The Chief of Mossad Says Iran Is Not a Threat

Tamir Pardo, chief of Mossad since last January, in a meeting with Israeli ambassadors, said that there is no threat to Israel from Iran, and Iran is only engaged in peaceful research in its nuclear facilities.

Pardo is not a name that can be easily ignored. He is part of a generation of exceptional military leaders who fought in the wars for the defense of the State of Israel. In addition to his experience as a communication expert with special forces, Pardo was also part of Operation Entebbe in 1976 – the most daring special forces and intelligence operation in the 20th century, where 100 commandos flew 2,500 miles to a hostile country to rescue Israeli hostages. (Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother, Yonatan, commanded the operation and was killed in action.) Pardo knows both the intelligence and the military side of his work; he is a true expert.

In his assessment of Iran Pardo echoes the words of his predecessor, Meir Dagan, himself a decorated soldier with a long and illustrious career. Dagan also spent the last years of his term at the head of Mossad opposing a military attack against Iran. That two consecutive chiefs of Mossad say the same thing about Iran can not be overlooked by any politician, whether Israeli or American.

This comes less than a year after Netanyahu himself declared to the US Congress that Israel can defend themselves and therefore they do not need the US to defend them. The context of his speech should have made it clear to his American listeners that there is no threat from Iran that needs any large scale military action. In addition to it, an unclassified report by the Pentagon reveals that the regime in Tehran has no thoughts of attacking anyone but is rather concerned with its own survival. Other reports by intelligence experts, with CIA at the head, show that Iran is not even close to developing a nuclear bomb, and that there is no threat. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the oldest and most popular newspaper in Israel, also ran an editorial saying that even if Iran had nuclear weapons, they would act rationally.

In the face of all these opinions by the experts, the American political class – of both parties – continues to bang the war drums as if nothing has been said. Suspiciously, most commentaries published on the “nuclear threat from Iran” have for authors members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the elitist organization that somehow always recommends policies in favor of more government control at home and UN dominance abroad. None of the commentators have any intelligence credentials – nothing even close to the experts who say otherwise. The banging of the war drums is strictly political, based on political agendas, not on any real data or analysis. Obama’s Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, is openly calling for declaring war on Iran because of their development of a nuclear weapon, without even consulting the experts. On the Republican side, almost all of the presidential candidates based their political career or the “Iran scare,” and some of them openly promised their supporters that if they get elected, they will bomb Iranian nuclear facilities. The idea that Iran is engaged in peaceful research only – shared by all the experts in the intelligence circles – is considered ”dangerous” and “kooky.” In fact, the experts are deliberately ignored.

All this leads to the obvious conclusion that the war drums are simply a tool for a political agenda. And that political agenda is not the national security of the US or the defense of Israel as American ally, but the destruction of the Constitutional liberties in America by the political class. The laws that came out of the “security scare” in the last 10 years are all aimed at one or another of our liberties as guaranteed in the Constitution. The Patriot Act is a good example of it, with its monstrous child, the TSA. The latest act by both Republican and Democrat Senators – the law for indefinite detention of American citizens by the military – is another example of using “foreign threat” to deprive Americans of their liberties. The experts agree: the threat is not real. But the opinion of the experts does not match the intentions of the political class. Therefore the experts are ignored.

We will discover one day that the experts were right, and the politicians were lying. Hopefully, we will still have enough liberty left to oppose the agenda of the politicians.

50 thoughts on “The Chief of Mossad Says Iran Is Not a Threat

  1. "We will discover one day that the experts were right, and the politicians were lying."

    It could be that either the author of this piece is mistaken, lying or the leftist Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, is lying.

    According to the right wing, Arutz Sheva, Pardo claims, "while Israel continues in its efforts to thwart Iran's nuclear program he does not believe an Iranian atomic bomb poses an existential threat to the Jewish state."

    The link is here:

    1. The quote from Israel National News/ Arutz Sheva that you use backs up the blog post above. Pardo is saying that Iran getting nuclear weapons does not threaten Israel's existence – i.e Iran would not use nuclear weapons on Israel if it developed them for fear of Israel and/or US counterattacks with massive nuclear or conventional forces which Iran could not survive.

      1. And what are you?

        The head of the Mossad is not a self-hating Jew to my knowledge. This article gives the wrong impression of his words. In short, someone isn't telling the truth. If you follow the link I provided, you will see that he says that Iran is absolutely a threat.

