The Story that Could Win Mitt Romney the Presidency

It’s been said by the Democrats that Mitt Romney is a murderer, felon, and tax cheat. Democrats have also maintained that Bain Capital is all about making money and destroying the little guy. As it is with Liberals, there are no facts to back up the allegations. People are supposed to believe them because the Democrats say they’re true. Here’s a story about Mitt Romney that’s been fact checked.

“In July 1996, the 14-year-old daughter of Robert Gay, a partner at Bain Capital, had disappeared. She had attended a rave party in New York City and gotten high on ecstasy. Three days later, her distraught father had no idea where she was. Romney took immediate action. He closed down the entire firm and asked all 30 partners and employees to fly to New York to help find Gay’s daughter. Romney set up a command center at the LaGuardia Marriott and hired a private detective firm to assist with the search.

“He established a toll-free number for tips, coordinating the effort with the NYPD, and went through his Rolodex and called everyone Bain did business with in New York, and asked them to help find his friend’s missing daughter. Romney’s accountants at Price Waterhouse Cooper put up posters on street poles, while cashiers at a pharmacy owned by Bain put fliers in the bag of every shopper. Romney and the other Bain employees scoured every part of New York and talked with everyone they could – prostitutes, drug addicts – anyone.

“That day, their hunt made the evening news, which featured photos of the girl and the Bain employees searching for her. As a result, a teenage boy phoned in, asked if there was a reward, and then hung up abruptly. The NYPD traced the call to a home in New Jersey, where they found the girl in the basement, shivering and experiencing withdrawal symptoms from a massive ecstasy dose. Doctors later said the girl might not have survived another day. Romney’s former partner credits Mitt Romney with saving his daughter’s life, saying, ‘It was the most amazing thing, and I’ll never forget this to the day I die.’

“So, here’s my epiphany: Mitt Romney simply can’t help himself. He sees a problem, and his mind immediately sets to work solving it, sometimes consciously, and sometimes not-so-consciously. He doesn’t do it for self-aggrandizement, or for personal gain. He does it because that’s just how he’s wired.

“Many people are unaware of the fact that when Romney was asked by his old employer, Bill Bain, to come back to Bain & Company as CEO to rescue the firm from bankruptcy, Romney left Bain Capital to work at Bain & Company for an annual salary of one dollar. When Romney went to the rescue of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, he accepted no salary for three years, and wouldn’t use an expense account. He also accepted no salary as Governor of Massachusetts.

Character counts!! (and yes…that’s worth reading again!)”

This story reminds me of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29–37) in that he used his own funds to care for the man found on the road:

 “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among robbers, and they stripped him and beat him, and went away leaving him half dead. And by chance a priest was going down on that road, and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side. Likewise a Levite also, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. But a Samaritan, who was on a journey, came upon him; and when he saw him, he felt compassion, and came to him and bandaged up his wounds, pouring oil and wine on them; and he put him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn and took care of him. On the next day he took out two denarii and gave them to the innkeeper and said, ‘Take care of him; and whatever more you spend, when I return I will repay you.’ Which of these three do you think proved to be a neighbor to the man who fell into the robbers’ hands? And he said, ‘The one who showed mercy toward him.’ Then Jesus said to him, ‘Go and do the same.’”

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  1. This is one of countless stories which highlight the compassion and honor of this humble man. He sees a problem and he instantly springs into action.  What a  responsible, smart, and decisive leader he would be for our country. And he has the business acumen to solve our economic problems.

    While Obama’s dirty Chicago machine continues to mount their vitriolic and spurious attacks against him, he just keeps taking the high road,  speaking  the truth about this administration’s shameful  record.

    He loves God, family, his fellow man, America…and I’m sure…….apple pie. And unlike Obama, Romney has a conscience.

    No one is perfect, but Mitt Romney is a good and decent man and if he loses the election……..America will have lost a better future.

    1. You got that right about the “dirty Chicago machine” of Obama’s: Rhom Emmanuel this morning (Sunday, on Face the Nation) really loves his dirty “work”-and its amazing how CBS brings in a Lib to critique The Rep. National Convention and Mitt Romney-think they will bring a Conservative in next Sunday?

      Rhom vocalized that Romney’s speech was “devoid and vacuous” of ideas. Unbelievable. 

      1.  The entire Democratic platform is “devoid and vacuous” of ideas. All we get from the Dems is the same old liberal garbage and a godless platform.  The GOP convention highlighted a new breed of Republicans, a party of thinkers, of new ideas and doers. Obama, Emmanuel, Biden, Pelosi and Reid are so yesterday!

        1. “new ideas”? They’ve been trying to take us back to the late 19th century since the late 19th century when they sold out to the robber barons.

        2. You must not be paying attention to the TEA Partiers: Disaffected Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Libertarians…That’s where the new ideas are coming from.

          They (we) want a smaller government, in control of spending. Its out of control now. And, just who do YOU consider “robber barons”? People like the Kennedy’s? There are many others, just wondering to whom you are throwing that “tag” out on.

        3. I AM paying attention to the tea-baggers. They’re just recycling the same old worn-out dreck of the John Birch Society with occasional, minor exceptions. Hardly “new”.

          Spending is not “out of control”. It is being very controlled if not squelched by Republicon obstructionists who refuse to allow America’s economy to improve more rapidly.

          The “Robber Barons” built the great transcontinental railroads, huge factories, fabulous mansions and immense fortunes. They were ruthless in their pursuit of business interests and ran roughshod over their workers while caring little for the small businessmen whom they trampled into the ground. It was the age of “Social Darwinism,”—dog-eat-dog, no-holds-barred, hell-bent for leather. Had you ACTUALLY paid attention to my post you’d’ve notice that I said, “the late 19th century”. The Kennedy’s did not amass their fortune until Prohibition sometime later during THE NEXT CENTURY. YOU pay attention.

        4. Your comment about spending being squelched definitely gives you away.

          Yes I did read your post. I thought that the late 19th century thing was really just kind of a mistake, guess not.

        5. You Know, Progressive….

          If you don’t have something intelligent to say, don’t bother…replying…Learn to let stuff go…Do You always need the last word?

          I admitted my mistake and called you out. At least I’m willing to admit my mistakes. You don’t find that much on these forums-it tends to get into a denigrating fest of verbal abuse. Because WE don’t know each other, and WE don’t talk face to face.

          Find you on another thread. Take care.

        6. Guess I’m not interpreting what you said correctly. “Your comment about spending being squelched definitely gives you away.” As what?

          And after re-reading the remainder, I guess I did misinterpret it. My bad.

        7. As a Progressive, and Not a Republican. Although, I do think there are some. Progressive Republicans imo, and its what I believe, want bigger government, and to have a bigger role (in our lives). Conservatives believe the opposite: Government is not the answer to everything, and it needs to remain small, or at least not grow.

          Thats what I meant. You said “spending was squelched by Republican obstructionist” and you may or may not know, that that squelching came about because of the Tea Party and their candidates trying to control spending in Washington. We don’t want to compromise our freedom away.

        8. I know we are (and we are) having an interesting conversation, but the generalities you throw at me are unfounded.

          I love our freedom, and I hate to see Americans shackled by our government, although we ARE allowing it…

          Maybe you would like to explain your assumption about me.

        9. a conversation requires listening and understanding – it would appear the progressive is stuck on a record track – freedom is only found from within – i.e. the abiliity to choose right from wrong – however, freedom disappears when one starts to choose wrong over right. Thus is freedom an idea – which gives people this right to choose – but when the government decides it is the one to make this decision for the people (which) our current administration has done – then we no longer have freedom.

        10. I don’t see the “generalities” you claim are there. The Tea-baggers ARE trying to control Washington’s spending and are CLEARLY in the thrall of the USCOC, ALEC and other similar anti-American organizations that use this nation as a tool for their own enrichment no matter the cost. Look at the unknown millions these groups have flooded the Tea-baggers with. I’ll get into the Koch families hypocricy vis-a-vis the Soviets another time.

          This isn’t even getting into their extremist reactionary philosophy of ideological purity, confusing compromise with weakness, their fundamental belief in scriptural literalism, denial of science,being unmoved by facts, arbitrary redefinition of what is and isn’t “fact”, hostile fear of progress, demonization of education; basically their attempts to essentially repeal the 20th century if not the entire enlightenment which is what GAVE us this nation’s birth in the first place. The enlightenment, that is.

          It looks to me as if you have bought into Pres. Ronnie’s assertion that government is incompetent, evil, etc. A government is as good as the people elected and voting. At least with a government we have some say.

          Corporations have one reason for existence: profit. We have little to no control over them, especially in laissez faire economics. Unbridled capitalism ultimately results in monolithic economic entities, if not monopolies. This stifles competition and does a VERY few people any good.

          This is why Teddy Roosevelt broke up the banks. Too much money at the top makes an economy top-heave. That’s another way of saying, “unstable”. There is ample evidence showing the benefits of a more stable economy and how regulations accomplished it.

          This is why Ma Bell got broken up. Look at the explosion of innovation the breakup caused. It forced competition. Everybody won. Too big to fail is too f*(king big. Period.

          Your fear of “Americans shackled by our government” is so extreme that you’re willingly being shackled by corporatism and believing them when they tell you that THIS is freedom. Mussolini said, “”Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

          Today’s GOP all but CALLS themselves “corporatists” and have confused corporations with people repeatedly. One way or another they are clearly being paid to do so.

          Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work, and then get elected and prove it. Over and over and over again, and people keep falling for it. Pathetic, really.

          There’s LOTS more, but I’m short on time. suffice to say:
          If you TRULY love your freedoms, you won’t vote Republicon.

        11. Tea Party is constitutionalists for smaller government, and all of that kook stuff you mentioned was brought in by individuals and is not necessarily considered part of Tea Party policy push.

        12. actually the only thing absolutely wrong with the JB group was the media onslaught against it with the money from the Nation called Russia in the early 1950’s. Otherwise in opposition to the UN and the Socialist movement in the US it was right on target – but we’ve learned that the bigger the lie – the more often repeated the more prone are the gullible to believe it. Thus the JB group were destroyed not because what they said but by what the media printed that they said this or that – without any fact checking, etc. As for the Robber Barron’s they’re alive and well – but only got jump started under TR with the first depression of the 1900’s – which they made! Then electing Wilson – then Fed Reserve – then direct election of Senators and so on till today – the elections are won and lost in the Party Caucus meetings. The Kennedy’s snuck in the back door to their wealth but their morals won them over to the wealthy. The Robber Barron’s used to meet on the Golden Isles in GA. There are several good books about them – and the idea of Darwinism from the mid-1800’s was given it’s greatest boost from H. Spencer = “Survival of the Fittest” – which was included in the 2nd Ed. of Darwin’s, “Theory of Evolution”. All this was intended to keep the kids in the coal mines and factories without social judgment. Oh, one thought when is ‘truth’ ever out of fashion?

        13. That was FAR from, “the only thing absolutely wrong with the JB group”. Their constant fear-mongering, demands for ideological purity, denial of facts, etc, was their own undoing. The REAL irony was that Fredrick C. Koch, one of the founding members of the John Birch Society which was convinced that socialism was taking over America through unions, colored people, Jews, homosexuals, the Kennedys and even Dwight D. Eisenhower, owed his fortune to having extensive business dealings with the Soviet Union from 1926 -1933.

          The so-called “Gilded Age” of the robber barons PREDATED Teddy Roosevelt. You seriously expect me to believe that his breaking up of the banks jump-started the robber barons? Know your history.

          And it also looks like you’re saying that Senators shouldn’t be elected. Should we go back to the days when Senate seats literally went to the highest bidder? That supports oligarchy, not democracy.

          The ides pf keeping the kids in the coal mines and factories without social judgment (or some equivalent thereof) has been part and parcel of GOP dogma since before the execution of child labor laws which they railed against as unconstitutional and was ruled as such for a while before progressivism finally forced, well, progress. Would you have us regress to slave wage, no overtime pay, no weekend, child labor, etc?

          “Oh, one thought when is ‘truth’ ever out of fashion?” Evidence suggests it being whenever any GOP are around.

      2. Are you trying to say that his speach didn’t outline all of the detail contained in obam’s mantra of “Hope” and “Change”. I mean, how much more specific can you get?

    2. if mitt and ryan lose this election in november
      this so called president will laugh at us for the next 4 years of do nothing and smirk
      only god can help us
      if you stay home  witch is what he wants is a vote for obama
      then you will have nothing to say

    3.  Taxing the rich less and the middle and poor class more is a better future?

      Indefinite Detention without due process is a better future?

      Killing off Social Security is a better future?

      This guy is Obama MK II. He’s not worse than Obama, but he’s definitely not better.

      1. Barack Obama – Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?
        ( the debates should be interesting because he becomes disgusted when
        someone disagrees with him. …then the bias of the moderators will be
        Sam Vaknin ( ) is the author of Malignant Self Love – Narcissism Revisited. He served as a columnist for Global Politician, a United Press International (UPI) Senior Business Correspondent, and the editor of mental health

        1. I’ve been saying for some time now, that neither Obama or Romney are going to get us out of this.

          Obama has legalized indefinite detention without the right to a fair trial, and Romney has said out loud that he supports this law.

          Obama’s NDAA by itself cost him my vote, and Romney’s support of the same law cost him my vote too.

          So, no. Not paid obozo troll. If anything, no-strings-attached fact giver.

    4. “While Obama’s dirty Chicago machine continues to mount their vitriolic and spurious attacks against him, he just keeps taking the high road, speaking the truth about this administration’s shameful record.”
      Unfortunately for us, history shows that taking the high road doesn’t bode well for Romney’s chances in November. The sad truth is, negative campaigning works. We saw that most recently in 2008. This is another ploy of the DemocRATs and the media (but I repeat myself) – deploring the negative tone and vitriol of a campaign – when it’s a Republican, that is. Nary a peep when it is a Democrat doing things even the dirtiest Republican wouldn’t stoop to. Yep, Mitt will be able to hold his head high the day after the election, then he will quietly go home to live in obscurity, while the Marxist-in-Chief finishes destroying our economy and our country. God help us!

      1. “…he just keeps taking the high road, speaking the truth about this administration’s shameful record.” There’s NO way you’re talking about Rmoney. The level of mendacity he’s displayed starting with the lies in his first anti Obama ad show he has no interest in any “high road”.

        1. You ARE definitely a Progressive, but no Republican.

          Which lies did Romney spew in his first ad? Hmn?

          and, Romney’s life, as exhibited by his actions as a private citizen, certainly outshine the “wanna be life” of Obama…Nothing was ever good enough for him.

        2. I AM a Republican. Just not a Republicon, nor a Republicretin who would vote for one.

          Rmoney’s first anti-Obama ad released Nov., 2011 took him out of context (surprise!) by taking his quoting Sen. McCain’s strategist’s saying, “if we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose,” and making it sound as if this was Obama talking, not Obama repeating what someone else said. The Romney campaign is asserting that its ad was intentionally deceptive and dishonest. “We used that quote intentionally,” Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstorm said.
          Rmoney’s level of honesty has only sunk lower since then. As a Bishop in the Mormon (or ANY) Church, he knows better. The Bible has nothing good to say about liars.
          “Nothing was ever good enough for him [Obama].” So you’re saying that he should’ve bee satisfied with living in a hovel and had no aspirations of doing better? Is that your version of the american Dream, because if it is it really sucks.

        3. Dude, seriously, how many times does this need to be clarified for you. The whole point of the add was to show how the very words that Obama was using to slam John McCain now applied to him. It was manifestation of irony not a misquote.
          Get a clue would ya.

  2. Tears are coming down my eyes, this is such an amazing story! This could have been one of my daughters, is all I keep thinking! This honorable man needs to help our “fragile” Country! I cannot imagine what he would do to help his fellow Americans! Bless you Mitt Romney!

    1. That would depend on what you call his “fellow Americans”. If you’re talking about his peers, then you’re right. He would likely move heaven and earth. If you’re talking about the middle-class (what’s left of it) then I can’t imagine what he would do either. What little information he’s given us about his economic plans do not bode well for the average American.

  3. What a differemce between the two candidates, actually the four candidates. One yelling and screaming me, me, me and what I did, how great I am and all the lies about Romney. The other the “good Samaratin.”  Yes, we need the Come Back Team” for sure!

    1. Excellent point when comparing the 4 candidates.  Everyone should ask themselves this question.  If your child or grandchild was missing, who would you want to find them?  Romney & Ryan   OR   Obama & Biden?   The answer to that alone should help decide how to cast your vote.

    2. “One yelling and screaming me, me, me and what I did, how great I am and all the lies…” is an apt description of Rmoney. 

      1. Prog Rep:

        Hmmm, I don’t recall Romney trotting(!) out these stories HIMSELF at a news conference.

        These are stories from grateful recipients of Romney’s compassion.

        The left can’t handle the truth.

  4. I’ll take a man of compassion and character over a hip , arrogant , megalomaniac anyday..He could of come out and said, hey , I, saved lives…but he didn’t.. How Obama is winning on likablity is beyond me’s either a fake app. or kicking God out of everything , we have become very bad judges on what to like…We actually got lucked out and got “two” of probably the most honest , moral men on this Planet…

    George Washington…

    A] good moral character is the first essential in a man, and that the habits contracted at your age are generally indelible, and your conduct here may stamp your character through life. It is therefore highly important that you should endeavor not only to be learned but virtuous.

        1. You are warped and don’t know the truth,, your side doesn’t even know who freed the for Ryan everything was the truth , the downgrade was from what Nancy and Harry did under Bush it’s all Congress..You are selling your bull to the wrong person..You call robbery whatever you want it’s still robbery…what exactly do you think savings is…Obama’s piggy for GM   You are wrong on all counts…but then we don’t expect you to recognize the truth..and there’s more interesting news as well…

    1. “We actually lucked out and got “two” of probably the most honest , moral men on this Planet.” Rmoney and Ryan? Seriously? 
      Some of Ryan’s lies from Wednesday night:

      Ryan tried to pin the downgrade of the United States’ credit rating on spending under President Obama, the credit rating was actually downgraded because Republicans threatened not to raise the debt ceiling
      Ryan blamed President Obama for the shut down of a GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, the plant was actually closed under the smirking chimp’s regime. Ryan actually asked for federal spending to save the plant, while Romney has criticized the auto industry loan that President Obama ultimately enacted to prevent other plants from closing.
      Though Paul Ryan accused President Obama of taking $716 billion out of Medicare, the fact is that that amount was savings in Medicare reimbursement rates (which, incidentally, save Medicare recipients out-of-pocket costs, too) and Ryan himself embraced these savings in his budget plan. Except that Ryan’s plan has that money going to tax breaks for the top 1% and not toward medical care like Obama’s plan does.

