Texas Students Asked To Design Flag for New Communist Nation

As America becomes more liberal, there are still a few states that stand as beacons of conservatism and good ole American values.  One of those states is Texas.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott ran ads in Albany and New York City telling New York gun owners to move to Texas to get away from the strictest state gun laws in the nation.  Hunting and gun ownership means as much to most Texans as owning a driver’s license or having a job is to others.  It’s more than a right, it’s a way of life that they will guard with their lives.

The Texas state legislature, with the endorsement of Abbott and Gov. Rick Perry, passed a law that forbids any abortion provider in the state from receiving taxpayer funds.  This hit Planned Parenthood facilities in the state hard and has helped cut down the number of abortions.

But when it comes to the education of their children, Texas has become almost as liberal as California or New York.  A new curriculum infiltrating Texas schools has re-written history to make patriotism look more like terrorism.  School kids are being taught that the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism, not patriotism.  They are also being taught that Allah is God Almighty.

Now, the same curriculum, produced by CSCOPE, is asking 6th graders to design a flag for a new communist country.  The lesson plan reads:

“Notice socialist/communist nations use symbolism on their flags representing various aspects of their economic system. Imagine a new socialist nation is creating a flag and you have been put in charge of creating that flag. Use symbolism to represent aspects of socialism/communism on your flag. What kind of symbolism/colors would you use?”

The creators of the curriculum could have asked the students to design a flag for a country that recently gained its freedom from communism, but they chose to go in the opposite direction.  Finally, some state legislators are growing concerned enough to hold a hearing in which they questioned the curriculum creators about their motives.  They are saying that the new curriculum promotes anti-American values and suppresses classroom flexibility.

During the hearings, they heard from a number of witnesses that described the CSCOPE curriculum as being dangerous, liberal and anti-Christian.  One algebra teacher became emotional during his testimony when he told the committee that he had resigned because he felt using the curriculum was ‘aiding and abetting a crime.’

State Sen. Larry Taylor stated the he saw the lesson plan on designing a communist flag as ‘very egregious as a Texan and an American.’  He went on to say that it sounds like the students are supposed to sympathize with the people in the other countries.

State Sen. Donna Campbell questioned the creators of CSCOPE about the rigidity of the curriculum.  She was concerned that it did not allow for any flexibility of the teachers.  The creators responded that it was designed to make sure that teachers adhered to the complicated state requirements.  Campbell was not satisfied with the response and cut them off saying that, ‘Our teachers don’t need to be scripted.’

The CSCOPE curriculum is currently being used in about 70% of the public schools in Texas, which means the majority of students are being indoctrinated to accept Allah as God, American patriots were terrorists and that communism isn’t all that bad.  Hopefully, there are enough lawmakers in the state that see the problems and concerns of this anti-American, anti-Christian curriculum and that they take action to remove it from Texas schools before we completely lose the generation of Texas conservatives.

101 thoughts on “Texas Students Asked To Design Flag for New Communist Nation

  1. Damn! I was hoping to wind up like Davy Crockett, Bowie, and Travis in the Alamo, after Texas secedes, maybe trading a quick enemy bullet for a slow nursing home death, by defending a last bastion of true liberty, with other patriots of this era against the federals.

    Imagine my despair upon learning that the cancerous cells of the enemy have seeded even into God’s country. Do not despair: I am certain the good citizens of the Lone Star State can weed these devils out. God loves Texas and so do I. Dominus vobiscum.

    1. Dr.

      If Texas secedes this old vet and her vet husband will be right there with you armed to the teeth to oppose the modern Communists currently in power in Washington

  2. I have custody of my youngest Granddaughter, my friends have wondered off and on why spend the money to send her to private school, when their are government (public) schools to take advantage of.

    This is the very reason that I spend that money, I will not have her mind warped by the liberal scumbags that control our public schools from Washington, DC down to the teachers in public schools.

    And if it somehow illegal for private schools to exist in this country – I will spend even more money and have her educated in a private school in my native Germany!

