law enforcement officers…Can’t do that either…Where would they go to look for a new job?

      3. And yet, gullible left wing lemmings, like you, crusade to get the guilty out of prison early. Your ilk makes it almost impossible to put the guilty to death. Left wing dummies have instituted laws which make a virtual certainty that a nutjob, like lanza, cannot be held in a sanitorium, for the good of society.

        And the left is ABSOLUTELY blaming the gun. That is all they are talking about, the gun! You mean dianne feinstein was proposing legislation to make it less difficult to keep mentally ill people in a rubber room? No, that dirtbag was blaming the gun, not the gunman. Did the senior senator from CA champion doing research to find out why all but one of these mass shooters was on psychotropic drugs? Nope, probably would have dried up her monetary award she receives from Big Pharma. Did this despicable harridan give a second thought to the hellish consequences of disarming the innocent or violating her oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution? Hell no.

        And gullible nitwits, LIKE YOU, promote her dishonest behavior as being a good thing. You really are the poster boy for the short sighted, led around by your nose, idiot left winger.

        You can’t outlaw evil. But you can sure as hell put a dent in it if you are armed.

        1. “Did the senior senator from CA champion doing research to find out why all but one of these mass shooters was on psychotropic drugs?”

          What is this BS statement? That’s simply not true. Show me where you got this information.

        2. That is just a bunch of conspiracy theories that say “What a weird coincidence that…” The article also refers to tabloids when presenting evidence. Coincidence is not proof of anything. I’m sure many of those people had been exposed to pasteurized milk. Are we going to draw that connection too?

          The point is that in 2010 alone, 24.4 million prescriptions for generic prozac (not even counting brand) were filled in the US. You can’t take 10 out of 25+ million and then say, see, it’s due to prozac, or ritalin, or anything else.

          People who do these types of things are also disturbed in some way, many are suicidal and that’s why they commit one last horrible act before they go, so it makes sense that they might be on medication to help them overcome their issues.

          “Something’s fishy with all this. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that an order has come down from the very top to destroy, silence, threaten or execute true American patriots”

          Since when can you jump to that conclusion? If something is fishy, you need to investigate and gather evidence. You can’t just say, hrm this looks weird to me, therefore there MUST be a conspiracy from the very top to destroy true patriots. Come on, that is a joke!

        3. Just one last point, if gun control is such a good idea, why does Chicago, with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, have such a high murder rate and high number of murders? I am curious to hear the mendacity and fact twisting BS to excuse this FAILED body of gun control policies in the Windy City.

        4. Because what we have as gun control is a joke. Anyone can travel outside Chicago and buy a gun no problem then bring it back in. You can go to a gun show and buy a gun, no checks, no problem. You can buy a gun online, no checks, no problem.

          Further, you need to understand that the gun control efforts are there BECAUSE it is violent. Not that it is violent BECAUSE there is gun control. Common logical fallacy you guys engage in when talking about DC and Chicago. Even if much much stricter gun control laws were enacted in those 2 cities, they would still have abnormally high gun crime rates.

        5. Handguns were, by law, banned in Chicago, prior to the McDonald decision. It doesn’t get more restrictive, or less of a joke, than that, dummy.

          And thanks for making my argument for me. “Even if much much stricter gun control laws were enacted in those 2 cities, they would still have abnormally high gun crime rates.” So, YOU ADMIT It is NOT the guns, magazine capacity, cosmetics of the firearm, etc. that makes them more deadly, it is the PERSON operating the firearm. So, we need better criminal control, NOT infringing upon the Constitutionally protected civil right of the Second Amendment of law abiding Americans.

          Here, let me hand your ass back to you, now that I’m done kicking it, intellectually spoeaking. You’ll need it to keep your ears warm. HAHAHAHAHA

          Oh, and go back to Daily Kos or whatever left wing propaganda bullshit disseminating website from whence you slithered.
          Here’s your unedited post to which I’m replying.
          “Because what we have as gun control is a joke. Anyone can travel outside Chicago and buy a gun no problem then bring it back in. You can go to a gun show and buy a gun, no checks, no problem. You can buy a gun online, no checks, no problem.

          Further, you need to understand that the gun control efforts are there BECAUSE it is violent. Not that it is violent BECAUSE there is gun control. Common logical fallacy you guys engage in when talking about DC and Chicago. Even if much much stricter gun control laws were enacted in those 2 cities, they would still have abnormally high gun crime rates.

        6. Tell me, what good does it do if you can go outside city limits to buy a handgun?

          The second amendment is not absolute. It is not infringement. But if you want lobby for better criminal control, go for it. But you don’t! You just use it to detract from guns. You aren’t interested in changing anything.

        7. That pathetically weak response response is more embarrassing that just slithering away. YOU LOST the argument, go away, ya stupid f*ck.

    2. If the Christians were half as committed as homosexuals, there would be far fewer homosexuals in our society pushing their values on our children. And if Christians were half as committed as muslims the entire world would change for the better. But, we will never have peace until the Lord returns.

  4. Bravo to this author for having as much spirituality as he expressed in this article. Yes, we are all sinners, to different degrees, but sinners nevertheless. For those of us who believe in prophecy, we know we are living in those days of fulfillment. Satan’s time is short and he’s gathering as many souls as possible before his time is up. Unfortunately, he’s been very successful as the chaff seems to be more numerous than the wheat. We are told that in the end times men’s hearts will wax worse and worse and these sinister occurrences will only be the beginning of what’s yet to come. When God has been purposely removed from our nation, and sin of all sorts are being validated even by our president, the outcome of it all is the lawlessness, cruelty, and viciousness we are witnessing now. The premeditated political ploy of turning race against race, and the poor against the rich will play out even more violently as the have-nots will continue to take from others what they’ve been told rightfully belongs to them as well.

    1. Isn’t it ironic that as science begins to reveal the Hand of God forming the Universe and the astonishing complexity of God’s Creation, the deceived misconstrue it and use it to hide from the Truth.

      1. Yes it is ironic, but then again, the Bible predicts this along with everything else that’s happening these days. It’s really crazy, too, because there is so much in scripture that predicts the things that will happen in these end times that accurately describes this new liberal culture, and yet they continue to not only disbelieve, but to mock others that do.

  5. Article: ” What Makes Teenagers Shoot A Baby In The Head?”

    A liberal mentality in the home they grew up in

    No father in the home

    Living on entitlements gives a strong sense of powerlessness

    Poor schools

    A social hatred of males in America (Watch any advertisement or TV show, who is the dumby?)

    Gaming, specifically first person shooter games

    A perpetuation of the “slavery” mentality

    A hatred for Caucasians

    Music that teaches youth to only respect money, NOT other people

    Music that portrays life as cheap

    1. “Music that teaches youth to only respect money, NOT other people”

      Music doesn’t do that. The free market economy that you love so much does that.

      1. Nice job on ducking reality and not backing up your statement.

        We all know media has a real impact on viewers, otherwise the liberals would not have opposed Joe Camel at the level they did.

        1. Are you really that dense that you didn’t recognize that his post was about the influence of media, and not about being pro-tobacco? Really?

        2. Well, considering he stated that only liberals backed this, he is clearly implying something that you obviously weren’t able to pick up on.

        3. No… he’s just pointing out that even liberals opposed Joe Camel, because even those on the other side of the isle know the strong influence of media. Despite the other differences between conservatives and liberals.

        4. The point is that no one is denying that we have violent culture, that media furthers it, and that this effects people. No one worth anything is saying otherwise. Does that mean that easy access to guns is not a problem? Shouldn’t we be even more strict on who gets guns if we live in such a violent society?

        5. Criminals will ALWAYS get guns, no matter what laws you pass. Pass gun restrictions and law abiding citizens will not be able to defend themselves against animals like this.

        6. Because, dimwit, they will not have the guns, the criminals will. You really are an idiot. Having fun?

        7. So restricting assault weapons and high capacity magazines means people will not have guns to defend themselves?

          That’s like saying if we remove Toyota people won’t be able to drive anymore.

        8. Bad analogy, closer would be banning cars. Deal with the criminals instead of inanimate objects. 3,000 people were murdered on 9/11 because terrorists had box cutters and picture wire.

        9. Wrong. Banning assault weapons is not banning all guns. So Toyota is a good example, as it’s one of many cars.

        10. When did assault weapons enter the discussion? And did the democrat elkins use an assault weapon with a high capacity magazine? Or is the more likely scenario that you are a lemming and incapable of thinking for yourself?

        11. They entered the discussion because that is what current gun control efforts are about. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about and just showed it. Feel free to exit the conversation now.

        12. Your argument would only work if driving was protected by a constitutional amendment. It isn’t. The right to bear arms is protected by the 2nd amendment, and according to the constitution it shall “not be infringed.”

        13. Yes. But since the 2a is not absolute, regulations do not automatically mean infringement. Check out Supreme Court cases for confirmation.

          A summary from the Supreme Court’s landmark “District of Columbia v. Heller” ruling:

          “The Second Amendment right is not absolute and a wide range of gun control laws remain “presumptively lawful,” according to the Court. These include laws that (1) prohibit carrying concealed weapons, (2) prohibit gun possession by felons or the mentally retarded, (3) prohibit carrying firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, (4) impose “conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms,” (5) prohibit “dangerous and unusual weapons,” and (6) regulate firearm storage to prevent accidents.”

        14. The point is that you can defend yourself without high cap magazines and assault rifles. You have thousands and thousands of other guns to choose from. have fun.

        15. And what of the criminal? Since, by definition, they don’t follow the law, when they go on a little crime spree with a weapon they aren’t allowed to possess, and they are more heavily armed than the innocent public and most of the cops what do you think the outcome will be? Probably more senseless murders of innocents. But hey, we’ve got the law abiders almost completely unable to effectively defend themselves against criminals and the government. Btw, that is the purpose of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment makes it clear that the people should be able to defend themselves with whatever they see fit to keep tyranny from being attempted by some misanthropic politcian. Y’know, like Pol Pot or ….

        16. “But hey, we’ve got the law abiders almost completely unable to effectively defend themselves against criminals and the government. ”

          Is that right? Can you explain this please? How are law abiders almost completely unable to effectively defend themselves?

        17. nice try, taking a sentence out of context. I have tired of your regurgitation of left wing talking points.

        18. It isn’t out of context. You just can’t help yourself from typing idiotic statements. So are you going to explain why law abiding citizens aren’t able to defend themselves?

        19. I already answered that question 4 days ago. LOOK IT UP. Have your doctor bump your dosage up, looks like the ADD is kicking into a higher gear.

        20. Oh, they’ll be able to defend themselves with a knife or a baseball bat. Or like little Antonio may have done, put his hands up. But, what good will that do? And the life of an innocent child doesn’t mean a damn thing to you, does it, democrat? You are perfectly willing to disarm the weak and defenseless and make them prey. But, you win the argument right, reptile? You are a self centered spoiled brat with NO sense of justice. Tell me, if you have any children or living parents and they are brutalized or murdered, will you still be so insufferably smug?

        21. John would use a scissors. He read that somewhere. Maybe he would wet his pants. He read that somewhere too. John is the poster boy for abortion {Retroactive}

        22. Why would they be brutalized or murdered? I live in a safe area with low crime. That stuff doesn’t happen in most of America. Most of our violence is centered in big urban cities. That doesn’t stop paranoid gun loving people like you, I’m sure, who live in low crime areas and are armed to the teeth because you think any second gangs will bust through your door.

        23. Why was little Antonio shot, meatwhistle? I don’t know why little Antonio was murdered and have no idea to what runs through the mind of a POS like the democrat elkins. Antonio lived in an area which had the following crime statistics for 2012: 0 murders, 0 rapes, 2 robberies, 7 aggravated assaults, you can read the rest here, http://brunswickpolice.org/crime_stats.html. And I hardly call Brunswick, GA population 16,326 a “big, urban center”. Therefore, your last sentence is utter bullshit.

          Why do you think I’m paranoid? Because I recognize reality for what it is? Thomas Jefferson said, ” The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”.

          Si vis pacem, para bellum

        24. I agree, it’s a messed up world. Crazy horrible things happen. I wish I had an answer for you. But I don’t think access to a high cap magazine or an assault rifle would have helped this woman. Those are the gun control efforts that are on the table, nothing further. We all realize that people need protection.

        25. Antonio’s mom probably thought she didn’t need a weapon to defend herself or her sweet little son, Antonio. Because they lived in a low crime area. You don’t have an answer and yet you want to make the law abiding people even MORE susceptible to and helpless to resist criminals? Man, you really think things through, don’t you? YOU, and the MORONS you support, want to put restrictions on the LAW ABIDING citizens. Does that not sound more than just a little idiotic? MORON POLITICIANS, whom you profess to unwaveringly support, came up with the GENIUS, WELL THOUGHT OUT idea to make LAW ABIDING citizens LESS able to defend themselves. The people who follow the law, we’ll inhibit their ability to protect themselves and loved ones because we wouldn’t want to offend some POS like the democrat elkins or jesse or a proven liar such as al ‘not so’ sharpton. Yeah, that’ll make us seem like we really care about the innocent, reduce their abilities to defend themselves. Only a f*cking RETARD would fall for that line of bullshiit. It’s a wise choice to NOT make decisions of immense consequence while one is emotionally overwrought. Capische?

          How many law abiding gun owners with weapons that have “high capacity magazines” or an ‘ASSAULT RIFLE’ have broken gun laws since Sandy Hook?

          Can you tell me what constitutes an ‘assault rifle’, John? And WTF is a “high clip magazine”?

          But, you did get something correct in your reply above.” But I don’t think”. Try engaging your gullible, feeble mind BEFORE supporting some POS politician like the senior Senator from California. when you choose to make decisions which will have serious repercussions in the future. Just think, you would be supporting the removal of the ability for your grandparents, parents or other loved ones to defend themselves and be at the tender mercy of some democrat, like elkins. He needs to assume room temperature in a gruesome manner and be made an example of what happens when one chooses to murder, in cold blood, an innocent; like 13 month old little Antonio. May he rest in peace.

