The Most Important Article I Have Ever Written

No, the title of this piece is not intended merely to be an attention-grabber. I really, really mean it. I have written a lot of things over the years, and I have felt (and continue to feel) very strongly about a lot of things. But as we enter the very final stretch of the 2012 Presidential election, I have to make one last stab at articulating the crucial nature of voting Barack Obama out of office. The reality of our two-party system means that if my last sentence is correct (and it is), then so is this sentence: It is of dire significance that we vote FOR Gov. Mitt Romney.

I am not writing this piece for those on the far left. I hope many of you will stay home and sit this election out, as you surely must be very disappointed with your President, who has not closed Gitmo, who has ordered 10x the drone attacks that President Bush ever ordered, who orchestrated the assassination of a man (Osama bin Laden) without a trial, who extended all of the Bush tax cuts for two years when he had the majority in both chambers, who passed health care legislation that was stripped of the public option, who never even proposed immigration reform to the Congress, who spent 275 days of his Presidency opposed to gay marriage, who has still not ended the war in Afghanistan, who has never passed a budget (or received a vote for one) … That’s right – as contemptible as I find the President to be, I can only imagine what you far leftists must think. Yikes. What a disappointment. And if it isn’t, what a bunch of hypocrites and posers you are.

I am also not writing this piece for folks like me on the right. We know that class warfare is a recipe for failure. We know that Obama loathes the principles that have made America great. We know that his Supreme Court appointments have been an utter embarrassment. We are well aware of the path to fiscal ruin this President has our country on. There is no need to convince you of his disdain for an American footprint in the world. We know the failures of his stated energy policies. We know that he views the tax code as a means of forcing his version of social justice upon society. We have seen the laughingstock appointments he has made in Steven Chu, Eric Holder, Van Jones, and countless others. And most importantly, we know the doom for America that his signature legislation represents – the atrocity that is ObamaCare. We conservatives do not need to be talked into fearing an Obama re-election. In fact, I have been very restrained in keeping this paragraph short.

This article is, instead, for those who are just simply not enthused about voting for Mitt Romney. You may not be thrilled with the idea of voting for Barack Obama, and in fact, you may be repulsed by it. However, for any number of reasons, you feel uncomfortable with a vote for Romney, and are considering sitting this one out or voting for a third-party candidate. It could be the Mormonism of Gov. Romney you do not like, or it could be his various position changes over the years (most notably on abortion). Particularly in states like Nevada, Ohio, Colorado, and Wisconsin, your non-vote for Romney could very well put Obama back in the White House for an additional four years. You are the target audience of this article.

I am not going to defend every single piece of Mitt Romney’s record. I have spent a little time with the Governor over the last few years, and I have found him to be an extremely bright and knowledgeable man, but I would not say that ideological conservatism runs through his veins. I doubt he grew up reading Hayek, Kirk, and Buckley. For those of you who are devout evangelicals or Roman Catholics, you are well aware of the differences in his religious viewpoint from yours. He has some stinker votes out there, and he has changed his position on a couple key issues over the years. It is not possible for me to claim he is a perfect man, or a perfect candidate. But I will suggest to you that the negativity some feel towards him is perhaps misguided …

The most common objection lodged against him is his reputation as a “moderate” when he governed the state of Massachusetts. When a Republican Governor is elected head of Ted Kennedy’s state, and asked to serve over an 82% Democratic legislature, I would suggest to you that a little grace and understanding are in order. If you evaluate each and every action he took as the Governor of that state, you will find (as I did) that he was constantly moving his state to the right, even if it never went as far right as you and I may prefer. He is a true incrementalist, and he moved the ball in the right direction, which I believe is what we elect leaders to do.

I would spend more time on the abortion flip-flop except for the fact that I have no doubt that his “pretend position” was when he was pro-choice, not when he became pro-life again. It is inconceivable that he and his devout Roman Catholic pro-life Vice-Presidential selection, Paul Ryan, would select judges who set the pro-life cause back. I have been wrong on issues in the past, and so have you. I encourage you not to hold it against a candidate that before he was right on an issue, he once was wrong. That is backwards thinking, is it not?

I have written in the past of the very limited things a President can actually do. He cannot restore the size of government to the “right size” many of us wish it to be. He can, though, work diligently and intelligently to get the right things done. I would suggest that some of those crying needs of the hour are exactly what Romney will do, and do phenomenally well. He will work with Congress to reform (but not perfect) the tax code. He will reverse the direction of the budget deficit, even if he will not solve it entirely.

The direction he will take the fiscal state of our country vs. Obama is the most important issue in this election. He will flatten the tax rates, which undeniably spurs economic growth, all the while cleaning up many of the silly and price-distorting deductions that have to be reformed (I learned this from Obama’s former economic czar, Christina Romer, by the way). He will assemble a team of competent cabinet members, as he has done his entire career (do any of Romney’s critics want to criticize his eye for talent at Bain Capital, or in Salt Lake City, or in the Governor’s mansion?). Obama has filled his cabinet with cronies, fools, and extremists. This distinction alone is enough to show up and vote.

I do not believe we will run a budget surplus in four years, and I do not believe abortion will be criminalized at the end of Romney’s first term. What I do believe is this: At this time, at this point in history, in this present set of circumstances, God has seen fit to give us a clear and simple choice between a radical, unqualified, dishonest wretch of a President named Barack Obama, and a competent, managerial, efficient, intelligent, decent man named Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney will be a tool God uses to move the ball down the field.

Romney did not have to choose the extraordinary Paul Ryan as his running mate, and in fact took great political risk in doing so. Gov. Romney is a problem-solver in a country filled with problems. He is not a quintessential conservative Libertarian kind of guy, but he is the antidote we have to the Ivy League radicalism of Barack Obama. He is the alternative to four more years of $1 trillion+ deficits and an utter blindness to the train wreck our entitlement system represents. He has the proven ability to work with other people to accomplish something, as opposed to the community organizer we have in office now who has never so much as led a school sports team, let alone a business, a state, or an organization.

I am not writing because Mitt Romney is perfect. I am writing because he is good enough. And I am writing because Barack Obama is the biggest disaster our country has faced as a mature country. If you worry about the direction of the Supreme Court, and you worry about the size of our government relative to GDP, and you worry about confidence in the business community coming back so as to spur economic growth, then you have a man to vote for who will advance your cause(s) – Mitt Romney. You also have a man to vote against who represents the worst of all possible worlds – Barack Obama.

Please, do not sit this one out. Our country – the last, best hope on earth – needs your vote. I have every confidence in the world that we will be pleased we voted for Mitt Romney – every confidence in the world. Share as you wish. And I will see you at the polls.

David L. Bahnsen, CFP®, works as a Senior Vice President in the private client group of one of the premier Wall Street firms in the country where he provides financial planning and investment management services to individuals and families. To receive his Market Updates via email, go to

249 thoughts on “The Most Important Article I Have Ever Written

  1. JFK,said ask not what your country can do for you.
    Ask what can you do for your country.
    I support and donate to charitable causes,this is the first time i supported a politician.Romney & Ryan.

    1. Same goes BUT this year I had to forgo the Charitable contributions to help support my sons family. He is now in the 11th month of unemployment. Denied benefits of any kind!
      4 more yrs of Hussein O and we will have lost our home and be unable to afford to flee what was the United States!

  2. Excellent. Thank you for writing it. I only hope it will influence people to vote for what’s right for America.

    ”At this time, at this point in history, in this present set of circumstances, God has seen fit to give us a clear and simple choice between a radical, unqualified, dishonest wretch of a President named Barack Obama, and a competent, managerial, efficient, intelligent, decent man named Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney will be a tool God uses to move the ball down the field.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

  3. I couldn’t even finish reading this article. While I was reading all the stuff that Obama has done to this country and is doing, my heart just breaks. Who would have ever thought that in just 4 short years our country would be on the verge of falling and collapse??? I have never seen such a cold, calculated, deceiving person as Obama. How he can get up and give his empty speeches and tell everyone things are getting better and he’ll do better, knowing the whole time he is just going to continue dismantling this country and destroying our economy and ruining peoples lives and he just smiles. I just want to gag. It is mind boggling. It just leaves me speechless. The cold, hard stare he gave Romney in the last 2 debates is the real Obama. I’m sure we’ll see more of that hard, cold, uncaring glare if he gets re-elected. PLEASE vote for Romney and pray for this country. I know God is in control, but it doesn’t make it any easier watching this magnificent country fall.

    1. PMDavis……Your discernment is spot on.
      Obama has the eyes of a shark, the venom of a snake, and a heart of stone.
      And a diabolical liar.

      I’m praying that at last Americans will see their need for God and cry out to Him. And I pray God’s protection over Romney and his family and the He would give him favor with the people.

      It will be devastating for our country if Obama wins.

      1. Really, the only hope this country has is if the Lord still needs this country for His purpose. I believe He will put a “hold” or “pause” button on by letting Romney win so He can continue His use of this country for the gospel. If He doesn’t need it, then I believe Obama will win and the end of this age will continue in a fast and disastrous way.

        1. Davey2, I agree that this election is very likely Americas Last Stand, however since both major party candidates were picked for us by the One World Government controllers, I find very little difference in Romney and Obama and I personally will vote for NEITHER of them. Everyone should just vote your conscience for the person you believe will best serve our Country.

        2. there are vast differences in romney and obama and your vote if you fore go it is a vote for obama. Out of the 2 romney is the most Godly Personally I believe as jesus said many christians will be deceived at the end times. I believe they already are and have been since the 4th century. but the real clincher was in the 8th century. Jesus said not 1 jot ot tittle will be changed until his return. God nor Jesus sanctioned sunday to replace the 7th day sabbath. History shows constantine implemented it and the roman catholic church made it law. History also shows sunday is named after the sun and in the bible God calls his people harlots when he found them facing east worshipping the sun god. Lucifer means bringer of light or morning light. he has already taken over the church. If you read the history of the church and roman catholic history you will see the truth here. If you think the desciples worshipped on sunday check carefully the wording in the bible the word sabbath is used when both jesus and his desciples went to the synagogue to teach and worship. often followed by as was his custom. jesus said he who loves me keeps my commandments. The scarlot woman (the false church) gives birth to many harlots (daughter churches) The remnant church (true church) in the face of death kept the 7th day sabbath as the 4th commandment says.
          If you don’t vote you are denying your God given right to keep your country led by leaders who follow Gods word. This right was given to us when against Gods wishes he allowed the people to have a king and eventullay left the choice of leaders to us.

        3. Okay, so how exactly is voting for either of these would-be puppets-in-chief voting for someone who follows God’s word? Neither of them have divine authority – there can be no doubt about that.

        4. It would help to vote for the one who actually believes in God. God has and can do amazing things with people who step up to the plate. For example, did you know that Romney will not be accepting any salary for his four years, he is giving it back to the country. Do you see O. or Michelle doing that? O. is even complaining because Michelle does not get a salary too.

          I can not see a man like Romney being a puppet for the new world order. He is a strong believer in the following the constitution and the capitalist system of working for what you get. He is for creating jobs and giving people to pull themselves up to the next level. He is a moral man and that is what we need now more than anything.

          Remember Moses did not want to lead the children out of Egypt, but God gave him the words to say and he led them to the border of the promised land. Don’t count God out he is still watching, disappointed in our last choice, but watching.
          God Bless America!

        5. This is probably not the site to get a favorable response for saying anything against the people who prop up each opposing side for the sake of their continuance. Voting for either of these preselected candidates for the middle management position of puppet in chief by the invisible board of directors is consenting to what they want us to continue taking – the red pill or the blue pill, but you better choose one of them. I will not fall for the choice between two poisons – if they’re going to take everything me and my children have worked for then it will be on them, not me. If I choose then I am consenting.

          Besides, another term of the lawless one with most of America and congress standing against him will slow them down more than having a Obomney who can smooth-talk us all the way to the gallows with a consenting congress and populace.

        6. PMDavis I think God would like to be able to continue to use this nation, the question is, are there enough folks like your self who realize HE is whom we should be trying to follow and trust, that would allow His justice and righteousness to resume blessing!? Out of the 55 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 52 were orthodox Christians! Mr. President, you are wrong, we are a Christian Nation, that is where our blessings have come!


        1. I am as far from a liberal as one can get. Check Rummy out in a year and see for yourself. He already went to Israhell and brown nosed with Nuttyahoo.

      2. He “won’t win”; however, I do FEAR that he will still be in office.
        He won last time by fraud and is doing everything possible to do it all over again.