    I know there are those that do not have the advantage to do as we can with our granddaughter, I urge you to take back control of your children’s education by any means necessary if you do not want your children to be like those in the old film’s of the Hitler Youth!

      1. When I was a child in school much emphasis was placed on how great our freedoms are and I always felt so lucky to be born here..The world was at war so everyone felt sorry for those countries. I did not see my dad for three young years as he was fighting that good fight against tyranny.

      1. Tim Ives; Frisco is a town in northern Texas. I doubt that anyone from San Francisco would refer to themselves as “Frisco”-anything. If you’ve ever been there, the citizens feel the “‘Frisco” abbreviation is offensive; at least, that was the attitude when I lived there in 1969-1970. I now live north of Houston, TX, and I, too, am alarmed by the insidious creep of abominable liberalism into the public school system here.

      2. You are right most of the liberal scumbags live in LA, Sacramento, and yes my hometown – which I have moved out of when I joined the military a number of years ago. I live in a far more conservative part of CA now.

        Mr. Mueller, is correct most San Franciscans take offense to the term “Frisco”.

        I don’t anymore for the nick was given to me by a friend from Frisco, North Carolina. We were the “Frisco Girl’s”. Friscolady and Frisco Girl.

        1. I assure you once you move a way from San Francisco and spend some time around the military and othiers who live in the real world – unlike those that live in the city I grew up in from 11 on – you lose the liberal non-sense quickly, grow up, and realize how the world truly is.

          My husband says I have gone from uber liberal to uber conservative since we left the cesspool SF has become.

        2. Only thing that ever came out of San Francisco that was any good are the 49ers. I served time in CA when in was in the Military, Ft Ord. The only thing I liked about being there was going to the beach.

        3. Unfortunately the representatives lose the real world as soon as they arrive in D C. They drink the kool aid and are ordered to fall in line. They do not or cannot represent us..but sure make a lot of money and perks….I remember visiting San Francisco as a kid. My mother lived and worked there long before I was born..I saw it change over the years…Hippies and gays were about the last straw and Berkley fools.

    1. If you can’t afford a private school, how about doing home schooling from a Christian sponsored school? Kids come out of this school with a much better understanding than the kids coming from public schools. They can even read!!! From what I hear this is a very good way to educate kids today.

      1. I went to a so-called Christian school. 1 of the bigger churches in my city had a pre K-8 school for which my parents started out paying $220/mo. It was 1 of the worst experiences of my life. I was raised in church by my family & so was no stranger to the Bible or Christian beliefs. But this place was one of the most judgemental, hypocritical & falsely led organizations I’ve ever heard of. Their teachers were rude, they lied, cussed students, defamated students’ parents in front of other students, students, such as pastors’ children or those who were big contributors to the church were allowed certain leniencies that were embarrassing & insulting to other students. Just because its private & Christian doesn’t make it better. While they preached the Word of Jesus, I was 1 who was singled out because I didn’t conform to their status quo. Be wary of all schools, public & private… odds are they both have their own agenda not mentioned in the brochure, curriculum or even the Word of God.

        1. Your experience was wrong, but there are many good Christian schools and with all that is going on in state run schools, parents do need to look into other options.

    2. IN all states conservatives should push for vouchers for those who send their kids to private schools. Failing that, we should watch very carefully what our public school teachers are teaching. Check out your children’s textbooks!

      1. I wrote a note to the teacher in public school when they were using the name wizzard for a group my Christian child was in..We do not believe in wizzards. I asked her to find another word.

  3. So tell me… when are these “Communists” going to start reorganizing our economy? Does anyone know? In order to move towards Communism, all private property has to be eliminated first. Can anyone point to any bills in front of Congress which aim to suspend the Constitution and the right to private property? …Or is this just a bunch of silly fearmongering?

    1. I think the question would be better put, when was the last time that “private property” truly existed in this country, if ever?

      Oh sure, we have the illusion of “Private Property” we a pay thousands to the bank to purchase that property that we want to make ours and private. That part of the process is totally understandable and clear.

      However, the state – in the form of local, state, and federal government reserve a portion of title over your property in many ways: 1) taxes; 2) regulatory authority, ad infinitum.