        26. You seem very angry and I think that might cloud your judgement. You seem to go rabid at the thought of gun control, but what you don’t understand is that gun control is a wide variety of measures, many of which you already approve of. Examples of gun control: background checks and making it illegal for criminals or mentally unstable people to purchase guns. Do you think we should repeal these gun control laws?

          To get a better idea of the current gun control efforts, take a look at NY, they have passed some of the strongest laws http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NY_SAFE_Act I’m curious which of those laws you might be against. High capacity magazines and assault rifles are addressed there.

          Your biggest assumption is that you think people like Antonio’s mother want to carry guns. What if she doesn’t want to carry in the first place? You assume everyone should be armed but the reality is that not everyone wants to own or carry a gun.

        27. You failed to answer the three questions I asked, question #1, “How many law abiding gun owners with weapons that have “high capacity magazines” or an ‘ASSAULT RIFLE’ have broken gun laws since Sandy Hook? YOU also failed to answer this question, #2, “Can you tell me what constitutes an ‘assault rifle’, John? question #3 And WTF is a “high clip magazine”?. ”

          Answer those three questions and we can continue our discussion, otherwise, have a nice life. And btw, the legal age to own a firearm in GA is 18. The democrat elkins was 17 when he cold bloodedly MURDERED little Antonio. Gun laws didn’t save little Antonio, did they? So, it seems gun laws are far from being the panacea you, oblivious to reality, left wing idiots, think they will be.

          But, just answer those three little questions.

        28. 1. Why are you drawing the distinction “since Sandy Hook”? Do the gun deaths before Sandy Hook not matter? Here is a link to data that shows half of the mass shootings from 1982 – 2012 had used high capacity magazines. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah9Oqlm_qMOGdG1CRlZsaTY4TDI2QTJIWU5KYWNuQXc#gid=0

          2. Like I said in my previous post, if you read it completely, assault rifles are legally defined in NY’s laws, just like they were in the Assault Weapons Ban from 1994. If you want to argue that Assault Weapons is a bogus made up term by gun control proponents, I will gladly show you advertisements from gun manufacturers who call certain semi automatic weapons “assault rifle” and “assault style”.

          3. High capacity magazine, like I wrote in my previous post (really starting to wonder if you read it)

          “Gun laws didn’t save little Antonio, did they?”

          No, they didn’t. Unfortunately laws aren’t 100% effective, there is no way they can be. We have laws on murder, does that mean people don’t get murdered? No. Does that mean should we remove our murder laws? No. Starting to get the picture?

        29. Actually what I asked you was could you define an ‘assault’ weapon. You can’t, so you refer me to UnConstitutional legislation written in the state of NY. Nice try.

          The Impact of the 1994 Federal Assault Weapon Ban on Gun
          Violence Outcomes: An Assessment of Multiple Outcome Measures and Some
          Lessons for Policy Evaluation. by Koper and Roth
          at the University of Pennsylvania’s Jerry Lee Center of Criminology;
          one of the few (only?) peer-reviewed studies regarding the AWB

          “We found no evidence of reductions in multiple-victim gun homicides or multiple-gunshot wound victimizations.”

          What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Trying the senior Senator from California’s provably ineffective “Assault Weapons Ban” and denying Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms to law abiding Americans is the height of insanity , …..and stupidity.

          Actually, I had no intention of demarcating before and after Sandy Hook, sorry, my mistake. When we look at the perpetrators of these massacres and we find one thing common to all but one mass shooting, psychotropic drugs. In 2000, New
          York legislators recognized the ubiquitous and unambiguous connection
          between violence, especially gun violence and mass murder, and the
          widespread prescribed use of psychiatric drugs. There is an indisputable connection
          between psychiatric drugs and young “lone-wolf” shooters in gun
          massacres and other acts of violence. Pharmaceutical makers, not
          gun owners, should be held to account for the series of “lone-wolf,”
          mass shootings that have occurred since the widespread use of psychiatric
          drugs began. http://lewrockwell.com/orig13/hunter-l5.1.1.html#prescribed

          Laws can’t be 100% effective? Well, according to all the gun grabbers, like the senior Senator from California and politicians in Australia, if we remove ALL the guns from society everything will be all unicorns and rainbows. But, the problem is that these legislative idiots seem to forget that CRIMINALS don’t follow the law. Ergo, they are referred to as ‘criminals’, starting to get the picture now? They won’t turn in their guns. This was the case in Australia, when the Australian people foolishly listened to their blithering politicians who promised if they turned in their guns, there would be no more gun violence in Australia. But the facts prove that is not the truth. In fact the opposite was the reality.

          YOU even admit that gun laws don’t work, so why are you pursuing this ludicrous argument? There are very restrictive gun laws ALREADY on the books in Connecticut, including a ban on “assault weapons”, prior to Sandy Hook. Were they effective? Sure as hell doesn’t look that way. The 1994 Assault Weapons ban had no effect on gun crime in this country. According to David Kopel (December 17, 2012). “Guns, Mental Illness and Newtown”. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved 2012-12-18.
          “None of the guns that the Newtown murderer used was an assault weapon
          under Connecticut law. This illustrates the uselessness of bans on
          so-called assault weapons, since those bans concentrate on guns’
          cosmetics, such as whether the gun has a bayonet lug, rather than their
          function.” Congress and gun grabbers are ignoring pertinent, provable information in an attempt to weaken the Constitution for the United States. A document every federal employee takes an oath to defend. Hypocrisy? No doubt. Dishonesty, ABSOLUTELY. And yet, simpletons are drawn in by the emotion of a situation.

          Why are we even contemplating MORE ineffectual laws, when the laws on the books aren’t even enforced now? And the connection to psychotropic drugs is persistently ignored? Is it because multi billion dollar pharmaceutical companies are dangling, or even providing, financial incentives to lawmakers to look the other way? Sure seems that way to me. But, we all know (at least the gullible ones) that Congress is as pure as the wind driven snow.

        30. He is a clown, no? The kind of guy that would eat his own young for something free. Likely has a unicorn poster on his wall too . . . at age 42 . . . in his Mom’s basement . . . and still uses his mom’s purse as a ‘bank’ . . .

        31. John, I believe you are arguing from the wrong vantage point. Consider this… you have a guy whose arm is bleeding from a compound fracture. Your argument is like asking for more band-aids, rather than fixing the broken arm. The problem with the freedom to own firearms is not the issue. The issue is a society, like you said, that has become more violent… but its not because of the guns. Society is more violent because we teach relative morality, that God is dead, and that humans are not going to be judged by an Almighty Creator who will hold mankind accountable. When morality becomes relative, anything goes, and there is no objective morality to anchor a man’s moral compass. Your argument would only be valid if restrictions on guns would make society less violent. But guns are not the cause of our being a more violent society. We need to fix the moral problem that causes the violence problem. And that issue is addressed in the human heart, not by gun laws.

        32. “The issue is a society, like you said, that has become more violent”

          Right, now that you say that, what is your solution? Convert everyone to Christianity?

        33. The Christian faith was the backbone by which the values and foundations of this country were made. You are witnessing, first hand, the rejection of Christianity and Christian values, and the logical outworking of that rejection in our society. You tell me John.

        34. You like to think that, but unfortunately that is something you can’t prove. As are most things with religion.

        35. All you have to do is read the Mayflower Compact, John. Start there. If you were actually interested in History, you’d check out the movie “Monumental”. I think people are actually scared to research the historical foundations of our nation’s history. Too afraid they might find out that the US government issued and paid for Bibles to be produced, or that a statue was built which unlocks the secret to how our country was founded. Rent it. I dare you.

        36. No, idiot. Give people the opportunity and ability to defend themselves the best they can. I wish Antonio’s mother had a license to CCW and was packing. Her sweet, innocent son might still be alive and the democrat, elkins, would be dead. A win-win for society.

        37. You are utterly ignorant of reality. Do you know, FOR A FACT, how this waste of flesh got his hands on the murder weapon? Do you think he wouldn’t have done the same thing to that innocent infant if all he had was a knife? The problem with left wingers is, besides the fact that they are a waste of oxygen, is that they don’t know SHIIT about human nature.

          And your last sentence shows how utterly oblivious you are to human nature. You think that forbidding me the ability to defend myself and loved ones is somehow going to make society safer from violent criminals like this democrat elkins? Since this seems to be your pathetically incompetent ‘argument’ , why don’t you lead by example and NOT INFRINGE upon my abilities to protect myself and loved ones. And rid yourself of ALL means of self defense, PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR BIG, FAT IGNORANT MOUTH IS. Walk the walk, dolt.

        38. Again, you are more than able to defend yourself without an assault rifle and high capacity magazine.

          Rid myself of all means of self defense? Man, are you not able to follow the conversation? We are talking about guns. How retarded are you?

        39. Didn’t answer, “Do you know, FOR A FACT, how this waste of flesh got his hands on the murder weapon?”. And yet you want to INFRINGE on the civil liberties of MILLIONS of innocent Americans.

        40. First, can you say what civil liberties will be infringed on? I don’t think you actually know what the current gun control debate is about. I think you see gun and control together and just go rabid.

          Second, the 2a is not absolute, just like the 1a has restrictions, so does the 2a. So you need to PROVE that limiting high capacity magazines and modification on guns are an infringement on the 2a. But instead you just type in all caps INFRINGEMENT over and over and over.

          I don’t need to know for a fact how he got his hands on the weapon to know that we have a gun problem in America.

        41. My Constitutionally protected right, a civil right, to own the firearm of my choice, guaranteed by the Second Amendment, will be infringed upon.. The verbiage “shall not be infringed” is what the left wing anti American politicians and their lemmings can’t seem to comprehend. This question was addressed by the Gun Control Act of 1934, later found to be unconstitutional. Look it up if you don’t know what is was.

          As far as the democrat elkins is concerned, he was breaking the law merely by being in possession of the firearm. State law REQUIRES a person be 18 to own a FIREARM. Another gun control law failure.

          We don’t have a gun problem in America. We have the curse of left wing political ideology upon the country. But, just to give you some more rope with which to hang yourself. why do you say there is a gun problem?

        42. You do not have the right to own any weapon of your choice, sorry. Just like you are not allowed to say anything you want and expect to be protected by the first amendment.

          Why do I say there is a gun problem?

          Gun-related death rates in the United States are eight times higher than they are in countries that are economically and politically similar to it.

        43. We have a Liberal/Communist problem in this country. You need to be careful about insulting people. I’m a former Marine Scout Sniper and I don’t know what branch of the military conservativesniper was in, I’ve got his back. SEMPER FI

        44. John, give it up, PLEEEAAASSSSEEEE! You’re making a laughingstock of yourself. My sides hurt. Take a break, my man!

        45. And who makes the decision on your right to self defense, you blithering idiot? I saw a great pic on line which said, “I saw a movie where only the police and government had guns. It was called Schindler’s List.”

        46. Well, the comment is the truth. Yours, however, is a juvenile attempt at… something. Where can I rent a copy of ” right wingers are obsessed with Nazi references and it’s tiring.”? Oh, it’s just your spewing of idiocy. And I was referencing a meme, or did that zip right past you? Probably, but reply with another smattering of juvenile level repartee. I also forgot to mention the photo which the meme captioned. It was a Nazi “officer” shooting a kneeling civilian in the back of the head. And it is a true statement. In Nazi Germany only the polizei and military/government had firearms.

          George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

        47. “And it is a true statement. In Nazi Germany only the polizei and military/government had firearms. ”

          You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. That isn’t unusual though, in fact, it’s a trend. Why do you even bother posting?

          “The 1938 German Weapons Act, the precursor of the current weapons law in Germany, superseded a 1928 law. As under the 1928 law, citizens were required to have a permit to carry a firearm and a separate permit to acquire a firearm. Furthermore, the law restricted ownership of firearms to “…persons whose trustworthiness is not in question and who can show a need for a (gun) permit.” Under the new law, gun restriction laws applied only to handguns, not to long guns or ammunition. Writes Prof. Bernard Harcourt of the University of Chicago, “The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as well as ammunition.””


        48. Again, a lying sack of fecal matter, he11 web-chimp the post is 3 inches up the page, I never said Only Liberals.

        49. Wow, you are completely vacant of any honesty what so ever . . . and little gray matter to boot.

        50. “The left behind” never sees how foolish it looks propagating lies it believes. Which is worse, clipping a child’s spinal cord while it lays on a table or blowing out it’s brains while it sits in a stroller? Our government’s been taken over by serial killers and media is their propaganda wing. The kids that did this horrible crime are just a reflection of the evil growing in our culture. Let’s pray the incident opens up peoples eyes to where evil truly lies, instead of being used as another excuse for phoney “gun control”.

        51. John = idiot. btw, I AM pro-tobacco…and guns….and God…and one man-one woman marriage…and lower taxation…and, and, and… LOL.

        52. I agree with you…This John fellow doesn’t play with a full deck of cards…He prefer’s the cards be stacked in his favor!

        53. Wouldn’t matter, you are righteous or you aren’t. He isn’t. He defends a dirtbag who murdered an innocent toddler. He is beneath contempt.

      2. “Music that teaches youth to only respect money, NOT other people”

        Music doesn’t do that. The free market economy that you love so much does that.


        1. I’m a liberal because I said the free economy promotes the love for money? Are you saying it doesn’t do this?

        2. John, it produces economic activity and prosperity. Whether folks love the money or not is separate issue. Are you saying we should deliberately choose an economic model which keeps people poor? They may STILL love money!!!!

        3. You’re so ignorant and incompetent. The verse to which you are referring says the love OF money is the root of all evil. Apparently, the democrat baby murderer, elkins, loved money because he, no doubt, didn’t have any.