      “You know, in the past when people pointed out that something was inaccurate, why, campaigns pulled the ad. They were embarrassed.”   -Mitt Romney

      Some of Rmoney’s lies from Thursday night:

      “Unlike President Obama, I won’t raise taxes on the middle class of America.” Obama HASN’T raised taxes on the middle class. Rmoney’s plan, however 
      lowers taxes on the top 2% of earners and raises taxes on everyone else. According to the Tax Policy Center, taxes on the middle class would go up by about $2,000 to pay for Romney’s tax cut for the wealthy. 

      “And unlike the president, I have a plan to create 12 million new jobs.” A two-fer. Efficient. Economic forecast show that IF NOTHING IS DONE that the economy will create 11.8 million of these ON IT’S OWN with NO help from Willard. So he’s essentially telling us that his policies will generate a WHOPPING 200,000 more jobs. I’m all a-tingle.  And, of course, there’s his American Jobs Act languishing with a Republicon filibuster in it’s (and America’s) throat.

      “His policies have not helped create jobs, they have depressed them. And this I can tell you about where President Obama would take America: His plan to raise taxes on small business won’t add jobs, it will eliminate them; His assault on coal and gas and oil will send energy and manufacturing jobs to China; His trillion dollar cuts to our military will eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs, and also put our security at greater risk.”  

      A hat-trick! Wow! Even MORE efficient! Ya gotta take yer hat off for that! Obama has created 4.5 million jobs. Obama’s extension of the Bush tax cuts for everyone but the rich actually cuts taxes for 97% of small businesses. Oil, coal, and natural gas production have all increased under Obama. Coal production is up 0.93%. Oil production is up 5.7%and is higher than at ANY time during the shrub’s White House occupancy, and natural gas is up 22%.

      “I will begin my presidency with a jobs tour. President Obama began with an apology tour. America, he said, had dictated to other nations. No Mr. President, America has freed other nations from dictators.” 

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, my! Wow! Where do I begin!?   Okay. Let’s do this piece-by-piece.

      “I will begin my presidency with a jobs tour.” While not actually a lie per se one wonders just what this even means. Not that we’ll ever know. He’s been extremely reticent about giving out any real information.

      “President Obama began with an apology tour.” This lie has shown real tenacity, especially since even Breitbart was unable to fabricate anything that could pretend to back this up. Every instance of fact-checking has thoroughly debunked this.

      “We actually lucked out and got “two” of probably the most honest , moral men on this Planet.” Rmoney and Ryan? Seriously?  Gimme (and America) a break. We deserve better than this.

  5. Statistics suggest that somewhere between 15-18%  of the general public suffers from a mental disorder. These people tend to gravitate to certain types of jobs. They are prone to self aggrandizing behavior, compulsion and a fear of abandonment. Perhaps these character issues are resume requirements for media emplyment. Perhaps liberalism is a mental disorder.

      1. The
        Hope and Change Movie – A Must Watch! | askmarion

        After nearly four years of waiting, and a landmark
        Supreme Court decision, David Bossie, chairman of the advocacy group Citizens United,
        finally got what he wanted—the chance to make a movie that could change the course of an

        Citizens United has released its new documentary, The Hope and the Change, an
        hour-long overview of the Obama presidency, but, perhaps surprisingly, this isn’t really a movie
        for Republicans. Everyone interviewed for this documentary is a registered Democrat (or
        left-leaning independent). This movie does not delve deep into the
        president’s past. There are no expert opinions, and no behind the scenes footage. The
        Hope and the Change is not about the president… but about those who put him in office:
        It’s a collection of interviews with Americans from “purple” states who voted for Obama in 2008–and
        who may not do so again.

        In interviews intertwined with media footage, these voters discuss how they
        became disillusioned with the candidate of hope and change.

    1. Obama is an Impostor like Lenin who was not a Russian but a psychopath from the steepes of central  asia.  Liberals and DemocRATS have learned nothing from history.  Vladimir Illych Uliaynov set Russia back into the dark ages and his Boshevik CHEKA started a terror which  poor Russia had not known since the days of Ivan the Terrible, and the Tartar invasions of the 13th Century.

      1. It’s pretty hard to defend stupid isn’t it?  The problem is the liberals just don’t get it, and can’t defend whatever they believe in. 

    1.  Thhezuule……Romney’s lifetime of service to his fellowman IS his history.

      Obama’s spiels are ALWAYS about appealing to emotion…and all smoke and mirrors.  He is devoid of substance.

    2. Fact is Romney IS a man of action, and he doesn’t go around bragging about it…Actions speak louder than all of the feel good words spewing forth from our current president’s mouth.

      1. Yes!  A man of action, like Baptizing people who are already dead.  A Creepy action, but boy howdy it is action!

        Go Mitt!  The man who causes the least amount of Pain is always the better choice.  We know Obama stinks and causes a great deal of Pain, hopefully you’ll  make choices for us that don’t completely destroy our lives.  Make good decisions for all of us.  Pretty Please!  If you stink less than the Democrat who runs in 2016, then we will pick the least Evil candidate again. And Again, and again, forever and ever.  God must be quite pleased with His creation.  A bunch of suck-ups who have been conditioned to suffer and allow it perpetually.

        Good thing God gave us Free Will so we could give it to the Democrats and Republicans to Rule our Lives with.  It is no insult to God to trade His gift of Free Will for Food stamps and Safety (aka Domestication).  God gave Man dominion over the Earth and Animals, including Humans who have been domesticated!

        Will Mitt be less painful than Obama?  Not likely, our pains come from allowing others to Rule our Lives.  When they do a poor job, we whine and complain, then try to elect 1 of our TWO Choices that won’t quite suck as bad as the other.

        Flat out PATHETIC that Human Beings in the Free-est and Greatest Nation on the planet keep behaving in this sadistic manner.  Of what value is it to be named Sapiens and not be sapient?

    3. Have you checked Obama’s history? Are you one of those who believes everything Obama says? If you do, you will be one of the people who looks like a fool if he’s re-elected. Unlike Obama, I think Mitt Romney learns from his mistakes.

        1. 2016 has been proven (like the book it came from) to be a pack of lies by a thoroughly disreputable and discredited author. Pretty sad when a whole movement to oust an elected official (or anyone else, for that matter) rests on a bed of lies. Pathetic.

    4. Actually, that’s just a few examples of Romney’s character.  His life is full of positive actions done quietly and out of the spotlight.  Obama on the other hand, has only operated in the spotlight, and still has accomplished pretty much nothing, but it’s the things that Obama does when out of the spotlight that raises huge questions for me, ie; Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright come to mind.  Bill Ayers is a known domestic terrorist, which I really  don’t understand how he’s never been charged, and Rev. Wright who in a very outspoken way, hates America to his core.  When it comes to character, there is no comparison, unless you’re comparing good vs evil character, which would be very accurate.

    5. Once you get past the cradle and his childhood, ROMNEY becomes a man that we all wish could have been like. I am a very old man and I would like to think I have the wisdom to see through all the CRAP the Obama administration has thrown at us. 
      Did you know the Feds were just audited and it was found that the Obama admin actually gave away just a little over 16 trillion to countries and banks overseas, including here in the states.  So, that’s where the 16 trillion went he borrowed from china and other countries.
      Come to think of it, that’s just what our deficit really is… how about that.
      Stop looking at him as a nice guy and keep in mind what he really has done to our children and their children’s children and so on for decades to come.

    1.  Sue —

      I think Mr. Paul is a man of great virtue and integrity. He made his points as best he could under the circumstances. I do not think he wishes to run as a write-in candidate.

      I think we Paul supporters need to resolve to either vote for Romney, or vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (who is also a man of great virtue and a successful self made businessman)

  6. My favorite example of Mitt Romney’s selfless and kind personality is his long history of bullying fellow students, such as holding one down and cutting his hair.  Truly a great man of action.

    1. The man is dead and no one else remembers the incident from a teenaged boy 50 years ago. Even if it is true, A man grows and learns not to repeat the folly of his youth.

    2. LONG history of bullying? You of course have proof of your “facts”? Do you have any original thoughts, and not what you learned from demon rat talking points?
      I think you could be classified as uneducated in real facts. 

    3. Apenny..nothing compared to Obama and his best friend and mentor Bill Ayers(unpaid advisor to Obama) Bill ayers is on record stating millions of americans will have to die as they will refuse communism and the others half will go to re-education camps. And don’t forget Obama rallied for his cousin odiga(sp) in Kenya whose followers (muslims) burned down a church filled with christians and killed and maimed ‘unbelievers’ and any who disagreed with them.At least Obama is transparent in one area..reward your friends and punish your enemies. We the American ppl. are obama’s enemies. He has made that clear.

    4. I was about to say “unbelievable”, but then considered the undoubtably Liberal source and knew that this ridiculous post is all too believable. Even if that happened the way it was reported my weak minded friend………how old were the kids involved at that time??? I’m sure your youth was a pristine serious of good deeds and perfection.

    5. He was in High School. My favorite abt Obama are
      All the secrets like 4 million to hide his college transcripts. Or just all the lies he and his lovely cronies, Pelosi, Reed, Biden the fool you know the crowd I am talking abt. Oh and let’s not forget in high school and college in his book he claimed to be high and drunk all the time. Yeah he is super special!

    6. You know you don’t do your fellow democrats any favors with ridiculous comments such as these.  Just can’t stand the fact that Romney is a man of character, generosity, commitment – the list goes on.  Though, unlike Obama, you won’t hear Romney speaking of his accomplishments himself.  Try to stay focused on the here and now and the ISSUES that need to be addressed in our country.  But if you can’t, keep your mouth shut otherwise you’ll continue to paint your party as those of hate, fear and disregard for decency and civility.

      1. they cant stay focused on the here and now and the ISSUES that need to be addressed in our country because of the condition that it is in…….Libs went from Hope and Change   to   Attack and Blame 

    7.  so , why are there NO stories about obama in his adult life, let alone hi childhood.
      you libs want gang members who have shot and or killed people to have their records expunged so they can join the military, learn military skills and go back to the gangs.
      You libs think you are better educated than anyone else, and think you’re better than anyone else, and no one can get through life without your intervention and ‘help’.
      libs want to tell people what to do, how to run their lives and yet it is ‘do as I say, not as I do’. The masses have to do what you tell them , while you are exempt.
      AlGore use more elctricity in his home in a month than his neighbors do in a year. All the lib celebrities own mansions, limos, SUV’s, jets and yet tell us we can’t.
      We you lefties pull obamas childhood records out of court ordered ‘seal’, and we get to see them all, THEN complain about someone else’s childhood.

      LOL, Go fish!

    8.  I guess you emerged a full blown adult from the womb with no painful growing processes.  Lucky lucky you.  Never having had to go through childhood or the teens or young adulthood.  It must have been wonderful never to have done anything wrong or hurtful to anyone.  Are you sure your name is Jesus?

    9. Why is it folks like apenney can be the first to condemn things that Romney MAY OR MAY NOT have done 50 years ago but see Obama’s pot smoking gang episodes as just innocent indescretions in his youth and have nothing to do with the man he is today. (That would be the man who plays golf, takes innumerable vacations, sends his wife and kiddies on multiple expensive holidays, etc. while the nation’s economy goes down the toilet………can you say 21st century NERO). 

    10. This story was propagated by Democrats.  The boy’s own family said they never heard of such a story, and the boy who had already passed away a few years ago never mentioned any of it to his family or complained about any of it to the school officials.  The bully story is just one of many that Democrats have made up to assassinate a character of an honorable man.  EVEN IF IT IS A TRUE STORY, and I am not saying that it is, how many of us had done some VERY STUPID things in high school or younger years that we regretted later on in life.  How about the story of Obama doing COCAINE at Occidental College and he proudly admitted it in his book?  Is that supposed to be a role model to our young children?

    11. The “hair cutting” incident you refer to has been refuted by the family of the you g man (John Lauder, now deceased) by his family as factually I N C O R R EC T in a public statement released May, 2012. Get current. Get educated. Get a grip

    1. Some people make a mistake and stick to it to save face.  Others recognize their error and make the nessary changes.  They are called Fip Floppers

    1. Tom…the Bible says: “judge now, least ye be judged, also.” Are you certain you have your application of this scripture truly aligned with God’s teaching? Or, do you think that maybe you have “misjudged?”

    2. Cram your fundamentalist Bible thumping, Mormon bashing and self righteous posturing! Mitt is a good and decent person. As Mike Huckaby said “I am not as concerned about where Mitt takes his family to church as where he will take the nation”

    3.  Tom again you speak of things you do not know anything about. Mormons preach the Bible just as all Christians but we do use the Book of Mormon which is another testimony of the Savior and that HE lives and is the Savior of all. The Book of Mormon teaches us to love one another and help others to look to the Savior as the only way and means that we can return to God. The Book of Mormon helps to prove that the Bible is true. Please stop spreading lies about a religion you know nothing about as God says in the Bible not to bear false witness. This country was settled by those seeking freedom of religion why do you want to take that away from those who do believe a little different than you. We believe you have the right to believe as you wish please give us the same Constitutional right.

  7. This is a story. That’s all, just a story, but a good one and one that can be proven with facts. No one wants to remember a bad story, but good stories are remembered. Our lives are about being positive and happy. The last 4 years have been all about hate and negative.

  8. Democrats should just shut up and take what they have coming. Obamas record should speak volumes about how people should vote. If you want four more years of failure and possible bankruptcy for the United States vote for Obama.

  9.   The main problem is the Democrates lie better then the Republicans tell the truth.
    the second problem is we hand our kids over to the left for their eduction, well it’s really a indoctrination. 

  10. If Romney would only say the following, he would win by a landslide. “I will not take a salary as President of the United States.”

    1. Why do you think that?  The President’s salary wouldn’t affect the federal deficit one iota.  And why should Romney not be paid for leading America?  The current White House resident doesn’t lead but collects his salary and, if he has his way, he will collect most of every working American’s salary.  

    2.  Knowing Romney he will not take a salary as President because that is just the way he is but he is not one to boast about himself or the things he does. It is others that have to come forward to tell what this wonderful man does. I choose the humble over the narcissist, the quiet one who sees a problem and goes to work fixing it over the one who sees a problem and just sits around wining about it and blaming everyone else and does nothing. 

  11. “So, here’s my epiphany: Mitt Romney simply can’t help himself. He sees a problem, and his mind immediately sets to work solving it, sometimes consciously, and sometimes not-so-consciously. He doesn’t do it for self-aggrandizement, or for personal gain. He does it because that’s just how he’s wired.”


    Obama creates a crisis and then makes it worse!

    Romney/Ryan 2012!!!!

  12. WELL: I was told while growing up that ONE’s actions speak louder than any words. What ACTIONS does OBAMA HAVE TO SHOW ? Destruction,destruction,lies,lies etc. Romney can show positive actions such as the one in this story and others. MY VOTE IS FOR THE man of action!!! not a spewer of lies and a man of inaction other than destruction and lies,lies,lies.!!!

  13. And then we have a narcisstic, socialistic creep in the White House that is hell bent on destroying all that Americans hold dear.

  14. Then why don’t all you just vote for obama a quit crying about Romney get behind him or get out its a little late for all you to start flip plopping

      1. Don’t think kal was referring to Romney flip flopping, but was talking about Ron Paul fans.  If they are too stubburn to see the difference between Romney and Obama, it’s a real shame, for them, and us.

  15. There can be no doubt that Romney is a good man.  I may not have agreed with his theology, but I do agree that he is a good man—so was the Samaritan even though he was despised by the Jews.

  16. To the Romney knockers on this thread:
    To avoid displaying your imecilic  liberal bias or just plain unadulterated ignorance, I respectfully suggest you research this man’s history before you comment.
    Romney is the real deal.  His so-called flip flops reflect a change of mind, something only the pig headed are incapable of doing.  He is running for one reason only.  That is to try to restore this country to it’s former greatness as a free nation under God.
    He could be half the man he is and still be light years better for the country than Obama.  

      1. He has had RINO leanings, but he’s no socialisst.  Given the realistic choices, I’ll take Mr. Romney all day, every day.  We must pass the word.  This is the most critical election in my lifetime, hands down.  The constitution won’t matter if we allow our form of government to be fundamentally changed.

      2. Rusure, By the way you talk I suspect that you are a Ron Paul supporter. Go to There are some interesting facts that you need to read about Ron Paul. BTW, this is not a propaganda website that you Paulbots send people to when you try to spread your lies and hatred about Mitt Romney.

    1. Amen to that. Moreover, many of his so-called flip-flops have to do with a change in position that has occurred since he left his position as Governor of Massachusetts. The decisions and positions you hold as Governor of one of the most liberal states in the country will inevitably be more liberal than what you might propose for the country at large. After all, at some point every politician has to give the people he serves what they desire. If he doesn’t, then he’s not a very good public servant, is he?

  17. Wow, Sue…I’ve noticed that when a Democrat is asked to speak to a certain subject they often don’t stay on topic, but veer off to deflect what they don’t like.  I’d hate to think that a Ron Paul voter would stoop to the same juvenile level as they.  This article was about Mitt Romney.  And as far as Ron Paul 2012….votes for him would be giving the vote to Obama.  Is that really what you want to do?

    1.  Wrong. People who vote for Ron Paul aren’t the ones who split the vote – the ones who nominated Romney instead of nominating someone who would make real changes are the ones who will elect Obama if that’s what happens. I’m sick and tired of people blaming those who support a real conservative being blamed – it’s those who don’t want change that are splitting the vote; it’s those who nominated Romney and McCain that are to blame for Obama.

      1. OK. It is fine to support your guy, but this story is NOT about Ron Paul or anyone else. It is about the content of Romney’s character and the lack of it in obama’s!

      2. so you would write in Ron Paul or Ralph Nader or some other wannabe who does not stand a snowballs chance in hell of being elected just so you can satisfy your supposed ultra-conservative view point and to what end.  Another 4 years of Obama.  Are you really that dimwitted?

      3. Bah. That’s nothing more than sour grapes. We had a nominating process, and Ron Paul chose to compete for the Republican nomination. Regardless of what you think about that process, Romney won. He is the Republican standardbearer, and would be a tremendous improvement over the current President.

        Grownups recognize that and throw their support behind the clear alternative to the Obamanation. Children throw temper tantrums and hurl insults at the guy who beat their guy – much like monkeys in a zoo flinging poo at spectators. It’s shameful to watch. 