      3. Stop blaming God for your own failures as a citizen and a human being and leave God out of the political mess we’ve all gotten ourselves in. Obama is no worse than the rest of the political class and better than some. He hasnt sent 4000 Americans to their deaths for a baldfaced lie like cheney and Bush did, for example. At least not yet. Don’t like Obama? I don’t blame you. But stop pretending he’s other than the standard two-faced cynical American politician taking his money and his marching orders from the rich. JUST LIKE MITT.

        1. No one is blaming God but God is in control. No ruler is elected that He does not allow and all rulers are used for His purpose and His alone.

        2. Well… that’s a little like saying that the god of this world is only being used for God’s purposes. While true in one sense, the god of this world has the ability to blind, fool, deceive, and distract, which I don’t believe God “plans” for anyone. He may “allow” it, but it’s a twist to say He’s sanctioning it.

        3. Can you say Lybia?? Four of our men were slaughtered while Obummer flew off to Vegas to campain. Our Ambassator was sodomized numerous times before he was killed. Obummer said it was because of a movie?? The fucken liar knew it was a terrorist attack. Evil and he’s nothing but evil.

        4. Hey – Obama only wanted them kidnapped so he could swoop in and rescue them like a hero just in time for election boost. He couldn’t help it if someone who didn’t like to see him benefit from such antics outbid him to be double-crossed by the paid-for attackers. [tongue-back-out-of-cheek]

        5. When obama took office and gave his new orders to the army, our casualties went up 500%. Google it. They have to get permission to fire back.

    2. Barry is proof that evil is alive and well in this country. I’m trying to get my head around what to do, and possibly where to go if Obama wins. I just can’t see our country surviving his wrath. I am earnestly putting this one in God’s hands.

      1. We were a lot closer to falling and collapsing when President Obama took office compared to where we are now.

        I read something today from Colin Powell:

        Powell said that when Obama took
        over “the country was in very, very difficult straits. We were in the
        one of the worst recessions we had seen in recent times, close to a

        “The fiscal
        system was collapsing: Wall Street was in chaos, we had 800,000 jobs
        lost in that first month of the Obama administration,” he said.
        “Unemployment peaked at 10 percent, so we were in real trouble. The auto
        industry was collapsing, housing was started to collapse, and we were
        in very difficult straits.

        “And I saw
        over the next several years stabilization come back in the financial
        community,” Powell added. “Housing is now starting to come back after
        four years; it’s starting to pick up. Consumer confidence is rising.”

        1. Really? You’re funny. Well, not really, you’re lost and misguided. Again, I’ll put this one with God, and good luck with that unicorn and gnome project.

        2. All leftist propaganda and the FACTS do not support you or the rapping Colin Powell’s biased assessment. We are on a decline and headed in the exact opposite direction of a recovery. To get a sense of how dismal Obama’s recovery has been, consider this: Since World War II, there have been 10 recoveries before Obama’s. Had Obama’s merely performed as well the average of all those recoveries, the nation’s GDP would be a staggering $1.2 trillion bigger than it is today, and 7.9 million more people would have jobs. Obama has been a miserable failure and needs to be voted out.

        3. dave you amaze me do you not watch the news and the that includes the economic news? We are about to be downgraded again we have more people out of work, dropped out of looking for work, under employed and more on welfare than ever before and if that does not scream as loud as possible that the economy is still in a decline you really need some mental help

        4. I will agree that the debt has increased and that we may be downgraded again.

          In Jan 2009 we were losing almost 800k jobs per month. Since early 2010 we have been gaining jobs every month. That is a huge improvement.

          Since Jan 2009 there has been a net gain of about 365k jobs. Since early 2010 we have gained almost 5 million jobs.

          The numbers are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you disagree with them please explain what statistics you have and where you got them.

        5. Those are dismal numbers. We need at least 250,000 jobs each and every month just to remain stable. That has not happened since he was elected. And it’s not since 2010 that we’ve gained 5 million jobs, but since he took office. That is what he has been crowing about. Well, that is not something to be proud of if you do the math. Sounds good though.

        6. Only 365,000 since 2009. We lost 4 million jobs during President Obama’s first year in office. The gains have happened since then.

        7. “If the redistribution were serious, what they would want to distribute is the ability to fish, or to be productive in other ways. Knowledge is one of the few things that can be distributed to people without reducing the amount held by others.

          That would better serve the interests of the poor, but it would not serve
          the interests of politicians who want to exercise power, and to get the votes of people who are dependent on them.

          Barack Obama can endlessly proclaim his slogan of “Forward,” but
          what he is proposing is going backwards to policies that have failed repeatedly in countries around the world.

          Yet, to many people who cannot be bothered to stop and think, redistribution sounds good.”

          Thomas Sowell

          So were does this leave you?

        8. If obaMAO had created 5 million NEW jobs then why do we still have 23 million out of work. You really are STUPID, obaMAO counts all his teachers and UAW auto union thugs, firefighters, policemen and so forth they’re all gov’t jobs you idiot. There are not enough govt jobs to fix this obaMAO mess and there never will be.

          And just so you know you can’t say you created a NEW JOB when all you’ve done is postpone the LAYOFF of a lackadaisical govt employee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        9. The unemployment rate would be lower if the U.S. and the state governments had not laid off so many people

        10. Daves. You of course never watch anything that contains the truth. How many times have you seen Fox News? Once, Fox is not super conservative. It is in fact slightly left. however you can get a idea of the actual truth. Not so from ABC,NBC,CBS, MSNBC, CNN. They omit anything that does not pump up the liar in chief. Under Ovomit, every number that should be up is far down. Every number that should be down is way up. The true actual unemployment-that includes people who have stopped looking, Those that are doing anything and everything to make any money at all to survive, underemployed and those on the dole. Try 24.3%. This creep is intentionally trying to destroy this country, and so far he has done a great job of it.

        11. I don’t get my news from the television although I do occasionally watch C-PAN. Yes I know many people have stopped looking for work. That does not change the fact that more people are working than were working in 2009.

        12. you are mistaken. we have fewer people working now. unemployent at 8%, accorking to government figures and the number of people who no longer get unemployment benefits is higher then ever. Do the math.

        13. daves, you obviously have not seen the (L.P.R.) Labor Participation Rate. It shows fewer people are working now. Where do you get your information…on the John Stewart show?

        14. According to the most recent employment figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy has eked out a net gain of 325,000 jobs since January 2009, when Obama took office. And that’s giving credit for roughly 386,000 jobs that the BLS has announced, on a preliminary basis, that it will be adding to this year’s employment totals next year, as a result of its routine annual “benchmarking” analysis.

        15. Are you really that dumb??? Have you not watched the news, read a paper, talked to “friends or neighbors??? It’s everywhere. The company “VERITAS”??? It’s a company now looking into voter fraud by the democrats. It’s probably on the news now as we speak. You need to get out more.

        16. If the information is everywhere than why hasn’t a single person responding to me showed me actual figures? I got my numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I would really like to find out who this is that has more accurate numbers.

        17. I did. And I still have not received any facts from anyone posting here. It is kind of frustrating. It’s like people have these beliefs but they aren’t really sure why they have them. They are certain that they are correct.

        18. really you call 23 million unemployed good.
          you call more spent on welfare than any other budget item going in the right direction.
          How is fantasy land?

        19. how about the obama who lies to the people about an attack on an American Consul.

          This is your kind of lie. by you kind of obama

          Vote Obama out.

        20. Look for ‘daves’ on all the conservative sites – a troll. However he is asking very provocative questions that have resulted in great facts and conversation….guess he isn’t trolling properly.

        21. Perhaps the declining GDP numbers might give you a HINT ! ! !

          For 3 years now each year growth has been smaller than the previous year . . . housing starts . . . LOL . . . when you build 8 new houses and then next year you build 16 . . . . that’s a 100% increase . . . but it means absolutely nothing ! ! !

        22. Ahem. First, let me say that I spent years crunching numbers for the US Dept of Commerce (1979-1996), so I suspect I know a bit more about such government statistics than you do. Second, US GDP is almost always higher “than any other time in history” because it rises by default as the population grows (i.e., even if nothing whatever “good” happens, the status quo will result in a higher GDP with increasing population). Third, the chart you configured using “nominal” dollars, which are NOT adjusted for inflation, which ends up overstating GDP growth trends (i.e., even if nothing whatever “good” happens, nominal GDP rises with inflation).

          Now, if you were to select a “constant dollar” chart (which picks a “dollar” value from some year along the way — any year is fine, and the years commonly selected by the DoC tend to be chosen anew every decade or so). In the case of your quoted site, you could have selected “$bln 2005” as the valuation, which causes all the historical GDP numbers to be given in equivalent dollars at their value in 2005. By this measure, you could then see that GDP in 2008 was 13.162 Trillion, while in 2011 it was 13.315 Trillion (the 2012 figures are “guesstimated” to be 13.471 Trillion). This trend actually represents pretty dismal growth, and in fact the Obama administration just released the latest quarterly GDP growth of 2.0% — historically weak — and even that only manages to drag the even worse level for the last 3 quarters to a 1.7% annual rate — historically anemic.

          Look, we’d all LIKE to be able to say that the economy has been managed well the last 4 years — ALL of us would be better off today if that were only the case. But the simple, if inconvenient, truth is that any prior president who performed this badly after a recession would have been declared a failure by the majority of news media. In fact, when George H. W. Bush was “fired” because of “the economy stupid” back in 1992, his GDP growth rate was 3.4% (actually 2.65% at the time, but when Bill Clinton re-defined the calculation of “inflation” — a cynical move meant to make his own GDP growth trend look better — it had the side-effect of causing an adjustment in all inflation-adjusted growth rates for several years before his election and continuing up until today). So if Bush (the elder) deserved to be fired for a 3.4% growth rate following a recession, how much more should Obama deserve to be fired for his 1.7% growth rate? Furthermore, since WWII there have been at least 4 recessions that produced LARGER employment losses one year into the recession — which is where Obama picked up after Bush the younger’s recession — and in EVERY such case, the ENTIRE loss was erased within the next 2 1/2 years. This means that if Obama’s performance had been even “average” relative to these previous cases, we would have recovered all lost jobs over a year ago — yet we haven’t even reached that point yet! And you can’t blame Republican “obstructionists” in Congress because since the GOP took over the House in January 2011, 2.7 Million more Americans are working, while during the time Obama had a Democratic Congress (Jan 2009 – Jan 2011) 2.8 Million FEWER Americans were working — so “obstructing” Obama’s jobs policies has actually been MUCH BETTER for Americans looking for work than when the Democrats were “helping”.

          Wake up! It’s time to try something — and someone — new.

        23. Thank you for sharing. I am not making the claim that growth has been good – I just wanted to disprove Jack’s claim that it has gone down every year since President Obama took office.

          According to economists this recession started in 2007 and was more severe than any since the depression. 2009 when President Obama took office was the worst year. I don’t understand how you can compare this one to the 4 you are talking about.

        24. Sorry, the layout on this blog and your terse comment made it difficult to tell you were making a response to a specific point by someone else. He would be wrong if he suggested growth went down every year under Obama. The “recession” in its strict technical sense was over in June 2009. In fact, this “worst recession since the Great Depression” you hear so much about from “economists” clearly bottomed out before President Obama was even inaugurated, and ended before any but the most trivial of his 2009 proposals were put in force. The complaint I have about his performance is entirely related to what he did after this “technical” recession was already easing.

          Now, to revisit your last point first, you need to understand that “economists say” is the most misleading statement you will ever read in the press, let alone hear from a White House press secretary. The reason is that the ranks of professional economists include everyone from self-proclaimed socialists to extreme laissez-faire capitalists. On any specific issue, you can slice that spectrum in such a way as to get “many economists” to agree on anything from whether tax cuts lead to economic growth to whether tax increases lead to economic growth. This is no exaggeration. It’s that useless a metric. Moreover, one needs to know in what way those economists thought the recent recession “worse” than any other post WWII recession (the GD ended with WWII, so these two periods are substantively synonymous). Did they mean by size of GDP contraction? By rate of GDP contraction? By size of job losses? By rate of job losses? By not specifying by what measure they made this conclusion, they avoided the possibility of any other set of “many economists” to contradict them definitively. The result was a fruitless argument.

          For a simple example: is it “worse” if your income goes down 10% a month for one month, or 5% a month for 6 months? Clearly, you will be worse off after the latter, but “many economists” could claim that if two people experienced these two effects that the former was experiencing a “worse” loss at some point or by a certain measure.