          I am a free market capitalist and I do not love money. I love the freedom money provides. Really, you are too indoctrinated to make a coherent argument by yourself.

        4. I’m not referring to any verse. WTF you talking about?

          You don’t love money, but you love what money gives you. And you can’t tell those are one and the same? LOL!

        5. You can’t prove that a free economy promotes the love for money, but the greed and envy towards those that prosper can be seen by the siphoning off of those that prosper and forcibly given to those that don’t. THAT is a visible measure. I love how liberals decry the bailout of corporations (which I do as well), but fail to recognize a lack of personal responsibility when it comes to prospering on their own. If liberals were really about personal responsibility, there would be less welfare under this current administration, and not more. If liberals were really about personal responsibility, there would be more energy and government oversight regarding welfare, and not just the carte blance taking of more taxes. If liberals were really about personal responsibility, they’d recognize that gun laws only target those that already obey the law and not the criminals that could give a crap about gun control laws…they’d be more about prosecuting the offender, rather than worry about gun control. If they were really about personal responsibility, Hillary would have been fired at the very least, Eric Holder would have been fired, & Obama would be “transparent” about everything he said he would be when he first took the Oval Office. I could go on.

        6. “You can’t prove that a free economy promotes the love for money”

          What is the biggest incentive in the free economy?

          Answer: money

        7. No. The biggest incentive in a free economy is prosperity. Money is just the tool used to achieve that. But let’s use your analogy for a second…. “What’s the biggest incentive for taxing the wealthy to give to those who aren’t successful? Money. Or is it the things that money allows you to do, such as buy food, donate to the poor or to your local charity, go on vacation, or save for retirement for example? The problem is that you want a mindset of communism with the benefits that come only from a free market system. The only reason you have welfare to give is by taxing those that prosper in a free market system. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, John. Look at socialist pre-free market Russia with its long food lines, extreme disparities between the classes, and a miserable average lifestyle of the general population. Show me a purely socialist nation that has thrived economically… even China, one a completely socialist nation, when they opened up their economy to a more free-market system, has become a major economic world power.

        8. LOL. Are you REALLY going to try and draw a distinction between money and prosperity? Come on! Get real.

          No one is talking about pure socialism except for you guys. You guys use it to misdirect from rational conversation. Of course no pure socialism model would work! Everyone knows this! Modern versions are a combination of capitalism, democracy and social policies. Germany has strong social policies like universal healthcare and strong welfare programs and a top economy. Obviously such a model is possible without the doomsday scenarios you guys claim will happen.

      4. Wrong John. Parents that don’t care about teaching their kids and being parents, along with a society that values self over others. Look at how many kids are plugged into their ipods, X-boxes, and such vs those that actually engage in family oriented activities… let alone eating at the dinner table WITHOUT the T.V. on. There is a self-indulgence that stems from the home first and foremost. Money in and of itself is a tool. But the values that should come from parents, and to a lesser extent, society, is lacking in teaching values that promote thinking of others and learning that money is just a tool. Even Jesus said that it was the love of money that was the root of all kids of evils… not money itself. A free market economy like ours gives every person within it the greatest possibility of moving from poverty to prosperity.

        1. That is how our society is, yep. I say it’s due to our consumer habits that only place importance on materialism. This has led to our society losing track of values and any kind of healthy idea for a family. That is how it is and I don’t think we’ll ever go back to what it was, sadly. So we have to be realistic and work with society as it is.

        2. But John, to say that it is the free-market systems fault is flawed. It’s flawed because you assume that being prosperous or making a profit is immoral. Granted, our system is not perfect. But no market system is going to be perfect. But no economic system has proven to be better than a free-market system such as ours. Materialism is taught… it’s not inherent in the system itself. THEN our values as taught are REFLECTED in our economic system. And our system has been going strong until the last 50 years, when progressive ideas, socialistic thinking and taxes, and a welfare state that sees no problem, let alone a static standard by which to determine what a person’s “fair share” of taxes is, in taking more from those who have succeeded and achieved, to give to those who don’t, in a manner that is wasteful, corrupt, abused, and enables a society of people to grow up with an entitlement attitude, instead of a healthy and properly placed work ethic.

        3. You mention this entitlement attitude – do you mean similar to the 90+ billion we spend on corporate welfare? I thought corporations and businesses are the pillars of this system. Why do we spend twice as much on them as we do on “human” welfare? I bet that many who receive home mortgage interest deductions don’t know they are receiving welfare? I bet that most on Medicare and Social Security also don’t think they’re on welfare even though they put in less than they take out.

        4. This is one area on which we both agree, John. Corporations should be able to rise and fall. It’s the only way in which they will be held accountable. When you take away the ability to fail, you get everything from AIG and that other group, (I can’t remember the name), that gets bailout money, and then wastes it on lavish and wasteful galas at taxpayer expense.
          And let me correct you. Medicare and SS are not welfare. That is money taken out of our checks that WE ourselves put in, and trust the government to manage with stewardship, that we as elderly would have something to have when older (which I think would be better spent investing and building personal equity on my own rather than trusting the government to manage that money, myself.) But don’t confuse hand-outs with money that has been garnished by government out of people’s paychecks as a hand-out. That is not welfare because each person has put that money in out of their own wages.

        5. Like I said, Medicare and SS are welfare because you receive more from the government than you put in.

          People also pay into unemployment insurance – that doesn’t stop you guys from bashing unemployment welfare.

        6. MC and SS are NOT welfare just because you receive more than you put in. It’s called interest, John. You can get interest at any bank, John. It’s just that the federal government forces it out of your check.
          We don’t bash unemployment welfare, John. What we bash is the blatant and non-addressed abuses, wastes, and lack of oversight that those social programs lack… despite the fact that we would all like less people to have to use it.

        7. I don’t think you speak for most of posters on this site, or I would venture to say, for most of the right-wingers. But I appreciate your position.

        8. I don’t presume anything. I’m just giving my opinion. I don’t believe you have to be a Christian to be conservative. But I do believe that being a Christian gives a person a moral anchor that no other philosophy can give because it is based on an objective morality and objective moral law giver that does not change. If we as society have moved from those principles, than it is us that has changed, for God, by definition, does not change.

          I’d encourage you, John, to pick up a copy of the movie “Monumental”. In it, you will see the very foundation of America that less than 1% of America even knows about. If you haven’t seen it already, I’d encourage you to rent it, buy it, or borrow it from a friend. I think you’d really be surprised.

        9. Your argument is remarkably specious. Most on Medicare and Social Security were forced to ‘contribute’ to the system under the threat of imprisonment. It was ‘for their benefit’. Just like the argument being made by all the power hungry, short sighted morons on the left in DC about the right of self defense. Morons you, no question, support.

          Medicare and SS recipients are not on welfare. They are reaping the monies they were PROMISED, by your GOD, government. You act like you are morally superior because you are opposed to ‘corporate welfare’, you only care about the people. What you are too monumentally ignorant to realize is that money is freedom. Money allows you to do what you want, within the law, when you want to do it, with whom you want to do it, for as long as you want to do it.

        10. The point is this: Do they or do they not pay LESS into Medicare and SS than they receive?

          So you are fine that corporations take in $90+ billion in welfare every year? Fascinating!

        11. They receive more than they pay in. That is the point of SS. The government doesn’t just hold the money otherwise, SS would be pointless. The ROI for SS is WORSE than the ROI for people in the free market.

          As far as the idiotic term ‘corporate welfare’, this shows you are a lemming and not informed about why the federal government pays corporations the monies that they do. But, I am in complete support of getting the federal government OUT of the marketplace as far as quotas/restrictions on the production of goods for the market. The market will regulate itself.

        12. “The ROI for SS is WORSE than the ROI for people in the free market.”

          What does that even mean?

          What did you think of the article that I posted which showed most of the welfare went to elderly, disabled, children, and working homes?

          What did you think of the section that showed most of the government entitlements went to the middle class?

        13. If you don’t know what the acronym ROI means and are too lazy to look it up, tough. I am not here to educate your dumb ass for free. I didn’t see links to the propaganda you’ve cited.

        14. I know what it means. But comparing return on investment of social security to the “free market” means what exactly?

        15. Heh, Ann, haven’t heard from you in a long time. Just found out that PU is up and running again with Disqus. Thought you might like to know. Seems that there are just as many Sybils running the show here as there are on PU. However, it’s nothing you can’t handle for sure.

        16. Hi, Pat… Yes , we have more than our share of dim wit Sybil’s here.. I am glad P.U. is back on disqus.. and the TROLLs never left there. They are just like crap and ovomit…. THEY”RE EVERYWHERE.

        17. Yep, and the healthy and highly moral thing to do, according to you, is disarm LAW ABIDING citizens so they become helpless prey for democrats. Right, stupid? I can’t believe you are so morally bankrupt you are defending the indefensible. You are championing the criminal in the situation, and ignoring the innocent toddler who was MURDERED, to the detriment of society.

          You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

        18. Removing high cap magazines and assault rifles is NOT the same as disarming people so they become helpless prey.

      5. Explain exactly how free markets does that. Free markets, Capitalism does not promote killing. It promotes the creation of wealth that in turn stimulates and grows a nations economy. Meaning, the exact opposite of what Obama is doing. Please grow up and realize that it is liberalism that is killing our economy, moral compass and unborn children.

        1. Did you read what I wrote? Where did I say killing? I responded to someone who was talking about MONEY.

        2. If it walks like a Communist…Talks like a Communist…& Acts like a Communsit…Chances are better that 99% that he’s a Commuhist!

        3. Because the poor areas aren’t crime ridden the areas with the most money are. Or is it the rich ppl stole our opportunity to survive; right John is that your pov. Well both statements are incorrect. So where are u. Tell us what’s wrong with capitalism other than it can build a great army to help curve terrorism and war lords, because of the large amount of capital and protections it provides.

        4. It also promotes freedom because people can CHOOSE what they will buy, from whom they will buy it and reject those that don’t produce quality products or who have perverted values.

      6. Bullsh*t. They have the greatest opportunity the world has ever given them, at a time in America’s history when blacks get so many breaks, but these assh*les are so incredibly lazy and animalistic that they’d rather take from others – A WOMAN WITH A BABY, NO LESS – than do anything on their own. We could be in a communist country (where people like you would like to see us) and they would be doing the same thing for toliet paper or booze vouchers. Real brave people you’re defending. Here’s a question: What the hell is wrong with YOU?

        1. But they aren’t, are they? If they were, they still have LOTS of opportunities if they apply themselves. But if they were white, they’d still be lazy, they’d still be animals, they’d still be preying upon a WOMAN WITH A BABY. And they’d still be GOING TO HELL. Same to you.

        2. Hahahaha. Why am I going to hell again? Didn’t your book say something about not judging? You aren’t really good at this whole religion thing it seems.

        3. You’re right, John. We don’t need to judge you. You’re judged already. Many people know John 3:16, but few go on to read the next two verses… ” 16. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. 17. “For God did not send the Son into the world to judge theworld, but that the world might be saved through Him. 18. “He who believes in Him is not judged ; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”
          The mistake many people make is they assume they live in a state of moral neutrality as they walk on Earth, and if they don’t have Jesus, THEN they get condemned to Hell. The Bible makes it very clear that man is already in debt in terms of his sin against God, and as a result is already condemned. Faith in Jesus is the only way to save man from certain death. The Bible doesn’t teach that we are all on our way to heaven, but rather all on our way to Hell unless man repents and trusts in Christ to save them from their sin, because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

        4. So I can do all kinds of terrible things in my life, and then just say I believe in God and that I repent and everything is forgiven? And I can spend eternity in paradise? Talk about the BIGGEST HANDOUT ever! How does no one else look at it this way?

        5. God cannot be mocked or fooled, John. He knows the genuine-ness of your motives… as if you could fool God by pretending to repent. What mankind needs is to see and recognize their sin the way God sees it. Only then will men begin to realize their true spiritual condition and realize there is no hope except through the substitutionary atonement of Christ. When man recognizes that his own goodness cannot earn heaven, but Christ’s can, will he/she be able to see the value of God’s offer. When mankind recognizes their debt before God, they will the see the high cost of God to secure their salvation, and they will respond by living a life that demonstrates their appreciation for what God has done for them.

          Salvation for mankind came at the highest cost, of which most men will reject, even though the offer is free… which is interesting that you would recognize that, but still reject and mock it, as do most people. It is the greatest offer mankind will ever get. Who is the greater fool? The one who never recognizes the gracious offer of God, or the one that recognizes it but rejects it anyways?

        6. So all you have to do is really believe it? I can commit murder then really believe I am repenting and love God and I will be forgiven? All you need to do is convince yourself that you “really mean it”?

          Considering I don’t believe in your religion, I don’t recognize it.

        7. Even scripture talks about using grace as a license to sin. The whole book of Romans talks about that very thing John. It exposes the lies, such as your arguments, to justify the acts that you do. What I’m saying is that a recognition of sin as God sees it has an impact on how people act in the future. That’s what the book of Romans talks about.

          The reason many people don’t recognize Christianity is because they refuse to see their sin as being as heinous before God as it truly is. Only when you look at the law, the way Paul did, will you actually see your sin as being “exceedingly sinful.” It was only when Paul looked at God’s law did he see how far from “good” he really was. The reason many people reject Christianity is because it doesn’t pat their egos into believing that they are better off spiritually than they really are. It doesn’t make them feel better about themselves, and makes them abhor the fact that they themselves can’t do anything to correct the spiritual problem they all have. It’s only what God has done that man has any hope. But like Ravi Zacharias quotes, “God could have given man 1000 ways to get to heaven, but man would have wanted 1001. Not because of the limitation of God, but because of the limitation of man to accept the way that God has provided.”