        1. And I bet Marinov and/or American Vision guys will update the story to reflect the Leftist propganda they reported

    1. On what basis do you believe Iran can be "contained" and what does "contained" mean to you?

      Does you mean they won't use their weapons at all or just not on the US?

      I don't think Iran can be contained based on my studies of the Koran and Islamic history.

        1. As usual, you deliberately miss the point. It's not a question of being at war – it's a question of containment.

          I know it's difficult given your views, but try and keep your eye on the ball.

        2. Thank you! Pakistan and India are also both very Socialist nations. The Socialist/Communist influence is one of the major reasons for Radicalized-Hinduism in India and Radicalized-Islam in Pakistan. People who are starving radicalize easily. That is why part of the Socialist agenda is starvation. It is unfortunate that Islam is such a controlling religion because it produces its own unethical police state.

        3. That's nonsense. The Hindu nationalist BJP and the Communist party in India are bitter political enemies. Socialists are not Communists. Communists are not Muslims or Hindus (most Communists are atheists and even those in Muslim countries who are Muslims want to keep religion and politics separate). As for "part of the Socialist agenda is starvation", that's complete ranting rubbish. No starvation under Labour in the UK any of the times it was in government, nor under the Swedish or Norwegian Socialist parties. The only starvation happened under Stalin and Mao who were no more democratic socialists than Augusto Pinochet was a democratic conservative. Stalin and Mao were extreme authoritatian nationalists hiding behind socialist rhetoric.

          You might also want to explain why there has been so much hunger and homelessness and desperation in the US since the financial crisis caused by de-regulation and the extremes of unregulated free market capitalism which allowed massive frauds like CDOs leading to bank collapses and recession. If the US had a proper welfare state and decent public services like a democratic socialist country it wouldn't have so many people who are only getting one meal a day and only get that from charities
          The rise of the Bolsheviks in Russia was down to hunger caused by inequality and World War One under the Tsar. The rise of the Nazis in Germany and the Fascists in Italy in the 1930s was due to a global recession, which, like the current one, was caused by deregulated free-market capitalism and the lack of any government support for the masses of poor and unemployed created – with that and hunger leading them to support extremists like Hitler and Mussolini in return for jobs, houses and food.

          "It is unfortunate that Islam is such a controlling religion because it produces its own unethical police state."

          It is unfortunate that extreme free market Christian fundamentalism is such a controlling religion because it produces its own unethical police state where peaceful occupy protesters are attacked by police (including pepper spraying 80 year old women in the face) and leaving a third of the population on one meal a day from charities because the super-rich avoid tax through tax havens.

  2. so what, America has had her share of TRATITORS, benedict arnold, jane fonda, barrach husssein obama. what makes you people at godfather pots think Israel doesn't have theirs? and since they are "former" heads of mossad it prob means their traitorous inclinations were discovered and they were kicked out. kinda like our attorney general

    1. Hmmm. That would mean that both Israeli and American intelligence services are teaming with traitors up to the leadership, and only politicians are true patriots. And if I understand correctly, Pardo is not a "former" head of Mossad.

      1. The WORD OF GOD says the whole world will turn against Israel in the last days. I say, Israel watch very carefully all that is going on around. We know how El Illegal feels about Israel.

    2. Did you even read beyond the heading of the post to see Pardo and Dagan's records fighting in the Israeli military?
      How likely is it that the heads of Mossad and Shin Bet, plus the 6 former heads of Mossad and Shin Bet (Tamir Pardo, Yoram Cohen, Meir Dagan, Yuval Diskin, Efraim Halevy, Shlomo Gazit, Yakov Perry, Uzi Dayan) who mostly served with distinction in the Israeli military before becoming intelligence agents are 'traitors' when they advise against attacking Iran?
      Only the most gullible of the gullible would believe that all Israel's intelligence experts are "traitors". Netanyahu and Barak are trigger happy warmongers who don't even consider the consequences for Israel of going to war, nor whether it's evenn ecessary.

  3. Yeah right! I believe Revelation and that Iran will again destroy Babylon, create a caliphate of Islamic countries(with the continued help of the 60's marxist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and company and they have already been over there and back again at least once. I'm not even sure who is more evil, Obama or the women majority who support him? I'll find out when Revelation's two-witnesses come to punish u.s. severely for 3 1/2 years before our SAVIOR can even return! p.s. They kill all but 144,000 Israelites from the 12 tribes of Joseph and more Gentiles survive than Israelites, but it doesn't disclose HOW MANY MORE? WATCH!