      Just try not paying those taxes and see how long your “private property” remains yours.

      Then there is what you can or cannot do to your property.

      Try getting water for your crops as farmers here in California tried, and tried, to and were stopped because of stupid fish, those farmers lost most if not all access to do with their private property what they want – farm and through their efforts feed their families and others.

      Or try to put up a seawall as my Husband and I wanted to do on the East Coast to protect our vacation home from hurricanes. We were told we could not do because the dunes had overrun part of what was supposedly our property and they are protected – though they had not been there the year before.

      But we still have the pleasure of paying our taxes on land that we had paid off and hold the title too, yet our wishes could preempted by the Federal government.

      Then there is the ultimately stealing of our supposed “Private Property” by the Federal Government. Obamacare and the contols it puts on our health concerns and what we wish to do to control our own body and health.

      I cannot name a specific bill or law, however there is no such thing as private property in this country and there has not been for many a year.

      Only the illusion of it.

      No it may not be communism as say Marx envisioned it, or Lenin, Stalin, Mao practiced it, but it is communism all the same.

      And it must be fought and defeated any way it can be!

      1. I can name the law – or at least the legal concept. No one in America today has what is called “allodial title” to their land. Meaning they are the sovereign owner of the land. In the United States, land is subject to eminent domain by federal, state and local government, and subject to the imposition of taxes by state and/or local governments, and there is thus no true allodial land.

    2. Are you living in a CAVE???
      The government has for all practical purposes taken over the health care industry, bought into Government (used to be General) Motors, bailed out the banks, housing industry, taken over the student loan industry, and the list continues to grow! “Silly fearmongering?” I think NOT!!!!

      1. Nonsense, Ogg. Even with ObamaCare fully implemented, the health care system in the US is still fundamentally private. The vast majority of people will continue to buy private insurance policies. No one has abolished private health insurers, and the government has not taken over all of the hospitals. The vast majority of physicians are also not government employees.

    3. “In order to move towards Communism, all private property has to be eliminated first.”
      Really? Where did you get that idea? That may be the case where Communism is installed by violent revolution. But that idea was eschewed by the American Communist Party back in the 1920s, when they realized it would never happen here because the vast majority of Americans have a good life and wouldn’t be willing to participate in such a revolution. Thus, the ACP developed the concept of “creeping incrementalism”, a much softer path that still leads to the same place. If you read their manifesto from the 20s you will see that in fact their agenda has made tremendous progress since that time. Also Google “how to boil a frog”. Rivet.

      1. “All property relations in the past have continually been subject to historical change consequent upon the change in historical conditions.

        The French Revolution, for example, abolished feudal property in favor of bourgeois property.

        The distinguishing feature of Communism is not the abolition of property generally, but the abolition of bourgeois property. But modern bourgeois private property is the final and most complete expression of the system of producing and appropriating products, that is based on class antagonisms, on the exploitation of the many by the few.

        In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”

        Source: Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto, Sec. II: “Proletarians and Communists.”

        That’s</b where I got that idea. Any questions?

        Now I’d like to hear more about how what you call a “soft path” will lead to the abolition of private property, an explicit pre-condition for Communism. One day we will have property and the next it will be abolished? That’s just plain silly. Not gonna happen.

        I might suggest reading more and playing with your frogs less.

    4. Our property is pretty much all we have and we worked hard a lifetime for it. It is my children’s inheritance…..How dare they….They dare pretty well actually….Down with it.

      1. LOL! I especially loved the one that “sealed” all of his “records.” Whichever buffoon made up that little falsehood didn’t realize that all of Obama’s E/Os are available online.

        So which one are you talking about? They’re all numbered, so be specific.

  4. Hey kids, here’s a symbol you can put on your communist flag:

    “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

      1. Shane, you’ve got the name wrong it should be Socialist Republic of America with El Dumbo its supreme leader.

        All the free loving Texans can count me and my weapons in if and when they succeed from El Dumbo’s new Republic. “REMEMBER THE ALAMO!”

        US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door-gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM) and now a Retired USAF TSgt.