          The reason you don’t recognize “my religion” is because you don’t see your sin for what it is. Christ came not to save the healthy (those that do not see their sin sickness for what it is), but rather the sick (those that actually recognize their sin).

        8. John pulls the race-card in justify the death of a toddler.

          John – You are truly a lost cause.

        9. I say make an example out of them that won’t soon be forgotten. Pretty desperate when you pull the race card there, rev. notsosharpton.

        10. Actually, I pulled the reverse race card to the person I responded to, who, pulled the race card. How’s that reading comprehension coming?

        11. John Are you really serious with what you just said or are you one sick, sad, pathetic person. Race has nothing to do with what those boys done. Why is race used for every situtation, Killing an innocent baby or person for that matter, doesn’t mean a thing no matter your black, white, asian, or anyother nationality, they are one sick piece of sh*t. No matter their race they have no right to breathe another day!

        12. The poster above me mentioned race! Ask him why he brought it up. My comment was to point out that it SHOULDNT be a race question. Obviously you didn’t pick up on that.

      7. the poster named John is a troll. his only goal and purpose is to cause
        endless argument. please dont feed the trolls it fills up space with
        crap so no one will read any comments.

      8. Um, hey John ya ever notice your ratio of ups to downs? What kind of economy would you like to replace the free market with? And who gets to control it, John? John, can’t you come up with at least ONE intelligent post?

        1. We need more oversight, obviously, as we learned after the 2008 financial crisis. Or do you think that is just a normal thing that can’t be avoided?

        2. John, you are SOOOooo lost, my friend. It’s corrupt, self-seeking “oversight” which CAUSED the debacle. We need LESS “oversight!” We need to restore freedom to this free country. The free market works quite nicely when it is truly free. It is an ingenious deception which has been perpetrated on you! The free market works great – they corrupt the free market so it fails – and you, right on cue, ask them to enslave you some more to protect you from freedom! Wake up John!!!!

        3. You mean companies were engaging in risky practices to increase their profit margins because there was too much oversight?


        4. You mean government forced lenders to make bad loans because the market was allowed to operate freely? Oh, I see now – thanks!

        5. They made bad loans because they were forced to further the government’s objectives. But you already knew that – and you’re living proof of their success!

        6. “They made bad loans because they were forced to further the government’s objectives”

          What objectives? What are you talking about?

        7. I’ve had enough fun with you for 1 day, John. Run along now – I hear your mommy calling … :-)

        8. So you can’t answer my question? Like usual, when you are called out to explain your ignorant claims, you retreat. Stick to insulting me, you obviously aren’t capable of contributing to the conversation.

        9. Pearls and swine, John – pearls and swine, my lost friend …
          You don’t bring any serious questions or discussion – you’re just an ignorant troll. Hopefully you will come out of your trance some day …

        10. Go ahead. Explain the passages. Wouldn’t you be able to do this, considering your site is all about religion? You must have a strong background in it, why can’t you answer the most elementary questions like explaining those passages I quoted?

        11. John, you’re just an immature, stalking troll. You don’t want the answers. You just want trouble. If I thought for a moment you would consider the answers I’d spend as much time with you as I could. I have ministered in jail and aftercare, sometimes for a year and a half on a daily basis for hours with an individual who was willing. It doesn’t take a genius to see what you’re up to, John. Everyone on these blogs has called you out for it. And BTW, I have nothing to do with “religion.” “Religion” is one of the greatest stumbling blocks to true relationship with God. But John, seriously, if you would really like to know, here’s just 1 place of who knows how many where you can get your answers. I’ve put a lot of effort and time into it. It’s easy to follow and understand, yet thorough. It isn’t a scholastic, intricate offering. You can work through it easily at your leisure. But if you don’t really want the answers, don’t waste your time.

        12. You can’t spend 2 minutes explaining one of those passages? Why am I the only one who does work around here? Any time you are asked to explain yourself, you run away and resort to insulting me.

        13. You need to grow up, John. You need some concerned adults around you who will help you. You’re embarrassing yourself on here. I’ve spent years and thousands of hours answering much tougher “questions” than yours. I referred you to some of that work. Your “questions” aren’t questions at all. And addressing them in a forum like this is impossible. Read what I referred you to. If you really want answers, I have done all the work you need. Now I am moving on. I’ll let you take your parting shot. Make it good. Doesn’t hafta be accurate or true or logical or make sense. I won’t respond to you anymore so do what you will.

        14. Thanks for starting your post with 3 sentences of insults, again. Is that a Christian thing? Or is that just your lack of maturity?

          You say you have answered much tougher questions than mine, but I ask you to spend 2 minutes explaining why you said those passages are misinterpreted and you respond that it is “impossible”. Didn’t you say it was misinterpreted? Don’t you have a reason for saying that? Are you not able to type that reason?

          I asked you a specific question about the passages I mentioned and you want me to read through your entire website? How does that make sense?

      9. If you don’t love it, what the hell are you doing in this country? There are plenty of communist countries you can go to practice your crap, but all you like to do is talk!!

    2. You forgot: low IQ, gang mentality and peer pressure by others of the same ilk, arrogance enhanced by the potus, and an outright disregard for human life. May he get the death penalty and rot in hell.

      1. May they BOTH get the death penalty. Death is permanent and so should their punishment be PERMANENT! Why incarcerate both or either; they MUST die like dogs that they are. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. They can never bring that woman’s baby back to her.

        1. Please do not insult dogs like that. Dogs, at least, are loyal and give unconditional love as long as they are not raised by people like Michael Vick.

        2. Should add that the dogs that the beast Vick tortured were rescued and most became part of loving homes. Even their torture did not make them vicious—he tortured them to try to make them vicious, but it wasn’t their nature. BUt some people do have evil natures.

        3. The black culture is one of the lowest cultures in the world and all life is cheap in their world. These are people most of us would never allow in our homes, near our children and especially near pets. And you may call me a racist. Have been one my entire life. Served with blacks during the Vietnam War…didn’t trust them then and sure as hell don’t trust them today. Call me racist…I don’t care.

        4. A friend of mine who served in Nam said Blacks were exactly as portrayed as in The Movie Platoon ( cowards )

        5. I have posted my experiences with blacks during the Viet War, and thousands of posts later, only one marine has responded on their side. Very few white Army vets will disagree with me. They know the truth about these people.That was then….don’t know about today’s military.

        6. Since there are so many of them in the military, that is probably why I am always reading about some cruel thing they do to animals to kill time. Just saw a video where they induced a stray dog to go sniffing where they had planted a bomb and watched hysterically when it blew up. The mentality, thus the cruelty level of men in the military has plunged. I can’t imagine men of the WW2 generation thinking it is funny to blow up a dog or throw a puppy off a cliff and record it.

        7. I agree with you. They will act like your friend, look you right in the eyes and lie their heads off. They are born liars. To shoot a baby between the eyes takes a special kind of evil, something even Ted Bundy wouldn’t possess. These creatures need to die and slowly!!

        8. What do we expect, they are just going along with our culture that thinks babies are worthless globs of flesh. If it is okay for mommy to have an abortion (kill a baby) then it must be okay to kill a baby, regardless how old. That is how our kids think now days.

        9. You can rest assured that a large segment of the population agrees with you ! Obama has done his race more harm than good by encouraging racism and demonstrating such horrendous inability as he has !

      2. I doubt if IQ has anything to do with it. There are many geniuses who simply cannot function in society. Many times they don’t have enough common sense to tie their shoes, yet they are actually brilliant.

        The root of this evil is coming straight from Hell. satan is having his heyday with a country that has turned its back on God. We are reaping what we have sown. The mocking of God, the Bible, and everything good and righteous is taking its toll.

        School children are not taught of our real history and heritage, cannot name the three branches of government, eighth graders can barely spell simple words.. but they know everything there is to know about drugs and sexual perversion.

        And our most innocent are the ones to suffer.

        Nothing can turn this around except a genuine and complete spiritual turnaround, back to Jesus Christ. We must get back to God or we will die as a country. All the politics, laws, ideas, jobs, money, or anything else-will have no effect. Only a true spiritual revival will save America. And nothing else.

        1. According to paulcooijmans.com, IQs between 80-89: “This is also the I.Q. range most associated with violence. Most violent
          crime is committed by males from this range. This does not imply that
          all males in this range are violent, nor that all violent males are in
          this range. But when the modal I.Q. of a group is in this range, one may
          expect trouble with with many male members of that group.” Check it out!

        2. I don’t care what this website says, this little speck of shiite needs to be fed to the gators in the okefenokee. I will then personally guarantee he won’t pull this crap again. God bless you, little Antonio. RIP.

        3. And that is the IQ of the majority of kids in NYC high schools (except for the specialized high schools).

        4. The answer is not religion, but for blacks to stop blaming white racism for all of their problems. It’s the black sub-culture of failure that explains why so many blacks fail to thrive in America white whites and Asians are much more succesful.

        5. You’re right, the answer is not religion.. the Answer is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. “Repent, believe and Christ receive”.

        6. Thank you, edc! You took the words right out of my mouth.

          The answer is NOT “religion” as the world views things. Rather, the answer is to be found within the pages of the Bible: “the power of God unto salvation” (Romans 1:16).


        7. Or it could just be IQ, or their mommies were drunken sluts or mommy was a crackhead or dope addict. Or…. I don’t care, there is no excuse for shooting an INFANT in the face. If fire ants have invaded Georgia, stake his reptilian waste of naked flesh out next to a large fire anthill, pour some honey on his eyes and crotch, cut out his tongue and kick the anthill. And then leave.

        8. See: That’s the problem. You liberals are too soft. I can think of fifty ways this scum would pray for death. You, my friend, are too soft. And why would you leave? Sell tickets and shoot a video. Make it mandatory to watch in every school. Then this little tough punk will have served a purpose on this planet. Can’t wait for the tears to start flowing. Bonfire Of The Vanities? He didn’t pee in the principal?

        9. I can tell you this, even the worst gangsters / inmates hate baby killers.

          If these clowns thought they be gangsta day got anotha thing comin’ when day git to prison.

        10. Sounds too good for these rotten damn inhuman lowlifes, but I would enjoy watching this event. Watching this would be enjoyable as these worthless pieces of debris would be in the agony that they truely deserved.

      3. The death sentence is even to good for scum like this. How about draw and quarter, SLOWLY. I think he should be caned daily until he is drawn and quartered.

    3. You forgot the main problem, liberal democrats with power to make more liberal democrats for power at the voting booth. Democrats in general, and democrats period. All are morally bankrupt.

    4. You ALL miss the point of the article… and that is turning back to God, accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and start living as close to a sinless life as you possibly can! We are not perfect, we cannot live a perfect sinless life as Jesus did, but for our own sakes’, let’s TRY! What a bunch of idiots to want to bicker over the reasons why (as posted in the OP), when the bottom line is… it’s the heart of the perpetrator that is blackened by sin.

      1. I thought it more we are all as bad as this evil slug clinging to the bottom link of the food chain and found it insulting.

    5. And instead of shooting him and giving him swift justice at the end of a rope we give him cable, three squares, and computers. Even if he does get death penalty it’s 14-20 years before execution. Sorry but it should not be that expensive; hang him or shoot him and send the bill to his family.

      1. There was a time when a punk like him would not last 1 year in jail. Let’s see if the “boys” in Georgia still have some juice.

    6. He hates white people, as liberals and black activists say white racism is responsible for all black people’s failures. There is much more black on white crime than the reverse, but the liberal MSM covers up this fact. This would be a major story if the baby had been black and the perp white.

      1. You hit the problem on the Nail Head Shane. Turn the situation around and watch Al Sharpton get his Racist Ass involved.

    7. I’ll add to that: the high probability that they watched their mamas abort multiple unborn siblings, thus, learning contempt for human life, AND the fact that they don’t think THEIR lives might be in jeopardy as punishment for this heinous act. May they rot.

    8. You forgot the main cause. The Democratic Party a.k.a. the Southern Confederacy, the Klan. When laws no longer allowed using murder and fear to control their voting block they started using hand outs, not to be confused with hand ups. It robs a person of his self worth, pride, the ability to make life’s most simple decisions, and brings out the worse in one’s sole.

      Before these hand outs a Black American was less likely to have a baby out of wedlock than any other race. Now 8 of 10 Blacks are born without fathers. Before hand outs the Black American family was stronger and more religious than any other race in America. They are housed in crime and drug infested rat holes they have little chance of ever escaping. To keep the party of the poor poor traitors to their race as Jessey, Al, and Lou are there to put the blame on these peoples problems on everybody and anybody but the ones truly at fault. Out of the 70 government welfare programs 69 have proven to make one excepting the program worse off than he was before being on it. To prove everything I have said just look at the aftermath of Katrina.

      Until these people get a clue it will only get worse.

      1. ….take your Southern Confederacy reference and “stick it”! The Klan was started by Democraps to counter carpetbaggers, but then got off the “righteous path”.

        Just shows that you are not as knowledgeable as you attempt to portray yourself. The vast majority of confederates/southerners would be as patriotic and conservative as any conservative today.

    9. You nailed it. Let me add that Obama and his Negro thugs in charge have helped fan the flames of racial hatred especially for black on white violence. We all know the Obama’s hate white America. These two scumbags who killed a defenseless white child did so because they hate whites. There are many of us southern whites who are heavily armed and when race war begins, I will not be taking any prisoners.

    10. I think living on entitlements gives a strong sense of entitlement and a huge UNEARNED self-esteem which is possibly THE ONLY THING THIS POS LEARNED IN SCHOOL

    1. You know, it’s ok for Christians to talk amongst themselves and remind each other what evil is and what a relationship with God will do for a human spirit. This is religious freedom on the inet. Your intolerance and mocking of religious expression is just an example of …well, an example of not following basic American beliefs in freedom and just plain human civility.

  6. Is it possible that there are some truly evil, sick people in the world and that nothing in human power can be done with them? If so then I’d say this monster qualifies…Only God can deal with this kind of criminality..