          In fact, when “many economists” were saying this about the 2008 economy, it happened that job losses were STEEPER in a few specific months than they were at other specific months during the Great Depression. So, looking at those specific data points, it could be reasonably claimed to have been “worse” even than the Great Depression. This would be highly misleading and completely disingenuous, of course, but the actual statistics used to justify the “worst recession since the Great Depression” claim were scarcely any less disingenuous.

          From my own perspective, I was talking about measuring the problem President Obama inherited from Bush by total job losses rather than by GDP contraction. I think I made this clear in my comment, which noted “there have been at least 4 recessions that produced LARGER employment losses one year into the recession — which is where Obama picked up after Bush the younger’s recession ” than the one Obama inherited.

          Among other things, the reason I chose that particular measure — which I am glad to explain, unlike the “most economists” to whom you refer — is that the fact that the recession was over as measured by GDP contraction within a few months of Obama’s inauguration — before most of his policies were put in force and before any of the few he had put into practice had any reasonable change to affect GDP. Therefore, if the 2008 recession was “worse” based on GDP, this was already clearly NO LONGER true by the time Obama inherited the US economy — that is, he would reasonably be said to have inherited a “recovering” economy rather than a “failing” one.

          In addition, I also use the jobs measure because President Obama himself made it the most important aspect of the 2008 recession by describing job losses as the highest priority issue from his inauguration onward — not growth, but Old Joe’s “three-letter word” – JOBS. He measured the Bush recession by the fact we were “losing 800,000 jobs a month” when he came into office (actually, this figure was a transient data point, not a trend of any kind, but you can’t fault him for dwelling on the worst-case).

          So, back to your question about how I can compare the 2008 recession to 4 others (a 5th was close enough to being just-as-bad that it could be counted, but I was willing to cut the president a bit of slack for the sake of not having to split hairs about fractions of a percentage point). If you look at graphs of job losses during recessions, you would find that at least these 4 had jobs losses GREATER than such losses in the 2008 recession at the same point where President Obama inherited the Bush recession. At least 2 had obscenely worse job losses at the same point in their cycle of recession and recovery (and obviously if I had included the Great Depression it would have had the worst of all). If you followed those graphs over the months following that 1-year mark, you would find that in all 4 (or 5 if you count the “about equal” case) the job losses ended and were completely erased within 2 to 2 1/2 years. By the measure of job losses, then, the Obama “recovery” is worse than any other period except the Great Depression itself, despite the fact that it did not start out worse than any of those 4 – 5 earlier recessions.

          The 2008 recession Obama inherited did, by the way, start out worse than several lesser post-WWII recessions, but has remained far worse than any of those throughout as well. Interestingly, there is one recession that it does resemble in the “shape” of its job loss graph, and that is the 2001 recession that started within weeks of President Bush’s inaugural, and which he clearly inherited as a parting gift from President Clinton (growth had already dipped negative in 2000 under Clinton, and if not for a meager 0.6% positive growth in Clinton’s final quarter, the 2001 recession would have formally started in 2000). However, the 2001 recession never saw job losses anywhere near what existed in 2008 or throughout President Obama’s tenure.

          As you may have guessed, I could go on longer and explain this all in more excruciating detail, but despite the limits of this kind of information exchange, I think I’ve done a passable job of explaining how I can legitimately and reasonably say that President Obama has failed relative to several earlier recessions in which conditions “started out” worse than what Obama inherited.

        25. That is an excellent point about economists. I didn’t realize there is disagreement about the severity of the problem.

          the economy has gained just about the same number of private-sector jobs (Obama’s preferred measure) in the 27 months since the most recent job slump hit bottom as it did in the 27 months following the bottom of the first Bush slump. And looking at total jobs — the broader and more customary measure — Bush’s post-slump job creation record was significantly better than Obama’s.

        26. First, let me say that I was making no conclusion on whether any particular economist is “good” or not. Both socialists and lassez-faire capitalist economists have won the Nobel Prize for Economics. I guess you can be a great economist and believe that economies work in wildly different ways.

          As to the rest of your point, actually, since a person who lost a good job often ends up taking TWO lesser jobs to make ends meet, the focus by President Obama and VP Biden (and the Democratic-leaning portion of the press) on the “number of jobs” (which includes part-time jobs, not just full-time, year-round jobs) makes a lot of sense — at least if you are trying to get re-elected. On the other hand, if you are trying to more accurately convey just how good or bad things are for Americans, it is more meaningful to use the number of Americans with jobs, which is reported in several separate measures as number of Americans with 1) part-time jobs, 2) full-time, year-round jobs, 3) multiple jobs, 4) part-time jobs by choice (i.e., don’t want to work full time), 5) part-time jobs not by choice (i.e., can’t find full-time work, but want it), among other distinctions (really, it can make your head spin to read this stuff, which is why the press so often does not). This gives you a much fuller sense of the condition of the “working economy”, but I haven’t heard the Obama administration tout any number from these data series since it came into office (literally — I’ve been a junkie on these stats since I worked for DoC, so I notice that kind of stuff).

          It is from these statistics that I can say that 2.8 Million Americans LOST their job between 01/2009 and 01/2011 when Obama had a Democratic Congress helping him pass his economic policies, while 2.7 Million Americans GAINED jobs since the Republican House began obstructing those policies (at least the President keeps saying they have been obstructing him). I’m not here to tell you what that may mean — only that it has happened, and so far I haven’t heard anyone making that point anywhere. Even the “right-wing” portion of the media and the Romney campaign have been focused on the statistics that the president and the mainstream media has been talking about (i.e., number of JOBS rather than number of AMERICANS with jobs).

          It really goes to show you how much power the president has with respect to framing the language of the debate and thereby controlling what can be debated and how the American people think about an issue. He who controls the language, controls the substance. Another great example is how for years the Democrats have made hay over the number of Americans who “lost” their health insurance under Bush (and before him Reagan), when in fact the percentage of Americans who are uninsured has varied quite little over several decades (it roughly drifts back and forth between 14% and 16%). But he Democrats are great at politics, it turns out. So, when Democrats are in the White House, they talk about the percentage of Americans without health insurance, but when Republicans are in the White House they suddenly talk about the number of Americans without health insurance. But, you see, there are more and more Americans every year. Thus, even when the percentages stay constant, there are more Americans without health insurance each year (there are likewise more Americans WITH health insurance as well, but they don’t mention them). When then-Senator Obama was running for president in 2008, he actually said that every year under Bush one million Americans “lost” their health insurance. Those fine “fact checkers” at the Associated Press jumped on this and “corrected” Obama, saying that he had overstated the case, but that he could have been right if he had just said “on average” instead of “every year” because the amount of Americans without health insurance did not go up by one million every year, and in fact in some years went down. Amazingly, no one else in the press remarked about how the “fact checkers” had subtly changed the language used to talk not about Americans “losing” insurance but about the sheer number of Americans without it — completely ignoring the difference and the fact that if there are, for instance, 1M additional Americans and 850K are insured and 150K are not (i.e., the usual 15% are uninsured), that it doesn’t mean that 150,000 Americans “lost” their insurance. In fact, the sheer number says very little about the problem unless you know (and report) additional statistics to provide meaning to such “baseless” numbers. This example demonstrates how little the American public can rely on “fact checkers” as well, since no other press outlet corrected this “correction” of the president, nor did any of the “FactCheck” organizations that are typically quoted in the press. The ultimate irony occurred just after the Affordable Care Act was passed, when the next annual report from the Obama Department of Commerce noted that the number of Americans WITH health insurance had dropped FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF KEEPING A RECORD OF THIS MEASURE. Yes, that’s right — only under President Obama has it been possible to say without twisting the truth that Americans have actually LOST their insurance! That would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

          In fact, even in the link you provided, there is about as much crapola as there is accurate fact — as least insofar as economic issues (that discussion of the Buffet Rule is particularly idiotic as only people Obama considers “rich” pay EFFECTIVE tax rates higher than 15% — the IRS publishes this data, which I don’t have right in front of me, but I can tell you that it takes more money than you or I probably make to reach the Romney rate — being in the 25% MARGINAL tax bracket, for example, does not mean you pay an EFFECTIVE rate of 25% or anything close to it). I do not necessarily have the background to critique their other non-economic stuff, although even some of them require a not insignificant amount on disingenuousness to appear remotely accurate. For example, it is true (of course) that Obama never said he “favors” infanticide’, but this is a straw man erected by, as the Romney campaign didn’t say he “favored” it, and in the event it is hardly unreasonable for Obama’s opponents to construe his voting against laws requiring medical care to be administered to babies born alive after a “failed” abortion to be at least protecting or encouraging “infanticide” — baby is delivered alive (an “infant”) and left to die from lack of any care by anyone (“infanticide”). This doesn’t mean he went around killing babies or even saying he wanted babies to die, but — although he may never have consciously thought about the repercussions — that was the inevitable and predictable result of his voting positions. You can argue this doesn’t happen often, or even that you think a baby who dies after being born alive but who was intended to be aborted should be considered to have been a “mistaken” life, but neither of these positions discounts that a baby born alive died as a result of withholding care — if the baby had been born in a maternity ward, only a court order or a record of brain death could have made such an action (or lack thereof) legal. But, that’s quite far off the track from the original topic. In any case, I’d be careful not to simply quote paragraphs you read on or any other media “fact checker” source — best to read it, look up independent primary sources, then put in your own words what you conclude from the totality. Nobody really fact-checks the fact-checkers, you know — it’s up to you.

        27. @daves – it just occurred to me that the phrasing you used in describing Jack’s claim could itself be taken to be accurate, depending on how well it conveys the wording Jack actually used (I don’t see his post). If he really claimed GROWTH “has gone down every year” under Obama, he would in fact be accurate. If he said GDP rather than GROWTH he would be wrong. It seems that your response was intended to demonstrate that GDP has gone up, but your description of Jack’s claims sounds as if he might have been referring to GROWTH instead. That is, the GROWTH rate has indeed declined each year, but that growth has been positive in each of those years. For example, if you invested $1000 in a stock and it went up 5% one year, 3% the next, 2% the year after that, and 1% the year after that, you could accurately say BOTH that a) the VALUE had gone UP each year, AND b) the GROWTH in value had gone DOWN each year. Now, if this were in fact happening with an investment of yours, you might have two different perspectives on it: 1) hey, I’m happy because I’m increasing my money each year, OR 2) hey, this is terrible, my investment is getting worse every year! Which position you take would likely be based on how well your investments have historically performed. So, if you had no history of investments making more than 1% – 2%, you might be inclined to take the “happy” position, but if you knew that typically such investments should make 5% you’d likely take the “terrible” position. This may well be why people like “Jack” are unhappy — they realize that this year’s 1.7% growth rate is terrible historically speaking, so the fact that it is better than the 2008 growth rate (which was negative) would not be much consolation. Growth during a recovery is supposed to be much, much better than growth during a recession, after all, and many Americans are reasonably wondering what the heck happened to the recovery that President Obama has been crowing about since 2009’s “recovery summer”. Think of this like a race car slowing down as it enters a turn — to win the race, you have to stomp on the gas and accelerate out of the turn. We have yet to accelerate out of the 2008 recession, and the rising costs of everything we buy are lapping us in the race. This isn’t really an unfair complaint, is it?

        28. Youu have got to be pulling everyone’s leg, sll you have to do is look around to see that America is in a big decline just look at the unemployment numbers, or are they meaning less to you? How is your take home pay raising or declining? Most workers have seen a big decline in there buying power thanks to this clown

        29. Well, here are some basic facts about how the country is
          facing with Barack Obama in the White House.

          Take a look at the numbers, sans commentary, and make your own
          judgment about whether Barack Obama deserves another term in

          1) Real median household income is down $4300 since Obama took

          2) The percentage of unemployed workers who’ve been out of a job
          for more than a year is over 30%.

          3) The country has had the longest streak of +8% unemployment
          since the Depression under Obama: 44 months and counting.

          4) In 2011 under Barack Obama, nearly one out of every seven
          Americans was on food stamps. That’s a 70 percent increase from 2007.

          5) Fifty percent of new college graduates are underemployed or

          6) U.S. home ownership is at a decade long low. So is the number of Americans who say their home is worth more than they paid for it.

          Home prices are the lowest they’ve been since 2002.

          7) Barack Obama ended NASA’s manned space program.

          8) Going into this election cycle, Barack Obama had raised more money from Wall Street than any President in history. He has also raised
          more money from Wall Street than all of the GOP presidential
          contenders combined in this election cycle.