        1. And my family and I will be behind the lines here in Missouri. Count us in. Lots of Bushwhackers around my parts!!

  5. You have to understand that the purpose of ‘public’ education is to endoctrinate childern to belive in the ‘state is god’ idology. It’s a tool of the left to CONVERT the people away from traditional values into socialism, as government-run education is a form of socialism. States like Texas have resisted this cancer, but are NOT immune from it. That’s why we home school. If I had my way, the entire public education system would be abolished and the buildings and property sold into private hands where teachers could be hired and fired by tuition-paying parents. That would put a stop to this crap in a big hurry.

  6. Probly a dumb question. But would’nt these teachers fall under Pres. Obama’s drone list for being Anti-American curriculum?

  7. What the hell is going on down there in Texas? Texas is the last best hope for America and where the last defense of freedom will occur when the socialists have all but destroyed this country. Come on Rick, reign these liberals in like runaway steers!

    1. Thanks to demographic changes, Texas will turn solidly Democrat in about 20 years, if not sooner. Just as CA went from one of the strongest GOP states to one where a Republican can’t get elected statewide. So enjoy your “last best hope for America” while it lasts.

  8. Communism has done an excellent job of infiltrating all levels of education including school boards, the media, the White House and Congress. The latter noted by former Congressman Allen West of Florida who said in 2012 there were between 70 and 80 Communist members in the U.S. Congress. Concerned Texan parents and others need to look into who and what is CSCOPE’s agenda. Don’t be surprised if it falls into Barack Obama’s boast of “transforming America” into another Soviet Union with its Gulags for those who oppose a “1984” style of government that induces slavery and mind control. Apparently, that’s what American voters chose last November, and now they’re going to see shortly what their “greed for freebies” have brought them and the country-at-large. America is about to fall, and given today’s Liberals who dominate nearly every aspect of our society – jobs, agriculture, the environment, what one can eat, what one can think, etc., only God can save us now. But why should He bother with a hostile country who has thrown Him out of our schools, the public square, sporting events, and even dishonored the Son of God on the day Christians celebrate His birthday – Christmas? Left to our own devices, we are reaping what we deserve. I for one am inviting God back to America to save us before it’s really too late. May God bless the U.S. and remove the rot that has infested our country.

    1. What one can eat….Crap from other countries is what we can now eat…Thanks Bush or Clinton…I used to have to give little thought to fruits and veggies, now I must scour packaging and take off dratted sticky labels to find out where my stuff is grown..Do they think I have time for that???

      1. And so… you believe that Judaism is the source of all the world’s problems? That’s a familiar-sounding point of view. Hmmm….

    2. Amen, Margie, Amen! I am one of those people that El Dumbo and his Regime consider pre-Terrorist. I retired from the Military in ’92 after serving honorably for over 30 years. JN of HLS dubbed us with that title and I am damned proud to wear that name. That is one reason that El Dumbo and his Regime want to take our guns away.

      “AN UNARMED INDIVIDUAL IS A SLAVE; WHEREAS AN ARMED ONE IS FREE!” I will never be a slave or allow my family or friends to be come one.


      US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door-gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM)

      1. John – Thank you for your service. Your mission was a very dangerous one. Whenever I come across a Vietnam veteran, I’m reminded of Jane Fonda riding around in a VietCong tank while soldiers like you were out there fighting for your country. To this day, my husband and I have boycotted her movies, and when Costco put one of her books on their table I wrote to them requesting that this insult be removed. My original comments should have included the rancid Hollywood crowd and their insane worship of Liberalism that’s just a step away from Communism. Americans aren’t completely powerless yet. They can refuse to support the films of left-wing stars; the advertizers of the mainstream media; parents can-and-should withdraw their children from Marxist-oriented public schools; stop returning the same politicians back into office who in the end just represent their own self-interests; get involved in local government to begin restoring the U.S. back to a country of morals and respect; attend religious services and encourage fellow parishioners to become involved in saving our country from those who are hell-bent on destroying it, etc. And – above all pray for America and God’s intervention before it really is too late.