  7. Little Antonio is in a much better place, and although tragic, now he won’t have to go through the hell of living out his life in this sewer we call America. Fliteking got it right. Everything we hold dear has been diluted by the liberals and lack of accountability and moral values. This is necessary for the second coming. The author has it right.

  8. “Events like the shooting of little Antonio not only shows us the depravity of mankind,”

    No, it just shows us a psychopath, one devoid of empathy, lacking a conscience, and seeking to take what you have. 4% of the population are sociopaths, who lack empathy and a conscience (not seeking to take but to control), or psychopaths. This boy clearly saw the baby as a thing to be removed as payment for not receiving money.

    No amount of religion can teach a person empathy, just as you cannot teach common sense.

    This is exactly why we need the ability to self-defend as the world will never be free of such natural evil, let alone the other non-sociopathic, evil people out there.

  9. There is a black poet in NY who wrote a small poetry book, “On the Road To Damascus.” His name is Gerren Lyles (Liles?). He explains that Blacks, literally, hate themselves for being black and protect their hate towards white people.
    The evil blacks that did this had NO REASON to shoot a child…a baby…unfortunately, they received the Obama/Holder tyranny to direct and/or indirect permission from the man in the WH that it is okay to hate white people and kill them; and nothing will happen to them. HE WANTS this type of chaos and will stand by those who commit it by “omission” of his declaring it as evil and wrong.

  10. I love it when liberals believe that humans are basically good. I ask anyone who thinks humans are basically good… “Do you have to sit down and teach your kids how to lie? Do you sit down and teach your kids to not share their toys? Do you sit down and teach your kids how to think selfishly?” Of course not! We have to teach and remind constantly the need to tell the truth, share, and think of others. Why? Because the opposite comes… well… just naturally. Duh. And if morality is relative and unstable, changing with circumstances, so will a person’s morality and justification for the evil they do. And then we’re shocked when such crimes are committed?!

  11. Adults who still believe in a magic God! Why didn’t your magic man throw down a miracle?

    There are no gods. The reason why it happened was that there is easy access to guns thanks to the NRA.

    1. we the people,who are the real government.the lord has sent down a miracle my two lovely daughters,and now their 3 lovely children.talk about miracles,theres 5 miracles standing right in front in me.yea thou i walk in the valley of the shadow of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

    2. I hope you realize that at the end of a gun was a person that pulled the trigger. There are no guns in prison. God gave man free will to make decisions….some make evil ones…

    3. Atheism is a religion that professes to believe in no god, but in fact, each atheist believes themselves to be their individual god. They substitute their own morals and law keeping based on what they approve of, rather than the laws and morals of the nation or society they live in. The fastest growing element in atheism is members of the homosexual community. As a group, they are intolerant, bigoted and tyranical.

    4. Knowing God created Reality is a big help in dealing with the problems of every day life. Knowing life’s purpose is very useful in determining how to live. Your problem is your lack of knowledge and denial of cause leaves you with no way of proving anything is “right or wrong” If it’s OK to kill humans any time it’s OK to kill humans any other time. Once the window is opened the concept of “rights” no longer means anything and getting caught is the only crime.

      The left murdered fifty five million children since Roe and obsesses over “gun control” in a vain attempt to hid this fact. The media provides endless coverage of the trial of a woman accused of killing a man who had a chance to defend himself and completely ignores the trial of a serial killer of infants because the truth would undermine “abortion rights”.

  12. Maybe the kids are using their great President as a role model… you know the lying one that is guilty of treason and sedition? The one that is guilty of the Benghazi murders and the Fast and Furious murders? The one that has no respect for the laws of our land or our constitution? Yes, that one…

    1. That one….the one who as a senator always voted for the late-term abortions and for the law to say it’s ok to kill a child that survives an abortion? Yes, that one.

  13. Well, I’m a former inner-city teacher, and my first response would be “a hatred for Whites, which was ingrained in this teen by those closest to him during his upbringing.” Another reason may be that this teen’s belief system made him assume that a toddler was more like a doll than an actual living being and therefore the shooting was not a murder.” I hope this teenager spends at least 40 years of his life behind bars.

  14. This was obviously a hate crime perpetrated by blacks against whites. Give these punks the extra penalties that “hate crime” legislation is intended to give. Whites in Georgia obviously need to carry more weapons as this becomes common.

  15. Well duh, being raised as a democrat had everything to do with this horrible act. This is the type of person that is voting for those who are currently mis-leading our country.

  16. When congress shows no respect to others and pass laws stomping on human rights is it no wonder that some people also learn and mimic their behavior? Behavior, both good and bad, comes from the top down whether it’s from congress, peers, or parents. Of course mental health also enters the picture.

  17. A good portion of blacks today think they can get away with anything especially when it’s committed against whites. The outcry would be deafening if it were reversed. That’s the mentality.

  18. Should this not simply be considered a “Hate Crime”? Oh wait, I forgot only Whites can commit “Hate Crimes”.

  19. I have been born again and will spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus, but the Evil in this Nation has taken Millions of Americans down the path to hell..!!! When I attempt to speak to people about Jesus they look at me like I have 3 heads. Jesus, I believe, has removed the restraining Power of the Holy Spirit off our Nation and Satan now is running things. Just look at who is running the WH, and Congress!

  20. The liberal mentality that no one is responsible for their own actions or situation, and that everyone is responsible for you except you. That is the basic cause and it will get worse.

  21. Discipline and self discipline and a justice system that allows this type behavior. It was 1972 when the State of Delaware took the whipping post off the books. We now have judges that slap the wrist, under ten years for murder, and put prisoners into the fenced heath club. It was in the news of late the released prisoners were trying to get back into prison. The teens think they are hero’s doing this type of crime. Our justice system needs some immediate overhaul.

  22. The person (monster) that shot a defenseless baby in the head is pure evil and does not need to be walking this earth. May justice be swift.

  23. First I heard of this. Read the first few sentences, and I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that the murderer is one of our darker, more nappy headed Americans. What a county. Martin Luther King would be so proud. Poor guy is rolling over in his grave. Of course, he’s a joke now to black America. To them, Sharpton and Jackson are real men, MLK is the new Uncle Tom.

    Hey, it’s been OK to kill whitey for a long time.
    Whiteys head is on the chopping block, and he’s going peacefully.

    Here’s a query:
    If Iran detonated a small thermo-nuclear device in the middle of DC,
    would that be a reason to go to war ?

  24. Only immoral people with guns kill anyone, bet they didn’t have a background check or buy the gun, any odds on that, gun grapping cool-aid drinkers on the hand out plantation of all races and colors bow at the altar of their masters in the left wing party and those that are RINO’s, go pound dirt and let the gangsters run you.

  25. Why? I don’t think it’s all that hard to figure out. Over the course of my adult lifetime, many of the principals instilled by teachers grades 1 – 12 of my generation have been forbidden in the public schools because some ACLU nitwit deemed them to be the establishment of religion by the government. The “Golden Rule” was posted for all to see. I don’t ever remember seeing the 10 Commandments posted in school but they were used often as a behavioral reference.We started the day with the pledge of allegiance and daily prayer. Yes, in public school. Again. the murdered Madelaine Murray and the ACLU stripped those things away also. The Progressives have turned our children into a generation or two of youngsters that respect almost no one, respect no religion, have no religion other than self gratification, and have few if any, moral boundaries. The kid that shot the baby – he just acted out his version of “Billy Bad Ass” in order to gain street creds. He’d rather be respected and feared by street thugs than to be respected by Christians and the solid citizenry at large. This erosion of our society is right where the Progressives want us. The breakdown in our social fabric and the violence therefrom is how they are leveraging disarming our law abiding citizens. The intend to fully control us. I want to know how many people they will have to kill in order to disarm the bad guys as well.

  26. It’s ’bout gettin’ near time for a little “Law West of the Pecos” in these cities with these gangs and the BLACK SCUM that killed this little boy. I say that if and when they find them, a PUBLIC EXECUTION is in order. LOCK UP THE PARENT/PARENTS TOO. Send a “message” WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!

  27. as Jesus said when in person on earth, this is “just the beginning of sorrows”.
    to get the big picture on this at a nation- & world-wide level, i urge all asap to get a hold of
    The Great Controversy (free online read also), authored by ellen gould white.
    be blessed!

  28. There is absolutely no mystery why a young black thug would kill a non-black baby: racism!

    There are two strongly presumptive indications supporting such a motivation.

    First, if the baby had been black, it is almost a certainty that the black thug would not have killed it.

    Second, if the situation were reversed, with a white thug killing a non-white baby, there would be no hesitation by the liberal media or the professional purveyors of hate and bribery to eagerly and clearly label the killing as racist. If it’s racist for a white, it is racist for a black.

  29. This ia a POS person who think they are a man shooting a helpless baby But wait they are black & we have a black devil in the WH!

  30. What made those teens kill an innocent baby? Duh? A non-thorough background check (according to the Liberals). Seriously…the answer is …Hate.

  31. family core value [no daddy] decay, no self respect, no respect for life, no respect for themselves, arrogant attitude propagated by this half breed potus. Thinking they have the power now;; a few dead ni666gers will solve this .

  32. The root cause are morally bankrupt, liberal/progressive democrats with too much power to sway the public. This is their religion. Christians and Christ don’t count or even make and inroad into their phony “I love you and here is a fish for today” offerings.

  33. Hanging Judge Parker of Fort Smith Arkansas (1875) said (paraphraze), “it’s not the severity of the punishment that deters criminals, it’s the certainty.” Judge Parker meted out both. I could never do what these animals did because of my faith in God and certain eternal punishment for my act in the hereafter, plus being raised to know right from wrong and getting the certainty of the punishment at the hands of my father who taught me (and mother) right from wrong based on Christian teachings and morality.

  34. more of obamas kids out having fun when do we tell like it is the black kids are completely out of control and they do not have any morals they hate white america most dont even know who their father is as far as that goes neither does their mother

  35. My sympathy to that mother. I have lost the company of a daughter and grandchildren through nothing more than “disrespect”. This generation seems to be fixated on this for some reason. They live by the code of respect, or what they perceive respect to be. So now my daughter stays away and does not allow us the pleasure of a grandson. She has even broken ties with her own sister and nieces and nephews. We don’t understand what happened really but there is nothing we can do about it since these leftist politicians have taken away the rights of grandparents. So we can only believe that RESPECT means more to them than someones life. Man will never be able to correct our problems. They are too big. But God will be able to correct the world.

  36. I am waiting for Obozo to tell us that if he had a son he would look like this black kid. Where is Jackson and Sharpton when a white kid is killed? If that baby was black and the shooter was white they would be outraged! This civil rights thing is going to come back to haunt them when white people get enough of it. Why is it that black people love to harm people who can’t defend themselves and they are in a gang. They get courageous then. But when they are up against someone who has a gun or stronger than they are they are afraid they will get hurt. Tribal mentality they never let go of.Makes me sick. For the first time I am ashamed of a president and first lady who have done everything they can to divide this country they are racially biased and have no ethics. I pray for the day when they both get booted out of the WH.

  37. Another thing that probably contributed to this animal’s disgusting action. Rampant abortion! If you have no decency with regard to an unborn child, its not a very big step to have no decency with a one-year-old. Our culture has become a culture that has cheapened life and its sanctity.

  38. The words of the Black Panthers “Kill the crackers, kill all the white babies”! These are the animals that Eric Holder dropped all charges of voter intimadation in Philly! These are the same animals that went to Fla. to place a bounty dead or alive, that Holder ignored! I believe the radical minorities are getting false courage to kill, rob, threaten etc. believing the Obama adminstration has their back!

  39. Thanks for this Godfather. Takes guts in a country this anti-christian to print this. If the boy who pulled the trigger in not in mental anguish he is too desensitized to save. Live imprisonment is what we need to do. Of course determine we have the right man.

  40. Oh gee they were black and had an illegal gun, go figure. Talk about mentally instable. I’ll bet the big burr head said if I had a son it would just like these savages. some days I don;t know who;’s my worst enemy the govt. or the savages on the street

  41. If you are a Believer, NOW IS THE TIME TO PRAY, like your Lives depended on it. If your a Patriot, Now is the time to get some DEFENCE. The Lord never told us to be a door mat. He told us we have a duty to protect those he gives us to watch over till his return. Yes, we are to Love our Enemies, even to death if need be. I’m sorry to say this, but the reason black youth and even the Adults are the way they are today, is because it was a Plan by the Elite to Destabilize America, and you know what, It’s Working. The Power Brokers over America, has been working behind the scenes to destroy this country and all it stands for, and to turn EVERYONE into the New Slaves. If only White America had the Balls to stand up in unison, as the Blacks do so easily, the People of America would be Free again, in short order. Well, unless your ready to give all to defend your and your families freedom from the Oppressive Beast, your Useless to the cause, and deserve neither Freedom or Security.

  42. Because of the Gays and the Athiests we have now raised a generation of God hating youth with no moral direction in life. They don’t care about anyone or anything and have no morals at all.

    How do you like this new generation – they are so hell bent on destroying everything good in this country that they cannot possibly survive. They are more than willing to sell their hard won freedoms and liberties for a debit card and a phone. Personally, I think they suck.

  43. Did anyone take notice? White baby, black teenagers. We white people better start worrying about protecting ourselves and our children. No one else is. Can you imagine what the situation would be had it been 2 white teenagers that shot a black baby. I am one who believes you do not enter the black jungle without a weapon. Kill some of these animals and send them home to their maw’s in body bags. Eventually we will eliminate all of them.

  44. The young blacks are taught by their schools, their churches, and their government to hate the white man and his culture. They expect a pass from the law in return for not rioting. The church would at least be expected to teach not to kill little ones. Pure evil afoot.