        Now, if Paul chooses to run as an independent, you and other like-minded Paulites should feel comfortable voting for that third party choice. But, in a country where we have only two main parties from which to choose, don’t ever try to convince us that someone who votes 3rd party or independent isn’t responsible for splitting one of those two main candidates’ vote. Do what you want, but take ownership of your choice. That’s what grownups do.

        1. It had to be said. I understand the frustration the Paulites feel. Heck, my brother is a Paul supporter. But he is also sober enough to realize that Paul lost his quest, and stopping Obama has to be our first and common priority. As a result, he is not only campaigning for Mitt, but donating to his campaign as well. He understands that we are Americans first, and any loyalty to any individual candidate has to be a much lower priority. Thank you, Dr. Paul, but it is time for you too to do the right thing. No more Ross Perots!

  18. Mormon bishop Romney has a long history of preaching a false gospel of mormonism and was a missionary in France.  the bible says Christians should not have anything to do with anyone who preaches a false gospel (see Galatians 1.8-9).   It is inevitable Romney will speak of his false mormon beliefs and mislead listeners as president.  It is wrong for Christians to elect a non-Christian to such an influential position.  Both parties are wrong in this.

    1. THT, All you say does not parallellize the Romney we know. Romney is a better example with great character for our children than that pseudo-extremist-muslim obama. God will be God , no matter what you believe! We’re voting for Romney.

    2. Well, we sure don’t have a Christian at the helm now, Tom !  We know what we have now and I’ll take a Mormon businessman over a non-Christian who will not even allow the name of God to be used when “quoting” the Declaration or Constitution anytime.  This country cannot stand another 4 years of what we have now.

    3. I’m sure you have no basis to suggest the “long history” you mention, so I won’t bother requesting it.  One thing I’d like to point out is that I’d much prefer a person with Mormon principles than the principles of a so called christian that spent many of his formative years being “educated” in Indonesia, the most Muslim country in the world.

    4. Tom, you do not understand  the (Mormon) faith so please don’t make statements that you know nothing about.  What you are saying is so untrue.  We ARE The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and we ARE Christians.

    5. You have two candidates, one, in your mind, preaches a false gospel. The other preaches no gospel.

      If you wish you may wrap your cloak around you and sit out the election, proud of your “righteousness”, but this is not a religious office, you know, and you might render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.

      Did you pay your taxes to the Obama administration, or did you withhold them? I think it is better to do a some small good than to do nothing.

      1. Right On, Shears !!!  I think it really is cutting off your nose to spite your face, and my granny use to say, to sit on your hands and do nothing because your guy isn’t in the picture.  If you can look at it another way, at least you are getting someone out who has nearly destroyed everything and vote for someone who just might surprise you and save our collective chops. 

        1.  Thanks for the support. Pity I didn’t meet you 45 `years ago, but then, I DID meet a really neat woman. God works….. and bless you.

    6. I know Romney’s religion is not true christianity as preached by the apostles, but maybe if all of us who know the truth would pray for him and his family, then God will show him the truth.  Romney is much closer to the truth then Obama. Obama actually despises christians.

    7. Sheesh, give it a rest. I have Mormon friends, and they steadfastly maintain that Jesus was not only the Son of God, but that he was sent here to die for our sins. They claim to believe that Jesus was born of virgin, led a sinless life, died on a tree to pay the wages of sin that we might have salvation, and was then resurrected and taken up to his rightful place with the Father.

      Your real concern should be whether or not Romney lives up to the standards to which Christians are called. All the evidence seems to suggest that he has lived a more Christ-centered life than many who call themselves Christians – and I am ashamed to acknowledge that I have to include myself in that group as well. His compassion and service to others should serve as an inspiration for all of us, and would serve him – and us – well were he to win the Presidency.

  19. I work with a private company and had a Mormon boss.  He was very fair with all that was around him.  Never did I see that he would put himself ahead of any of his employee’s or people around him..  He would work with you in the trenches.  Never brag about what he has done.  Out of all the bosses that I have ever had, he is still in my memory.

    1. That strongly suggests that what Romney has done in his life is who he is.  There are many documented instances of his samaritan way.  Can anyone name one example of a samaritan act by our sitting Fraud in Cheif?  Just sayin

  20. Sorry, that only means he has compassion for his employees – it doesn’t mean he’s fit to run the country. He’s still a socialist.

        1. I hear ya, but I really don’t think Obama is stupid.  He’s doing exactly what a socialist/communist should be doing.  It just happens to be the oposite of what our founding fathers intended.  It’s not too late to fix this, but will be if he’s sitting at the resolute desk on January 21st.

        1. Well, I guess 4 years as one of “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” and a John Wayne fan did help me remember.

    1. And what do you base your “socialist” accusation on? Has Mitt advocated for greater government control over business activity or public ownership and control over the means of production? Has he associated himself with known socialists, Marxists, and other left-wing ideologues?

      Hint: the answer to both questions is “no”.

        obama is the socialist !! Mitt is the capitalist.  You need to go back to school and learn the difference since you apparently don’t know. One is for big government running the works and the other is for free enterprise !! obama wants to make everything “free” to everyone and Mitt wants to do business like a businessman thus making more self-supporting rather that waiting for hand-outs.

      1.  I think he is saying obama is a socialist. surly he is not saying Mitt. is a socialist. Is he? If he is, the libs. have got to him.

        1. What he is saying is that Mitt is a socialist and that can’t be for a person that believes in free enterprise !! Obama is the real socialist since he believes in distributing the wealth among the dead beats. At least that’s what I learned in my old government class back in when JFK was shot.

    3. ” – it doesn’t mean he’s fit to run the country.  He’s still a socialist.”  Aren’t you a little confused?  Romney was the one who had compassion for his employees — not Obama.  The latter is a narcissist of the first order.  He has no compassion for anyone other than his Messianic self.  As the Emperor in the White House and on Air Force One, he and Moochelle are living high on the hog at the taxpayers’ expense.  

    4. “Socialist” ???  What in the world do you think we have had for the last 4 years…a socialistic, arrogant, quasi-christian (maybe not Christian) who has only led this country to the edge of a cliff and seems to  want everyone to join hands and jump into the abyss .  He is a politician with his own agenda who seems to be totally lacking in both common sense and any knowledge of economics.  Isn’t Acorn, Holder, Blathering Biden, admittedly wants to “turn this country around” ?  

      There are some of us who have had the beejeebers scared out of us by his desired “TURN”.  No human being who has led this country has ever been perfect, but America has at least had the smarts and determination to vote them out…like Carter, for instance.  I know what we have now and where we are headed.  I thank God that we have an opportunity to try to save this country and ourselves by putting an end to this serious foolishness and vote for new and real “hope and change”  before it is too late.

      1. My last fussing was edited.  Isn’t Acorn, Holder, Blathering Biden enough for you already ?  And yes, BO warned us…he wants to turn this country around, but I sure don’t like “turns” that he has taken.  I will shut up now.  Thank you

        1. I understood and liked what you said without the editing.  and shutting up isn’t the answer, speaking up IS.

        2. Thanks, wmgill…and as you notice, I didn’t shut up as promised…nor will I.  This is all too important for all of us.  Doesn’t overstate it to say that our beloved country is at a place in it’s history of life or death.  Pray that the “undecided” wake up before it is too late.

      2. An EXCELLENT post!  You’ve hit the nail on the head.  One thing I tend to disagree about is the suggestion that he’s lacking common sense of knowledge of economicx.  His actions reflect the philosophy generated by a lifetime of socialist/marxist endoctrination.  He is doing exactly what those teachings would suggest he do.  That is what makes the potential of another 4 years so incredibly scary.  We cannot allow that to happen.  Our collective lives depend on it.

  21. you vote for  him if you want too..for the record this men dont care about you or me or nobody he want the live the people from the orient are and he try to convert the USA muslim to have acomplish what the islamic want the hole world muslin,and to be there they have to destroy the American people so they can educate the new generation on werever they want .so go to the link in google and look to Jeremiah Project and you will know whats going on….

    1. You obviously are ignorant of the accurate facts surrounding how the Bain capital works.  If you do not believe  this … if you are brave enough – research how Home Depot , Staples, and 100’s of other large recognizable stores and many stores that are not so big…. exist today – employing 100,000’s of people……….. because of Bain capital.  Just check it out before posting lies.

    2. I would rather have a mormon president who believes in God and Jesus then a muslim who hates Jesus and all his followers.  Obama is even trying to force the catholic church to go against their beliefs buy health insurance that pays for the morning after abortion pill.  Our first amenmdment rights mean nothing to Obama, he wants to be America’s first dictator.

  22. I certainly will not vote for Obama and Romney is all that is left at this point…….  No brainer whom I will vote for……  The Scriptures tell us that we are to pray for our leaders … I pray for Obama and his family  too truly repent and ask forgive. My Jesus is all loving. If you but just ask, He will forgive you and lead you t o a Bible believing Church…… God’s blessings to all…

    1. My dear Lady…..Mitt Romney is a Christian loving man who loves his family and America!
      He also loves Americans and wants us to be happy and live well.  Latter-Day Saints are
      Christians…..their church is “THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints”.
      You can’t get anymore Christian than that.  They use the King James Bible with their
      Book of Mormon to prove that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior, Gods Son! 

  23. Wow, this is a really amazing and touching story just like the ones I heard during the RNC.  They have all brought tears to my eyes.  I cannot believe there is someone as unselfish and so selfless as Mitt Romney left in this world.  Comparing Romney to Mr. Obama, I see that Romney is close to a saint while Mr. O is more like a Satan! 

    1. That is why ozero has the cruifixs covered up. He is Satan reincarnate . I bet if you held a crucifix to his bare skin , it would burn and char it.

  24. People,does it really matter if Mitt is a mormon,the idiot we have right now is a muslim just open you eyes to what has been happening in this country for the last 3 and a half years

  25. Whats so sad is that whoever gets in to office( GOD LET IT BE ROMNEY!!) , I feel as tho the US DOLLAR is going to fall within a couple of years and their will be a new type of currency that will be used for all purchaces and we will be SUNK!! obama has put us on a path to DESTRUCTION and I don’t think we will be able to stop it!

    1. All anyone has to do is to read carefully, and follow the Constitution, and the huge debt limit is solved.  Article 1, Section 8, spells out exactly how the Founding Fathers intended this monetary system to operate, and there is no where in this constitution that authorizes Congress to delegate that power to an unconstitutional, so called: “Federal Reserve System”  Read it.  This Federal Reserve System is Federal in name only.  It is no more a part of the Federal government then Fed Ex, or Federal Trucking Company,  are.   Follow the law and the country is safe.   We need a Credit monetary system not a Debt money system. 

  26. Will someone please tell me what B-Zero has done for anyone but himself……ever!  I have been unable to uncover even some small gesture of selflessness from this narcissistic mobster!  

    1. Hard to tell. To date, they still can’t find anyone other than political hacks who are willing to claim that they knew him in his childhood or early adult life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Dems could find a dozen people whose lives were changed by a younger Obama, and parade them out in front of the cameras? Unfortunately, they would have to hire some B-grade Hollywood actors to play those roles.

      1. And the birth-ere keep collecting money and won;t listen to the eye witnesses such as me.  he was born in Topeka,Ks of natural born presents and one needs to start there. see my face book starting 726/12 and daiy rcaps since of more details  Fred Phelps Has sued the Topeka Capital so much they won;t even check there own newspaper archives.?and many I;ve called still terrified in that is to say anything yet many went to school with her and the whole HS new of the interracial relationship, et.c Linda joy Adams

        1. Who exactly are you talking about? You mention birthers, someone who was supposedly born in Topeka KS, and so many other disparate issues, people, and places that it is difficult to know exactly what you are trying to say. I’d love to respond, but just can’t understand what you’re talking about.

  27. The founders wrote that there must be no religious test for serving as the Chief Executive. When did this change to preclude any particular church? If that principle was OK for our founders, it works for me.

    Any man who stands for Christ, stands with me. Go now and do thou likewise, for the man who does good is not evil in his heart. If you still doubt, consider Obama and fear him.

  28. Obama is toast … as I posted 7.29.11…ONLY because the personal pain of toxic utopian socialism cannot be long hidden … fuel/inflation/housing/jobless/debt/food stamps … IMHO OzBama cannot steal enough votes, use enough distractions or tell enough bold lies and smears to hide reality…no matter how much he smiles and tries … a billion dollars cannot change the data, the reality … 5 trillion of new debt has been tried and failed.

  29. THAT is what obama is lacking: compassion, empathy, and the desire to help others above and beyond himself.
    It’s called a lot of things, but CLASS is one of them.
    And obama has NONE.

      1. Look up the word you throw around so lightly in the dictionary. The word is a description of character & culture (or lack thereof), which I’d say you must represent. Get some culture, a small mind sees others by race.

        1. People like you hold us back in the eyes of decent people. Either you are stupid or a troll. I am hoping you are just a troll.

  30. Now seriously….can you even imagine Obama doing that?  The Liberals are trying to paint a picture of “a Mormon” being someone NOT to trust and that they are BAD people.  Is this what bad people do….help others and not take money for years?  Do bad people write Wills for dying 14 year olds?  We all have done things we aren’t proud of….maybe even Obama….but how many good things have we done in our lives and certainly Romney should get credit for all the good he’s done, but the Liberal Media and the Dems don’t want to give him that.  Seriously, are they wanting to keep a man in office that hasn’t done any good for this country?  He’s divided us (I guess the old “divide and conquer”……hasn’t helped the economy, only made it worse.  He doesn’t have anyone in his cabinet that has business experience….if there are Socialists they wouldn’t care about that anyway……..and what President orders crosses covered when he’s coming to give a speech at a University?  Would Liberals have him stay in and ruin our country and continue to take us down the path of BIG government and shrinking jobs, of more regulations and less freedoms?  WHY would they do that?  I believe Mitt Romney sees this and wants to get us back on track.  Lets give him that chance…..Obama can’t and WON’T do what it takes!!!

    1. You are so right, unfortunately we really don’t know what is coming at us if the big o is reelected, but if 1/2 of what I am reading is true, it is scary.  I just had a column about what is and will be taking place with the o and especially the homeland security, it is scary if half true.

  31. A Great Human Being !  i read this and some more stories about this compassionate Man a few yrs ago.  And, for all the Folks that came to the convention to testify to, and what this Man stands for, is out of the ball park !   America must have this Leader of a Man to guide us Out of this democrat Mess !    Romney and Ryan, i think will be a God-Send !              Semper Fidelis

  32. The nerve of him, really!!! Can you imagine osmba even stop golfing to look for his kid’s lost dog?   This man is completely HUMAN and needs to be president… I don’t care if he is a Mormon, he IS a human being and has proven that time and time again, and it is back to a family based value system we need to go… NO more Sharia law creeping in, no more dancing vaginas, no more occupying anything—we all need to making sure we are at home with our families sharing morals and values with them so that when we fight and take our country back, our children and their children will have a country to love and protect as our father before left to US!!!! 

  33. I can not imagine that this story is not already known by all Americans , but maybe not. I guess the MSM is not to anxious to air it again, so maybe one of the Conservative pacts should. Romney is not an evil man like the current inhabitant of the WH!

  34. Christians are being encouraged to abandon the Democratic party in luie of the Muslim support of the DNC. Christian prayers were discouraged from being said at DNC.

    1.  We can thank the Muslim-in-chief for all that nonsense, we are not a MUSLIM COUNTRY, and Obama and the rest of the people need to get this into their heads once and for all.

      1. Obama will never change the stripes he’s worn his entire life.  He’s beyond hope and change, unless it is us that do the changing.  Not happening here!  His changes would take us over the cliff that he steered us to in his first term.

  35. Obama wouldn’t even consider doing something like that, in fact I reckon he’d nod his head and say ” Let’s get a round of Golf in !” …. Willard shows great traits as a leader and a humanitarian ….  BACK HIM ALL THE WAY ….

  36. I remember the story about this girl and how Mitt Romney went all out to help find her.  It really wowed me that he put this girl’s life above everything else, and the way he reached out as a parent to help the parents of this girl.  He is a most decent, honorable man, and a good Samaritan.  It certainly doesn’t matter to me that he’s a Mormon; all that matters is that his faith and his adherence to it have helped shape him as a man of integrity who treats others with dignity and respect and lives a steadfast life, true to his convictions.  I can’t wait to vote for him!  How refreshing it will be to have a man of faith and strong morals in the White House again! 

    1. All I ever want from anyone in any profession is that they live by the Golden Rule.  Treat others as you wish to be treated.  If our politicians at all levels adhered to that ideal in their personal and political lives, we would be the great country our founding fathers envisioned.

  37. Actually, you don’t need to read this story to know what kind of man Mitt Romney is!  Just look at his wife and family.   Enough said! 

    Seeing the Romney’s would make me so proud!   DECENT people. 

    I’m so tired of reading about how cool it is to drive around in a VW with all the windows up
    while everyone smokes pot and how Mac-Daddy does cocaine and sleeps around with men.

    It’ll take some time to bring HONOR back to the White House, but I’m hoping we can
    start by giving the TRASH an eviction notice in November!

    WE THE PEOPLE……………..NOVEMBER 2011………………….

    1. November 2012, but I’m with ya!  Take the trash out NOW and clean the carpets later.  We need a leader that won’t bow to the leader of ANY other country, much less Saudi Arabia.  Enough said.

  38. Here is a fact that cannot be over looked… Romney created “Romney Care” and that is a bonified fact…However to prove the democrats can’t dream up an idea of their own, they plagerized Romney’s idea to create “Obama Care” and screwed it up big time.  That could be why Romney wants to REPEAL Obama Care on day one… I really hope he does as my insurance premiums have skyrocketed and I am on Supplemental Insurance.

    1. There is another point regarding Romney Care that always seems to be overlooked.  Romney Care is a state level program, which is how something like health care should be handled.  Obama Care on the other hand is a federal program, that smacks of conflict with the constitution that only gives specifically enumerated powers and authority to the federal government.  I know the SCOTUS ruled on that already, but they clearly made a mistake, or maybe the case wasn’t presented properly.  I suspect the latter.

    2. Most of us that can afford Supplemental Insurance have had to get it.  No matter who
      was President.  Change Congressmen and women, we need good blood in there!!!!!
      They gave themselves better healthcare and gave themselves a raise to boot.  They
      are not working for us as Clint Eastwood said, and Romney knows!

  39. A truly inspiring story!! You have to ask yourself “what would Obama do”??? On second thought, don’t even think about it!!!!