  9. In the state of Mass. You would expect this communists BS from the far left liberals.But coming from the Lone Star State God Help Us.

  10. Instead of socialism, sex classes, multi-cultural training, diversity, and trophies for everyone, why don’t they teach reading, writing, math, and TRUE science.

  11. Ten years before the communist revolution in Russia, the communists had begun to infiltrate our public school system. They planned ahead and did their deeds well. The result is a public fool system.

  12. We the People loyal to the United States Constitution are under direct ATTACK from Communists. Like it or not we are at war with them, they have declared it on us. I would rather have PEACE but there is a line that once crossed will mean CIVIL WAR.

    Adolph Obama is walking in Adolph Hitler’s footsteps seeking a total and complete dictatorship over America turning it into a FASCIST STATE! We might as well fight to the Death because FASCISTS are going to murder us anyway!

    My father fought the NAZIS in WWII and liberated NAZI Death Camps. On his death bed he said never give in to FASCISTS for they are going to murder you anyway! Winston Churchill knew FASCISTS simply cannot be trusted in any way, shape, or form!

  13. If that is not treason, than there is no such thing as treason. They are teaching our young people to aid and abet them in their fight against our way of life, our Constitution, and everything we hold dear. They are enemies of country, operating freely within our country, and attempting to make communist out of our young people. What is wrong with this country? Don’t we have enough foreign enemies without allowing them to operate right here at home? They will lie, cheat, steal, murder to get what they want, and we are being told that we must not say any thing bad about them, let alone fight back. I say its way past time the we stood up and began to get rid of our enemies, not mollycoddle them. Make them pay for their crimes, not pay them to continue.

    1. People need to be held accountable for their crimes. And those crimes need to be addressed immediately, ESPECIALLY CRIMES COMMITTED BY THE LEADERS OF FREEDOM. When a Country’s freedom is replaced with fear and hatred, there are some serious crimes being committed.

    2. It is our foreign enemies who have come within for the past 50 years and slowly are taking us over. They have gotten inside the heads of our children and they know not what they are doing. Obama is the new appointed leader who will lead us to total collapse and ruin. And the liberals will ride the wave as long as it last. Even they realize that they are taking this country down but do not care for they see the present only and do not look to the future when the ride will end. Money will not mean anything but they think that taking as mcuh as they can get now, will prepare them for the future, and they think the governemnt will continue to take care of them. Eventually the bubble is going to burst and they are going to be left out into the cold.

  14. That’s how the DemocRAT Party/Communists infiltrate a State that they want to own and change it to a la Californika…They start with the very young minds and then they and the schools who abet Evil pit them against their parents…a la Hitler/Hugo/Fidel/Mao/Stalin and others…as is Obama and his gang of Thugs…Obama resorts to Killing the future generation and has added the Death Panels to eliminate the old…then he will have his own Brave New World…What do we call a Party that is so fascinated with Death?…with Decadence?…with Hate?…with Racism?…The DemocRAT Party…they are no longer Liberals….they are downright Traitors to our once great Republic…Time is now to SHAME them…as Holder is trying to SHAME the good patriots who dare to own guns…we cannot wait for the next election…we have to do it now…before Obama’s Killing List and his drones come buzzing above our homes….imagine that he is actually asking the military if they are willing to shoot their own families….friends…towns…What the hell…

  15. I say to have some private non-profit organization exist JUST to show the number of murders that communism,socialism, all atheist philosophies, and Islam has brought onto people. None of this pathetic political correctness crap.

  16. I babysat a teacher’s baby to pay the tuition so two of my kids could go to Christian School. Interestingly, they gave a report on character qualities…My daughter from Korea who came here at 6 year plus had zero character qualities..Her hand was faster than the eye..I put my kids in Christian school so they could learn to read and spell. Christian schools still taught phonics and had rules and discipline…the paddle…and they learned a scripture every week. It was a good foundation. She did eventually develop some character qualities…Mothering is hard when they come with none at that age. Also she did not want anything to do with a mother. She saw her mother sell her…

  17. I didn’t know we were considering changing from the stars and stripes to something that better reflected our government. I think it’s sweet to let little children have a hand in how their future will be represented.