  4. My concern over the IRAN nuclear situation is this: they may well already have been supplied by Russia or North Korea, with a nuclear bomb or the elements with which to create a thermonuclear device small enough to be loaded on one of their rockets and thus launched at Israel, even from the deck of a merchantman out in the Mediterranean Sea. The Iranian threat is real!

    1. Brian, if Iran does this, then they will be turned into dust and they know it.

      Please, stop using the Iran gets the bomb fear-mongering card and start using some actual critical thinking skills.

      As Glenn Beck says, we have far more to fear from our country being destroyed from within via those hell bent on creating a one world government … from Left and now from the Right.

      Example: the newly created 4th Amendment destroying law called the National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA. The majority of Republicans, in the Senate and House, including Michele Bachmann, voted for this terrible bill.

      Now, the President has the authority to deem any American citizen a terrorist without having to provide any proof at all. And, that citizen may not NOT be afforded his/her 4th Amendment right of a jury trial. Habeas Corpus no longer exists and now anyone can be arrested and held indefinitely merely on SUSPICION of acting against the government.

      And THAT is what Glenn Beck told a caller recently he is most afraid of. He understands that what is at stake is our precious individual freedom and that we are now headed toward a totalitarian state.

      He also understands that we will never be conquered militarily but that we can be conquered from within as we lose the Constitution, our liberty and our monetary system in a complete economic collapse due to enormous debt and the further enslavement to an authoritarian government working with those who see the Constitution as an old relic from the past and, therefore, must be disregarded in the 21st Century.

      And that is the END GAME that the New World Order has been feverishly working toward in order to finally create their one world governance. The two things that stand between that, and are the huge fly in the ointment, are the Constitution and one Ron Paul and those freedom-loving individuals who truly stand for our Republic.

      1. Study the professed Islamic Theology the Iranian leaders profess to believe. They think they must bring about Armageddon to bring about their Messiah, the Hidden Imam.

  5. Someone respond to this; in his OWN WORDS, Iran's President has said that allah has revealed to him that it is his destiny to usher in the islamic messiah by destroying both the little satan and the big satan. So how can they not be a threat? How do you make peace with someone who is "on a mission" from his god?

    1. David, Iran's president does not control what happens in Iran. He is simply a mouthpiece for their religious leadership and it is meant to appease the radical elements of Iranian Islamic followers, which are not representative of the vast majority of Iranians who are now far more secular and interested in getting their economy going.

      However, please understand that even IF this is a true belief system embraced by most Iranians, IF they would be so foolish to attempt to lob a nuke at Israel they would signing their own death warrant in no uncertain terms … and they darn well know this.

      They know that Israel is very prepared to intercept and take out any nuke launched in their direction BEFORE it even leaves Iranian airspace. Israel has sophisticated anti-ballistic nuke weaponry ready and waiting. They have some 200 to 300 nukes that will wipe Iran off the face of the Earth several times over.

      Iran knows this well as does our own CIA.

      Iran is not a threat to Israel and it certainly is NO threat to us for the very same reasons. Please use some critical thinking skills and stop buying into the Iran getting the bomb drum beat to create a reason to go to war against them.

      Btw, nowhere in the most recent IAEA Report on Iran and the bomb is there any actual proof that Iran is anywhere close to getting the bomb. In fact, there is no new information on Iran's efforts since they stopped their nuclear enrichment program back in 2003 – 2004.

      The report only alleges that some activity MAY be taking place to provide some low level enrichment … but that is not nearly enough to make an actual nuclear bomb.

      And, Iran is also a signatory to the Nuclear Anti-Proliferation Treaty and, as such, would have to report any and all such attempts. In short, they will not be able to do anything that member countries won't find out about.

      1. This is what the Mullah's believe, it is their Professed Islamic Theology and doctrine.

        They are also the chief sponsors of Islamic Global Jihad in the world, operating in the shadows.

  6. Iran just got convicted in a US Court for being tied to 9/11.

    They are one of the chief sponsors of Terrorism in the world, have been for decades now. It fits their "Hidden Imam" islamic theology. The point isn't the official country of Iran would use one of their Missles so much as give the weapons like they've been doing for years to rogue Terrorist and Proxies.