  40. Praise God for a person of Mitt Romneys ethics and heart, this is who we need in the White House as Pres, NOT the evil wolf in Sheeps clothing, NOT The Obamanation that is there now! If we do not vote him out now I am afraid he will destroy America. Vote Romney stop,the tyrant socialists now! Keep praying

  41. I have often wondered which church obama goes to in D.C. or anywhere else?  He has never stated what religion he is and that should be brought out in the final stretch of the campaign trail !!

    1. Obama has attended church maybe six times since he became President.  For twenty years previously, Obama attended Rev Wright’s anti-white, anti-american (Wright said God Damn America)…Church and was endocrinated by this teaching.  Obama is really Muslim…his own words….

      Egyptian minister: Obama told me he is a MuslimObama told me he is still a Muslim, who supports the Muslim agenda.Very few media has picked up what Egypt Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said on Nile-TV in regards to Obama confirming he is a Muslim.This was a statement by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Nile-TV. It was made on the «Round table show». This is the statement recorded:Adul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, where the US President told him that He was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the step son of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he had shown Sympathy towards the Muslim agenda.Adul Gheit claimed Obama told the Arabs to show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic issues, like the Health care reform, he would show the Muslim World how to deal with Israel.Source: Israeli magazine, Israel today  

    2. I know he finally disavowed Jeremiah Wright, but does he not consider himself United Church of Christ?  This is an extremely liberal denomination outside of what the vast majority of Americans would consider to be “Christian”.  With that said, the LDS Church is not considered to be a Christian Church by the vast majority of Christians.  As a believer, however, I tend to vote issues and character more than where someone parks their butt on Sunday morning.  Ronald Reagan didn’t go to church very often and Jimmy Carter was a faithful Southern Baptist.  I voted for the nominal Presbyterian over the Baptist.

      1. If the LDS church not considered to be a Christian Church,  then why is their
        name “THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints”? 
        Back when JFK was running for President, lots of people went Bonkers thinking
        JFK will run to the Pope to ask what to do.  That’s stupid thinking….and there are
        many of those!

    3. All you have to do is watch and listen to see that he is indeed a Muslim. He claimed to be a Christian because he and his handlers knew he would not be electable as Muslim. He was initially raised as Muslim. The penalty of converting to Christianity from Islam is death. Muslims have a belief that it is good to lie to your enemy. So you tell me. He does away with Christian day of prayer, but celebrates Ramadan with Muslims—–if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck……..

    4. Obama is not a Christian, he’s a Muslim and he lied to the American People
      about this.    Didn’t you hear in one of his eariler speeches that “American is
      not a Christian Nation”.  This was also a clue to where he’s coming from.  He
      wouldn’t swear the Oath on the Bible….The King James Bible which most
      christian churches use as it is the most accurate.  He swore on the Linclon
      Bible, which doesn’t count.  We have always had different religious people
      and Atheists in America but that doesn’t mean we are not a Christian Nation.
      Obama needs to study our National History!  We didn’t envade countries to
      “TAKE OVER” their country as we went to all dictators and appoligized for
      the TRATOR.  George Soros is the man that has caused Obama to ruin this

  42. It’s a lead-pipe cinch there are no stories about oBlamer’s generosity toward others.  He is a taker, not a giver.  Romney impresses me as a true philanthropist, not just in donating money to church and charity, but with his own time and effort.  We could do a lot worse than Romney for president.  In fact, we did do worse, in 2008.

    1. Lets not forget the lack of charitable generosity of Obama on his tax return, and certainly can’t forget the incredible generosity of our current VP Biden who gave a whopping $300 last year.  I’ve given a bag of used clothes worth that much.  If we were a country of mushroom farmers, we could survive on the bull chips spewed by the current administration.  Another 4 years of these clowns may cause us to be.

  43. I am sure a progressive would leave a few dollars if he could get $20.00 from some one else. The injured man would get  a bill for services rendered plus interest. Collect $20.00 leave $2.00 That is only half a tip. What do you expect we have to redistribute the wealth.

  44. Romney’s campaign HAS to keep getting these stories out. I realize Mr. Romney is the humble sort but this is a Presidential campaign and he’s going to have to pull out whatever stops he can to win. WE need him to win. The alternative is far to disturbing to comprehend. He is going to come against the dirtiest opponent who only knows one thing; retain power by all costs.

    1. Mitt Romney is a very religious man….the Holy Spirit guides him, he’s
      made it this far…..The good people will see and hear good things about
      him during the DEBATE!   But that’s a problem also, how many good
      smart people do we have that truely listens.

    2. You’re absolutely correct.  We NEED him to win.  I believe Romney will not make the mistake that McCain did.  McCain put a muzzle on his best weapon, Sarah Palin.  The fact that Romney shows no sign of doing that with Paul Ryan is positive indeed.  What the party needs to do is deluge the media with evidence of the good work of Romney over the many years, and point out the very obvious differences in character between Romney and Obama.  When any of the Romney team is confronted with the mainstream media, they must be strong and direct.  Call a spade a spade so to speak.  The only way to overcome the liberal lying machine is to shoot the lie down with facts.  It’s time to embarrass folks like Chris Mathews.  Obama must go, NOW.

  45. Why did he do it?  It’s very simple: He is intelligent,  compassionate, ethical and cares about other human beings, the way most Americans were 50 years ago.  I can’t name another person that would have done the same… don’t even go there, you’ll waste your time and mine.   Romney is what I would call a  “man”, he saw a need and had the ability to fill that need, and he did. The end.

    1. There was a day whe most company’s were run by people like this and then came the MBA’s
      They wer trained in one thing,  make as much money as you can is as short a period of time as you can and then get out with your golden parachute and move on.
      I remember my father worked for a company that had an annual christmas party for all employees.  Each year they would close the plant and it was  a very big place and they would clean and repaint and do all the routine maintenance to the machinery in preparation for start up just after christmas.(you know that day were not supposed to talk about anymore)
      On Christmas Eve there was a christmas party for all employees and their families.  All food, entertainment, and there was much of that, was provided by the Company and to top off the day each child under the age of 16 received a specially selected gift provided by the Company at no expense to the employee or the family as well as candy and other christmas goodies for the entire family,  that always included a Frozen turkey to insure that ALL families had a complete christmas dinner.   That was the good old days before the MBA’s took over and profit became the only motive.
      That ladies and Gentlemen is what this country used to be before the MBA’s and the profit above all took over and look at where we are today.  The Employee is expendable and Profit is God.

      1. You are right on Old Dad…..this you say is true!  I was born in 1942 and as I got
        older to understand things, I saw this that you are talking about!  Everybody worked
        hard and I might add FAST.  Today people don’t work fast, it’s as if they are sluggish, and have plenty of time…..if my parents and grandparents worked that
        slow, they would be fired.

        Obama doesn’t care about anyone……he wants to get rid of our Democracy, our
        Constitution and our Religious right to attend church.  We need to give him the
        heave ho…..if someone doesn’t do the Job right, We need to get rid of them and
        hire another!   Congress needs an overhaul also!

        1. Me, too, Marilyn…1942, I mean.  Gosh, I miss the 40’s and 50’s for so many reasons.

          The trouble with a lot of people today is that they have never discovered the total joy and satisfaction in helping others.  We use to have to do it for survival and it looks like it is getting that way again.  

          I often heard my grandmother talk about all the sandwiches she made and passed out the back screen door to people who were hungry during the depression.  I guess that is one of the worst things of the last 4 years.  I have had to cut way down on my giving and I don’t like that feeling.  It is truly the only reason or happiness that I can see in having more money than you need to live on.  YOU CAN GIVE MORE TO THOSE WHO NEED HELP.  But then my whole family was like that.

          When I hear what some of these truly wealthy people like Al Gore and others  are “proud” of what they list for donations to our military, children, medical, hunger, I am just horrified.  Poor babies, do they intend to line their caskets with what they are hoarding ?  So sad.  They just must have no clue about what they are missing.  

          Seems to me that Romney, knows this secret and not only gives of his considerable wealth, but we have now heard stories of how he gives of his time and himself when there is a need.  I can trust someone like that to be president.  Check out Biden’s giving report sometime…it is almost a joke and he ought to be ashamed. 

          1942 was a good year…we know, right Marilyn ?

    2. I can name two – Harrison Ford: he does quite a bit including using his own aircraft to do search and rescue work, and is NEVER in the press, and the actor (can’t remember his name right now) who played “Fonzi” in the TV series “Happy Days”.  He also uses his own aircraft and also personally flies and participates in lost children search and rescue operations.  Again, no glory or name-in-the news.

  46. A good human being that helps others like this never toots his horn about it, as Romney doesn’t toot his, so many people would never know all the good acts he has done.  America will be lucky to have him as President of The United States of America.

  47. Obama won’t even help his own family. His brother George, living in a mud hovel in Kenya, is very poor. He has a 2 yr old son who was very ill and needed hospital care. Who did George call out to for help? He called Dinesh D’Souza who wrote 2016 and who had met George several years ago. Dinesh sent $1000 to the hospital to pay for the boy’s medical treatment. George said he wouldn’t ask anything of his brother because he’s ashamed of him and the name Obama and that he (Dinesh) is his brother. Dinesh also met Obama’s other brother (whose name escapes me) and who is, if I recall, a physicist. He also is ashamed of Obama and hasn’t talked to him in 5 years. So, Obama the “healer” is not what he portrays to the world. He’s a 2-faced pathological liar and doesn’t give a poop about anyone except himself. I doubt he has much love, if any, for his own daughters. I listened to an interview Dinesh gave on a radio station last evening and he talked at length about Obama’s 2 brothers and what they’ve told him about Barry. Yeah, right, Obama……..we are our brother’s keeper, so you say. Let your loyal, slobbering followers keep believing that drivel. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

    1. It’s a shame that the RNC didn’t have George Obama speak at the convention.  Maybe they should consider having him appear in some republican commercials.  Food for thought.

        1. Think there need to be postings far and wide about where this movie is playing and when the showing times are.  May the RNC will buy the rights and show it on Fox News .  I have heard that it is amazing but am having a rough time finding showings in central Texas and southern New Mexico.

        2. I haven’t seen it either but I keep telling everyone to. Living in New York State (Schmucky Chuckie Schumer’s Democrat state) is not easy. Some of the cities are showing it but so far it hasn’t come to my county. Every week I go on line to check the AMC theatres hoping it’s coming soon but so far no luck.

        3. Have heard its full of false bio.Does it show birth in Topeka, Ks and marriage to Obama sr there and the three dead on the banks of the Kansas River in a racial hate crime with no investigations, not even believing Ann who searched for the body herself .Not even knowing her Dad;s real name was Pope and Dunham a stolen ID so authorities could locate some of her dad’s relatives, finally did find my parents; All this after she had been left with her mother;s relatives at westboro Baptist and Fred Phelps and e kicked her out and she had to get a job and couldn’t start high school.  We now have the same kind of corruption, the officials committing the crimes as was prevalent in the older south and Kansas was a hot bed due to Brown vs the Board which i had a part in getting passed..All in my face book starting 7.26.12. and in daily recaps since. Linda Joy Adams

    2. The family in Kenya must know that Pres Obama is not their biological brother r family and the marriage to Obama Sr was so he could stay i USA and Ann needed a husband to give her baby  a name ofter (overheard conversations of parents who did know) real dad was dead. President aobaam needs to get his real birth record out of Topea ks and tell us when he knew, what. Linda Joy Adams , eye witness 

  48. Gosh, sounds like an old style American. For some in this country it will be upsetting to them. Why? Because they would rather criticize a man that earned his way in life, did good for others and then, astoundingly, never tooted his own horn. Many Americans like flash, the want change, change to what? Maybe it’s better for this country to unite behind a man that won’t put these same people behind. He’s a good man, that could be bad for some, but not me and others.

  49. Why should we worry about what or how Romney made his money, it is none of our business.  Romney has character, and that is more than Obama has.  Romney has compassion for people when they are in need, that is more than Obama has.  Romney has run a business, made a payroll, and yes some of the businesses have failed, but that’s what happens in business, Obama has not ever run a business or made a payroll, and yet every time Obama gets involved in any business scheme, (that he uses our tax money for) they all fail and we the tax payers are left holding the bag, and that isn’t the way to run a business or anything.  Romney may not be as good at speaking as Obama is, but with Romney you know he can be counted on to at least try to get the job done, unlike Obama with all his empty and broken promises.  Romney has not tried and spent millions of dollars hiding his background, Obama has, he has not produced a real birth certificate, he has sealed all his college records, he is using another mans Social Security Number, which is against the law, he has stated many times that his birth place was Kenya, so how is it that Obama got elected to the office of President, not one of the liberal media, news papers, of TV channels, with the exception of Glen Beck and Sean Hannity ever questioned Obama credentials, not Nancy Pelosi or any of the Democrats.  So ladies and gentlemen once again Obama has pulled the wool over our eyes and some still believe that Obama is here to save the day, wake up and vote Obama out of office, the office in which he has no right to be in.

    1. Romney made his money the old fashioned anti American way, he got $20,000.00 for eveery job send overseas according to a Broockins Institude Study. I can not vote for a heartless bas—-rd like that. The Indians called it scalping money.

    2. Ohhhh, so true,Anne.  America never had a problem with the Kennedy family in sixties, and their billionaire status. In fact, he was probably one of the most beloved Presidents in history, and he was an Irish Catholic .  Why, all of a sudden, do we have a problem with someone who is wealthy.  This is AMERICA, the golden land of opportunity.  The desperate Democrats, will try anything to bring Romney, and this Country down to the level of Obama.

    3.  You’re right ANNE. Look at how the Kennedy’s made their money(boot legging, the mafia). You never heard the Liberals make any mention of that.

    1. Yes I think so too.

      We have all seen and have 1st hand experience what type of President, a self serving, arrogrant narcissistic person makes. One who brags about something he didnt do and takes credit for someone successes and blames others for his failures. These are not good characteristics for a President!!!

    2. It would certainly be great if you are correct, but I’d suggest to him that he model his style after that of Ronald Reagan.  I can only speak of my experience, and Reagan is the best in my lifetime.  The only other that I considered great was JFK, a democrat that wouldn’t recognize the democrat party of today.

  50. Obama is the off spring of Frank Marshall Davis a card carring Marxist communist who were friends of Ann Dunham in Hawaii.The best place to get a picture of Davis and Barry and Obama is on the web From “Dreams from my real father”Davis and Barry and Obama Sr.If you know how to detect favoring of people in others you can see that Davis Is Barrys Dad.

  51. Romney is all class and less chat….the impostor is all yak and no class….time to get rid of him and put a true leader and problem solver in to restore our once great country before the hack job of the idiot in the white house!

    1. Right on!!!   THIS STORY NEEDS TO BE “out there” for all Americans to read.  OReilly on FOXNEWS at 7:00 central time, with the millions of viewers, would be an excellent channel to air this info – you can bet your sweet patooty that NONE of the main stream meadia would breathe a word of it.   GO MITT – GO MITT – GO MITT, We LOVE YOU!!! 

  52. Former President George Bush and his wife Laura  still visit wounded warriors to this day, go to various events in their honor, and George participates in marathon bike rides with military amputees.   Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama and his wife Michelle “SeaBiscuit” Obama make speeches every day telling us how great they are, what we should be doing to support them, or what we should be eating…. when they are not fund raising.     Which couple demonstrates the real American values?    The Romney’s and the Ryan’s are just like George and Laura Bush, and Ronald and Nancy Reagan…. what class they have.    They will make us proud to be Americans…. again!

    1.  When the Fort Hood shooting occurred Mr. and Mrs. GW Bush drove the 8 hours to talk with and comfort the soldiers and their families.  They had been there about 6 hours when they were told they had to leave and were escorted to the exit.
      I wonder who it was that did not want the Bushes to be around?!?!

      1. “W” may have made some less than stellar moves while in office, but I voted him for each election and right about now, in the rear view mirror, HE IS LOOKING BETTER ALL THE TIME.  

        The Bush family are class, real and caring people and there isn’t a megaego in the bunch.  Many, many years service there from the grandfather through GHW and W, along with other family members as well.  I say Thank You to all of them for their service and a lot of wonderful, generous acts that most of us will never know about.  To them, the important thing is giving help and support to many and not waving your own flag about your selflessness.  

  53. It really doesn’t matter the denomination of the Church as long as they preach what the Lord Jesus Christ tried to teach we mortal men. I am a protestant and could never accept Catholicism and  would have a problem with the Mormans., and other churches.but it is just another version of the teachings of Jesus. The Torah which Jewish follow  comes directly from the God of Abraham, of which Jesus was a Jew.  As for the belief in Jesus  The church is a place of prayer and worship; not of government.

  54. I’ve never heard of anything altruistic that Obama has ever done and with his ego, I’m sure we would have if there were any. Obama clearly thinks only of himself; Romney seems to think often of others. Case closed on who the right choice is this election

  55. Almost no one would do what Mitt Romney did.  Mitt may not be the conservative candidate that I hoped for, but he is no longer merely the anti-Obama candidate either.  The more I am learning about him, the more I am becoming an enthusiastic supporter.  This story is inspiring and shows a warm person with great character.  I fact checked this story:
    There is independent confirmation.  We are fortunate to have him as our candidate and the difference between Romney, a man of character who is clearly a problem solver, and Obama who blames and makes excuses could not be more stark.  Just today the Obama team is saying that the debt can’t be fixed yet: “Yes we can” is nothing more than a campaign slogan to Obama.  Everything in Mitt Romney’s bio suggests the opposite. 

  56. Well folks, will it be good-over-evil, or the reverse, as on Nov. 4th of ’08? The so-called voting-majority proved how naive, apathetic, and shallow people  can be. Romney has things to brag about, but doesn’t care to, while Obama has nothing to brag about, and cares to do nothing but. Even if Romney isn’t a re-born Reagan, he still represents a decent human being, while Obama represents corruption and mass-destruction. As I keep saying, if the most damaging voting-error in history is repeated in Nov. , this nation most likely will not be recognizable, and will probably be beyond help economically and morally, especially during my lifetime. The left destroys anything it has control of, we are surrounded by the proof..our failed education system, compliments of  the left and the Federal Government..economic, political, and moral values at the bottom of the sewer, compliments of the left, and nearly the entire Democratic Party. I surely “hope”, we “change”.

    1. Here, here.  I fully agree.  You’ve articulated my sentiment.  We will change by voting for Romney-Ryan.  Tired of lies, deception and ugliness.