  45. what bothers me is that he shot the child right between the eyes if that report is true. that is cold and calculating. diane feinstein should have read her speech on law abiding gun confiscation at the scene of the crime. a country without God is no country. The 15 year old belonged to the street. he could have been saved in church. No God no country.

  46. How many other helpless animals and humans did this low-life practice on first.
    When it is this serious he needs to be put down — what do you think???? Me yes!

    1. Shamir Shabazz stood outside a Philly voting precinct and was screaming “Kill White Cracker babies” through a megaphone. It was the same time they were harassing white voters going into vote. Holder gave him a pass on it and he was never arrested. I was also informed recently that nation of islam preachers have also been known to preach inilation of the white race and their babies and their congregations often errupt in applause.

  47. One reason is that blacks have been told to hate white people. They are obsessed with race. Looking at the other comments here, many other reasons are listed, and they have merit. All point to one fact: the black community is a disaster.

  48. The predominant black culture is what makes teenagers shoot a baby in the head. The aimless wandering Hip Hop irresponsible male impregnating the unmarried welfare mother (usually on drugs) with zero parenting skills. What could possibly go wrong with the offspring of this?

  49. If you want to know why they shot the baby remember they are the 47% who got stuff from the democrats. And I’m sure that who ever raised these pitiful excuses for human beings told them “All white people are rich”. And as you can see by the baby’s photo, he is white. There you have it in a nutshell. His mother said “he’s a good boy, he wouldn’t do that.” Yes he did and HE IS NOT A GOOD BOY. NEITHER IS THE OTHER LITTLE GANSTA and his mother is a worthless piece of horse hockey. I’m sure she voted for the Liar-In-Thief.

  50. Compound that sin nature with being raised to believe he was entitled to whatever he wanted, and that there would be no consequences to his actions; that violence is “acceptable” even toward other humans, especially “black on white” since Obama and Holder both stated flatly that “black on white” crimes would NOT be prosecuted by that administration back in ’10! That’s why this kid shot a baby! To him that baby had NO value at all!

  51. Yes, all these things are true: bad upbringing and bad environment, however to fully understand and be able to help (if one wants to), you must understand scripture. ALL mankind has fallen short of God’s loving fellowship and blessings in abundance. Therefore, the only reason we exist is because of John 3:16. So, here we have it: there are only two classes of people in the entire world: those that believe and accept God’s living Word of Truth, and those that deny it. For there is no amount of good one does that can allow that person to live with God eternally, and there is no amount of bad that can stop God from loving that same person. The lamb sacrifice has been already made and received from our Almighty God. His name is Jesus!

    1. The police may look bewildered and confused, but they know it was a hate crime against WHITES, and they know these crimes are on the increase.

  52. Good grief, we had a roaring free market economy after WW2 and society lived within moral boundaries that followed Christian principles. Progressive liberals tried an overt approach in the 1960s to spread their amorality and when that failed, they infiltrated our educational institutions and media to accomplish their agenda over generations. The only hope we have as conservatives is to take these institutions back from liberal control. We have to win the minds and hearts of the young because the older generations of liberals are set in their ways. Teach your children the truth about this great country and testify to the Lord our God at every opportunity.

  53. Let’s do a little review: 2 BLACK teenagers TARGETED a blonde WHITE woman with a BLONDE-haired blue-eyed WHITE BABY for ROBBERY. The eldest BLACK teenager (age 17), shot the BABY squarely BETWEEN the eyes at POINT-BLANK range. Who can say this was not a HATE CRIME??

    1. Unfortunately the Left leaning Liberalism in the “Christian” who wrote this “Politically correct interpretive article” is attempting to keep the peace by not going to the issue.

      A Black teenage with a gun deliberately kills a white baby after telling the babies white mother what he is going to do”

      Compare that to the police reports you know where “A Black Teenager kills a black baby after telling his black mother what he is going to do”

      We know that there are no such comparisons and this incident is screaming something else is happening. First we have four years of increasing attacks on whites by black mobs; now we have a crime that is again breaking obvious ground.

      The writer wrote this smarmy dodge predisposed to avoid the obvious preferring instead the political correctness that only makes things worse – until it is to late.

      1. So, Italians aren’t white? Man, I know A LOT of my dago friends are going to be in the mood to give your dumbass an education. European Spaniards aren’t white? You should really get out of your mom’s basement more frequently. There are millions of blonde haired, blue eyed latins in Spain, Northern Italy, Romania, France and Portugal. Take a trip to Northern Italy or Barcelona.

        1. Well, many of my friends of Italian descent do not consider dago an ethnic slur. I asked one what was considered offensive, and his reply was only one term, wop.

      1. Its okay John, I got this…
        Kitt, you see a Hate Crime only occurs when a WHITE person acts in either a criminal (or non criminal) way toward one of the Democrat Party’s “protected” group – which include Blacks, Mexicans, Homosexuals, Lesbians, (but not, for some reason, Asians), Illegal Immigrants (as long as they are not WHITE) and, basically anyone who isn’t WHITE who religiously votes for the Democrat Party.
        So, sad to say, this atrocity, as heinous as it may appear to be on the surface, is obviously NOT a hate crime.

        1. Look up the definition of a hate crime. It has to do with the motivation of an attack being based on race/religion/sexuality.

          Did anyone read this article? The lady was mugged for money.

        2. How do you know what was in the minds of these monsters? How does anybody know what is in the mind of anyone who commits a crime? How do you know that they didn’t decide to rob her simply because she was white?

        3. They didn’t wait for evidence in the case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin?
          My point here (and perhaps I’m being a bit too nuanced) is that so-called Hate Crime laws are political tools, not instruments of justice. Does it really make this poor little baby any less dead, the crime any less heinous, if these street scum killed him because he was white?

          I don’t think so, but hey, I’m not a doctor!

        4. The point is to increase punishment if someone commits a crime based on hate.

          Zimmerman was never charged with a hate crime, what are you talking about?

  54. Apparently, the author of this
    article is a religious zealot.

    Using this horrendous event to say that:

    “We’re filthy sinners, blackened by the vileness of our
    thoughts and deeds.”
    (To make the extrapolation from this event to that
    characterization of humanity is moronic, at best, but more appropriately should
    be described as an insidious and pathetic perception of an extremely twisted
    mind. Need I remind all that there are
    320 million people in our nation, alone.
    Unfortunately, the media gets more “mileage” by pointing out
    the most unattractive phenomena.)

    ” As such, our only guarantee in life is to spend eternity in
    Hell because of our sins.”
    (If there is a Hell, I am quite confident the author will become
    one of its residents.)

    “According to Scripture, just one sin in a lifetime is enough
    to separate us from God in this life and throughout eternity. No one is capable
    of living a perfect sinless life, meaning that every person in history is
    condemned to Hell.”
    (LOL…., this idiot-like person is suggesting that God created entities
    that he KNEW could only fail. What kind
    of God is he depicting??)

    “Events like the shooting of little Antonio not only shows us the
    depravity of mankind, but also reminds us that we are in such dire need of a
    Savior and that Savior is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.”
    (The shooting was beyond horrendous, but to paint ‘mankind’ with
    this event is light-years beyond ludicrous!)

    These two sociopaths should be studied to determine the provenance of their developments.

    Finally, the author of this “piece” should be studied, in the same manner AND I find it incredible that this got past any rational editor.

    Now to take a long hot shower……………………………


    1. Perhaps the editor agrees with Voltaire who said, “I may disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”. I can understand just how foreign this concept is to you if you spend all your time at “progressive” blogs and news sites.

      1. gmg…how presumptuous of you to “assume” how and where I spend my time.

        Do you always tell people with whom you dialog what they are thinking???

        My participation is limited to seeing the article and responding thereto.


        You couldn’t take the time to indicate that with which you disagree, i.e., you just spew some meaningless nonsense. If one cannot offer incremental thoughts, perhaps it might be better to save the inane rhetoric within one’s own mind, i.e., embarrassing oneself is futile.


        1. Perhaps, you need a class in reading comprehension. I assumed nothing!

          “I can understand just how foreign this concept is to you IF you spend all your time at ‘progressive’ blogs and news sites.”

          Methinks thou dost protesth too much!

        2. gmg…, you continue your path of assumption, which is borderline stupidity.

          “IF”…, of course IF anyone did, but your offering is sad, at best.

          My last response to you, unless you have something rational to offer…………., which appears improbable.


        3. I love it when Liberals like you get caught with your proverbial pants down! You parse sentences looking for something which will, in your opinion, make your opponent look “stupid”, all the while ignore the point that was made which makes your response look petty and boorish.
          In case you had missed it (and you obviously have) my first response was directed at your remark “I find it incredible that this got past any rational editor.”. It explained what possible reason the editor might have had for printing the article you found so loathsome and examined the most likely reason for your wonderment that such an article would see the sight of day.
          In two response to my critique of your post, you have failed to offer any real defense or even address the point that was made i.e. that you, like all Liberals are uninterested in hearing any point of view but your own.
          It is you, my friend, who have nothing rational to offer to this discussion and it is you, who, with every character you type are making yourself look all the more foolish.
          But, hey, that’s okay. Just because you sound like an idiot, doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear what you have to say.

        4. REGARDING: I love it when Liberals like you get caught with your proverbial pants down!

          RESPONSE: Another assumption, i.e., your conclusion that I am a Liberal. Allow me to define my perception of Liberal: Using a Conservative as one who doesn’t want change, i.e., if it was right for my daddy and granddaddy, it’s right for me; I believe that Liberal is the concept of reviewing a matter and attempting to find a better way.

          Examples: I believe school children should wear uniforms (Liberal?)

          I would not spend the funds to incarcerate long-termers. I would send them to an island, provide seeds and shovels (Liberal??)

          I don’t think a 16-year-old should be the beneficiary of a driver’s license unless he or she has earned it with a 3.5 gpa. @ 17, a 3.2 gpa…….. duh!!!

          REGARDING: You parse sentences looking for something which will, in your opinion, make your opponent look “stupid”.

          RESPONSE: Stupid is as stupid does, and you are a glaring example. Look in the intellectual mirror and you will see………………

          REGARDING: In case you had missed it (and you obviously have) my first response was directed at your remark “I find it incredible that this got past any rational editor.”. It explained what possible reason the editor might have had for printing the article you found so loathsome and examined the most likely reason for your wonderment that such an article would see the sight of day.

          RESPONSE: My interpretation of the article is that it is inane and extremely narrow-minded…., and, yes, very, very stupid.

          REGARDING: In two response to my critique of your post, you have failed to offer any real defense or even address the point that was made i.e. that you, like all Liberals are uninterested in hearing any point of view but your own.

          RESPONSE: You are laughable. At the end, I will post a wrting that may offer you some insights to how I am your definition of a Liberal. lol

          REGARDING: But, hey, that’s okay. Just because you sound like an idiot, doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear what you have to say.

          RESPONSE: I may “read” like “your” liberal, but………………



          The Democrats (“playing” the “role” of the good cops, but
          are just a different degree of bad) and the Republicans are starring in a
          playful farce designed to tenderize the People by inundating them with poorly
          designed scripts, but sadly these poorly designed scripts should be sufficient
          to accomplish the “immorality” of the play.

          Sometime, prior to August 2, 2011 (the date that our
          esteemed Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, has suggested will be the
          Armageddon date regarding the extension of the federal debt ceiling), our
          “leaders” will present a plan to mesmerize the People into a numbing acceptance
          as a coup de grace.

          This presentation will include “adjustments” to Social
          Security, which has nothing to do with our federal deficit, but can and must be
          repaired as a separate matter, dramatic reductions in Medicare (this too can
          and must be repaired as a separate item), Medicaid, more layoffs, and a 60%
          (guesstimation) rollback of the Bush tax malfeasance for those with taxable
          incomes in excess of $250,000.

          The thespian script the Republicans are following, i.e., NO TAX INCREASES, is an important piece, as it will provide the facade of them negotiating, in good faith, a resolution of the budgetary confusion. The top 0.1% of wealth-holders have fought too hard and too long to accomplish the massive shift of wealth from the middle-class to that 0.1% demographic, since 1981, to give back more than a modicum of the larceny, enabled by Congress.

          This thespian script is so infantile that no rational economist would
          sign onto it as it would destroy our economics, pure and simple. We are watching a pretend game of “chicken” and both sides (of the same coin) will “compromise”, which will be a very sad phenomenon to the United States of America.

          The “rollback” is a set-up and another get-out-of-jail-free
          card for President Obama. When Senator Obama was competing for the nomination to run in 2008, he said that he would reverse the Bush tax “cuts” (misnomer) for those with taxable incomes in excess of $250,000. He was elected. He did not admonish Nancy Pelosi to legislate this rollback. An excellent question would be to ask the reason for his reluctance to stimulate that legislation.

          The legislation was passed AFTER the November 2010 mid-term
          elections. Another excellent question would be to ask why it was not passed prior to this election.

          I posed this question to Lori Montgomery, a reporter at the Washington Post, to which she responded that she didn’t think it could have passed the House. Her assessment was absolute nonsense.

          About two months ago, after a Townhall meeting at California
          State University at Northridge, I asked my Congressman, Brad Sherman (D) the
          question. He said that there were a number of conservative Congressmen who didn’t want the vote prior to the election because they were in conservative districts. I believe that response to be nonsense, at best. I replied that the legislative effort should have been prior to the election, if for no other reason than to show the People
          that our “leaders” were attempting to do the right things. Further, I suggested if our leaders do the right things at the right times, they will be doing the best they can do and that is what the People beg of them.

          The legislation, passed by the House after the mid-term elections, stalled in the Senate because the Republicans demanded that ALL Americans deserved the continuation of the status quo.