    Marinov is a delusional Paul supporter, gasping at straws with his head as firmly in the sand as it could be ignoring the Humanistic worldview and incompatiblility of Postmillenialism to his political views.

  7. I do respect Mossad, the Jews are usually right with their intelligence. The left wing Haaretz rag is "The New York Times" of Israel.. I usually read The Jerusalem Post. That said, I bet dollars to doughnuts that Israel will strike Iran before 2013.

    1. Marinov is a leftist ROn Paul supporter, they need something to back up their utopian worldviews on defense and nature of the beast.

  8. More liberterian lunacy. Do you really think Iran doesn’t aid Al Queda in Iraq and the Taliban in Afganistan? Who exactly is a country that says the hohocaust is a hoax and wants Isreal eliminated as a country afraid of?

    1. So, Clint. Are you ready to start yet another war? This time with an even more sophisticated country like Iran who is good friends with China and Russia??

      And, if you are, just how are we going to pay for that? Don't we already have a 16 TRILLION dollar debt, with unfunded liabilities and obligations of some 140+ to fund Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and Defense???

      We are broke and going broker and if we don't stop these insane undeclared and never ending wars that are helping bankrupting us, we will collapse and then we will not be able to help anyone … let alone ourselves.

      And, who is going to help US if WE collapse?? Will Israel? Or any country in Europe?? Or, how about our banker, Communist China, even as their leader told his people to prepare for possible war against the U.S.???

      Wake up and stop being used by those who want us to start a fight with Iran. They want us to bankrupt ourselves as we continue to police the world, even as we collapse at home.

  9. Its scary when ppl resort to misinformation to further their agendas. Ron Paul's campaign tactics like this one concern me greatly. You people are like Howard Stern's followers calling every talk show to say Ba-ba-booey! You're flooding every blog site with nonsense like this.

  10. You can't tell what's real anymore. Ron Paul's minions are flooding the blogsphere with lies, and now this article negating reports of missile testing and naval exercises on the Strait of Hormuz with the threats of World Oil flow interruptions.

    1. They aren't allowed to have naval exercises? Next to their own country? or threaten us after we threaten them? I'd threaten you if you threatened me. It doesn't seem very unusual at all.

      1. If you threatened me while rolling up your sleeve, I'd take you down without much conversation. Naval excercises, missile testing, is a wee bit past threats. No one threatened Iran. They have been warned to stop messing around from the beginning. They took our embassy, attacked Iraq, supported terrorists, and yes, threatened Israel while building nukes. We're past threatening. But too little is actually done. So we've let it come to a potentially explosive situation.

  11. The CFR is America’s #1 enemy. I’ve read their publication for decades (Foreign Affairs). The only time they get thing right is when they are manipulating them.

    They represent the most incompetant of the neo-con / neo-lib establishment. Their members include Paul Klugman (we need an space alien invasion to save the economy “Just like in a Twilight Zone episode” – Actually it was an Outer Limits episode so Krugman does know anything about economics or Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy) and Thomas “The earth is flat” Friedman who wrote a book called “The Lexus and the Olive Branch” a book whose thesis is so idiotic that it wouldn’t pass a Grammar School history class “Economically powerful countries never go t war against each other” – That is why the economic super powers of their day: Carthage and Rome never fought the Punic Wars, Sparta and Athens didn’t fight the Peleponesian War, Holland, France, Spain, and England lived at peace through the 13th-18th Centuries, France and England didn’t fight the Hundred Years War, Germany and France didn’t fight WWII, Russia didn’t go to war with the Ottoman Empire, etc. 5000 years of Peace throught the world as none of the wars happened according Friedman.

    Oh yes and every incompetant Secretary of State … Hillary Clinton, Warren Christopher, Madeline Albright, Cyrus Vance, all CFR. And look at the tresury CFR men bailing out “connected” Wall Street Firms and Hedge Funds.

    1. With all due respect if it is "our #1 enemy" why have you been reading it for so long? Why do you read it at all? I'm just saying. I personally don't read it or care.

  12. Iran has NO nukes! Noone says they currently do. They have a treaty right to have nuclear power (A treaty signed by the US). They have not attacked a foreign country. We have not declared war. These are facts. Quit proving how easily manipulated you are by repeating all the war propaganda.