  57. I worked for a construction company in Texas that was owned by a Mormon and his two brothers. After  i had been there a while i realized they aways told  us the truth. it seemed like they considered lying a sin.Its a good feeling to trust your employer.

  58. I urge everyone reading this to send this everyone in their address book, we need to get this story to as many people as possible as soon as possible.

  59. I am glad this was told in the convention.Mr. Romney is blessed because he is a charitable man and does it quietly.He is a man of character.How sad that minorities perceives the Republican party as only for rich people.

    1. Amen, fed up taxpayer !!!  I just wish that Romney and Ryan would share some concrete plans, ideas, and strategies as to how they are going to begin to rectify this mess we are in.  I think that is needed immediately and may decide the outcome of the election.  Not being a politician, than God, maybe there is a valid reason not to show your cards, so to speak.  

  60. You just KNOW the current Wuss in chief would operate just like this—-right?  Yeah, sure!  Not if it was a white child, non-Muslim.  Couldn’t have cared less then.

  61. I too am a Mormon and know how to conduct my life. Mitt Romney is a care-giver type of person. He is there to help people when necessary. I too was there to help people during my career as a Firefighter. The cry “FIRE” turned me and my comrads out to put this fire out. To rescue those that were trapped in a burning building  was a “No Brainer” action. We were  there to help those in need!
    Mitt is there too! He is a great, careing man. He cares about people, he really cares about our country. I care about our country and say “AMERICA, VOTE FOR A REAL AMERICAN HERO and GENTLEMAN, MITT ROMNEY!

    1. Any Mormons that I have known in my long life have been people of character and integrity and honesty.  My husband also worked for a Mormon geophysicist and though my ex was pretty much of an atheist himself, we were always very impressed by the kindness of these Mormons and the way they care and provide for their own people.  If more sects/religions followed their path, there should be little need for massive welfare.  While I have no use whatsoever for Milktoast Harry Reid and his sneaky politics, I have always admired Orin Hatch and felt he was an asset to our country and a gentleman in his dealings.  

      I think all of us need to learn more about the Mormon faith before we start worrying about what it means and doesn’t mean to be Mormon.  All religious groups have practices and ideas that others find odd or quaint… ALL of them.

      Let’s give Romney a chance.  He appears to be a vast improvement over what we have now as we go down the toilet.  At least I think he is honest and caring and QUALIFIED to be president.  There surely is some problem solving experience there.

  62. I find this story about Romney not difficult to believe at all. If you look into his eyes you can SEE his compassion. All I see in obumbles eyes is contempt, self promotion, and dislike for all things American.

  63. Bleeding heart right wingers. Makes us libbers feel a lot of empathy for y guys. I mean who would have thought Mittens who abused dogs. Old be so awesome. I almost forgive his wife from abusing horses in the truly American sport, DRESSAGE. Next well be hearing the Munster son look alike works in soup kitchens and counsels rspe victims telling them they won’t get pregnant.

    1. I think we can all ignore the above barely readable message clearly written by an illiterate.  Really glad the Republicans are pushing education.

    2. Have you ever ridden Dressage?  I have.  It is a demanding sport.  Demanding of both Horse and Rider.

      One would have to be as stupid as a Democrat to abuse a Dressage Horse.  They are highly trained and EXTREMELY expensive.  Not only that but you don’t want a twelve hundred pound horse mad at you when you are in a closed stall with it.  You just might (probably) wind up dead.

      As far as being a caring person, I have met a number of caring people.  Some were Republicans, some were Democrats, but all were persons of high character.

      The one BIG difference between them and the liberalists is that they BELIEVE in what they do, they don’t just do it to garner political gain or to appear as if they are an honorable person.

    3. Can’t believe you are so bloody stupid!!  Go and get an education – I’m sure Obama will give it to you free! Shame on you!!

    4. Wow lady, you know where you have your head and you better remove it before you lose it.    Libs and their filthy minds they all seem to be alike

    5. Why do democrats always get so cynical when they are proven wrong???  Of course, I would feel rotten too if Obama were my choice…

    6. It’s interesting, Peggysje. You are troubled at the way Mr. Romney transported his dog when the family went on vacation, yet you have no issue with 50,000,000 people who will never take a breath under the guise of “choice” which our current president defends–even to the point of defending killing them after they’ve been born. In fact, he thinks a baby is a punishment. How repulsive to the Almighty who has created each and every one of us in His image.  It is beyond me how anyone can support a man who is so self-absorbed as our current president.

  64. Although the Mormon church as an institution hols some very questionable beliefs, that does not mean that Mitt holds to every one of those that are espoused by the elite of the church.  There are those that believe that Jesus is God’s son and the only saviour that haas the ability and authority to offer us salvation.  As a christian I find mormonism to be more akin to a cult, but I will do what is necessary to remove the present adminstration.  I know people who say that they won’t vote either way because their faith is opposed to Obaam and to mormonism;  I think that my faith calls for me to remove a patently evil regime and then, if Romney proves to be living on the fringe then he too will go without a second term.  All I know is that if we don’t vote against Obama then we are voting for him.

  65. No matter how anyone might feel about Mitt’s religion, policy stances, etc., there is NO doubt that he is of the highest character and integrity and I think those two qualities are what are really important in electing a President.  He is such the polar opposite of Obama and I find it ludicrous when some people, such as Alan Keyes (who I normally like, but he’s wrong on this one) try to claim that Mitt and Obama are not that much different.  WRONG, they are completely different in every way that really counts. 

  66. I had heard this story in the past… of course not from the talking heads at the alphabit news agencies. If Obama had done somthing like this we would here ir everyday until november… I look forward everyday to what the God Father has for us… This blog rocks

  67. Way to Go Mitt!  But remember that God’s way are not the ways of men.  To the perishing it seems like foolishness, just like the cross.  Ever wonder why Athiests and liberals rarely have a problem with praying to a vague reference to God, but dare mention the name of Jesus, and they will screw themselves right into the ceiling.  Jesus is the only name that saves and Satan, and his followers will do everything they can to quash that practice.

  68. Given this, Romney should have a double-digit lead over Obama nationally, and a lead in all 50 states, yet polls continue to show the two in a virtual dead heat. I can only surmise, Obama has 45% of the people completely brainwashed, or a significant number of Americans have decided they like being on food stamps and other Gov assistance. Carter was ahead of Reagan by a big margin until Sept 1980, so I am optimistic.

    1. The liberal media is generally overpolling Democrats and polling only registered voters.  When you poll likely voters you get different results.  Check out  Dick Morris is confident we could pull off an electoral landslide.  Let’s not get either over-confident or pessimistic.  Mitt needs our support.  Let’s all support him any way we can!!!!!

    2. Have heartFred. Remember the media is in Obummers pocket, and they are pulling their hair out trying to cover for him. I think in part they are doctoring the polls to make the dem’s fill good about their underlings suck-ups in the media (browie points), also to bolster his unthinking fallowers that fawn over Obummers every word..

  69. I ‘d like to reply to all the kneejerk reactions to my posts.  First, I only stated what is well known about Romney,  that he is a mormon bishop and was a missionary.   Second, I did not tell anyone not to vote for him.  I am just stating that it is a sad state of affairs that neither party could select a Christian as candidate, a first in  the history of  the  US.  And to reply to mormon posters,  the “book of mormon”  preaches  another gospel,  see gal. 1.8-9 and  Rev  2218 to see w hy it’s wrong.

    1. Mitt still believes in Christ. Forget the Book of Mormon. It is fraudulent. No voyage from the Middle East to the Americas in 600 BC ever happened. But Mitt, with or without his Asiatic DNA immigrants, is mote honest and forthright about his humble beginnings than a man who outright states, “I was not born in the U.S.”  We know everything about Romney that we need.  And if the Christian ethic is that important, keep in mind that Obama declares one thing and has appointed hundreds of Moslems to government posts, and the same goes for the gay establishment.  We are surrounded by them.

      1. People like Obummer and most liberals will do literally anything to win or retain power…including vote buying with entitlements.  Anything to make as many people as possible dependent on the government for their every need

    2.  I am voting for him-I do not agree with his religion-but I know he is a USA citizen and a patriot-and he has geared up to fix our financial mess-obama aint got no gears he is a lazy kenyan-probably,the first and only lazy kenyan ever-kenyans should not be proud-he is a failure-a disgusting immoral traitor that should be hung at the gallows

    3. Surely you just lack knowledge – and your lack of understanding doesn’t change what is true – and oh by the way when Revelations was written there was no Bible – and chronologically Revelations was not the last book of Scriptures – of course if you refuse to do your own research – one would guess there should be no more Scriptures after the Book of Deut. which says the same as Revelations.  What is well known about Romney is not and will not ever be found in the media – which only self serving and supports rhetorical fiction or better logismoi and not truth.  Oh what ever happened to the remainder of the 3400 books of the Scriptures once had by the early Christians and the Jewish population priot to 70AD?

  70. Well it’s a nice story and he sounds like he cares about something. Mostly his friends. Is he out and about helping all kidnaped victims? And even if he did help what about Gay having 7 kids and not keeping track of them? They probably hate him because he cared more about business and “god” then being there for them. That’s why there at raves getting drugged up and careless. Most mormon families seem strong but you only see what they chose to show you. How can you say this man is a saint for helping his friend. I think most anyone with that kind of money would have done the same.

    1. oh me another nut case making a post… seems like there are a lot of hateful, unhappy people out there. jealous of money, jealous of success.  so sad for you.

  71. Fred keep in mind we have a lot of new welfare bums that are causing the polls to be skewed.   Even as many lunatics as there are out there supporting the fraudulent president, they haven’t seen anything yet until they see an uprising by the real majority in this country.

  72. Romney is far from compainote. The man murdered his own dog. The man is a liar, thief and a flip flopper. He has flip flopped on every issue since the primaries begin. What makes you think this man is anything close to honest? 
    Yea the man who wont release his tax returns, known nothing about the constitution or monetary policy. The man is a lair. The power grab at the RNC shows just how bad he is. He wanted to make sure NO ONE could come against him. He made sure that everyones speeches were approved by his council ahead of time. He made sure no one could call a floor vote for anyone else. This is the way Reagan got ellected. He nearly pulled the cue on Gerald ford. While he did not win that time he came close and we know what happened then when he did win the election next time. People dont like a cheat and a liar. 

    But oh we so forget about all his faults so long as Obama is not president. LOL Sure lets go from the fire to frying pan.  Romney is anything but compassionite. He is an evil man who has his entire life set his goals to rule the USA. That is what mormans believe too. Read it for yourselves. 

    1.  He killed his dog? When? Where’s your proof?
      Why should he release tax returns just so his opponents can use them for fodder against him? Why won’t Obama release ANY records relating to himself? What’s he got to hide? A lot, obviously.
      You call Romney an evil man. What has he done that is evil? He’s spent his own money, he doesn’t advocate theft, like the current occupier of the the WH does. Even people who don’t like hin admit he’s a decent man. Is the reason you don’t like him that the RNC didn’t sponsor Islamic prayers for 3 days to usher in the convention like the DNC has.

    2. Your stupidity reigns supreme.  Democratic talking points with no basis of truth…only to believe the lies and distrotions of the socialist transparent one that currently resides in the White House.  Check your facts…and then make up your mind on who is the truthful one. President Obumma makes Pinocchio look like a saint! 

    3. It appears that liberals have a real problem with the English language, although this one is at least semi-literate.  Romney certainly is “compainote” and “compassionite.”   He’s even very compassionate

    4.  How do you live with yourself ? Your quite sick, Hey I got an answer for you that your deranged mine can grasp.  fall into a hold and pull the dirt over yourself until your dead. 

    5. I am sorry you have so much hate in your soul for a person you do NOT know.
      Why don’t you explain , seeing that you appear to like him so much, why Obama has paid millions of dollars sealing everything about him. If HE has nothing to hide why is he still paying so noone will know about his past.

    6. he never murdered his dog.  you sound like a typical complaining, name caller dem. get a life, if you have it in you. and oh by the way, obama ate dogs…

    7. interesting – guess you’re reading from a script just like the media – but of course BO is killing freedom – the US and the Constitution – and with all of the above without freedom there will be nothing to protect freedom of the speech for those like you to write whatever you want without any evidence. 

    8.  You are a very sick person to cast aspersions like that.  Romney is a kind, decent, charitable man.  Your candidate is a fraud and a communist.  As Clint said “…we’re going to have to let him go…”

    9. Jason…..If you want to sound as though you are educated and what you say has any meaning, you should really learn how to spell. Your butchery of the english language diminishes your message, a trait of most liberals…….

    10. You sir, and I use that title advisedly, are just the type of individual this country needs to be scared of. Like the over the top crazies who are going around killingpeople. You would kill ourcountry, the same as that individual currently residing in the white house from his own sel-serving throne. He couldn’t make a dime on his own without those pulling the strings so of course someone who can actually function in business and succeed is a “bad guy and liar”. This from you, so blind to the truth of the lies being spewed from the oval office , would be hilarious if you weren’t so venomous and scary.

    11. First of all, Gerald Ford came before Jimmy Carter, Reagan came after Carter.  How in the world did Reagan screw over Jerry Ford?  Secondly, that’s why we don’t like Obama because he’s a cheat and a “lair”, oops, I mean liar.

  73. George Washington chopped down the cherry tree and said he could never tell a lie,  and Lincoln invaded the South to free the slaves. Fairy tales… this one

    1.  Perhaps you should look this story up in SNOPES.  You don’t know what SNOPES IS?  It is a website dedicated to debunking urban myths.  They debunk everything without prejudice or reference to political party.  In fact they have debunked stories that covered President Bush and President Obama.  As for this story, I looked it up.  According to Snopes, it is TRUE.

        1.  My friend found out about Snopes…a husband and wife team that are
          just that…idiots for the left liberal…kind of like some of the trolls on
          these mainly conservative blogs. Until people open their eyes so
          they can really see, it is useless to try to educate them. SNOPES is
          not a friend to Christians or conservatives. Period. Thank you.

    2. maybe you should check it out – his life is filled with stories (all true) like this.  He’s a good man and a very good leader. 

      1. Speaking of “leaders,” I think we were all inculcated with the idea of
        following a leader by the Cycloptic Idiot Box that gave us our
        “Regularly Scheduled Programming.” I’m showing my age, but if you are anywhere near my age, I bet you can remember the cartoon where the alien comes out of the space ship and tells the familiar cartoon character (Bugs Bunny?) to “Take me to your leader.” Remember the game “follow the leader”? I don’t know about you but I don’t need or want no leader, I can lead myself thank you very much. And if you insist on trying to “lead”
        me, I’m more than likely to want to punch you in the nose, and sure
        to throw monkey wrenches into your machine. Leaders bespeak
        collectivism and collectivism bespeaks totalitarianism
        from a socialist/communist/fascist slant. Collectivism is the opposite of Individualism. Individualism is Americanism.
        Leaders are for sheep who are lead into pens to be sheared or butchered. 
        Lead yourself

    3. docdave1…I feel sorry for you.  You have probably missed out on many blessings in your life because you refuse to see them for what they are, blessings.  Even when facts are right before you, you chose to deny them.  Maybe because you feel you could never do such kind deeds, neither can others.  I hope you allow your eyes to be opened so you can do or experience real kindness in the world.  It seems more then not, that Republicans believe in God’s morals and values.  Democrats are basically for everything that God is against, i.e. abortion, homosexuality.  Open your heart to the Lord.  Mitt Romney did do this and it cannot be denied. Whether you believe it or not, it happened!

      1. Well said. May I say people that attack are really scared….small insecure people- incapable of recognizing the truth. They have allowed themselves to be deceived …and therefore have NO moral.

  74.  I find it offensive that the media 1% critique the 1% on how best the
    1% can gain the support(votes) of the masses(voters) broken down into
    categories.  The speakers must show to the masses that they can relate
    to the masses and somehow “feel” their pain or in unique instances,
    their gain.  They must come across the invisible but defined line
    between the rich and the rest of us and convey to the masses that yes,
    they are authentic, worked hard, had and have a real family, and with
    faith from above(for everything comes from above as in the trickle down
    theory) gain the empathy of the masses by explaining that they too had a
    humble, real life struggle in their lives, and they too, were a victim
    of the weather.  No, they didn’t refer to the weather(that’s real life
    but unimportant to the 1%) but they did mention how in their real lives,
    faith and the family unit held together by the wife and mother made and
    makes all the difference in their life.   And in the beginning when
    money was “tight” they might, from time to time, sell some stocks to
    make ends meet.  They must convince the masses (women) that they, too,
    struggled on a daily basis raising the kids 24/7 with only the aid of
    the maid and butler. I am offended because I am one of the “masses” and
    am tired of the 1% telling me how I feel, think, and what I must do if I
    want to succeed as they did.  This I call Convention Speak and the
    media 1% explaining it to me as if I can’t think for myself and make my
    own decisions.

  75. you would  never see obama doing anything for us/people !!!!   mitt is a nice guy…WHO CARES..unlike the idiot we have now in the w/h  !!!!!  we need a   REAL MAN in the white house…someone with a pulse!!!!!

    1. luci, you hit on the crux of the matter—Obummer has no history of helping anyone except himself and his cronies. And that help probably required no personal sacrifice or it would not have happened.

    2. LUCI: Sure He has, He came out as Travon Martins Defense,He Has given a Muslim Brotherhood supporter a sweet job with Hillary Clinton, He has protected Holder from Criminal Prosecution, He put two Traitors to the Constitution on the Supreme Court, He backed off GUN OWNERS just til the election is over,He will assist Russia and the U.N. in the TAKE OVER of the UNITED STATES, Just  mention a few, OH WAIT, I forgot He wants HIS WIFE PAID TO BE FIRST LADY, WOW. and You say he doesn’t help anyone.

    1.  snopes has proven to be a liberal standard bearer and have been proven to twist the truth…They even have Bill O’ Rielly fooled.

      1. I think that you will find that Snopes has been pretty equal is dispelling truth and falsehoods whether Democrat or Republican. Anyone willing to do some research will come to the same conclusion.

    1. Also the movie 2016….very good and insightful. You will understand what Obama meant by his slogan….”Change”. Scary and un-American.

    1. THEN ADAM,what is Your PROBLEM>>????? Mitt Romney didn’t post it,He isn’t looking for praise, someone was just trying to tell America that He has a Backbone and will FIGHT FOR WHATS RIGHT,and will help wherever he can. Let Me ask You this>ARE YOU BETTER OFF TODAY than YOU WERE FOUR YEARS AGO,????