          After a few back and forth slick dance moves, the act proceeded with President Obama signing modified legislation, which included those with taxable incomes in excess of $250,000. Although he said that he thought it wrong to continue the Bush
          cuts (misleading terminology) for those with T.I.’s in excess of $250,000, he
          signed the legislation because the Republicans were holding HOSTAGES (President
          Obama’s first get-out-of-jail-free card), i.e., the long-term unemployed and
          the taxpayers with T.I.’s under $250,000.

          The ancillary phenomenon of the “hostages” concept was the
          extremely unattractive signal President Obama offered, i.e., all an adversary
          had to do was to hold a “hostage” and this President would cave.

          Interestingly, during an interview, on January 25, 2010, by
          Diane Sawyer on ABC’s World News, President Obama said, “I’d rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president”. The signing of the legislation did not reflect the act of a strong President who wasn’t concerned about a second term.

          Thus, his handling of the 2001 Bush tax cuts (where is my Thesaurus? LOL) appears to be oxymoronic, at best. President Obama displayed his naiveté when, during the same Diane Sawyer interview, he stated, “I can guarantee that the worst thing we could do would be to raise taxes when the economy is still this weak”.

          Was he naïve or complicit in the effort to enable the continuance of our inequitable
          taxation? He could have killed the proverbial two birds with one stone, with the stone being to, immediately, reverse the Bush tax errors and to stimulate legislation that would provide a permanent tax credit equal to 100% of the Social Security taxes, paid by an employee, up to $60,000 of wages, while the two birds would be an adjustment towards a more equitable taxation and a serious economic stimulus to our economy.

          My speculation is that they (Democrats and Republicans) needed the continuation to enable the rollback, later, to paint the picture that the wealthy were contributing to the mitigation of the deficit effort, which will be presented to the People as a fait accompli. They will trumpet that the wealthy will contribute via a tax increase, which is a well planned fraud, since the 2001 tax legislation was enabled by Alan Greenspan’s lie to the Senate’s Committee on the Budget on January 25, 2001. http://www.federalreserve.gov/boarddocs/testimony/2001/20010125/default.htm

          If this immorality and poor economics were accepted and ensconced into legislation, our economic woes, which I characterize as “economic erosion”, will worsen.

          There are simple solutions to our economic malaise, but unbridled greed is blocking rational solutions from even being discussed.

          My own Congressman, Brad Sherman (D), appears to be
          complicit in this Kabuki Theatre.


          [email protected]

          Last modified July 4, 2011

  55. Wrong Question. Right question what would make a teenager even think about shooting a baby in the head! What is happening in America right now is that we are paying the price for what is been done by our progressive socialistic school systems. The Social Progressives took over our schools and educated our children and in doing so taught these children that there is absolutely no repercussions for their actions, there is no right or wrong, there is no moral or immoral action, and that respect is an outmoded and evil concept!

    You add to that a culture that glorifies violence and personifies heroes seen regularly on rap videos and popular TV shows( reality shows) that are popular with young people. You can put the blame totally on the entertainment segment of our society in fact only a small portion of the blame needs to go there with the majority of the blame goings great to our school systems . Our school systems have produced a generation of monsters or least potential monsters and release them into society with no guidance at all. The school get about 80% of the blame 10% going to the entertainment industry and the culture they produce and the other 10% go directly to parents who should never have been parents in the first place. They’re either too stupid or too lazy to be aware of what they’re children are being taught in schools or maybe they just don’t care. Unfortunately a certain segment of the society is more prone to this type of action then others. The same segment of society also has the largest percentage of dropout students in school and single-family home lives normally without a father. As I stated categorically the Sigma society that I’m pointing to I would be labeled a racist but not and if you look at the facts and figures to prove out everything I’ve said.

    The people who commit these types of crimes need to be apprehended and tried and once convicted put to death. One appeal and one appeal only. That appeal must come within eight months of the sentencing and if that appeal fails that person is put to death within four months. No convicted murderer, sexual predator of children, or violent rapist once convicted will have more than 12 months of life.? What good is there in this type of punishment if no one knows about it or if we do the same to these heinous criminals that we do to our beloved pets to stop their suffering. No more lethal injection granted legal injection can be a slight deterrent but only slight at best.

    Anyone convicted of these crimes will have the choice of one of two types of execution they may make the choice. The first choice is to be hanged and not with the hangman’s noose that would snap the person’s neck but a slipknot so that the person slowly strangles. Or they can be placed in a Plexiglas do just large enough for them to be set into having the tubes and on and in water slowly flowing into the tube .All Executions Are to Be Televised At Prime Time On All Networks No Exceptions. Also all executions are to be recorded in these recordings are to be played at every high school, every college, every university and attendance will be mandatory.

    1. Given who is currently running the Justice Department and the with the SCOTUS leaning further and further Left every day, do you really want to give the Federal Government (or any government) the power to kill its citizens? Sure, these kids actually deserve it, but think of the hundreds or perhaps thousands who could end up dead simply because the oppose the growing tyranny of the Federal Government?
      Incidents such as Ruby Ridge, and Waco, have shown that it really doesn’t matter which political party is in power (Ruby Ridge occurred during the 1st Bush administration) the Federal Government has little or no inhibition about murdering its Citizens over the most trivial of matters. We may not be able to stop a tyrannical government from slaughtering innocent Citizens, but let’s not give it our tacit approval.

    2. While I agree with your assessment I would change the percentages of blame. I believe the people who brought the person into the world (I refuse to call them parents because they are anything but parents) have the majority of the blame. Then comes the education system and the entertainment industry.

  56. What made this teenager shoot a baby right in the head without any compunction. He chose to take the path of darkness ignoring the lighted path.

  57. These people are the ones that have no respect for themselves, and less for others. They have no self worth, so they just destroy what others may have that are more than they will ever achieve. Good example is the current Federal Administration.

  58. Elkins was not robbing the baby, he was robbing Sherry West. The baby was shot as retribution for non compliance.by Sherry West. That to me makes it premeditated murder and he and his buddy in crime should hang for that. Such is the product of liberal values where nothing not wanted has no value. What a sad state America has declined to so far. ….Dennis (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

    1. I don’t even think he was robbing Sherry West. I think this was a pre-meditated gang banger initiation. If you go to Council of Conservative Citizens they have him on their homepage making a gang banger hand sign. He’s a clone of Treyvon Martin.

  59. I blame Obama and the atmosphere of black hate for whites that his administration, along with the loonies in the black congressional caucus, has created beginning in 2009.

  60. This article is absolutely right. Nothing can save our country but God—not Allah, but the Christian God whose Son Jesus taught us how to live and treat each other as we want to be treated.

  61. So many who’s first reaction is to punish severely and with suffering: “an eye for an eye”. But read this article again. What we need and indeed our only Hope is for the nation to turn back to God. And what did He teach? Love your enemies. Do good to those who do evil to you. Now I am NOT saying those who did this horrendous unthinkable crime should not be punished. They should and to the full extent of the law. Nor am I saying that what they did was anything than one of the worst crimes I’ve ever heard of. What I am saying, and I find it just as humanly impossible as I am sure you do… is to forgive them. .

  62. First of all, the media needs to stop calling them “teens” as if they are some mischevious kids rolling toilet paper or maybe letting air out of tires. These are murderous thugs devoid of any kind of conscience.

  63. You never need to post another article. Just change the title and the first paragraph and post this same article every day until people start to get the message!

  64. We live in a Godless society where people only care about themselves and their hedonistic desires. Life has no value anymore. May God have mercy on us.

  65. Wow, God help us. Stuff like this is becoming so widespread and rampant, it’s hard to see it coming. The left must love it, it’s another reason to disarm the populous and create that long awaited police state…

  66. You can can come up with many legitimate natural reasons why two young people have become so depraved that they feel comfortable callously extinguishing an innocent human life. One thing is for certain: something has gone drastically wrong in their hearts, minds, souls and spirits. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood [i.e., natural reasons], but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places [spiritual reasons].” (Ephesians 6:12) Demon possession is currently epidemic on planet Earth though few there be that recognize or understand it, there is always some kind of psychological or sociological or biochemical or environmental, etc. explanation given to explain the evil. “…when Thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.” (Isaiah 26:9b) The fact that sin, evil, crime, murder, etc. run rampant on earth shows that the inhabitants of the world have not learned righteousness, and this because man has not implemented God’s righteous judgments into his criminal justice system, which would have rooted out the evil and kept it in check. There were Old Testament provisions to execute quickly evildoers such as these two youths, no idiotic compassion shown to them, no psychobabble explanations, no attempt to foolishly rehabilitate them, just swift and just punishment. The Bible speaks of those who have given themselves over to evil to such a degree that they have become “reprobate,” i.e., that even God has given up on them because they have become incapable of repenting of their evil.

  67. What makes any person shoot a baby in the head? A sick twisted person with no morals, no ethics, no regard for human life, no regard for the law, total disrespect for themselves and others. When will they call it what it is this is black on white crime it is the same as white on black or any other nationality targeting another nationality this is entitlement cold blooded hatred racism just like all the flash mobs robbing stores blind and all the black on white beatings. It is no wonder DHS has purchased 2 BILLIONS OF AMMUNITION. The next civil war is coming all thanks to people such as Al Sharpton, Obama, Pelosi, Fienstein, Holder, and a whole host of others. This is worse than the Trayvon Martin case but I bet Obama will not condemn this action like he did George Zimmerman for his actions. America is becoming a very sick place thanks to our leadership.

    1. This would never have happened in a sane America. But now the question remains, after 50 years of cultural marxism, how do we bring America back to it’s sanity before more white children are murdered.

  68. It must be the gun. It could not possibly be the fault of the worthless piece of human debris who was wielding it.

  69. Whatever the answer is, I’m sure there would not be a shortage of volunteers for his firing squad because he gave us ample reason to shoot him in the head.

  70. its simple black on white crime again…the liberal news media is nowhere to be found…a little baby…whites need to rise-up again & go into black neighborhoods & do the same, we need to send a message to al notsosharpten & jesse jackson by killing some black babies….!!!

  71. I grieve for another white child who was sacrificed on the multicultural altar of the liberal gods of diversity, and even more for the mother who has lost her beautiful son.

  72. These savages are pure animals, products of 50 years of liberal do-goodism with perpetual assault upon our nation’s greatness, traditions, individual freedoms & responsibilities, & Christian foundations, in an agenda for a “progressive” utopia, which will , if achieved, lead to a culture where horrible, inhuman incidents of this nature are common place. Kinda like already exists in socialist African countries.

  73. These are a good example of bad seeds. Experts say a childs character is formed by the age of 5 or 6.
    The enviornment good or bad is not the answer. Every generation has managed through inventions to make living easier for the next generationI which allows more time for idleness. I personally know of a father with a family of four boys who spent most of his years in jail which left his wife to raise them by herself. Two of them were always in trouble with the law through adulthood. The other two grew up normally had families of their own that went to college. Go figure. Society has set up a system which in most cases is too lienent, especially if they are minorieties..

  74. Yes we are all sinners. But a large majority would never even contemplate such an evil act let alone carry it out. The Bible also says Hell will burn much hotter for ones as evil as this waste of good dirt. Now if we can just keep the Liberals from trying to cure him and just send him on his way to meet his maker before he’s able to preform any more atrocities the better off all us sinners will be.

  75. When are we going to stop blaming Our first parents for bringing mortality to the earth, thus bringing us? Without that transgression none of us would be here. That act also brought a knowledge of right and wrong, but also choice and consequence, which principles are not taught in a lot of homes. Christ’s atonement covered Adams (and Eves) transgression, paving the way for us to be forgiven also, IF WE TRULY repent and come unto Christ. We have to show Him we are changed.

  76. There is no real fear of the ‘death penalty’ any more either…..you’re more likely to die of old age on ‘death row’ before your sentence is carried out…..after a 2 year long murder trial, then you get into 18 to 20 years of ‘appeals’ and ‘motions’ by lawyers who are sucking on the state teat taxpayer money for all that time. And then, after all that time, they get their ticket punched while they are sleeping peacefully, being rendered unconscious before the stuff does it’s job. No, what we need is firing squads, ol’ sparky the electric chair, hanging, the gas chamber or a victim’s family member gets to shoot ’em in the guts for a nice long bleed out, to be picked on a random basis and televised on pay per view with the proceeds going to the victim’s family after a conviction and about 6 months of appeals to make sure the perp is the right perp.

    1. Only change I would make in your proposed punishment scenario is that the Pay Per View give extra close up and medical “play by play”and be available nationwide and that the execution from 3 minutes before carrying out of sentence to pronouncement of death be required live programming on all the major broadcast network channels for the state where the execution is taking place. The required programming would have to be broadcast over the air as well as on all the network cable feeds, live and in color.

  77. We are fast approaching the level of barbarism of the dark ages for the same exact reasons. Ignorance, poverty and atheism.

  78. They will blame video games, they will blame society, they will blame everything and everyone but the people at fault. This young “man” , and his, excuse the expression, parents. Or whatever you can call the humans who biologically produced this animal.
    If you dare blame these “parents”, you are called a racist. After all, he IS the product of liberal social engineering, raised by whatever relative handy, educated to some point by public schools, taught that he is a victim of society, so as a victim, he had no alternative but to survive by whatever means necessary.
    It’s not his fault, of course.
    That white woman SHOULD have given up the money. He’s entitled to it, she should have KNOWN that.
    He had a gun, he HAD to use it, you know. That’s what men do, make women do what they are told.
    It’s HER fault.
    Besides, it’s her word against his, and his aunt told the POeese he was with her at the time the kid was shot.
    He’s a good boy, she made him breakfast.
    And life goes on, And I’m a racist for posting this.

  79. It is just part of the “reprobate” thinking (Rom. 1:28) that has gripped this country since we have outlawed God and brought this sodomite thinking out in the open.

  80. First off, the mother’s “story” just smells fishy. This will turn out to be a case where the mother lied about the circumstances of the shooting. The cops will sort this out. Keep the Susan Smith case in mind while you evaluate what this woman told the cops. Wait ans see on this one.