          9) Under Barack Obama’s leadership, the last time Harry Reid and
          the Senate Democrats passed a budget was April 9, 2009.

          10) Barack Obama’s budget was defeated 414-0 in the House and 99-0 in the Senate.

          11) When he was running for President in 2008, Barack Obama
          pledged not to raise taxes on families making less than 250,000 dollars per year.

          He broke that promise with the tanning salon tax and with Obamacare, which raises almost 500 billion dollars in new taxes, a significant
          portion of which would be paid by people making less than 250,000
          dollars per year.

          12) When Barack Obama took office, gas was $1.86 per gallon.
          Today’s average price of gas is $3.72 per gallon.

          13) In February of this year, the federal government had a 229 billion dollar deficit. At that time that was the largest deficit in the history of the United States.

          14) America lost its AAA credit rating (which it had held since 1917) on Obama’s watch despite the fact that Timothy Geithner publicly said
          there was “no risk” of that happening.

          15) Barack Obama added more to the debt in just 44 months than George Bush did in two full terms as President.

        30. Some of what you are saying is true and some are lies.

          None of them in anyway prove that the economy is worse now than it was in January 2009.

        31. Are you that blind? Have you looked at the price of commodities at all Daves? Gees what was the price of gas when Obama came to office? How about the price of all groceries. Just go down the list and everything has inflated.

          As the liberal you are I know you automatically have a tough time with math but because of all the stimulus money, the dollar, which is tied to all commodities, has lost 20-25% of it purchasing power which forces all commodities to be higher in dollars.

          It’s called a “hidden” tax. Looks like you have no idea what you’ve been spending your money on for the last 4 years.

        32. $16 TRILLION in debt for starters. 17% unemployed or underemployed (U6 figures from the US Bureau of Labor) 43 million on Welfare, no budget for 4 years, a high of 1.3 in GDP (normal, just to keep up is 3).

        33. Colin Powell endorsing obama? One black man endorsing another? Who woulda thought? Racist, just like the rest of the 98% of blacks that will vote for obama just because he is black! What a bunch of unAmerican Racists!

        34. general, as a ,’nam vet to another, and when you were gonna run for potusa, I could not get to the polls fast enough.
          but, thank the LORD your wife ,as I am sure she is an absolute “sweetheart”
          talked you out of it. but , now General, you have showed your real color.
          instead of being straight for the troops, you have shown, when you endorsed Obama”, you shown your real side. which is “affirmative action” which is what you have endorsed for obama. you see , I do not capitalize his name , or yours anymore, because i totaly despise this idividual for what he stands for in America. when you endorsed him in 2008, I was appalled at your choice. totally not qualified except in color.

          general, affirmative action has done nothing but brought “incompetence”

          in our military and in the government employement. I saw in the military and civil service of the failure in “affirmatative action”.
          general, you can take your choice and stick it up y!@# ! have let your countrymen down.

          what is this great country coming too.
          old sarge,’nam vet,’68,’70

        35. Sarge I too am a Nam vet 72-73 and I want to say that your assessment of powell is dead on balls accurate. He is a coward, when he was in Nam he was part of the Lt. Calley cover-up. He was also the Dep. Post Commander at Ft. Carson when I was there 80-82. He received absolutely no respect from any member of the 4th ID that I knew or talked to. Even the Officers hated his guts. He’s a despicable scumbag and he always has been. Oh and if anyone doubts my assertion about the Lt. Calley cover-up just Google it, you’ll see. Which actually is probably why he got the job as Sec. State in the first place.

        36. Before Colin Powell is black, he is a human being. Attacking his endorsement of Obama as racist is like attacking a white for not endorsing Obama as racist.

        37. Ah, liberal theology. Chris Matthews just said yesterday that white people not voting endorsing Obama are racist.

        38. I’m a conservative, Who… what I was trying to say is that doing the Chris Matthews thing is wrong. (How does such a man have such a public persona?!)

        39. He did not happen to mention that Liberal Democrats were in full control of Congress for the last years of that Republican Presidency. Nor did he mention they (including then sen. Obama) remained in full control for the first 2 years of this Presidency.
          Consumer confidence among any I know is wavering on the very edge of total despair! Many of us are hurting beyond anything I can recall in my 68 years. Powell sold out his party for his race and got taken for a fool Barack is not a black pres. He is a Muslim loving globalist with no regard for the country Powell is sworn to serve!

        40. So far I am the only one commenting here who has provided the source for my information. If I am sheeple then show me your evidence that I am wrong.

        41. If things were as bad as you assume, you can credit 2 yrs of liberal control of the House and Senate. They chewed President Bush up and spit him out. NORMALLY, the prez can’t do anything without Congress…..not so, these days.

        42. i just read an 18 failure point article on obamas economy. Total opposite of what you have read. the facts don’t support what you read. the truth is obama is destroying our economy because he wants to make us pay for what the collonials did to his beloved father country whom he met 1 time. read his book dreams from my father. he is down sizing our weapons and military at the same time as killing our economy making us prime targets for a hostile take over. 1 of the companies he bailed out have a work week where they do nothing ( I can’t recall which1) but they are going to work and getting paid but there is no real productivity. It’s a sham to fool the voters. I will read through my emails and post the link for you to read when I find it. Obama is a success only to the point he his succeeding in his mission to destroy America. Any other president would have been impeached and fired for his dictator style presidency.

        43. What is worse now than Jan 2009?

          January 2009 when President Obama took office.

          Employers slashed their payrolls by 598,000 jobs in January, marking not only the biggest monthly cut since the recession began in December 2007, but the biggest since 1974, the Labor Department reported today.

        44. The false jobs you’re talking about are here in Michigan in a battery factory that has now closed down and filed for bankruptcy just like all the other fantasy land green jobs bull sh it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        45. @daves. If Barry had sat on his hands for 4 years, the economy would have rebounded on it’s own and it wouldn’t have cost us $16 Trillion. We aren’t Europe. If you really want to see what your messiah did to this country in only 4 years, go to

        46. Dear Dave S: General Powell was long gone from the Washington “scene” by the time Obama took the reins. If you would listen to an objective economist, you would hear that fiscally the nation was already beginning a turn around by the time the first term began with Obama. Stabilization has never “come back” to the economy. It has been propped by fake money, printed by Bernanke and company. Fiscally we are less solvent than we were 4 years ago. We are MUCH deeper in debt, our economy is lagging, and we are about to enter the next and deeper recession. Ask a straight up economist. The auto industry has been propped up, and you will hear shortly after the upcoming election that GM is about to go bankrupt again. If you are really looking online, then you will also know that the GM President made an announcement over in CHINA (who is sending jobs overseas?) that by the beginning of 2013, over 75% of all GM jobs will be in China. Look on youtube – the announcement is right there!
          Dave – I wish you were right. However, I fear that if Romney is elected, the problems that he will need to deal with digging out from Obama’s failed economy will look like Mt. Everest compared to the Bush economy that will look like a mole hill in comparison.
          Please enlighten yourself. I truly respect Colin Powell, but he is still angry over being passed over by George Bush, and he has an agenda.

        47. i am sorry but Colin Powel just endorsed obama and i feel he has to justify his decision, he did not say anything close to that when he was in a position to let people know. shame on him.

        48. colin powel is a hypocrit and either a liar or a racist. I think he’s only voting for bo because he’s black, either that or powel was LYING about his conservatism all those years. I totally disrespect powel.

        49. If Powell thinks the economy is improving, let him say that after ObamaCare taxes kick in. Powell is nothing but an Obama sycophant.

        50. Do you think your taxes will be affected by Obamacare? I make decent money and I pay $2k in taxes every month. None of the luxury taxes included in Obamcare will affect me.

        51. No, don’t tell me this is Batman…….still spewing your “Liberal Fool” venom for a “Poser President” who went to sleep and left the country to Adolf Axlerod. Sad day………wake up and listen to your common sense man!

        52. Colin Powell was a thorn in GWBush’s side when in his cabinet, constantly at odds with free market thinkers, does not support military intervention even though he owns a uniform, and was often an irritant among Constitutionalists as he chose to be on the side of the statists. You are giving him too much credit for refusing to stand up for his country. He is voting on race…again. He hasn’t changed his position.

        53. Consumer confidence is rising? That zings way past a lie. That is utter and complete stupid to make such an asinine statement. What is scary is that fools will believe and repeat it because of WHO said it. Liberals are more interested in who says something rather than whether it is true or not. God help us.

        54. Colin Powell is a member of the elitist Bilderberg (sp) group. He is for the New World Order, so of course Obama is the “ideal” for him. Have you not seen what O. has done for the past 4 years. The truth is not in him and he is the most secretive president we have ever had. He is also the only illegal alien we have had in the office of President. Do your homework, research what he has done that is against our constitution. (also, not president has ever used an executive order to try and stop an investigation of a treasonous head of the justice dept. before. Also, have you heard that in early voting there have been problems in several states with voting machines rigged to change your vote from Romney to Obama after you make it. If you do not check it before you leave the booth and change it and make sure it stays on Romney, it goes back to Obama.
          Do you really want someone with no moral values (calling the death of an ambassador as a “bump in the road”.

          I have no use for Obama of for the traitor Colin Powell.

        55. First thing you need to know , powell was/is a hack!!!!!! He rode Gen.Norman’s coat tails in Desert Storm and rode the minority horse his whole career! He’s a turncoat and should be dealt with as such, much like his mooslut brother oduh’huh!

        56. @ Daves: I read some of your other posts on the internet. You make lots of opinions without a grasp for the facts. So here are some facts. you can fact check everyone of these.

          There are 17 million more people on food stamps. The average income is down by 1k’s of $; Wealth of the middle class has declined significantly. More people in poverty than ever before, especially women. More people without work and not being counted as “unemployed”. The actual unemployment rate is closer to 16% or even higher. unemployment in black neighborhoods is 50%. More people “switched” to disability when they could not get work. (I don’t know how they did it). More people are receiving government aid than are paying taxes. US has the highest corp tax rate in the entire world. There is still a moratorium on drilling in the gulf. federal leases are down because they will not be issued. the regime is suing states for trying to enforce fed law and stop voter fraud. regime is giving guns to drug cartel to be used to kill civilians and LEO’s, We are facing the highest tax increase in our history come Jan 1. obamacare will increase taxes on 100% of the population and increase costs for everyone. bho added over 5 trillion to the debt, more than ALL other presidents combined and almost 1/3 of the debt. Dave you now owe over $50k to the government. QE3 to eternity, Rating downgraded again. 222 trillion in unfunded liabilities. China trading 20% in currency other than US dollars. The lost of the dollar as the world reserve currency. Welfare/entitlements add up to more than revenues by themselves without taking into account ANY other government costs.

          The only part of the economy that are still growing is people buying beans, bullets, band-aids, bullion.

        57. Most of what you say is true but that does not change the fact that companies are hiring now when in 2009 layoffs were very high.

          There is not still a moratorium on drilling in the gulf and federal leases are not down. Feel free to show me any information you have to prove me wrong. Otherwise, go to the Bureau of Land Management website and look for yourself.

        58. The hiring you are seeing is not keeping up with population growth. 70% of the jobs are low paying jobs and many are only part time. Once obama care go into full force, most jobs will become part time I fear. Right now, too many companies are holding off as long as possible to before deciding what to do. It will be up to the lame duck session to keep the present tax system that has been in place for 11 years; or allow a huge tax increase. obama has not reversed the moratorium. he is still in violation of the judge’s injunction against him. Leases are up on state owned property and on private owned property. Even when the moratorium is lifted, all of the platforms that have left will not return. It costs over a million dollars to move one of those things. It will take a long time to recover from that loss.

        59. You are aware that unemployment was only 5.7% when Bush left office?(High of 12% in last three years) You are aware that the National Debt was only $8.5 trillion?(Now $16.3 trillion) You are aware that only 27 million people were on Welfare?(Now 43 million) You are aware that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were being FORCED to make insolvent loans due to threats from Barnie Frank and Chris Dodd, the respective chairs of the Finance Committees, You are aware that the Dumbs had control of the House and Senate during Bushes last two years, You are aware that the Dumbs passed Bummercare in the dead of night with NO Republicans voting for it and no input allowed and “We couldn’t see how bad it was until it passed. Keep drinking the Koolaid and believing everything you see on the View and CNN.

      2. My Husband and I have talked about where we will live if Obummer wins this election. He is evil through and through and I will not send one penny to the IRS or any other goverment agency. I will not pay his salary or send his big ass wife and kids on anymore vacations especally when I can’t take one myself. I’m done with his black ass.

