The Job-Killing President

Newt Gingrich called President Obama “the best food-stamp president in American history.” Of course, liberals saw this as a coded racial slur:

“I don’t think he is consciously whipping up bigotry, but he is no fool and this is going to be seen through a racial prism,” David Greenberg, an associate professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, said in an interview. “It has to do with how these issues are framed and understood. It wouldn’t be hard for him to mute or disavow the racial component.”

Here are the statistics. About 34 percent of food-stamp recipients are white, 22 percent black, and 16 percent Hispanic. Being a food stamp president is not about race; it’s about creating an economic environment that makes it easy for some people to accept being dependant on the State.

What would get these groups off food stamps? Jobs! What would make them less dependent on the government? Jobs! What would dilute their die-hard affiliation with the Democrat Party? Jobs!

President Obama is not so much a food-stamp president but a “Job Killing President” with a purpose. He and his fellow Democrats need a reliable voting-block. By keeping people dependent on government, liberals are assured a political power base from which to operate. They are the 21st equivalent to the southern plantation system.

The rejection of the Keystone Pipeline is a perfect example. While the President is doling out money by the hundreds of millions to favored political supporters in energy boondoggles, there is a free-market way to create jobs and make the United States nearly energy independent. Dick Morris writes:

President Obama has rejected the Keystone Pipeline costing the U.S. a real shot at energy independence and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Bowing to extremist environmental pressure groups, he vetoes the project saying it needs more review — after years of study by the U.S. government! What he means is he wants to wait until after the election! Half of our oil from Canada — one-eighth of our total oil imports — would have flowed through this pipeline. We could replace oil from enemies like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Russia with friendly oil from Canada had Obama said yes.

A free people is a dangerous people.

Why the federal government should be involved in this decision is beyond me. Let the states go it alone. It’s time for some Tenth Amendment action on the part of sovereign states within this union. The nation as a whole will thank them.

13 thoughts on “The Job-Killing President

    1. He has killed everything that he touched, the economy, the morals, trying to kill Christianity, the promise of cheaper gas………………..

  1. I really and truly do not know that Obama is doing everything in his power against America. I do know that economical, moral and Christian has suffered greatly during his administration. The Bible says "You know a tree by the fruit it bares." The fruit that has fallen since he became president was scarce and worm eaten. Not only that he refuses to give us proof that he is a legal citizen which he should have done when he began his trip to the White House and we should have demanded it.

  2. Newt has a right to talk. He was elected under the "Contract With America" campaign promising to cut Food Stamps and instead the Food Stamp program continued to grow. Just an incredible gift for lying he has.

    1. He was NOT elected under the "Contract With America" campaign. he WAS the Speaker of the House. Yes, the Food Stamp program has continued to grow. Grow under Democratic Presidents. Obama has accumulated more debt in his first 3 years then all the presidents combined between Washington through Clinton. And he wants to raise it another 1.2 TRILLION now with NO spending cuts. He said in 06 when Bush asked to raise the debt that a president that raised the Debt ceiling with NO spending cuts shows a total lack of leadership. Well He just proved his point. He has "NO LEADERSHIP SKILLS AT ALL".

      1. A vote for Newt is a vote for more of the same. But at least the Democrap morons can't cry "RACISM". I am so sick of this crap. Please remember to vote ALL OF THE TREASONOUS SCUM OUT!!!! There is only a few good ones worth keeping, such as Dimmit and Posey. ALL THE REST, THEY HAVE TO GO.

  3. The job killing President is a Bubble headed moron that belongs to a Muslim Cult that hates all Americans and there way of life and his name is Barrack Obama.

  4. Our local liberal rag FINALLY had a truthful front page article on unemployment. The Akron Beacon Journal actually stated that the "lower" unemployment rate didn't mean more people were actually employed…wonder why the Beacon's brain trust took so long to see it…hmmm, could it be because they see the handwriting on the wall…nah…

  5. If it wans't for the food stamps to feed the hunrgy, the President would have rain 5000 baked and ready to eat Fish on every poor community in America. I think we acould call that Jesus Food stamps.

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    1. Yes Raymond, you are right. Islam is like a cancer, it kills everything they come in contact with. I wish these people would "WAKE UP"


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