    1. I don’t know. Unlike the Susan Smith case they were able to find the shooters. Also, there were witnesses, one of which called 911, and don’t forget, the mother was actually shot in the leg! Kind of hard to fake all of that.

    2. The neighbors heard her screaming and heard the shots. No one witnessed the direct shooting but the neighbors did witness the boys fleeing the scene. She was shot in the ear and the leg.
      The bullet grazed her scalp. A few centimeters more and it would have penetrated her skull.
      This doesn’t fit into the liberal utopian dream of all the races singing kumbaya in a multiracial society so you liberals have to fantasize your own sense of reality to reconcile your mind to the fact that blacks can be racist too. As a matter of fact, I find them bigger racists than whites.

  81. ~

    Because Way TOO Many People No-Longer Believe in the SANCTITY of each and
    Every Life In this Throw Away society…

  82. Views like those in this article are what cause murder.

    We are NOT all evil. If God loaded the dice and made us all evil sinners, then we can’t help it, and are not responsible for what we do. We were MADE that way.

    The value of a morally righteous man is more, much more than that of a sinner and murderer. If we are all sinners, then even the baby was GUARANTEED to become a sinner. So . . . this crime has no more significance than a gang war. One sinner kills another, and fortunately (also according to your inhuman views) the victim was killed before he could commit a sin, so he goes to heaven. Thus, by your viewpoint, the killer did a remarkable service to the child and its mother: he sent her child to heaven before it could sin and risk hell. The murderer, by your lights, should be given a reward.

    We live in a sick world. We live in a world which has been dominated by the view of morality your article preaches. It’s not a coincidence. Your morality is sick, depraved, and BOTH inhumane and inhuman. YOU bear the “original” guilt for events like these, for the disrespect and hatred men show their brothers.

    Justice and mercy are incompatible. You will deny it, but you are obviously not a very clear thinker. Justice and mercy have always, are now, and always will be incompatible opposites. The former gives what’s deserved, either positive or negative, and the latter gives the underserved — and in the latter case, someone innocent ALWAYS ends up paying for the injustice of the mercy granted. Mercy does NOT mean reduced or cancelled punishment in cases of extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances are FACTS, and if those facts justify (ie, IN JUSTICE) a reduced or cancelled punishment, then that is NOT mercy but justice wrongly called mercy. Just as sparing the rod can spoil a child for life, so does mercy pervert justice.

    It’s sickening to read your claim that all men are evil sinners, while you declare love for all man. OK, love the murderer then, don’t be a hypocrite and condemn him. Let him come into your church and love Jesus so that he can be saved no matter how many babies he kills. Invite HItler in, and Stalin, and why not Satan too? If your ideas were correct, then the God you revere must himself be sick, to create from nothing beings of his own choice, and to CHOOSE to load them with a susceptibility to temptation, then to tempt them, and then to torture them forever when they do succumb to the very susceptibility HE programmed into them — unless they bow their heads and say “we love you, Lord. We recognize you as the master big shot of the universe. NOW will you forgive the sins you programmed us to be susceptible to?”

    If a HUMAN did this and built little robots or used DNA to build little bitty animals which he designed to disobey him at times so that he could torture them, instead of just building happy little things, we would term him a depraved, sick, mentally disturbed evil man. But it’s OK when the Supreme Being, who should know better and who is supposed to be superior, does the same thing on a scale so massive it dwarfs what the most evil individual human could ever achieve.

    I repeat: it’s a SICK world we live in. For proof, read what you have written.

  83. As our society dechristianizes so does it devolve. the ruin of African Americans started back in the early 60’s with the implementation of the welfare system. It was done deliberately. The black man was found to be expendable and kicked to the curb. The state become the father- a very bad father indeed- providing all the goodies never understanding that love and guidance is all that a child really wants. Welfare gave way to tribalistic behavior as evidenced by the rise of Islam in the black ghetto, and the perpetuation of illiteracy, violence, lack of ethics and so on as unloved black kids sought solace in all the wrong places that only made them bitter and mean. what we are seeing now is the result of what the left imposed on black Americans so they could take their narcissim to a higher level. it was never about African Americans. it was about the feel good left. Black children have been without fathers for over 4 generations. they have become more animal than human. they are now without any fear because society has become lawless. What a shame that innocents have to die because of an inept, immoral generation bred by the left.

  84. Connect the Dots.
    Decades of easy welfare access have led to multiple generation welfare “families” where the unknown father has been just a sperm donor that allowed a woman to produce multiple burdens on the rest of society.
    Without a father present in the house young “men” remain boys in adult bodies as they are not taught the manly virtues. They substitute a demand for “respect” for proving that they are worthy of respect.
    They learn that they are “entitled” to a subsistence level of state sponsored welfare while a women the same age can have a relatively comfortable life by popping out a kid every year or two. This breeds anger and a hatred of “the system”.
    The constant messages of material wealth delivered through music videos, television programming and advertising, music, and the visible “success” of pimps and drug kingpins as the only measure of success drives youth to criminal activity at ever earlier ages.
    What passes for “music” in this “culture” is a near constant spewing of hatred, violence, and degradation. There is no encouragement of a helping hand or the concept of working together, unless it involves some gang activity related to an illegal scheme for acquiring fast money.
    The public schools are a trainwreck of high drop out rates, failing test scores, and a ghetto culture that tries to drag any individual that tries to get ahead through education back into the slime pit of ignorance.
    Abortion is readily available and state subsidized, further reinforcing the message of the cheapness of life and how easily it can be taken away without social stigma or legal penalty.
    It would be hard to deliberately social engineer a system to produce so much misery without the introduction of slavery into the equation. Then again, the slavery is there with the substitution of state provided sustenance in the form of EBT cards and other “benefits” for the iron collar and chains of an earlier age.

  85. I don’t remember where I read this but if you do a search I’m sure you will find it but this is one of the New Black Panthers party policies, kill white babies. So this may be this attempted robbery end this way or it may have not been a robbery attempt at all or may have ended the same way if she had given them money

  86. It’s very simple. Do you recall the new black panther saying they should kill the white babies? Have you followed how holder has encouraged “his people” to commit violent crimes against crackers? They are encouraged and goaded to beat, rape and kill white people from their first breath. They can kill with NO repercussions, we can’t say feral N I G G A S without getting banned.

  87. When YOU are taught that YOUR life has NO greater meaning than a puddle of GOO than THAT is EXACTLY how you will view the worth of the lives of others.

    Thanks Evilutionists for another collateral lost of life due to your hatred of God.

  88. Another black on white crime. This kind of crime has escalated dramatically since that bastardized president got elected……..the facts are there if ya care to look.

    1. Most likely, she could not get it out before they shot. When one brandishes a weapon first, that person has the upper hand…at best, it’s a struggle for the weapon.

    2. Or perhaps handing over her purse. I prefer that she reached in her hang bag for the money but came up with a nice little Glock 19 and blew those shit-stains away.

  89. Black teen shoots White baby in the head….no outrage from the Whites????????? This is not a racial crime????????……why wasn’t this, Racial, crime on the front pages of all the tabloids…..What are they afraid of??????……Patting down Black teens in the ghetto is reported as Racial discrimination???????….Get real people, before it is too late.

  90. Sherry made a stupid decision. It cost her baby son his life. She should have immediately pulled out her purse and gave them everything she had. Hopefully they would have never threatened or done her any harm, but to defy a threat to her son’s life on the gamble that the gun wasn’t real and/or the thug wouldn’t make good on his threat is insane and she will have the rest of her life to think about it. Of course in a society where women routinely murder 1.2 million of their own offspring in a year. This kind of callous indifference is to be expected.

    1. How do you give somebody something you don’t have? Or did you miss the part of the story where she told that scum she didn’t have any money?!!!!
      I see the blame the victim group is up early today!

      1. The story says “She said she thought the gun was fake and again insisted she had no money” this implies that she was bluffing because she thought the gun wasn’t real. Pulling out your wallet or purse and showing them you had no money would have been the thing to do. Even this may not have been enough to prevent this tragedy

  91. I don’t see how this could have happened. Wasn’t the teenager prevented by law from even HAVING a handgun? I mean, really, according to liberals, more gun control laws are supposed to prevent such crime. Aren’t they? … isn’t that what they tell us… ?

  92. What makes teenagers shoot a baby in the head? — they’re uneducated heartless bastards raised to act like animals.

  93. you say the shooting of the infant by these 2 monsters shows the “depravity of mankind”. No it does not, it shows the depravity of these 2 scumbag, racist killers. It proves nothing about mankind. Just because these 2 scumbags did this horrible act don’t attach any blame for their actions to the rest of us. I’m not arguing that we’re not all sinners because we are, but we’re not all depraved killers and I resent you trying to connect the entire human race to have anything in common with these 2 pieces of human excrement.

  94. I’ll bet little demarquis had a tough 17 years, but so did I and I NEVER thought of killing anyone.
    Show him NO mercy and execute him ASAP to rid the rest of us from him.
    And try his parent(s) for dereliction and foisting this murderous animal on society.

  95. For such a level of violence in people so young it is frightening and I believe he, they, need to be exterminated quickly.

  96. Why do you think God made us so our wickedness is great and our intentions are evil?

    “The LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

  97. Gun laws? This was a 17 year old, that by the laws now on the books should not have had a gun, and the libtards want more laws. I would bet this animal already has had trouble with the law. His name says it all as to his race, but will you hear Al Sharpton screaming? If it was a white 17 year old that killed a black baby, it would be on ABC,NBC, CBS, MSNBC for a month, but because it is black on black murder you won’t hear a peep from them. Nor will you hear how some liberal judge will feel sorry for this poor black boy who had no chance in life because of the racist evil white man and give him a light sentence. Hey obama, did or could have that baby looked like your son?

  98. The answer is sadly very simple: they are evil in its purest and undiluted form. Their act of unspeakable horror was done publicly with no hesitation. There can no doubt of their guilt. Justice for them should be sure, swift and public. Execution in public by gunshot from close range in the face.

  99. This is a racial hate crime. It will not be prosecuted as such because it was a black on white crime. If it was a white on black hate crime, the press would be all over it and it would be prosecuted as such.

  100. these so called kids are animals not human, they have no concept for life never mind someone else’s. I do not believe they can be rehabilitated in any way so give them the needle not life in prison or try they as a grown up. they did a grown up crime they deserve a grown up prison term at least. or a 25 cent bullet to there heads to show them how it feels. Americans need to get tougher on crime or we will become a penal colony. I will never give up my right to protect my family by anyone. I would rather die in the process, but not hurting others

  101. > Since we are all descendants of Adam and Eve,


    There are two “adams” in the Bible. One means man, the other “ruddy” complexion. Most people are from the sixth day creation (adam=man), the 8th day Adam (ruddy) is the Christ line, which the Bible is about. This is why King David and Solomon are described as “ruddy”.

    This is why Cain (Kenites) could leave the garden and travel to Nod to get a wife. The sixth day Adam (man) existed about 1000+ years before God created “the” Adam (ruddy). All the blacks, yellow, red, brown, and mongoloids did not come from white ruddy Eve.

    Same as when Noah is told to take two of every “flesh”, it actually means if you look it up in a Strongs “man” flesh as in Adam. So, he took two of every race.

    Eve is called the mother of all living because through her Christ would come and without Christ you die.

    After solving the Curse Of the Zeroes, using the Bible, I think Obama is our last president. So, it does not really matter what the GOP does now. ALL of them refused to acknowledge God on stage and Romney completed avoided the words “credit, creator, God, Jesus” during the last debate in direct contrast to my letter warning him. Superstorm Sandy was the result with the Gov. of NJ getting a thrill up his leg for Obama. God’s doing.

  102. Apparently “John” thinks he’s a lot smarter than any conservative. Trouble is… he most certainly is not smarter than a 5th grader. He is a demon rat who is trying his best to upset us all. I pray that he gets a lesson from the Lord and finds out he is incorrect. BUT SOMEHOW I DOUBT IT. He seems to be pickled with the Obozo Kool-Aid. I’m sure he gets all kinds of free stuff. John: you will pay for your idiocy. And I for one can’t wait to see that happen.
    The only reason that they shot this baby is that they were told that whites were all rich, probably by their ignorant mama. And their ignorant mamas should be on trial right along with the “poor little babies” that are most likely the result of a one-night stand. Does the mother even know who the kid’s father is?

    1. Naw, they were racist long before Obama was president, although Obama’s policies encourage them to continue with their racist ranting and raving. It seems to me that the more caucasian people mellow towards black people, the more racist black people become. To paraphrase Rodney King, “Why can’t we all just get along?” It would be great if we all quit thinking of ourselves with regard to our differences from others, and instead concentrate on our similarities.

    1. Islam teaches this principle— why is it hard ? This is what they are and islam is this evil – and it is sad that more do not break away from what TRUE islam is today. Do not buy into their complaining and whining -it is part of their act as they slit your throat.

  103. What Makes Teenagers Shoot a Baby in the Head?
    Liberal policies, liberal education, liberal values (or lack thereof), etc.

  104. The same ideology (belief system) that leads an M.D. like Gosnell or Tiller to hold a crying and kicking little baby still while they jam scissors into their necks to cut their spinal cord. Remember Obama voted 3 times to allow this practice.

  105. !. They are no doubt floowers of OBabler who believes in the wholesale murder of the unborn, and the born alive babies. That people like this inhuman Gosnel, who is impowered by the likes of pro-choice scum.

  106. Some people are born mean – MEAN -AND MEANER. These two are part of that crowd. You do not have to change them because they are that way and not to be trusted once you have their “number”
    They will not be changed and for that reason there is a reason to execute.
    This is also true of a culture that lies all the time. It follows evil totally- and dominates all because they are not honest -They will kill you because you are not them. They kill those who are them too. It makes no difference when you deal with evil incarnate.

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