        1. My wife and I are asking the same question. Maybe Canada, I go fishing there each Mem. week, play ice hockey, and can get along with the conservative Canadian…

    3. Obama-bin-lyin is a true comunist. He will say and/or do anything in order to push his agenda through. True comunist will take a step backwards as long as they know it will give them a chance to take two steps “forward”( or is that “foward”?(t-shirt )). To the muslim, he’s muslim; to the so-called Christian, he’s Christian; to the poor, he says he’s poor; to the rich(movie stars), he’s rich; to the gullible, he’s a savior. Anything as long as he accomplishes his goal of world domination for comunism. Ithink, in his heart, he’s an auto-theist( he thinks he is (a) god).

    4. It’s the beginning of the New World Order the jews have planned that you’ve been reading about. IT’S COMING ON FAST!!!!!

    5. That is THE best article I have read in a long long time….come to think of it…It IS the best article I have ever read opposing him.
      Have you seen the article yet where it exposes that Obama had a microphone in his ear for the debates?
      IF God was in control…we wouldn’t be in this mess. Obama represents all that is evil for our country.

    6. Oh spare us your short term memory loss. Junior Bush started (and lost) 2 wars with borrowed money, cut taxes for the ultra rich and let Wall Street break every law there was. The result, surprise surpirse? the Banksters proceeded to steal the homes, pensions, jobs and futures from tens of millions of hardworking Americans. Obama hasn’t fixed it. Far from it. but he sure didn’t drive the country “to the verge of falling in collapse in just 4 short years.” That argument is what they sweep up behind the horses during parades. If you can’t make your point without lying you don’t have one.

      1. Obama has outspent all the presidents combined. He has not done 1 budget since he’s been in office, he has increased our deficit by $6 Billion and will continue to do so. He is regulating our small businesses and banks to death to where they can’t function and hire and create new jobs. We have the nightmare of Obamacare coming down the pike which will crush our economy, he has completely ignored and broke the law concerning our Constitution and procedures of congress, he has given himself more power over this country through executive orders than any other president, he has lied to everyone about the middle east disaster going on, he has lied about our natural resources and the restrictions he has imposed on our coal, gas and oil industries and threatens to make our electric bills skyrocket. Yes, this country is going to fall and collapse if Obama continues on this course and it looks like he is and will. Yes, it was bad when Bush left but Obama could have done a LOT of things to have made the economy, homes and jobs much, much better but he hasn’t. I don’t know whether through ignorance or deliberate, I’m not sure. But he has made everything worse.

    7. good for you, now this joke is saying TRUST ME! I would sooner trust a rabid dog. Then he uses the Biden line of “I say what I mean, and mean what I say” this joker hasn’t had an original thought since the day he appeared in this world from only God knows and since he does know he trying to get people to believe he doesn’t exist. I have had my last nerve stepped on. GO ROMNEY/ROMNEY!!!

    8. I literally get SICK to my stomach, a panic attack, actual bad PHYSICAL reactions to obama being reelected……….I will sum in up in 2 words Atlas Shrugged.

    9. I’m with you, I had a hard time reading the whole thing, but I did, just to make sure that I hate the “boy” as much as I do. See you at the polls, lets get the HNIC out of our Whitehouse

    10. Since I’ve lived it, I don’t need to read it. My wife and I have already voted. Our concern right now is that the vote count is done correctly….and voter fraud is controlled.

  4. Thank you for writing and sharing

    America needs to see what we are behind
    MSM will not show you what we supported in Libya

    Americans need to know why people hate us
    Ron Paul was correct in that respect, and so was Gary Johnson

  5. If this is the most important thing you have ever written, than you haven’t ever written anything important. I will not cast a vote for a man who will condone the killing of even one baby.

    1. But you’ll vote for a man that would actually promote the killing of millions of babies, and destroy our country at the same time?

  6. If Ross Perot would not have run in ’92 and split the conservative vote with Bush Sr. Slick Willy would NEVER have been pres. Most likely Ocommie would not be pres. This country would look different, more conservative. Don’t let it happen again people.

    1. I personally think Americans have been influenced by evil since the sixties. The socialist agenda has been to destroy us from the inside out by breaking down family values through the wide use of drugs, which will destroy ones norms and standards. It caused children to listen to progressives and not their parents, to loose their spirituality with God and to move opposite from Gods will in everything! The Democrats are by far the worst responsible for this but the Republicans are not to far behind, in allowing the implementation of the socialist agenda to bring down this country! The Progressives will likely win this battle and America will fall, as there are too many who has been fooled and have bought into a Godless universe.

  7. I am Extremely tired of voting for the lesser of two evils,or soley against someone.Our great Republic deserves better than these two men.”Moderate republican is the same as liberal democrat

    1. Sir, do you really equate Msr Romney with “evil” ? Wake up and move your country in the right direction. Christ is not running for office, you must select the best man, not the “lesser of two evils.”

    2. So how Conservative would be enough? We didn’t get here in one election, and we won’t fix the problem in one election – even with a perfect Conservative. The point is to first stop moving the ball in the wrong direction. Just undoing the carnage inflicted by Obama will probably take generations. Besides, the Senate will undoubtedly flip and the wave will begin moving in our favor. Your effectively complaining that the wave isn’t going to be big enough. Let’s not blow it!

  8. What will Romney do about the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System that enables the welfare/warfare state that has bankrupted our country and enslaved our children to debt they never agreed to? He was in favor of TARP, the unconstitutional “Patriot” Act, the TSA and our home grown Brown Shirts; the Dept. of Homeland Security. How is he different than Obama on the critical issues? The difference between Fascism and Marxism is a file lineb.

    1. Neither will he lift a finger to have Romney…I mean Obamacare…repealed. In fact the most we can expect from Romney and a statist Republican Congress would be for them to “fix” it. That approach was the stated goal of RINOs since before Obamacare even had a vote on it.

      It is a good example of the dialectic charade both parties are perpetrating on America everyday. It is just a large scale version of “Good Cop, Bad Cop.” Pure stage craft.

      Both Obama AND Romney have essentially assured us that they both fully intend to get the United States into yet another unconstitutional war of foreign adventure in Iran, which true purpose is to protect the petro dollar.

  9. It must be remembered that should Mr Romney win it will take at least 8 years for him to repair all the damage that the ayatollah barack hussein (I wish I could use my middle name)(muslim) has done in 4 years. GOD HELP AMERICA

    1. well, that may be optimistic, in reality.. however, not all our problems had their beginnings with this administration. It is true, he has done nothing to fix those problems, and has added layers of problems and debt on top of it.

      The big issue is that Mr. Romney should be able to stanch the bloodflow and truly stabilize the economy, and get jobs going again, provided there is a world market yet to market our goods to. It’s potentially feasible that America could be self sustaining, even if the world economy goes to hell, IF the PTB and the govt (state and fed) take their boots off the neck of the workers and producers. That means going BACK IN TIME to a place similar to the roaring ’20’s, with modern principles governing our behavior.

      We will NEVER FIX THE REAL PROBLEM of money supply and worthless paper currency CREATED BY the Federal Reserve System, UNTIL AND UNLESS IT IS ABOLISHED.


      As the Grace Commission during the Reagan years showed, NONE of the Federal income tax collections went to paying for the SERVICES of the Federal Gov’t to the PEOPLE!! 100% of the income taxes collected went to paying the DEBT to the Federal Reserve and the IMF banksters!!! Research it for yourselves.. it is abundantly easy to find!! This is CRIMINAL!!!!

      Will Romney/Ryan do anything to fix this problem??
      Personally, I don’t have much hope for that, being they both come from traditional capitalist backgrounds, and very successful. That goes to job creation, alright, but it’s the Federal Reserve System that is the villain in sucking the lifeblood from the nation. There are a plethora of Youtube videos and blogs on the subject, there is no excuse for ignorance of the People. No, we haven’t been taught this in school.. but that too is our fault!!

      Woodrow Wilson said on his deathbed, that he feared he had ushered in the death knell for America, in presiding over the Federal Reserve System during his term! He rued the day that it happened. IMO Pres. Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to return to constitutional sound money. But I think the world is now sufficiently informed and outraged at the RAPING of the working people of the developed nations of the world, by the IMF and the Federal Reserve System. There is no better time to take decisive action, if we are to survive and prosper once again. I’m not a great fan of Ron Paul, but he has it right on this issue, and an ENORMOUS following, around the WORLD!! Just go to one of his websites.. I think, or search it, and there are plenty of videos there addressing this issue.

      May America bless God, for it’s own survival.

      I agree with this article by David… DO NOT sit this election out! I too have gotten my absentee ballot, and it’s nearly ready to mail in!

      We will have to work diligently to hold our Gov’ts feet to the FIRE after the elections!! We are only just begun.. there are many worthwhile battles ahead.. but at least we have the chance to IMPLEMENT the MEDICINE and triage the economy… instead of just seeing it fall into the abyss.. IF WE ENGAGE AND STAY ENGAGED, after Romney is hired for the CEO job of the US Corporation. The STATES have to take back their rights and control, and there is the nucleus of a revival that everyone can take part in.

  10. This article pretty well sums up the way I view this election. I am not a great Romney supporter but # 1 Jesus is not running for President and He would be the only perfect candidate possible. # 2 compared to Obama Romney looks like George Washington. He’s not of course but he’s light years ahead of the incarnation of evil that we are cursed with in Barack Obama. I did the early voting route and voted for Romney and am grateful that I had the chance.

  11. As a JFK Democraf the only dissapointment I have is that the Health care plan did not go far enough, should have been a single payer plan like they have in Canada that I myself experienced, Also, that the drone attacks on the Radicals should have been even bigger, Also that the Bush tax cut to the rich should have been cut long time ago. The rich did better under Clinton than under Bush. Also dissapointed that during the debates Obama did not tell world the truth about Romney that the only reason Romney wants to be President is to promote that cult Mormon religion.

    1. As a JFK Democraf? Wasn’t it JFK who said, “Ask NOT what your country can do for you…” How can you call yourself a JFK Democraf and be in favor of the big government tit supplying all your healthcare needs? You are the worst kind of hypocrite – you throw together a bunch of progressive ideas then call yourself something you’re not – a democrat – you are not a democrat, you are a Marxist.

    1. Finding his BC will not happen at least for years. Probably after I’m dead and buried. He has all of this stuff under lock and key and it will take the slip of someone’s tongue before the truth will come out. So, don’t hold your breath f8tul or no one will be able to revive you!

  12. Barack Obama is NOT the biggest disaster this nation has faced; George Washington was! Let me explain myself. George Washington, as the presiding president of the Constitutional Convention and the first president of the United States of America created from the convention and the Constitution thereby composed, marked America’s formal and national rejection of Yahweh as America’s recognized sovereign.

    How’s that, you say? When the framers established a government of, by, and for the people (established on the traditions of men – Matthew 15:6-9) rather than a government of, by, and for Yahweh (expressly established upon His immutable morality as codified in His perfect law and altogether righteous judgments – Psalm 19:7-11), the God of the 17th-century colonials was thrown out for a new god known as WE THE PEOPLE.

    Obama (and every president before him) who swore to uphold the Constitution as the supreme law of the land (over any and all other law, including Bible law) was the consequence of the framers and the states sedition against Yahweh. Consequently, the last 224 years worth of elections have produced an America that is more ungodly, less Christian, and more enslaved, regardless who’s been elected. It’s time we figure out that elections are nothing but a political shell game by which we are always provided the establishment’s choice and the voting population a further lulled to sleep, having “done their duty.”

    Many are touting this election as the most important in America’s history when, if anything, it’s just the opposite. It’s perhaps the least important election in America’s history because it is only going to produce more of the same, regardless who’s elected. If elected, Romney, at best, will only be a bandaide on severed artery.

    David, with these things in mind, I hope you will write another letter, one which will make your father (both earthly and heavenly fathers) proud. One which will reflect fear of Yahweh rather than one that reflects your fear of Obama. America cannot elect her way out of her problems; she must repent her way out, beginning with identifying and repenting of America’s national idol that has put us on the precipice upon which we teeter.

    1. Wow, I really hate to say this, but I really disagree with almost every thing in your note except the last line in it. First, although you have laid out a good reason to disrespect President Washington, your original thesis is totally wrong. It was not Washington who set up the laws of the land,(and David has actually pointed the relative weakness of the presidency before Obama got hold of it,) but it was the Constitutional Convention that laid out the laws of the land. Washington did the right thing in swearing to uphold the laws of the land and in his refusal to allow his men to set up a monarchy. In this, he has been the greatest and strongest president we have ever had. He refused to try to usurp any additional power. So many of the elected officials now seen unable or unwilling to limit their reach and we, as voters, are also at fault for allowing this to go on unchallenged for so long. The majority of the Tea Party supporters are trying to find a way to turn this tide legally and without any type of revolution.