      1. Dear God   NO.  And I am not that bad off YET.  But millions of others are and I only see it getting much worse if we end up with more of the same for 4 years.

  76. finally a shinnig light in MR MITT ROMNEY no politician here a true humanitarian
    i dont think the blue dogs will know how to cope with this fine gentleman, as he will
    not respond to there mudslinging lies…..and the best part is he is not a lawyer
    i think we have seen enough of the lawyer presidents to last over 100 years….
    when you have a lawyer president the whole idea
    is one big conflict of interest as their EGOS will interfere with common sense
    decisions as we have seen in the last 4 years….


      1.  He actually received a joint Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration degree coordinated between Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School.  He graduated in the top third of his Law School class, but was in the top 5% of his Business School class.  So I’d say he’s more businessman than lawyer.


      1. WHAT PART DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND YOU TWITT.???? You are Going to loose ALLYour Freedoms and Rights,should Obama get re-elected. “IS THAT PLAIN ENOUGH ENGLISH FOR YOU ?????

    1.  And Obama has ruined jobs nation wide, removed the work requirement for federal aid, placed the Muslim Brotherhood inside of our nations security network, the White House and the office of Secretary of State, Sent money to China, used our troops and equipment to advance the “Arab Spring”  but that is neither here nor there according to the democrats.

    2. Are you just. Mad because Your not loaded? Being wealthly is not a sin …or wrong. Unless you have first hand knowledge of him …you are ignorant of the facts and truth. He who is without sin…let Him cast the first stone. Do you Believe everything you hear or read? Do your homework before slinging mud. Only real loosers stoop to those tactics …I think by their ads…we know who they are

  78. I didn’t know much about Mitt Romney until last year when he became a candidate for the presidency. I like what I see in this man. I can vote for this man. If the usurper doesn’t steal the election, we will have him as our president. I hope he wins it. We have had “cool” in office. Now we need a smart adult to lead us out of these troubled times.

  79. Reality Check: Is this little heart warming political propaganda piece suppose to make us forget about the dem in drag, Romney’s,  past or his connections to leftists?

    Please, get educated before you vote:
    “It is natural for man to indulge in
    the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and
    listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts… For my
    part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole
    truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it.” Patrick Henry


    Reality Check Did RNC “Scripted” Rules Change Start A Civil War In The


    What is the connection between Obama and Saul Alinsky?

    “Saul Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals” in ’71 and dedicated it to

    Monica Crowley: Alinsky Dedicated Book to Lucifer and Obama Taught Alinsky


    Mitt Romney’s mentor, his father, a fan of Saul Alinsky (much
    of this article is from the one located at Breitbart, however,
    in this one is a little bit more from Williams)

    WND now appears to be pushing Romney, however, this article was buried
    in their archives.  My hope is that all considering voting for Romney
    would take the time to read it.

    History uncovers Romney’s Democratic leanings

    Supported Tsongas, others in opposition to GOP candidates

    Highlights from the article above:

    “Romney’s history with the Republican Party is minimal; and much of his
    relationship with the GOP has been destructive. In fact, he voted for and gave
    money to Democrats on a number of occasions,”

    “As for being a party builder, his leadership as titular head of the
    Massachusetts Republican Party has been disastrous, with the state GOP
    suffering massive losses during his tenure,”

    “Baldwin added he doesn’t believe the former Massachusetts governor has
    ever accepted the principles of the Republican Party.  “He came from a
    very liberal Republican family. His father, former Michigan Gov. George
    Romney, was a leader of the liberal wing of the GOP,” Baldwin said.”

    “The elder Romney walked out of the 1964 Republican National Convention when
    Barry Goldwater made his famous declaration, “Extremism in the defense of
    liberty is no vice,” Baldwin noted.”

    “Romney confirmed he voted for former U.S. Sen. Paul Tsongas in the
    state’s 1992 Democratic presidential primary, saying he did so both
    because Tsongas was from Massachusetts and because he favored his ideas
    over those of Bill Clinton,”

    ““Romney contributed to three Democrats in the 1992 primary. He gave $250 to New
    Hampshire congressional candidate Richard Swett, $250 to New York congressional
    candidate John Lafalce and $1,000 to Utah U.S. Senate candidate Doug Anderson,” ”

    ““Indeed, there is no record of Romney contributing to any Republican candidates
    until he started preparing for his U.S. Senate run in Massachusetts in 1994, the
    race for which he switched to the GOP in order to run against Ted Kennedy. In
    fact, from July 1989 until October 1993, political contributions by Romney went
    only to Democrats,” Baldwin said.”

    “The financial records verify Baldwin’s claims.

    An FEC
    campaign finance report lists Romney’s contributions from 1992 through 2010.
    The report shows that once Romney began seeking office as a Republican, his
    contributions shifted to Republicans.  Baldwin also said that during his Democratic period, Romney even worked
    against the Republican Party.

    “Indeed, the 1992 Swett race involved a district the national GOP was trying
    to reclaim but Romney did nothing to help the Republican candidate there. Swett
    was not a conservative Democrat; as with other Democrats supported by Romney, he
    was a liberal,” Baldwin said.””

    ““Despite his liberal Republican background, Romney was a registered independent
    his entire adult life until 1993 and only registered Republican when he
    challenged Sen. Ted Kennedy for his Senate seat in 1994,” Baldwin said.”

    Romney’s dad: ‘You ought to listen to Alinsky’

    Father, chief mentor was a steadfast progressive who recommended
    radical leftist

    A syllogism:

    A. Mitt Romney has stated his chief political mentor was his
    father, George Romney.

    B. George Romney, a steadfast progressive, credited Saul Alinsky,
    met with him, and recommended his work.

    A+B = Mitt Romney’s chief political mentor was a steadfast
    progressive who credited Saul Alinsky, met with him and
    recommended his work.

    Saul Alinsky and the Romneys’ Progressive Activism

    Photo of the Elder Romney meeting with Alinsky

    Romney’s connection to Saul Alinsky

    Why You Can’t Trust Either Political Party This Election

    America Rescued and Freedom Preserved as Republicans Adopt a
    “Conservative” Platform

    Additional videos:

    The Romney Alinsky Connection Extended Cut

    Still Voting For ‘Mitt Romney’?

    1. Alice baby, I will vote for Romney before Obambi for sure.  He is not my ideal of a conservative, but only I am my ideal of a conservative.  I’ll settle for Romney this time around.

    2. So you feel Mitt and Barry are one in the same because they feel the same way on some issues.  And still there are differences.  Mitt insured 3% of the uninsured in Mass.  It was a state mandate not federal.  Both sought stimulus money, but to what degree and when?  Both want background checks on crazies buying guns.  Barry wants the UN to decide gun ownership, the same you say?  They both attend church, one for 20 years of hate speech the other preaching charity to their fellow man.  I’ll not waste time further trying to explain to you the difference but there are many and  they are stark.  You, I assume are a Paulbot, enough said about your own sanity.

    3. DEAR ALICE: YOU have quoted many sources and many people, I have personally played politics in the City of Chicago , and wore many hats, I can assure You Mr.Romney has and will use a very famous addage:  “KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMIES EVEN CLOSER” this is the way you survive in the political arena.and just because a Nice story was posted about Mr.Romney there is no reason to pick it apart or think it is political,Do YOU have children.? if so what would You do if one became missing ?? and what would YOU say if a Friend didn’t just offer to help but took a leadership role and at their expense not only looked for Your child but FOUND HIM OR HER.?? WAKE UP ALICE. With Mr.Romney and Mr. Ryan You will have a chance to keep Your RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, with Mr.Obama You will HAVE NO RIGHTS and FREEDOMS from the day of re-election to the implemention of the end of time.   

  80. Liberals will always try to find some “hidden meaning” to everything. Yes Bain capital was in business to make money,… am I….and so are most people…….except those with their hands out expecting something for nothing and for someone to take care of them……remember “Gold helps those who help themselves”…….

    1. And the hidden meaning of the following that can be found at the conservative paper, World Net Daily, in their archives?
      History uncovers Romney’s Democratic leanings

      Supported Tsongas, others in opposition to GOP candidates

      ““Indeed, there is no record of Romney contributing to any
      Republican candidates until he started preparing for his U.S. Senate
      run in Massachusetts in 1994, the race for which he switched to the
      GOP in order to run against Ted Kennedy. In fact, from July 1989
      until October 1993, political contributions by Romney went only to
      Democrats,” Baldwin said.”

      “The financial records verify Baldwin’s claims.

      An FEC
      campaign finance report lists Romney’s contributions from 1992
      through 2010. The report shows that once Romney began
      seeking office as a Republican, his contributions shifted to
      Republicans.  Baldwin also said that during his Democratic period,
      Romney even worked against the Republican Party.”

      1. Ronald Regan was also a democrat, before he also switched
        parties. I was raised a democrat, I voted for Jimmy Carter, (now the second
        worst POTUS of all time), I am now a libertarian, but would vote Republican any
        day over the party of gime gime gime.

      1.  Daniel: the terminology describing ignorant people on government
        subsidies (handouts) is not accurate. They are not “b”s, God knew when
        and where and under what circumstances they were born. Then He died
        for them…and you, and me….

    2.  remember! The statement “god helps those ….” is not Biblical. In fact, anything
      we do in the Name of Jesus God the Father, thru the Holy Spirit, must do Himself…
      for He alone gets the glory. Please drop that saying for it is a lie. Thanks

  81. Mitt Romney has always been a great guy. This man would stay up 24 hours a day just to fix, undo, correct , all the trouble , and all the deliberate evil mess the Obama and his merry, merry men have created. Do you remember the ,” Twilight Zone Movie”, about a Gremlin that attacked a Commercial Airlines and ripped it to shreds while in the air. Only one person saw it and tried to warn the unbelieving passengers. That Gremlin is , the one and only , BARACK (H-BOMB) OBAMA. The most destructive man ever to be put in control of our country. And no one believes it. KNOW THIS AND BELIEVE THIS; ROMNEY IS A CHILD OF THE LIGHT AND BARACK OBAMA IS A CHILD OF THE DARK! JUDGE A MAN BY THE FRUITS OF HIS LABOR. SEE WHICH ONE COMES OUT ON TOP. One lies and cheats in everything he does and one does not. GOD HELP US! Obama should not be ahead of Romney. If Obama wins start singing the song by Jim Morrison,” This is the end my friend”.

      1. Alice, frankly, at this point in our national disaster, I would be probably vote for the Gecko as an alternative to Obama.  It could only be an improvement.

    1.  We believe it John, we, meaning most that post here, but it remains to be seen whether “we”, will number more than the 48 % that lost to the left in November of ’08. The day before the ’08 election, most of us shuddered at the thought of Obama in our Oval Office, and predicted that he would represent the most deliberately-destructive, the most divisive and corrupt individual in the history of this nation, and the proof is playing out, we are surrounded by it. I believe Obama was placed here as the first installment of a master’s called Islam, which could only work if this nation refuses to come out of it’s coma at the polls. Wake up America, fire Obama, most Democrats, and all Rino’s, so we can have our country back and it’s founding-values.

  82. Scanning through these comments I find it amazing there are so many that don’t like looking below the surface for the truth.  Here’s the painful reality… Both, AKA, (Obama) and Romney have ties to Saul Alinsky.  Both, are on the same train, and are in agreement on the major issues.  If you watch no other video or don’t want to go through what I’ve posted, just listen to this short video of Romney taking the EXACT same positions as AKA.

    Romney Obama the Same?

    Here’s another reality check, we’ve been betrayed by the GOP leadership and they’re making fools out of every single one of you neocons.

    1. So, Alice, what is your solution, other than telling us all what fools we are?  We certainly have been aware that Romney instituted State Healthcare in Massachusetts. It was one of the things that most of us didn’t like about him.  But there’s no other alternative, and he has pledged to overturn ObamaCare.  And please don’t tell me that there’s no difference between him and Obama.  If you think that living under Sharia law would be great, or that Obama’s new ‘flexibility’ with Putin would make you sleep better at night, fine.  Ron Paul lost.  Deal with it.

      1. I think that you need to go visit some of those countries that Obama is taking his play book from.  Maybe after you get a taste of what a dictator does to his people, you’ll wake up and smell the coffee.  You might want to take off those blinders that you’ve been wearing!

    2. So what are YOU going to do stick your head in the sand and vote for that vicious, vile, nazi ovomit and surely be lead directly to sharia law…………………………NO THANKS alice in wonderland!!! and where is is the proof Romney has ties to salinsky…………we KNOW the other pr(*&%k has ties to  MANY FILTHY NON AMERICAN THUGS, thru the actions of this sob from the getgo!!!

  83. But Obama community organized, intimidated people and encouraged blacks to hate whites…he went to church for 20 plus years…he must also be a good guy, right?

    1. That’s called racism!  Most whites aren’t racists.  Most blacks are!  Obama is the most racist president since this country has been founded.  There is no place for racist people in our government.  If you look back in history just as many Black, Hispanics, and Indians have died keeping our country free!  How many white gangs do you see in cities, as opposed to black gangs, or Hispanic gangs?  I bet it’s 10 or better to 1!

      1.  Daniel: I know how it looks today also. Let me say with all the love and honor
        I can…being FROM the South, as far So. as you can go on the mainland, I know
        the fight the Blacks have had, I know whites as I do blacks that just because
        of the shade of their skin, their hair color and texture, both blacks and whites
        are harboring hatred…and also toward God. Period.

        I am white and go to a majorly black congregation where I was welcomed as any other. In the So. my Dad and I went to a totally black congregation to help bury OUR friend. Dad and I both felt the ice-cicles. What I have seen this POS do was to pit whites against blacks…etc. and many have fallen far it as tho’ the whites still were the ones standing in the way of the blacks’  success in life. BUNK!!! The blacks made slaves of their own people…and still are.

        I went back to visit my former employer and all my former collegues…guess
        what, 2 white friends were still there…and the blacks…hatred again for just my being white.

        This hatred is universal…just ask the Jews, the Christians, both black and
        both white…

        Can’t say truthfully, can you, that MOST Blacks are racists. In the Civil War (sic), there was only one regiment of blacks…one of the best in the war.

        Hatred is hatred; unforgiveness is deadly; judging according to God’s standards…priceless.

        I hear you searching for an answer. There is only ONE. God bless!!!

  84. Romney needs to be far more aggressive going after Obama. Not a peep out of him about Obama last month unconstitutionally giving illegal aliens over a million work permits, or this month giving them amnesty for a mere $465 processing fee. Those two things Romney should have pounced upon with both feet raising as much fuss as possible over it so the media couldn’t disregard it, as they are now doing.


    1. Nor has there been a peep out of Mitt or Paul Ryan or for that matter any Republican about the support that obama has given to the Muslim Brotherhood, such as 1 and 1/2 billion taxpayer $$$$, or the key positions in Homeland Security and other sensitive government agency’s that they have placed muslims.  Nor has there been much at all said about obama’s war on the church or our Armed Forces.  Nor has anything been said about his war on Arizona and their attempt to deal with their illegal immigration.  There is a lot that is being left out, that needs to be aired in this campaign.

      1. Much of the problem is the media looking for sound bites. Remember, we don’t have an even-handed media out there. They are shills for Obama and exist to get him re-elected. They ostensibly portray themselves as “neutral” and have deceived them selves into saying they are. They are about influence, not information.

    2. You yell and scream and nobody listens to you!  You whisper and everyone strains to hear what you are talking about!  One listens to what is said, not how it is said!  You don’t have to be aggressive to win wars, all you need to do is understand your opponent, and beat him to the punch line! 

    3. Just remember what comes after it. Chris Matthews, Maureen Dowd, John Stewart, Bill Maher and all the rest. Just remember that they have a ready script for “mean spiritedness”. A conservative has to be very deliberate about when and what to say. Just look at Todd Aiken.

    1. Psalms 73:28 “But [it is] good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works.”

      This last verse of chapter 73 really sums up the problem with a large amount of the voting Christian public in America.  We’ve ceased trusting in God and instead put our faith in man.  Why else would a person that calls themselves a ‘Christian’ vote for the lessor of two evils, which is still a vote for evil?

      Too large of an amount of those that call themselves ‘Christian’, love to be lied to and have no hunger either for God’s Word, or the truth of any matter.  Something like the wife of a husband that’s being cheated on that does not want to know the truth.  It’s easier for them to believe a lie.  What we’ve put into office is just a reflection of our heart, as a nation.  I truly believe we’re under God’s judgment and this is why we’re seeing the corruption and destruction of our country.

  85. Hmmm….how about the story of Boehner changing the rules at the convention and shutting out everyone opposing them. How about them stealing all Ron Pauls votes up to now. Nope….you wont get my vote. I dont like criminals. 

      1. Ditto…and there is a true evil in this country.  I watched Piers Morgan interview the Romney sons.  They are good looking, articulate and intelligent.  But because they don’t drink or womanize, Piers thought they were peculiar.  We no longer value individuals who strive for higher character; instead of applauding their excellence of character, we poke fun of them as “wooden.”  Instead, we look for the edgy, cool people who don’t hold us to a higher standard.  It’s high school all over again. 

    1. The Paulbots just don’t give up. If you are going to vote for Paul why not Obama because it’s the same thing. That’s why very few people comment on Freedom Connector because Paulbots like a dog on a bone slash and attack. Most people can move on. Why don’t you?

    2. If the RNC had a divided circus going on during the nomination process, Obama is in.  This election is more important than whether or not Ron Paul supporters had their say.  The day for saying was past that could change anything.  If you choose to not vote for Romney because you feel slighted, then you are also responsible if Obama is re-elected and you lose the rest of your constitutional rights.  Divide and conquer is Obama’s mantra, and you are adding to the process. 

    3. did you watch the RNC carol? i didn’t watch all of it, but i did see some of where the states were giving their votes to the nominees and i heard many, many states give 1, 2 or 3 votes for ron paul and the rest for romney. i’d say that wasn’t a very good attempt for shutting anyone out, would you? i’m just saying… and if you don’t like that ron paul didn’t win, which there was no way in hades he could have anyway,  why on earth would you hold that against romney/paul? a story is a story is a story. but is it always true because it’s a story? hmmm

  86. Heart warming stories are nice ONCE–now let it go and let’s find out the Governor’s positions on fealty to the constitution, rule of law, illegal recess appointments and onerous rules, regulations and such. I am glad to see the governor did such fine deeds. As a rifleman in Viet Nam I saw lots of far younger people do all sorts of heroic things. Not too long ago we had a newspaper carrier pull a family out of a burning house. Heroic is was. But none of that tells us anything about political governance.  Now Obama Healed the Earth and Caused the Tides to Recede but I am not going to vote for him.