  18. Texas 6th. Grader Students, must also be reminded to include “a white HUGE TOILET”, AS ADDED SIMBOLISM, in their new Communist Flag…
    Everyone will recognize, right away, what “that symbol” means…

    IN GOD WE TRUST, 24/7!

  19. watched V for Vendetta last night . That movie is looking alot like reality , lately …
    ” People shouldnt be scared of the government . Government should be scared of the people . ”

  20. Having read what people have written in a lot of these posts, I am reminded of something H. L. Mencken once said:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

  21. I don’t have any idea if any body has seen the movie the children of the corn but I see that happening right now it just the goverment is the one that is controling our kids

  22. I have been telling you people for years that your women and children and even your grandchildren are in the government camps! It is my opinion that you duds have slept and cowardly let this country get in this shape! The Americans are as responsable as NAZI Germany’s citizens for being so cowardly! If you have any history at all look back and you will see how the destruction began in both nations! Take it as you will, soon it will come to past!

  23. Communism is not just bad, it’s down right evil. True Patriots like the one that took part in the Boston Tea Party don’t have to be told this. And for you communist sympathizers — take a look at history, true Marxist Communism has never existed and can not exist, because there are always those (Comrade Chairman Obama) who consider themselves more equal than other.

  24. Pay attention, Texas! While you’ve been vigilant in some areas, a rat has snuck up an bit you on the ankle. Now that you’re aware of this problem, you damnwell better be doing something about it, or that rat will ruin your state with the diseased filth of liberalism.

  25. I along with several million other former military are the people that El Dumbo and his Regime consider pre-Terrorist. I retired from the Military in ’92 after serving
    honorably for over 30 years. JN of HLS dubbed us with that title and I
    am damned proud to wear that name. I took an oath December 20, 1963 that I’ll go to my grave trying to live up to it. For those that have forgotten it, here it is (I’ll include the one that Officers take): The wordings of the current oath of enlistment and
    oath for commissioned officers are as follows:

    “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

    “I, _____ (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and
    faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.” (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)

    That is one reason that El Dumbo and his Regime want to take our guns away.

    “AN UNARMED INDIVIDUAL IS A SLAVE; WHEREAS AN ARMED ONE IS FREE!” I will never be a slave or allow my family or friends to be come one. I’ll also go to my grave defending those that can’t defend themselves or those that won’t.


    US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door-gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM)

  26. I didn’t know we were considering changing from the stars and stripes to
    something that better reflected our government. I think it’s sweet to
    let little children have a hand in how their future will be represented.

  27. I have my doubts about Governor Perry and his sympathies with muslim causes. Now, they are teaching children in the Texas schools how to recite our American pledges in arabic. And he’s trying to encourage citizens and businesses to move to Texas?

  28. You all complain about these matters! but you are all to blame for it!

    For allowing it to happen! For never doing anything about it! to stop it all from getting to this point.

    Now it`s too late! And you will have to do something about it because you will be forced to. And it will be to little to late!


  30. “As America becomes more liberal, there are still a few states that stand as beacons of conservatism and good ole American values. One of those states is Texas.”
    Ha! Not for long. The same demographic wave that turned California from a hard core GOP state to a hard core Democrat state will soon make Texas as reliably Democratic as California. Yes, right now conservatives heavily dominate state politics. But in about 20 years, Texas will go blue, and with it all 33 of its electoral votes. How do conservatives expect to win the White House after that. It will be a mathematical impossibility.

  31. As a native Texan, the thing Texas does not need is recruitment of liberals by Governor Perry. Face it Texans, Californias’ liberals will Californicate any state they migrate. Need evidence?? Look no further than California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington or New Mexico.
    Due to the large influx of liberals into Austin, that city is now known as “Weird Austin”~! Texas, time to Secede & close all our borders & post it w/no immigration from anywhere signs!!

  32. My Communist flag would have a Swastica on it and a fisted hand with it’s middle finger up. I think that would just about sum it up!

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