      Like many believers, I do wish that the founders had added more mentions of God and God’s word in the constitution so that it was not so easy for current lawyers and judges to get it removed. It would at least have mitigated the evil influence of the freedom from religion idiots. But, even with this, we know that the founders tried to set up a “more perfect union”, but in saying this they also acknowledged that there would never be a perfect government this side of heaven. Even God has told people that there will always be men who seek control and that no one seeks Him perfectly, so your argument is not even backed up by God’s word.
      To sum up, you have blamed the wrong person, you have blamed the wrong group and you have to recognize that to change this government it must start in one place and that place is not by putting off the blame on everyone else. We have a perfect example of this in the current president. As God’s word has also said,( and yes, this is not a literal quote), but we have been born for times such as these. We are here because the first place we all must start in changing our government is on our knees before God. The next place God calls us to be is on our knees before God and the last place to be is on our knees before God. In between, we must be where God has guided us to go and, yes,still be on our knees before HIM.
      I am your Sister in Christ.

      1. Victry, thank you for responding. I didn’t expect what I wrote to go down easily. Christians so desperately want the Constitution to be our document that I understand this is a hard sell. After all, Christians have been its biggest promoters. But, the fact is we’ve been bamboozled. If you agree with me that there is only one standard (Yahweh’s morality as codified in His commandments, statutes, and judgments) by which everything (including the framers and the Constitution) must be ethically judged and then actually examine the document by this standard, you will find that there is hardly an article or amendment that, in some fashion, is not antithetical, if not hostile, to Yahweh’s sovereignty and morality. You can get an idea about this if you will take our Constitution Survey (at by which you will receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of the 565-page “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.”

        As for George Washington, do not overlook that he was not only the United States first president but also the presiding president over the Constitutional Convention and had much more to do with it than most people realize. And there’s much more to the man himself than what we’re normally taught. I recommend Gary North’s “Conspiracy in Philadelphia: The Broken Covenant of the U.S. Constitution.”

        1. OK, so I walked into that little conspiracy theory trap. I can’t believe you got me that easily. Sorry, but I am a Christian and I don’t fall that easily for a (devil’s) side trip to URL central. I hope that you will truly see God’s way to treat your fellow believers and not the conspiracy theorist’s layered lies.

        2. The test is not whether something as been identified as a conspiracy or not (Christ’s crucifixion was, in part, the result of a conspiracy), but whether it measures up to Yahweh’s morality or not. Your response appears to be an escape hatch so that you won’t have to actually examine the Constitution by the standard of God’s perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-9). Just know that this will not absolve you of idolatry if the Constitution is found wanting by that standard.

    2. Ted:
      George Washington stated unequivocally that the Constitutional government could only survive if supported by the twin pillars of Faith and Morality.

      Our current administration is over-full of faithless, immoral and amoral power-drunk thugs. We propose to elect an executive team, Romney and Ryan, who are living lives of Faith and Morality.

      1. What good is his having said that if nearly every article and amendment, in some fashion, is inimical to Yahweh’s morality as found in His perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-11, etc.)?

        Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to Yahweh’s commandments, statutes, judgments and other principles of His Word. Take our Constitution Survey at and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.”

  13. Yes, Mormonism is a big block for many Evangelicals–what with their clean cut ways, they’re love of family, strong support of USA, many members of your US Military, etc. Sure, their kindness can by cloying–If my Mormon neighbors bring me one more loaf of freshly baked bread or chocolate chip cookies I shall scream–but they are trying to teach their children well and to do good. We must default to “by their fruits you shall know them” and assume that their works emanate from their faith–not the other way around.
    And let US Evangelicals not forget their own embarrassement: consider that Born Again Christian president who trashed the US akin to Msr Obama: Msr Carter.
    This election does not affect just you Americans; no, it affects the entire world. The creeping Sharia that we see in our own countries is frightening. It will come to more than just your Dearborn city, and spread across USA. If you must, consider your vote a vote AGAINST Msr Obama if you canot vote FOR Msr Romney.

    1. I guess marxism(Anti-Christ & the ONLY SIN that NEVER CAN BE FORGIVEN) must be BETTER for our “WOMEN ALONE,” who voted for Obama’s promised “fundamental transformation of government” into marxism. Just saying…

  14. It is amazing that everyday the press has to inundated with commentary about how important it is to vote against Obama, rather than for something (like um…LIBERTY maybe).

    It has been taking too long for Americans to wake up to what has been happening to America for decades. To wake up to the fact that statist Republicans are just as much as leftist Democrats to blame for it. Those few who just woke up in the last 4 years naively blame Obama. They are perfectly set up to, YET AGAIN, vote the lesser of the evils, content to vote for evil, just because they have it in their head the other guy is MORE evil.

    To those of you who, while allowing the Romney “isn’t perfect”, (the false implication being that anyone not willing to degrade their vote by voting for a supposedly lesser globalist and liar are waiting for a perfect “messiah”), but he is better than Obama, well what can be said that has not already been said. I am sure you will heap all the same nasty and foul castigations (but all in a proper “Christian” spirit, LOL) upon those like myself.

    That is ok. In the end we all will suffer the results of this election. Heads they win, tails we lose.

  15. It is a shame what Obama has done to Chris Mathews from
    MSNBC. Mathews has so bent over for Obama and has lied to protect Obama so much
    from ever being accurately defined as the liar he is that last night he blew
    what I believe to be his last gasket saying, “Anybody out there, by the way,
    thinks we’re saying things, it’s over and over again and if you think we’re
    saying things you’re dead wrong and your dangerous.” Typical of Obama, he
    leaves dead and crazy people in his path everywhere he goes.

  16. I Have heard from many people that they do not vote and will not vote. This really get my blood boiling. I think about where this country would be if no one voted. The Media is accomplishing their goal. They want people to to think that way. They want people to believe their vote does not count I have no idea what the Media expect to benefit for themselves. They must have been promised something. This political correctness and the public has a right to know EVERYTHING is all BS. There are things the public does not need to know and things the public has no business knowing.
    I do not understand how this illegal, phony, lying, foreign national, Muslim POTUS can get away with all the lies, has has told, ignoring and by-passing OUR Constitution giving the Americam public the finger. Of course the people on entitlements love him! That I understand. Darn gotta go.

    1. Obviously it’s the undecided voters who are threatening not to vote. Maybe that’s a good thing since I’m sure most conservatives like us are determined to vote and hope to accomplish our goal of removing the traitor from the WH. If they are undecided they might just x the wrong box!

  17. David, one point I think you should have included was essentially where the country is right now vs. where it would be after 4 more years of Obama. Romney, or anyone for that matter, can still divert from the current path we are on under Obama. Just imagine the state of things after 4 more years of Obama. I’m not sure who would be qualified to dig the US out from that possible mountain, or crater.

  18. My wife and I are Roman Catholics who are praying daily for Romney, pushing our reluctant pastor to get off his ass and speak from the pulpit, but he is afraid of losing his tax-exempt status as opposed to preaching the word of God. We are making novena after novena to the Blessed Mother to protect us from Obama, and for the first time in decades my car is decorated with Romney stickers and anti-Obamacare stickers to the point of overcoverage. I am afraid to leave the car in a public lot for too long for fear some left-wing nut will deface it. I also have lots of guns and ammo and know how to use them. What else can we do, as our absentee ballot had already been mailed and we have of course voted for Romney.

  19. This is good vs. evil….and evil is staring at each and every one of you in the face for the last 4 years….not that I am some liberal with a neurosis but know well enough that the Marxists and socialist philosophies being pushed down our throats by Obama and his following circumventing due process of the legislative and judicial branches through executive orders, have failed in other countries and will only bring about a new dark age….I am an expert in Military History and know that the parallels to Nazi Germany in the 1930’s are compelling….

  20. The choice is between Gov. Romney and the worst president in our lifetime who wants four more years to continue being the worst president in our lifetime.

  21. I am a female, Conservative, Tea Party member, registered as an Independent.
    I voted Romney/Ryan on Tuesday because I know that Romney only wants to create a better economy, create jobs and bring exceptionalism back to America. Romney has something to prove, and that is he is a turnaround expert. Romney wants to prove a businessman can fix the mess of both Bush & Obama. No other reason for Romney to be taking all this flack, and subject his family to the liberal abuse. Romney took no salary as Governor or as President of Olympics. He has stated he will donate his Presidential salary to charity. When Obama does that, I would believe him. Never vote for Obama but may believe him for once.

  22. Composed, reasonable, thoughtful and well-argued.

    And possibly the most intelligent thing I’ve ever read here.

    Although I will still probably vote for Gary Johnson, as I live in Massachusetts and it really doesn’t matter- Oblunder will win here anyway, if I was in a state where it was critical, this would probably change my mind.

    1. Charlie, I live in Minnesota which, in the midst of many red states, is puzzlingly liberal. And yet, we had Tim Pawlenty as a Governor and still have (at least for a while) Michele Bachmann as a senator. Liberals usually lead by 10-15 points. However, this week Obama only leads by 4 points and is losing ground. We have suddenly become a swing state. I understand your ambivalence about voting, but I, and many others who want to save our country, would appreciate your vote, a vote for Mitt Romney.

  23. Obama and his cadre are actually anti-theists, as they follow
    Marx, who publicly dedicated himself to the devil. Marx (and his
    partner Engles, a textile slaver), pandered to any faction who would
    most likely empower Marx at that moment. Marx and Engles corresponded
    in joy of the chaos and privation they targeted.

    Obama, Ms
    Clinton and others in the administration follow Alinsky, who dedicated
    his work to the devil – and they also follow Cloward and Piven who
    publicly stated their goal of increasing entitlement participation – on
    purpose – in order to collapse the American economy.

    Obama, Ms
    Clinton and others in the administration are using Islam and
    Socialism/Communism (anti-religions) as tools of power against the
    people of America – to subjugate, abuse and destroy us and destroy

    The action line of finding victim-classes to “help” and
    pit against each other is classic “community organizing” application of
    Marx’ tactics by the inner cadre “elite” who really believe in nothing.

    thinks he is a “god” in the same way George Soros does. As in playing
    the game from a morally devoid position makes one an Uber-mench.

    Demand and enforce Constitutional government.

  24. Pray for our Country, go to the polls and vote your conscience for the person you believe will best serve our Country, remembering that you do not have to vote for any candidate chosen by the One World Government controllers, but DO go Vote.

  25. Great article. While I was on the way home today, I was listening to the news and became so outraged about what I was hearing in regards to how Obama and Hillary treated the familes of the dead Seals and Ambassador when they came home from Libyia. The father of one of the Seals called a radio station and spoke of how they were treated by Obama and Hillary. He said they were cold and unconcerning. Obama could not look the father in the eyes as he spoke to him, and Hillary said they would get the filmmaker. Cover-up, lies and more lies to the family members and all Americans of our slain men who were working to help keep us safe. All this with the failing economy, Isue hope and pray that we do not have Obama and his cronies for another term. I think that we will become another 3rd world country.

  26. The article is correct and true. It was somethingfrom the heart and it will be shared by meany. However, are we in controll, do we controll our own destiney, is our nation ours, have we become the new 3rd world country. I will vote for Romney, some of his politics I do not like, but the alternative is death. But, is our vote counting, are we controlled know by Soros, the United Nations, ourother outside factors that we don’t have any controll over. We are seeing even before the polls open on Nov 6th, the fraud of auto-vote for Obama in many states. I will vote as wil by wife, but for our Country’s sake I hope it will count.

  27. For months and months and months people on this blog lined up to denounce Romney is the most vicious way. “No I’ll never vote for the RINO traitor” everybody bellowed in endless illegible blocks of capital letters. ANYBODY BUT ROMNEY you all screamed. Now its election day and everybody lining up right behind the RINO and doing exactly what they’re told by the rich sellouts who run the Repug party. Just like you always do. What a pathetic bunch of weenies you all are. Tea Party my ass. If George Washington had had to fight the revolution with the likes of you he’d have surrendered without firing a shot.