    Enough of the heart warming stories and how do we get rid of the Departments of Educations, EPA and tons of regulatory nonsense?

    1. Romney has been a bishop – the same thing as a pastor, but  without pay.  His ward or congregation was probably abt 400 persons.  He  would meet with each of the presidents of the different organizations in the ward every month – these people are the pres of the High Priests, the Elders, the women’s group (Relief Societ)y, the Sunday School, the young men and the young women and the primary organizations.  He would interview individuals weekly from  the ward and would meet with the Relief Society pres every week to evaluate the needs of those hurting in the ward and who need welfare assistance.  During the week he would have his Bishopric meeting where they would also discuss the needs of the ward.  The Sunday meetings are 3 hours every Sunday.  All in all an average bishop would spend approx 20-30 hours doing “churchwork” with people who would sometimes disagree with him and his policies.  The Bishop is called for 5 years.  He was also called to be a Stake President who oversees 7-9 wards.  His duties would include meetings as well and all as an upaid person for 10 years.  And all those years the Bishop or Stake President still holds down a permanent job on the side.  These responsibilities call for a person who can diplomatically instruct, correct and aid people from all walks of life.  In Massachusetts he was governor of a dominantly democrat state and was able to work across party lines.  I am sure he had to do a lot of give and take, but with his help the state was in much better shape by the end of his term with unemployment below 5%, the best schools in the nation and a surplus instead of being in the red.  I believe Romney is what we need at this time.

    1. You don’t know much about government do you?  When you don’t have both houses of congress, you can’t push something through.  Go back to when Bill Clinton was in office.  The house was controlled by Republicans, and the senate was controlled by Democrats ( pretty much the way it is today).  The house wanted to impeach Bill Clinton in the Monica Luinsky  affair case, but because the senate was controlled by Democrats, they couldn’t push through the proceedings  and Bill Clinton got off.

      1. I lived through Bill Clinton’s presidency and didn’t like much that he did. I know that I lost 70% of the value of my mutual funds while he was in office. You know that he was a draftdogger and went to Canada to keep from being arrested for not going into service. He was pardoned by then president Carter so that he could return to the United States and get back into politics with the help of the Democratic party. Hillary wore the pants all the time that he was in the White House. Also the White house knew before they happened the case of McVey and the federal building and the first World Trade Center bombing . They did nothing to prevent them.

  87. A lot of people that don’t know Romney sure like to judge.  Don’t believe what you hear from people that don’t know a person.

    Here are a few of the companies Romney made a success
     AMC Entertainment   21,000  employeesAspen Education Group  1000’s of employeesBrookstone   Burger King               34,248 employeesBurlington Coat Factory   28,000 employeesClear Channel Communications   20,000 + employeesDomino’s Pizza    145,000 + employeesDoubleClick Dunkin  Donuts   6700 locations in the US with 1000s of employees D&M HoldingsGuitar Center   10,000 + employeesHospital Corporation of America (HCA)   180,000 + employeesSealy    4,817 employeesThe Sports Authority   450 location with 1,000s of employeesStaples    90,000 employeesToys “R” Us  70,000 employeesWarner Music Group   4,000 employees as of 2008The Weather Channel.  1000s of employees

      1. So, what’s your point?  Romney at least knows how to start, run, re-organize and supply capital to businesses…..The difference between the two is that Romney is a doer and Obama is merely all talk without substance!

      2. That is Easy. Romney is not a cold hearted person that wants people to be without insurance like Obama would like you to think. The difference was Romney took money already being spent and used it to create a state health care plan. Something does need to be done. We can’t have thousands of people showing up at hospitals with no insurance and turn them all away. On the other hand we can’t afford to pay the bill for them. Romney took the money that was being spent on people without insurance and used it to insure them. Also if each state would tackle the problem, one might come up with a plan the is the best. Another bonus if it is a state plan, and it doesn’t work it is much easier to change the plan or do away with it altogether. But a national plan that doesn’t work is next to impossible to fix or appeal. Now let’s compare. You all struggle to find one thing about Romney and there are so many with Obama. Failure after failure, lie after lie. Never had any experience. He was almost non existent when he was a Senator. He blames the Republicans, but he is not willing to work with them. Two years with no opposition and still failed.

      3. One big difference between Romney’s plan and Obama’s is about 2500 pages. Romney didn’t have thousands of pages to hide many unpopular provisions.  Romney had full bipartisan support. They didn’t “Pass it to see what was in it” SURPRISE!!!    They didn’t write it behind closed doors excluding one side

  88. I did some more thinking after reading these comments.  Either, it’s total willfull ignorance of Romney’s background, a pride thing, or, maybe it’s uncomprehensible to the average neocon that a democrat would change hats and infiltrate the Republican party to destroy it.  Whatever the case, this willfull ignorance will destroy our country.

  89. Romney’s character chaps liberal backsides, so they fabricate lies and distortions to try and bring him down to their level. Find me ONE instance where 0bama has gone out of his way to help anyone unless there was political opportunity involved, a photo op or a nice writeup in HuffPo covering items like his PHONE CALL to the hurricane victims over Romney actually BEING THERE to HELP like a real president should be doing. 

  90. Mitt Romney IS A DECENT MAN. You lying asses distort and lie about everything. Your own performances are soly clad in deceit, distortions, fabrications, fraud and out and out lies !!!

  91. Liberals want it anyway they can get it. Lies, distortion or marching something like Sandra Fluke forward with a b.s. war on women it doesn’t matter because liberals don’t care how they get there as long as they get there. Power is where it’s at for liberals. Obama keeping his foot on the throat of business to curtail growth so government can take over which exactly defines Obamacare with rules, regulations and 21 new taxes. America land of everything is free except for, the people. Business wants to go, Obama says “no”. I say “no more years” for a socialist nightmare and European  example  of complete failure. The only reason you would follow Obama is number (1) you are yourself a government employee (2) you are in fact union. and (3) you are paid by the Obama administration to blog. Yes, they are out here making no more sense than if they were, unpaid. The thing I credit liberals with is a full truck load of b.s.

    1. Who is this sandre fluck???  (rhetorically speaking)  Just because this person can’t keep her legs together or just say NO!! Americans have to be subjected to this poor excuse for a woman??????  I think NOT

  92. MY FELLOW AMERICANS, This is for ALL OF YOU, what would You rather have a firm,solid,strong Nation through Jobs,Less taxes,Strong foreign policy that bows to no-one, a Military that is SECOND TO NONE , or a DICTATORSHIP that is Hell Bent on Distroying this Country and Making it part of the One World Order,and the Freedoms and Rights we have being NONEXISTANT FOREVER>!!!!!!   KNOW THIS if Obama gets back in YOU will NOT HAVE The Constitution,Bill of Rights,or Declaration of Independence, and the U.N. Troops will be Marching DOWN A STREET NEAR YOU,on your way to opening Our Borders and making the USA,Canada,and Mexico ONE NATION under obama’s control. and this Sweet Alice is NOT PROPAGANDA, THIS IS FACT.!!!!

    1. I personally agree with most of what you said BUT America can and SHOULD do without the UN.  Learn about UN Agenda 21.  Be afraid be very afraid.  BHO has bought into this hook line and sinker.  Granted President PAPA Bush signed onto this Agenda – Clinton expanded it and BHO is pulling it all together for the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    2.  There are many with the Eagle,  Globe, and Anchor DNA plus others with combat experience that are waiting and ready for this to happen. Don’t count out the old farts from the RVN  “police action”  as being ineffective against an enemy. We still can bring things that aren’t expected  of us.
      Semper Fi

        1.  7.62 X 39 and 7.62 X 51—my choices. .300 win mag for serious stuff. Will punch through 3/8″ metal plate at 200 meters with 180 gr. Barnes bullets every time !!
          Semper Fi, Bro !!  Once and always !!

  93. Since Obama can’t brag about his accomplishments during his almost 4 years in office, he is left with the strategy of negative attacks on Romney, Ryan, and the GOP. The problem with that is that the constant attacks make Obama look like a nasty guy, and they will generate sympathy for Romney. Conservatives must unite and back Romney/Ryan, as I don’t think our country can stand 4 more years of Obama’s reckless spending. Obama has added $5 trillion to the national debt already.

    1. I agree Matt, but there are MANY of us who do and we must hope there are enough of us wise enough to make the RIGHT choice in November!

    1. Those that doubt you should read the Brotherhood of Darkness by Dr. Stanley Montieth.  You are closer to the mark than perhaps even you know.  In fact, you are only about 1 thin hair from a perfect bulls eye.

  94. The people want Ron Paul, but he was cheated out of the nomination.  Now we’re left with the old “lesser of two evils” bs again.  And yes, I’ll vote for Romney even if I have to hold my nose to do it.  I would write in Ron Paul, but I don’t know if enough other people will to make it a success.  So, what we need is a way to read which way the wind is blowing BEFORE THE ELECTION or a pre-election election.  Can this be done?  Is there anyway we could have an online vote prior to the election so we would KNOW which way to vote?  It would take a tremendous effort at this point in time as all sides would have to know of such a drastic movement to write in Ron Paul as well as keeping account of how many will actually do it on election day.  Is this possible? Anybody?

    1. What you ask is impossible AND anyone who writes in Ron Paul or votes for Gary Johnson is helping to assure another four years of Obama’s hell….Romney wasn’t my first choice but he does have class and business experience whereas Obama lacks both!

      1. To all that answered my post….THANK YOU!  And as I said, if there is no other option I’ll vote for Romney just like I did for McCain.  But the crux of my post was to institute a “pre-election election” on line that could take the risk out of voting for other than Romney.  Nobody, NOBODY hates Obummer more than I do, I can’t stand the sight of that commie punk, but if we the people want Ron Paul bad enough, if we really want him…we can do it.  Nothing is impossible for true patriots of America!  I won’t bother responding to some of the untruths posted by some, like weakening the military, I’ll just ask them to please go to his website and find out what he really stands for and not what you’ve been told he stands for.

    2. Ron Paul’s domestic policies are pretty good.  I will give him that, but on foreign policy, he is too naive about the evil that exists in other areas of the world or just wants to isolate us for the sake of “principles”.  Seldom does this work.  Instead of whining about have lost the nomination (something that has never been in the cards for Ron Paul) his followers need to look at the means to help other true conservatives take out the RINOS and gain control of the party.  That is how conservatives win.  Not by running conservative third parties that guarantee the greater of two evils wins.  Get read, get read and join the fight instead of doing things to make yourselves look unreasonable and bull-headed.

    3. Ron Paul has some great ideas, but he’s doctor and would be a great Surgeon General, but he does know business and economics like Romney does. Dr. Paul also would put the USA in a weakoned military stanse, which is not what we need now with the turmoil in the middle east and sabor ratlings of North Korea.

    4. I like Ron Paul but he is not electable because of his age. I have seen and heard lots of comments that he is a good man but too old; then his choice of VP becomes important. When I was in grade school my parents voted for Willkie and McNary but FDR won. As it turned out, both men would have died in office before the next election and a Democrat would have inherited the Oval Office.

    5. Writing in a candidate that has not been certified as a write-in candidate is throwing your vote away.  The election officials can let you know who the certified write-in candidates are for any given election.

    6.  “The people”?  What people?  I don’t want him neither do MOST people.  Just about a half percent of friggin wackadoodles want him as President.  Anyway, you didn’t win enough delegates, therefore you LOST.  So quit whining.  At least Santorum, Backman, etc all had the class to shut up and support Romney.  But, not Ron Paul, who has proved once again it’s all about him…

    7.  Paul will never be President, he has been a total joke on america. 26 years in congress andhe got 2 bills passed. How much money did we pay him for 26 years to do basically nothing. He has never been a conservative or a republican, he is a libertarian and does not hold the beliefs of the American people, never has never will.

  95. This is what they youngest Romney son, Ben, posted on his Facebook page a few months ago:  “Growing up, we never had a nanny or a ‘mommy’s helper.’ Never went to daycare,” Ben wrote. “I was just one out of five, but always felt like I was the most important thing in her life. For my Mom to raise us 5 boys, the way she did, was, in my mind, the most demanding – and hopefully rewarding – work she could have done.”   So your comment about the maid and the butler was somewhat inaccurate.  I’m guessing she’s had help at home since her diagnosis with MS.  I don’t begrudge her that.  I get so tired of the 99% who are so jealous of the 1% and feel like they have to tear them down all the time.  If you don’t like being one of the 99% – get off your lazy *** and go to work!  Get an education.  Gain a little humility, and help someone who’s worse off than you are (there’s always someone worse off).  

  96. It’s either Romney or a Civil War in this country ……  JUST , Wait till O bama and Hillary – TRY – TO DISARM ….  Americans  .   See what happens then , people ……

    1. It will be the biggest mistake ever made by Obama. If he thinks forging a birth certificate is embarrassing or using a forged SS# is bad, he had better think twice before he tries to disarm Americans. He might find out how the military and the American people feel about him all at once.                                                    Mike Tanco

  97. Barack Oblame-ya has done so much damage that we need to go one step at a time. The First Step is to kick Obama out of office before he can do any more damage. And don’t forget that he will be a lame duck for a month and a half and can issue tons of Executive Orders in that time.

    First things first!!

    1.  If we get a conservative house and senate they can impeach obumer befrore he causes any harm as a lame duck. They can and need to throw him out of office Arrest him for treason Try him then publicly hang him as a warning to the rest of the leftie idiots

      1. Sorry, a trial for treason wouod have to be in a regular federal court.

        A Senate conviction in an impeachment trial can result in nothing more than removal from office. At least according to the Constitution.

        Mr. O’bama, where are the Jobs?

  98. to all you Ron Paul people I say . Stick with Romney this time around and if he doesn’t change things for the better well give Paul a chance in 4 years . OK ?  But the country can not let Obama and company have an other 4 years.   the country would not survive . there will be a civil war and you can only i manage what that would be. Semper Fi.

    1. Paul is retiring after this. Probably won’t run again. The chance to get an older and wiser man into the whitehouse is now.

      1.  Yeah !! Right !! Take stock of how much $$$ Ron Paul has in his war chest and you’ll find it very lacking !! Also he blew what chance he had by stepping back and doing nothing on the campaign trail.

        1. I have several comments from Ron Paul supporters and seriously doubt that they put their money where their mouth is.  If they have financially supported him at all it is probably in the amount of less than $10.  I have put my money where my mouth is and it is not an inexpensive thing for a retired person but I have maintained a 3 digit amount of political contributions to several conservatives and I also consider Tea party to be conservative, also.

    2.  Roger that !! Ron Paul has about the same chance as a snowball in hell lasting over 5 minutes on winning the presidential race.  All the votes for him are going to do is waste space and possibly doom our country.
      Semper Fi

  99. All political candidates have a few things in common.
    1.  They have at least the following constituencies they need to support their candidacy: campaign volunteers, voting delegates, the electorate, the Electoral College delegates, and (if they win the election), their congressional peers and associates.
    2.  Each constituency has different views that usually conflict with the other constituencies.
    3.  They need boatloads of money to run a successful campaign and financial contributors have different views than the constituencies listed above.
    4.  They need to defend themselves against the attacks, character assassination, lies and inuendo of opponents, their PACs, and the hostile mainstram media.
    5.  They cannot give the opposition any ammunition to use against them by making detailed plans and promises public before it is absolutely necessary.
    Please, Ron Paul advocates, do not pout in the corner and lick any virtual wounds.  Any rational person would know that Romney is at least the lesser of two evils.  Staying home and not voting will just give our destructive President another four years to sink our economy.
    We also need a friendlier US Senate to provide a check and balance against whomever wins the election.  A super-majority would be nice to override a Presidential veto.  Ron Paul would make an excellent Secretary of the Treasury, don’t you think?  Michele Bachmann could be an excellent head of the Justice Department.  Sarah Palin could lead the wrecking crew of the Government Agencies that need to go.  I would suggest the EPA as my first choice, although it is hard to prioritize.
    Ask God for guidance and help.  Prayer works wonders.

  100. I also think that his wife and children have spoken from the heart as to what type of husband and father he is. Pictures always paint a truer picture than words and the Democrats are losing the battle on this by saying something that simply is not true.

    Let us look at the difference between Obama and Romney. Who is the person always tooting his own horn or taking credit for something that he wasn’t actually responsible for? I think the answer is quite clear on this one. Any credit for Romneys accomplishments is always given by others, never coming from his mouth and usually the personality of a successful person.
    Well, Obama can claim he wrote a few books; or did he? I personally doubt he actually wrote them and just provided information to a ghost writer.


  101. Romney should then continue to do what he does best, give charity and help those in need. 

    In regards to saving the country, I could only trust someone who is an economic genius with years of foreign policy experience — neither is Romney nor Obama for that matter.  My vote is still for Ron Paul.


    1. Give it up.  It’s either Romney/, or Obama.  Now who the heck should Americans who care about the future of America and her children vote for?

    2.  Hey Jema. I should think that you know by now Ron Paul has no chance for the WH. which means a vote for him is a vote for Obama. Don’t believe the liberal media. They never tell the truth

    3.  I’m so sick of hearing about stupid Ron Paul..  He’s a career politician and hasn’t done jack since he’s been in office except run for President. 

    4. You seem to have your facts a bit messed up, Jema. Don’t you read? If so then you know Romney is an economist and has a proven track record. Saying he’s not is like saying Ron Paul doesn’t know how to deliver a baby. I will say one thing though. When Romney is President I hope he picks Ron Paul for Secretary of the Treasury = now that he’d be good at as the first thing he’d do is shut down the dastardly Federal Reserve.

      1. And I, too, will be voting for Romney.  I had voted for Newt Gingrich in the Texas primary, but it was too late; we did not get to have a hand in the vote for Republican candidate, because the Texas latinos wouldn’t stand for our primary date of March 6, so Romney was already in by the time we had our primary.  (Thanks for nothing, latinos)   Anyway, I take my cue from Newt and wife,  to support Romney and the Republican party to keep Obama from ruining America which he has already done.

        1. We can’t be too complacent, Norma. First of all Obama could write a new Executive Order cancelling the election and I wouldn’t put it past him. Or he could call on his NBPP to start rioting  in the cities at which time he would declare Martial Law and declare the election cancelled. Even if we get through Nov 6 and Romney wins, Obama will have 72 days from then until Romney’s sworn in to wreak havoc in the country. He really is a very evil person and should not be underestimated.