    1. Peter, you quit proving how easily manipulated you are by repeating libertarian propaganda. What makes you SO sure that Iran DIDN'T help Al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein? If they have a right to nuclear power, well I guess the USSR should have had a right to having nuclear weapons. Hmm, I wonder why we accused the Rosenbergs of treason and hanged them, then?

      What you're saying is that we should let Iran have a weapon which they can use against us. Since we're the largest owners of nuclear weapons, it would be comparable to a gun salesman selling a firearm to a man in his town who's suspected of murder. Would you do that?

  13. It is far more popular to say we must stop Iran to protect Isreal than the truth which is to protect the other Arabl nations. Many are caught up in the same mentailty that got us to invade the soverign nation of Iraq looking for the NON EXISTANT weapons of mass destruction. In case you have forgotten how that workd out thousands of American lives lost, many more crippled, and billions of US dollars spent and for what? Iraq is fast becoming an ememy of the US and the people have far less freedom than they had, if they do not hate us I cannot imagine why. If Iran wanted a nuke I am sure they could trade China or Korea the state of the art stealth spy plane we gave them for one or two with rockets. Always look at the source of your information and their agenda. Have you learned nothing from Bushes propaganda machine on Iraq.

  14. Who knows what Iran is doing? But based on their current agressive behavior, I wouldn't bet againse them developing neuclear weapons. If they were only following "peaceful research," why did they kick out all the IAEA inspectors, and spend billions burying those facilities? That would be…. IRRATIONAL, wouldn't it? And we know they aren't irrational, don't we? They are just anxious for that 12th Imam to show up.

  15. People used to say these exact same things about the USSR in the late 1940's and 1950's. "Russia will nuke us all" they cried. Ironically, the only nation to actually use nukes against any nation was us. I personally don't fear Iran having nuclear capabilities. Frankly, I'm more concerned bout Pakistan having them, they are after all, just as, if not more so, radicalized than the Saudis, who are, in turn, more radicalized than the Iranians. Posters here claim that Iran sponsors a global jihad. Hate to break this to them, it's the Saudis who are sponsoring a global jihad. The Saudi royal family have been actively engaged in forcing the spread of Islam throughout the western world. Where did 15 of the 19 hijackers hail from? I'll give you a clue, it wasn't Iran!

  16. Iran is has caused the slaughter of countless Amercian and Allied Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq by Roadside bombs. Think they they won't use a nuke???

    1. Where's your evidence from any unbiased source that the Iranians are involved in arming people attacking NATO forces in Afghanistan?

      Using a nuclear weapon on nuclear armed states and their enemies, whose conventional forces dwarf theirs and whose nuclear forces are bigger than anything Iran could possibly have yet (thousands of US warheads, dozens to hundreds of Israeli ones) is not the same as fighting conventional wars or backing conventionally armed allies/proxies – which is why the US and USSR never used nuclear weapons on each other, why Saddam never used WMD when he did have them in his first war with the US (1991 Gulf War), why India and Pakistan haven't used them on each other, nor North Korea used it's on the South for fear of a US counterstrike or invasion – and why Iran would only want nuclear weapons as a deterrent against attack (if it builds them at all) as Israeli historian Martin Van Creveld and former US commander in the Middle East General John Abizaid have said.

      You know the US and Israel are backing terrorist attacks on Iranian civilians and soldiers in Iran too, including backing Jundullah – a Sunni extremist group that's close to Al Qa'ida – and assassinations of nuclear scientists?

  17. Welcome the new Babylon. We're on the edge of prophecy fulfillment. Iran wants to usher in the 12th Imam, when they're actually going to usher in God's judgment, and our Christian reward. God won't let a nuclear bomb touch His Chosen. Watch and learn.

  18. Awakennow: I have been in combat in a couple places. Unlike you I have seen evil up close. Goerge Mcgovern/Woodrow Wilson national defense policy is mindless. This country makes more than enough money to stay safe. Medicare, welfare, and the progressive income tax are what ruins us financially.
    Try to live up to your name (Awakennow)

  19. Only my personal opinion, but I believe we have more to "fear" from the "traitors among US" (in the White House and on Capitol Hill) than we have to fear from Iran, or Armadinejhad (spelling ??, but you know who I mean)!

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