  28. I’m sure that all of us, at least most of us, reading your article agree with you. We’re not the problem but, how in the _____ do we convince the rest of the people. Even with this Libyan cover-up, people don’t believe it, don’t want to believe or don’t give a ____, they will vote for the lying, arrogant, nose in the air dummicrat donkey! Even Colin Powell going to his side. I thought this guy was smarter than that but I sure have my doubts now. Maybe he has lost his mind. What a crazy RINO jerk he has turned out to be and then he claims he is still a Republican???? I’ll never believe another word that flows from his mouth.

  29. To make this appeal one must be utterly in denial that a shadow governance pulls the strings behind both parties and moves us ever closer to the Globalist Progressive Animal Farm of Global Governance. I won’t vote again for the lessor of evil as natural cosequences as violent as they may be will be a swift cure for Progressive foolishness.

  30. This is Obama’s agenda is to bring America down. How much more proof does a person need to see this happening in real time. Obama is a cancer to our counrty, and will only be eliminated by electing Romney in November. Romney is not perfect but you can be assured that he will not sell this country out to socialism or the muslim islamic faction. What president invites our enemy to the Whitehouse, Obama has on many occasions. What is Obama plannuing with these people for our countries future??

  31. Alarmingly absent from this article was the discussion of where the lion’s share of money is being spent & something Romney has vowed to increase: Military & unconstitutional war spending. The USA already spends more on policing the world than the rest of the nations combined, & that is the 800 lb gorilla in the room that the two party system can no longer hide.

  32. I want everyone to realize that a vote for neither IS A VOTE FOR OBUMMER!!! We need all the vote that can get this scammer-in chief out of our country’s white house, and a vote for no one or a vote for someone is a vote for the idiot. if you read anything on the internet about all the problems that the voting machines are having, if you vote for Romney (the country’s ONLY CHANCE) it automatically chooses obummer. he will try to scam this election any way possible so he can continue to drive this great country into gutter where he came from. COME ON AMERICA WAKE UP AND VOTE FOR THE ONLY CHANCE WE HAVE ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!!!!

  33. Here’s the REAL DEAL! As Proven by England, marxist in their ideology over 100 years, brother u.s., since the CIA inspired 60’s British Music Invasion, NOW are also MARXIST in IDEOLOGY! Did I mention that our school system NATIONALIZED BY MARXIST THOMAS DEWEY in the 30’s or whenever DIDN’T HELP FOR SURE! Just saying…

  34. Does the word “diabolical” mean anything to you? It should! Human government will never solve the problems we see in our nation. We have turned away from God and allowed “Political Correctness” to rule our decisions. That means we have shunned the truth and will pay a heavy price! Sin destroys! It always has, and it always will! But then, you have to be able to understand that there is evil in the world, and it has grave consequences!

  35. I was on the fence when it came to voting. Mitt’s choice for VP changed my choice.
    I got to vote early in CO. For the first time, I voted a complete REPUBLICAN ticket!
    I did my research and was treated RESPECTABLY no robo-calls, REAL LIVE PEOPLE contacted me. On the other hand, Dems left countless NO ID CALLS and annoying messages, especially ones during meal times and AS CLOSE TO THE MORNING AND EVENING LIMITS set bt the do-not-call regulations!

    Ms. Pailn had it exactly right with her ” shuck & jive ” comment. Working and living in East Palo Alto, I was often exposed to MANY shuck & jive con artists. I saw that con artist is still doing the same thing.

    There is much stronger language my father and I could use; however, a censor woulddrop every word.

    Another note: When the con artist shows up, take a shotgun and be prepared to defend your business or you may NO LONGER HAVE A BUSINESS when the gang showed up in the middle of the night to clean out your stock.

    I’ve seen this happen before; The Obamanation has taken it to a new level!

  36. Yes, we must act to defeat Obama. It’s only ignorance that allows someone so radical like Obama to win elections. Obama is far to the left of most Americans, but the ignorant don’t know that. Obama’s economic and foreign policies have failed. We must educate these people.

  37. Assassination? Osama bin Laden was the warlord of an organization with which the United States was, and is, at war. He himself ordered that war and touched it off. As commander in chief of his side’s armed forces, he was a combatant. When we found him and killed him, that was just the fortunes of war. It wasn’t an assassination.

  38. I have been mostly a Democrat during my adult life, though I voted for whatever candidate I thought would be best, regardless of party. I do not want Obama to have a second term (and yes, I voted for him because I didn’t like the Republican ticket and I was sick of Bush & Company bankrupting the country). Little did most of us realize that Obama would be even worse than Bush. I am willing to give Romney a chance, but I sure wish he’d picked a more moderate VP. As a woman (past childbearing age, BTW), I firmly believe in a woman’s right to choose, and hailed Roe v. Wade back in the day (as I knew two people who’d had back alley abortions with bad results). That Ryan would gladly turn back the status of women almost 100 years worries me, and that the Republicans might appoint a couple of SC justices that would support turning back women’s rights bothers me a lot. However, the our economy is first and foremost because a lot of people are suffering now and the U.S. is in deep financial trouble. In addition, what most people are not aware of is the support that this administration has given to the “animal rights” movement, which has made huge strides against animal ownership in the past few years. Another SC justice or two appointed by Obama would be unfortunate in regards to human rights as opposed to animal rights. No wonderful choices here, unfortunately, but the lesser of two evils and following inner guidance (or gut instinct) seems to be the decider of the day, since there is so much lying and negativity coming out of both parties.

    1. Send the decision (made poorly and unjustly by the SCOTUS) on abortion back to the States. Have the discussion there. And remember, the unborn have the ultimate “right” = the right to life. To deny that basic fact is delusional. However, a community can make decisions on laws that govern them, and should have the discussion amongst themselves, as provided in our US Constitution.

  39. Another reason for voting for Romney is that he will appoint people to the Supreme Court who will be more conservative than the likes of Ginsberg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan.

  40. When you examine the character of Romney & Ryan and look at the character of Barry Saetoro, there is MATCH.

    Barry was a hard-core drug user.
    It is alleged he had homosexual affairs.
    Murder and mayhem follow his career, not to mention crooks and deviants.
    He had no father like Bull Clinton who hates women unless his pants is unzipped.
    He is a bonafide non-stop liar kicked from the gutters.
    He is a Muslim deep inside that hole of his.
    He has accomplished nothing worthy to be president. Hence he hides his record.
    He maybe a foreign born citizen and thus a usuper in office.
    He is lazy.

    I dare you to find any of the above with Romney or Ryan.

  41. Have you seen the videos with those women, girls (?) age group 25 to 40 (/) falling over each other to touch BHO. My own daughter is for BHO, i’m inclined to think that this age goup of females will be the spoilers in this election, Ladies DON’T DO THIS! This is a serious election, overcome those raging hormones.

  42. Blame-mode obamas’s job plan is a joke and embarrassing. As a retired former county director of occupational and job training, my jobs’ plan was three times thicker. Are you kidding me? How stupid are we becoming? I will say it again…”WORK IS VICTORY”!

  43. First let me thank David Bahnsen for a wonderful article
    that is informative and thought provoking.

    My wife and I are independents and we will vote for Mitt Romney. It is both a vote for Mitt
    Romney who is a decent and competent man. And it is also a vote against Barack
    Obama who is clearly incompetent and has turned out to be a petulant little man. We base both of these conclusions on our observations
    of Romney and Obama as well as the results (or lack of results) from Obama’s
    first term.

    The one aspect of the 2012 election that has come to light
    for both my wife and I is the general ignorance of the voting public. We have
    seen several interviews that have been performed at the Obama rallies and the people
    that are interviewed are so uninformed. They act like they are voting for
    Americas Got Talent or someone off the island.
    When asked the most basic questions, these people can not answer them. When the voting age was dropped to 18 I was supportive of it. I felt that if a young person can go to war for their country, they should be able to vote. Now, I am beginning to believe that lowering the voting age might have been a huge mistake. In total, the general
    intelligence of our young people today seems to be getting worse and worse. At least it appears that way. There priorities seem to be keeping up with the Kardashians or operating their I-phones. God help us!

  44. i am surprised that so many americans saw and listened to obama four years ago and still voted for him. i saw everything he was going to be at that time and that is why i did not vote for him. i am not surprised at his actions, i knew then that he hated this country and what it stands for. he did not allow his middle name to be shown for a reason, and Hussain to me could only mean one thing: an islamist future president, which is what he turned out to be. the fact that he paid millions to hide from you his school records, the fact that he voted present on every issue showed me that he does not want people to see his principles, which he has none, he wanted to sit on the fence and tell different crowds that he is sympathetic to their wishes, but he has no sympathy to anyone only to himself. and it was so clear on the day he told joe the plumber that spreadin the wealth is a good thing said to me that he was a communist-socialist, which now everyone can see. so those who voted for him did so without paying attention to the real person he was. too bad for the country. i hope we will be able to steer away from the brink we are in, unlike the Titanic.

  45. Wow! Although Obama has certainly lived up to — and surpassed — his socialistic agenda & reputation, leaving disaster in his wake, I have to agree with the comments of Ted Weiland (a page back), who pundits:

    “Barack Obama is NOT the biggest disaster this nation has faced; George Washington was! Let me explain myself. George Washington, as the presiding president of the Constitutional Convention and the first president of the United States of America created from the convention and the Constitution thereby composed, marked America’s formal and national rejection of Yahweh as America’s recognized sovereign.

    “How’s that, you say? When the framers established a government of, by, and for the people (established on the traditions of men – Matthew 15:6-9) rather than a government of, by, and for Yahweh (expressly established upon His immutable morality as codified in His perfect law and altogether righteous judgments – Psalm 19:7-11), the God of the 17th-century colonials was thrown out for a new god known as WE THE PEOPLE.

    “Obama (and every president before him) who swore to uphold the Constitution as the supreme law of the land (over any and all other law, including Bible law) was the consequence of the framers and the states sedition against Yahweh. Consequently, the last 224 years worth of elections have produced an America that is more ungodly, less Christian, and more enslaved, regardless who’s been elected. It’s time we figure out that elections are nothing but a political shell game by which we are always provided the establishment’s choice and the voting population a further lulled to sleep, having “done their duty.”

    “Many are touting this election as the most important in America’s history when, if anything, it’s just the opposite. It’s perhaps the least important election in America’s history because it is only going to produce more of the same, regardless who’s elected. If elected, Romney, at best, will only be a bandaide on a severed artery.

    “David, with these things in mind, I hope you will write another letter, one which will make your father (both earthly and heavenly fathers) proud. One which will reflect fear of Yahweh rather than one that reflects your fear of Obama. America cannot elect her way out of her problems; she must repent her way out, beginning with identifying and repenting of America’s national idol that has put us on the precipice upon which we teeter.

    David, et al: I’ve read Ted’s book, and would enthusiastically recommend taking the survey and requesting a copy of The Bible vs. the U.S. Constitution.

  46. whew! well at least he wasn’t writing this for me. I’m not the far right voting for Romney and I’m not the far left voting for Obama:) With that said, I wonder How David’s father would view this “most important article I have ever written” from his son.

  47. our voting system is very sloppy and full of fraud and you can’t discount all the section 8 folks who will auto vote for Obama and there are more every day soon America will be a 3rd world country

  48. we the people,you have seen satan/ovomit up close and personal,he has never proven to we the people by me,that he is eligible to be in office.he is an inelgible pile of excrument,and his records or back ground,are hidden/sealed,lucifer/ovomit is trying to fool you,but we are not fooled by satan/ovomit/god bless romney/ryan

  49. Obama is the result of the American people taking their freedom for granted. When people care more about football and video games than they do about their country, they are doomed to become slaves of a despot. The only way this country can come back is for the people to fall on their knees, repent before God, and ask that he heal our land. g

  50. I have voted early and I could not have said it Better Christian Sisters and Brother’s you must vote for R&R it is your Moral and civic duty to do so

  51. In the latter days, Jesus proclaimed “there will be distress of nations with perplexity.”

    We are at the abyss. We have a worthless paper money system that can’t be sustained. It is

    on the verge of collapse thanks to Bernanke and the Fed. It’s not if, but when this

    occurs the, “Great Depression” will look lika a Sunday School picnic. How will we survive?

    “A days wage for a loaf of bread.” That’s even if you can get a job! Like the Prodigal Son, we

    have squandered our inheritance. We have rejected God! Why should He continue to favor

    us with His abundant blessings? My belief is if Obama wins the election, it is God’s curse on
    America for our idolatray. Pray uncessingly that this won’t happen, and God will forgive us

    for our transgressions, and heal us. If not, we are doomed!

  52. Many good posts here, but the most egregious action taken by the Obama Administration is trampling the First Amendment guarantees to Freedom of Religion. Catholics run many hospitals and clinics in their world view of helping the poor through personal action. Yet, Obama’s HHS wants them to violate their religious tenets by paying for abortions, birth control, etc. through their insurance companies they also run or close down. He and his administration are morally repugnant and are positioned to bring major damage to our nation’s health care system as well as our system of Law.

  53. It’s A serious problem, American is in the worse shape it has ever been in. Democrats, for some reason won’t accept the fact. Obozo is destroying America with his muslim belief. And I don’t want to hear, he’s not a Muslim. 1st of all, he changed his name to enter the muslim brotherhood. 2nd. He has been tutor by Farrakhan. 3rd Barrack Hussein Obama, stated We as American, must show tolerance to the muslim faith, and embrace it. 4th and final. So therefore, if Obozo isn’t a muslim, then why not change his name back to Barry? Common sense has left the democratic party, and democrats don’t care that their president is destroying America. If democrats have any consciences at all, they will vote to get Obozo replaced.

    1. I posted this above, but I’d like for at least one person to read it, so I’m posting it again. As an Obama supporter, I respect your disagreements, but could we cut out the Muslim bullshit? He’s not Muslim. Period. Just because, God forbid, someone has a Middle Eastern sounding name, doesn’t instantly mean they’re members of the Islamic faith. If you’re going to disagree with someone, disagree with their policies. Keep the blatant, xenophobic fear-mongering out of the equation. And since when was tolerating (even though I hate that word) other religions a bad thing? America’s diversity in all aspects makes us strong. We’re a nation built on inclusiveness and acceptance, and that kind of exclusionary mentality is incredibly un-American. Just a thought.

      And you know what, while I’m at it, if he was Muslim, so what? Is it really that hard to believe that you can be a Muslim without hating America or being a terrorist? There are Christians out there who have committed horrendous, despicable acts of violence too (the IRA, the Lord’s Resistance Army, the Ku Klux Klan), but I don’t really see people making accusations about Christians being inherently traitorous or unpatriotic based on this small minority. The number of good, honest foreign Muslims out there who don’t have a problem with America and just want to live their lives, and the number of American-born Muslims who vehemently oppose religious extremism and love this country, greatly outweigh the number of Muslims who proscribe to pro-terrorist ideaology. For all our sake, we can’t be so hateful. Disagree with the policy, sure, vote for who you think will be the best leader. But hate like this will get us nowhere. Just my two cents.

  54. Hey guys, as an Obama supporter, I respect your disagreements, but could we cut out the Muslim bullshit? He’s not Muslim. Period. Just because, God forbid, someone has a Middle Eastern sounding name, doesn’t instantly mean they’re members of the Islamic faith. If you’re going to disagree with someone, disagree with their policies. Keep the blatant, xenophobic fear-mongering out of the equation. We’re a nation built on inclusiveness and acceptance, and that kind of mentality is incredibly un-American. Just a thought.

    And you know what, while I’m at it, if he was Muslim, so what? Is it really that hard to believe that you can be a Muslim without hating America or being a terrorist? There are Christians out there who have committed horrendous, despicable acts of violence too (the IRA, the Lord’s Resistance Army, the Ku Klux Klan), but I don’t really see people making accusations about Christians being inherently traitorous or unpatriotic based on this small minority. The number of good, honest foreign Muslims out there who don’t have a problem with America and just want to live their lives, and the number of American-born Muslims who vehemently oppose religious extremism and love this country, greatly outweigh the number of Muslims who proscribe to pro-terrorist ideaology. For all our sake, we can’t be so hateful. Disagree with the policy, sure, vote for who you think will be the best leader. But hate like this will get us nowhere. Just my two cents.

      1. It’s ironic that you responded to my paragraph about blatant fear mongering with even more blatant fear mongering. That video is so incredibly wrong, it’s almost funny. All of the sound bites are taken out of context. Example: “Many Americans have Muslims in their family, or have lived in a Muslim majority country. I know, because I am one of them.” What you apparently think he’s saying is ” I know this, because I am one of them (a Muslim)”. What he’s actually saying, if you place it in the context of what he said LESS THAN 5 SECONDS BEFORE, is “I know this, because I am one of them (a person who has Muslims in his family/spent time in a Muslim majority country.)” Of course he has Muslim’s in his family. His father, who, let me remind you, had almost no hand in President Obama’s life, was Muslim. His mother and gradparents, who actually raised him, raised him in a Christian household. I know people who have Jewish relatives. Does this make them Jewish? Nope. I know people who aren’t the same religion as their parents. It’s not really that far-fetched.
        Also, “Obama Visits a Mosque”? Seriously? You don’t have to be a member of any religion to visit a particular place of worship. If a Sikh walks into a church, does that make him Christian? If I visit a synagogue, does that make me Jewish? Of course not. Obama, on a visit to Turkey, visited the Hagia Sophia, one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire world (and a former Orthodox cathedral, if that really makes a difference), as a gesture of goodwill to the Turkish nation. That’s what presidents do. They visit other countries and spread goodwill, often by exploring and recognizing the significance of national landmarks. Nixon visited Communist China; that didn’t make him a communist, that made him a smart leader. When Willy Brandt fell to his knees in front of the Warsaw Uprising monument in Poland during the 70’s, he didn’t automatically stand up a Jewish man. He was recognizing the significance of the place. Honestly, a person could only be convinced of Obama’s Muslim heritage by this video if they’d already come to the false conclusion that he actually was a Muslim.

  55. Are we not simply perpetuating a worldly kingdom (America) that is rotten to the core in sin (1.5MM pre-born American babies slaughtered every year? Gay marriage? Porno on cable TV? Coarse language from the mouth of the president on the campaign trail in front of children? Blasphemy from the mouths of virtually everyone? Debt that can NEVER be re-paid? Are you kidding me?)

    Our “solution” is not a political one, rather a spiritual one. We were founded as a nation rooted in Judeo-Christian values and we will either return to such a nation or our nation will cease to exist. Hard to get upset about the fall of a modern-day Babylon. Unfortunately, a lot of good will be flushed out with the bad. It would be called “collateral damage” if this were a worldly war.

    Don’t know about the rest of you, but my family and I are ready for the return of Lord Jesus. May He come soon…

  56. obama must leave no matter who replaces him and Romney is the only choice.If only to have a sane vice president in case something goes wrong.But Romney is a business man at heart and we need someone to straighten out the business of running America.the current president is on a publicity tour much like clinton and any hollywood star putting out a new movie.He is too busy being cool to run our country.Look at benghazi

  57. Notice that the author wants the left to not vote while asking the right to please vote. Does anyone need any more evidence of the utter lack of character or good ideas from “conservatives”?

  58. Very well put. One thing I want to mention, I grew up with a evangelical mother and a Catholic father who made me attend Mass every Sunday morning, as long I as lived under his roof. I married a Mormon girl, attended the Mormon church for ten years because I thought it was best for my family. It is, in no way, close to a cult. (rumor). It is very much a Christian religion. They believe in the trinity and most of the tenants of other Christian religions. This election is basically about believers against non-believers whether you want to accept it or not. What pastor yells out “God damn America” and has any kind of congregation left after an outburst like that. Pretty much sums it up.

  59. I disagree on two points. 1/. Bin laden didn’t deserve a trial; he had to be eliminated.
    2/. No morally aware person would EVER support the idea of homosexual marriage, NOR that they be allowed to have children.

  60. I am so sad that we have allowed America to fall into a government dependent system with more people taking from than giving to the country. It begins with the dolts in Washington and ends with the sleazy lawyers and corruption everywhere. The greatest generation is embarrassed us.

  61. I am reading ‘How Evil Works Understanding and Overcoming The Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America. It is a must read. It helps to understand how a guy like obama and his machine got elected and where we are as a country. We are in big trouble if he gets reelected. The soul of America could just disappear if he has another 4 years. On another note, another one of obama’s $500,000,000 bloopers Solar Bound just announced they are going out of business. The problem was that the solar panels they built caught on fire if they were exposed to the sun. I can’t even verbalize how outraged I am.

  62. When my car broke down, two guys stopped to help me. One offered to pour dirt in the gas tank. The other offered to beat the car with a hammer. Each told how bad things would be if the other were allowed to have his way. Of course, I’m lying to you. But if you’re a voter, you like hearing lies. If you believe that man’s law, rather than God’s, should be the supreme law of the land, then go wallow in the cesspool of lies: “…because they received not the love of the truth…God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”–2 Thessalonians 2: 11, 12. I look forward to the day when Jesus will say: “But those mine enemies [constipationists, demoncraps, repugnicans, libertines], which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.”–Luke 19: 27.

    1. David, AMEN!

      All of our current problems have their genesis in our founders’ decision to replace Yahweh’s perfect and immutable law with man’s “more perfect union”, thus believing the serpent’s lie that “you will be like God”. EVERY single problem we face today is covered under God’s law, but we have indeed chosen man’s law as Supreme over Yahweh’s.

      The worst offenders of all are the professing ‘Christians’ who arrogantly demand that in order to do our ‘duty’ in the eyes of God, we must vote for anti-Christ B in order to expel anti-Christ A, thereby putting obedience to man before obedience to God. This is the very definition of sin, “Everyone who practices sin also practices lawlessness; and sin is lawlessness.”–1John 3:4.

      “If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve Yahweh, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River(Romney), or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living(Obama); but as for me and my house, we will serve Yahweh….Joshua 24:15

  63. Bravo. Good article. Well thought out, well articulated. You covered most of the bases. I personally do not have high expectations for R. or the GOP. (nor for anyone in a position of power). I hope that I am pleasantly surprised. Even though I disagree with R on many issues, he is head, shoulders, waist, feet above O. if O crawled out of the gutter and stood up, he would only be half the moral human that R. is. with 1/3 the IQ.
    Just a thought, off topic, When they make BHO’s presidential library, it will not have any books, letters, memos, because he has hidden everything like his transcripts and his real past.

  64. My choice is definitely Romeny – I think he will be a GREAT president. I am flabbergasted about Colin Powell’s endorsement of the BIG O. Powell would never have thought of putting a 2nd Lieut. in command of a division. However, he has no reservations about putting a community organizer in office as our Commander-in-Chief. The 2nd Lieut. is likely to have better qualifications for the job, than Obama.

  65. It is all-too easy, even for the God-fearing Christian to forget(or misapply) the fact that “the FEAR OF THE LORD is the beginning of wisdom”(Proverbs 9:10). In this world today, there are so very many things to be afraid of, many of which Mr. Bahnsen covered in this article: rising debts and deficits, taxes with no end in sight, the continuing evils of abortion, sodomite-rights, and all manner of sin and perversion openly on the march…
    It truly is a scary time to be alive in America, or pretty much anywhere in the developed world(the developing world has its own set of serious problems).
    It is natural to fallen man, in times like these, to grasp at what he sees as the only way out, the only way to turn the tide or even slow down the descent of our society; the author of this article suggests that hope is Mitt Romney, in spite of his admitted problems and imperfections as a man.
    There is an unmistakably strong temptation to think this way, but WE MUST RESIST. The fear of THE LORD is the beginning of wisdom, NOT the fear of Barack Obama. The earth is THE LORD’S, NOT Barack Obama’s. Yes, Obama is scary inasmuch as he openly sides with the most grievous evils plaguing our culture, but we must govern our actions in the FEAR OF THE LORD, not in the fear of Obama.
    Living by the FEAR OF THE LORD requires that we turn to Him in repentance and seek with all our hearts to obey His Law and Word; living by the fear of Obama, on the other hand, necessitates that we push God’s requirements aside as non-expedient and align ourselves with Romney, an idolator whose record is fraught with examples of him ruling in ways utterly at odds with God’s Law. Exodus 18 tells us to choose men that fear God as our civil leaders, and Romney, whatever conservative bonafides he may have, DOES NOT meet that requirement.
    The question is, therefore, simple: do we live in fear of Obama, or in the fear of the Lord?
    As Jesus Christ tells us : “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matt 10:28)
    Indeed, we must commit ourselves into the hands of the Lord our God and obey Him, which requires NOT siding with a Biblically unqualified man like Romney. We cannot serve God and expediency.

  66. Thank you for saying it so well, if voters do not turn out for Romney, then God help us in the next four years. What Bummer cannot accomplish through our Constitution and Congress, he will do with Executive Fiat. As an example, Bush issued 62 Executive Orders in 8 years, many of them were immediately after 9-11 and dealt with immediate National Security needs. Bummer has issued 923 in 3 1/2 years and ALL of them dealt with his socialistic issues that Congress refused to pass.

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