    5. But Romney/Ryan are running. Paul is not. That thinking only robs Republicans of the votes needed to restore America, and helps give a slam dunk to Obama to continue destroying America. You’d think Ron Paul would tell his supporters that and thank them for their loyalty, but explain that he cannot win now, do Romnet/Ryan needs your votes to prevent another 4 years of Obama. Think what Etica will be like after another 4 years of the Chicago Mafia in the White House. Bye-bye America.

      You really want to live in a country where everything is free — except you? — Ryan

    6. George W

      Let’s not forget. Neither one of these guys have the answer alone. It’s the leadership they assemble around themselves. Barrack Obama has proven his selection and Romney has too. Mitt Romney knows how to assemble a team of winners to turn this country around and will. He has already proved it . He even did it with bi-partisan support . Now thats Leadership. Let’s stop focusing on just the Man and let’s focus on their ability to lead.
      Now the choice will become obvious.

    7.  Jema, that’s like needing to buy a car with everything  you want but the color, you prefer pink but it’s green and doesn’t come in your preferred color. Romney isn’t everything but he is an  economically a successful business professionally. There has been very few presidents and vice presidents with foreign policy experience. If your a conservative, centralist or a democratic “You” vote for the best choice that will save your country. In two years we will be judging Romney’s administration and viewing the results. WE have Obama’s results -0-. You can lose a battle but continued participation you can win the war.  The problems abroad you can judge Clinton by here blunders for not challenging Obama’s Foreign Policy. Voting is an American right guaranteed to you and the only weapon you have to change the course of your country.

  102. Why don’t these stories get on the media: TV, radio, newspapers?  Yah I know most media is in the Liberals pocket, but what about Fox News? It’s the only news channel I feel I can watch or listen to and get ‘real’ facts. Yet they too have slowly been turning liberal. I suppose it’s the “Fair & Honest” mantra they claim.At least we get both sides of the issues unlike the other news media.  Americans are getting brain washed. The RNC gave patriotism back to me.  I actually felt proud to be an American again. The Obama years have made me embarrassed to admit being one.

    1. The MSM doesn’t report on it because it’s not “news”. It happened more than a week ago so it’s irrelevant. Since Mitt had become the presumptive candidate, the father was interviewed by O’Riley and at least one other talking head on Fox. That one story alone is more than enough for my vote. 

    2. I actually wish Fox News would stop with the “fair and balanced” news. Sure, we are more educated because of that approach; however, the spin, rhetoric and lies persistently coming from the left are making me sick. I’m so tired of hearing the vile, vicious hate that comes from their mouths. I feel dirty when they are through trashing. And the way I look at it, conservatives “only” have Fox News, and liberal media have all the rest. So if one “wants” to hear the other side, watch the other media. You’ll still hear the same lies, spin, and rhetoric. I’ve heard enough trash mouth by the other side to last me a lifetime. When liberals speak on O’Reilly and Hannity, I fast forward. Just cannot stand it anymore.

    3.  Dzahn1, well there’s 500 ex-patriots returning home from the Philippines and as of now a total of 4,000 working in Asia, that will not take a chance their votes will not be late through absentee voting. The postal service is under government control and bankrupt, Obama could close the offices to delay mail. It’s time to get rid of this Anti-American wannabee dictator short for traitor. 

  103. Thanks for posting this story so all can see.  Comparisons simply can NOT be made between Gov. Romney & Obama – Gov Romney is so far above in character, integrity, understanding, compassion, charity, etc., that Obama is simply left behind in the dirt, on his face! Just think of Gov. Romney ‘working’ without pay in all the endeavors mentioned…then think of the monetary total of the Obama family’s many vacations during these past almost-four years…add the cost of the use of Air Force One, etc., and it will  be made perfectly clear which candidate is the president we NEED now!  

  104. What a contrast between Romney and Obama. Obama says he can cure the world and does nothing. Romney does not brag but his actions do change the world!!!!! Actions do speak lowder then words but the any action would be better then Obama’s inaction’s!!! 

  105. It’s knowing stories like these– and that they are fully and completely backed up– that should leave no question in anyone’s mind who should be our next president.  And we all know nothing spreads word faster than word of mouth.  Share this story with your friends, share it on FaceBook.  Let everyone you know know about the heart of Mitt Romney.  There has never been any “perfect” candidate for the Oval Office, and it’s a mistake to think there ever will be.  This man has simply done so much good, and simply because it is the right thing to do.  He will learn quickly the ropes he doesn’t know.I wouldn’t be at all surprised, either, if he also refused any pay for serving as President of the United States. 

    And, folks, let’s drop the Ron Paul thing.  No matter how much of a “better” candidate you folks think he may be, he will not win this election.  We must unite, support and vote for the conservative candidates who are ahead– and this includes Romney, not Ron Paul–  and hold each one strictly accountable for the promises they are making today.

  106. More of these stories about Governor Romney need to be published over and over again to combat all the lies the Dems are going to throw at us.  This man is just such a great role model!

  107. In 1990 Romney and his team purchased a stake in Damon Corp, a medical testing
    company, where Romney subsequently served on its board. Three years later when
    the company was bought by Corning Inc., Bain took in 3 times their investment.
    Romney reported $100,000 in capital gains when he sold his stock.

    In 1996, however Damon pled guilty to overbilling Medicare and paid $119 million
    in criminal and civil fines. When asked about this during his gubernatorial
    race in Massachusetts, Romney claimed he was a whistleblower in the scandal. US
    Attorney Donald K. Stern, however, had no recollection of such actions by
    Romney. In fact, “court records suggest that the Damon executives’ schemes continued
    throughout Bain’s ownership and prosecutors credited Corning, not Romney with
    cleaning up the situation. Bain meanwhile tripled its investment. Romney
    personally reaped $473,000,” according to the Boston Globe.

    I copied this from the book “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?”, which I highly recomend if you want the truth on Romney.

    1. why don’t you tell all the stories about obama’s scams and crooked deals and why he and his wife had to give up there rights to be lawyers,they were both permanently disbarred from practicing law,why don’t you tell the people more of those stories also

    2. Fact check clearly reveals that Romney was NEVER implicated
      in this case.  It was thoroughly reviewed
      during his run for governor of MA, don’t you think the Boston Globe would have
      bugled this story if it had merit?   


      People, I hope you are seeing through many of the responders
      on this site, and other sites… they are Obama shills. 


      More commonly known as internet trolls (some bought, some
      believers, some bored, some immature, some gamers, and some mentally ill) and
      all are cleverly attempting to manipulate you; to specifically to get you to NOT
      VOTE as well as other self-serving purposes regarding this election.  This is just another strategy of the current
      administration to help assure a win for Obama. 
      Don’t be captivated by a charming troll; or a troll with


      Another of the deceptions was revealed a few days ago the New
      York Times.  They reported that twitter
      accounts can be purchased for a penny each (some less).  And that a new program has determined that 70%
      of Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) 18.8 million twitter followers are bogus, fake, inactive,
      and/or counterfeit – bought and paid for to make you believe they are a larger
      group of followers.  Of course BHO has
      denied buying twitter followers (but someone else in the administration could
      have).  Deception, tricks, fraud, and
      cons – so what is new? 


      Remember what your grade school teacher taught you, the Ben
      Franklin quote:  “believe half of what
      you see and none of what you hear”. 


      Vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!! 


      Be prepared!  Nature
      doesn’t play favorites; it simply separates those who are unprepared from the
      rest of the ecosystem. 

      1.  Excellent post.  You’re a good watchdog, and I appreciate your efforts.  Truth will prevail in spite of the naysayers.  There is always something we can do to help… even just speaking to one coworker, neighbor, or stranger about the importance of this election.  It will be quite a celebration when Romney wins!

    3. The author of the book you recommend is a mormon-basher who calls herself a renaissance woman, a political consultant, and is  President of Angel Pictures & Publicity, and also Crisis Management, Incorporated.  The same kind of attacks were  leveled at JFK and the Catholic church in 1960.  If she is against Romney, that speaks well for him and makes me all the more determined to work for his election.  Nice try, but no cigar.

    4. Gee, I could write a book saying Obama was a Muslim, was not born in the USA, was a communist or Marxist, and me simply writing the book makes it a fact, just as this person writing the Romney book, makes all of those charges a fact?  What ya wanna bet, the author of that book is a democrat and Obama donation bundler and supporter!

  108. I hope most Evangelicals and highly biblical-based Christians will realize that what’s worse for this country and our freedom is not Mormonism but the nihilism of the Liberal/Progressive movement which is trying to dismantle the country brick by brick. It is quite evident the Romney family–no matter their religious affiliation–are decent, moral Americans who have proven themselves over and over again to this country. Mitt has a visible record of achievement. Enough said.

    1.  Agree, and also realize if it had not been for Huckabee back in 2008 Mitt may have been the nominee then.   4 yrs of wasted false recovery. 

  109. putting religion aside, Mitt Romney is a man of character and that is exactly what progressives despise…  moral integrity is the antithesis of progressivism….

    1. We don’t ever have to apologize for his religion.  While Oblamer was snorting coke in his youth, Romney was working as a missionary.  Yes, he has lots of moral integrity.  What a pleasant change!

  110. The left can demonize wealth all it wants. Wealth comes in multiple ways: Mitt obviously took the blessings of his background, and increased it exponentially. Therein lies a stark difference between Mitt vs. Barry. Romney has the education to ‘take a little, and create infinite possibilities.’                                                                                                                                                                Obama’s method of governing?                                                                                                                        ‘cradle to grave’ food stamps, health care for all, and, to hell with all of them wealthy persons with whose money my government can throw around. debt? So what. I’ll be safely out of office by the time the international community barges in and demands repayment.  Who will I blame? George W.’                                                                                                                                                    MR. HOPE & CHANGE IS PUTTERING ON THE INTERNATIONAL RACE TRACK                 

    1. It amazes me that in the eyes of liberals and the lamstream media that a person who has been successful in life and business are considered evil, yet the one that steals $716 million from Medicare is practically the coming of the Mesiah.  Can someone mix up an anticdote to the liberal kool-aid?  The really sad part is that these folks don’t realize that ultimately, they will be served Jim Jones flavored kool-aid when Obama doesn’t need them anymore.

    1. But Obama has a nice smile.  As did Ted Bundy.  He was a serial killer.  Wait, if you ask the mexican government about Fast and Furious, so is Obama.

    1. Not as many as will be told in the next few months.  The Romney campaign has to spread the word, regardless of how uncomfortable Mr. Romney may be.  It’s not in his nature to boast about his actions to help others, so others need to speak on his behalf.  We need to accept the fact that true mindless liberals won’t be effected by anything positive towards Romney, but there are enough conservatives and so called moderates that they will recognize the difference between these two candidates and vote accordingly.  The critical thing is to get the word out that this is an election that Obama must lose.

  111. Good people…Its funny you salivate over a story of such. Searching for one good reason to support Romney on his own Merritt other than your hate for Obama. One reason to believe he’s gonna be better. He’s not. 5 times he denied an opportunity to serve your country, an entire nation of people he could have helped. Come on. For every one good deed you fine there’s 2
    negetives. I actually read someone wrote forget about the man, we need to remove Obama. Really? How about ” Free Barrabas”

    1. To Moron7046.   Why would Oblamer want to “fundamentally transform” the greatest nation in the history of the world?  Anyone who doesn’t know the answer should see the movie “2016,” or read Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “The Rage of Obama..”  He’s out to destroy the country, implement policies to mainain high unemployment to create dependancy, cut the military to dangerous levels, reduce our missile shield to zero, and spend us into oblivion.  He is out to whittle us down to size because it is a dream from his father who hated colonialism.  The man is dangerous and must be defeated.  We can’t survive another term of Obama.  Romney, on the other hand, has worked for a living and knows and understands business.  What were Obama’s qualifications?  A lawyer who worked for Acorn.  Two years out of the state legislature you become president?   He was not vetted by the press because they knew he had no chance if we actually knew something about his past.  There’s no need to vote for him again just to prove you’re not a racist!  By the way, Romney’s Merritt (that’s actually spelled “merit” but I thought you might not understand) is he’s a problem solver, not an Oblamer.

      1. I’ve learned that it’s not worthwhile to argue with a liberal.  They are blinded to facts because every position is based on emotional feelings instead of their God given brain. 

    2. You’re right about one thing!  We do absolutely and completely hate Obama!!!  And for good reason!  He’s a low life scum bag POS commie son of a dog, wrecking America beyond compare, and repair, for the benefit of his Muslim buddies!

    3. Worry about free food later Loron, right now the adults are talking. I was wondering, if someone in your family, say your son, did something exceptional, something to be proud of. Would you brag about him, you know, talk to the neighbor, tell your friends, that sort of thing ? Well I would. And if later in life he was as close to being president as Mr. Romney is, I am sure you would make sure the story came out again, much as I  would,  and that as many people read it as possable. I am proud of what he did in New York that helped save that child. I am glad everyone knows. I think it shows that he is an exceptional human being.  As for us and how we salivate over a story of such, well, I think that that, is because the present administration has never given us anything to be happy about, and reading about the moral character of our future president, just REALLY makes our day.

    4. Lorona,  Obama s full of himself , A LYING NARSICISST, followed by the dems.  Where are you getting he denied the opportunity to serve OUR  country, Missy it may not be your country hence the statement you wrote “YOUR” country.  Look at Clinton. He had the same opportunity where do you think the name draft dodger came from in politics

        1. You don’t like reading the truth about Ron Paul, huh? Are you a neo lib, too? You Paulbots are the ones who are crybaby’s and that’s why we call you the “Pitiful Paultards”. Isn’t that a catchy phrase? Pity, pity, pity!!!

        2. Pity, pity, pity Washington76. If you loved freedom so much then you would be voting for Mitt Romney. Because if Romney gets beat by Obama you will lose more freedoms. Romney is our only hope. But it seems to me that you Paulbots are more than willing to reelect Obama. If you people have any brains then you need to start using them quickly!! We’re almost out of time.

  112. Mitt Romney is a great man, husband, father, grandfather and I’ll bet he was a great son.  He is of great moral character and he will be a great president.  Of this I have no doubt.  I wish he would get toughter on barry hussein.  There is no comparison of these two men.  One is truthful and will never beat his own drum and a leader and the other is full of hisself, a liar and a fraud and has not a clue on how to lead.  There is no choice it has to be Mitt Romney for president.  He is the man for the job and the man to turn this country back to greatness once again.

    1. There are lots and lots of good honest people. People with integrity and leadership. Even people without such things as draft dodging and tax evading, once a registered Democrat, hell he even architected Obamacare you hate so much. But hey he’ll do great you think. Mean time you wait As I do for some sort of plan to tell you how he’s gonna do that. Maybe its ok for you to wait till he’s elected before he decides to come up with a plan. Really?

      1. Spoken like a true brain washed democrat.  Obama has never identified himself…..Bush we knew his father, his grandfather, his wife, the schools he’s been, his selective service card, the records werent sealed away hiden, there werent passports with different names on them, they werent stamped with places like Yeman,and Pakistan.  Bush never claimed he was a Christian and then said America is a muslim nation, why.  There is NO TRUTH in obama whatsoever. He was a lie from day one….as a senator he quickly learned all he has to do is vote “present” and get paid.  Bush worked jobs, obamna cant even come up with a pay slip, maybe he should hire the same dunce who made up his fake birth certicicate.   We know obama, hes a coward, a liar, is not an American, he cohorts and befriends with Ayers a known communist,  and others of the same suit, he uses the peoples money for his 130 games of golf, the vacations costing millions, the religious preferance is hearing  wright who goddamns America, but wont get the hell out, more cowardice.  obama says he will take care of thge people but in truth his signature obamacare has death panels just like Gov. Palin read in the document and spoke to Americans about, the democrats STILL HAVENT PROVIDED A BUDGET IN OVER THREE YEARS, obama endorses the open credit card which of course our AAA rating was lost.  democrats you’re one have no clue to what the truth is, reid made up that Romney didnt pay taxes, he did, another democrat lie.  biden gave $300.00 to charity.  While Romney didnt take any money for being g0vernor, Olympic chairman, and anywhere the pay came from the people.    The contrast is obama spends anything he can, his $71.00 steaks to his kids being labled as staff to get on the taxpayers paid list. 
        lorona 7046, you can read all this and dismiss it readily but wont do any checking, its too much truth for you, and you dont like hearing the truth, rather you will live in a dim lighted passagaway provided by the communist/socialist/marxist/liberal democrats so you can get to the utopia of complete government control.  Theres stupidity at its grandest. 

      2. Spoken like a true brain washed democrat.  Obama has never identified himself…..Bush we knew his father, his grandfather, his wife, the schools he’s been, his selective service card, the records werent sealed away hiden, there werent passports with different names on them, they werent stamped with places like Yeman,and Pakistan.  Bush never claimed he was a Christian and then said America is a muslim nation, why.  There is NO TRUTH in obama whatsoever. He was a lie from day one….as a senator he quickly learned all he has to do is vote “present” and get paid.  Bush worked jobs, obamna cant even come up with a pay slip, maybe he should hire the same dunce who made up his fake birth certicicate.   We know obama, hes a coward, a liar, is not an American, he cohorts and befriends with Ayers a known communist,  and others of the same suit, he uses the peoples money for his 130 games of golf, the vacations costing millions, the religious preferance is hearing  wright who goddamns America, but wont get the hell out, more cowardice.  obama says he will take care of thge people but in truth his signature obamacare has death panels just like Gov. Palin read in the document and spoke to Americans about, the democrats STILL HAVENT PROVIDED A BUDGET IN OVER THREE YEARS, obama endorses the open credit card which of course our AAA rating was lost.  democrats you’re one have no clue to what the truth is, reid made up that Romney didnt pay taxes, he did, another democrat lie.  biden gave $300.00 to charity.  While Romney didnt take any money for being g0vernor, Olympic chairman, and anywhere the pay came from the people.    The contrast is obama spends anything he can, his $71.00 steaks to his kids being labled as staff to get on the taxpayers paid list. 
        lorona 7046, you can read all this and dismiss it readily but wont do any checking, its too much truth for you, and you dont like hearing the truth, rather you will live in a dim lighted passagaway provided by the communist/socialist/marxist/liberal democrats so you can get to the utopia of complete government control.  Theres stupidity at its grandest. 

        1. Its all about whom you are raised by and influenced by. Palin and Obama are related from same great great grandparents. Pres Obama born in Topeka, ks and he needs to get his real records and ask for justice for three who died on the Kansas river bank which resulted in my Dad arranging the marriage to Obama Sr an who wanted to stay in USA and ANN needed a husband t give baby his name as the alleged father was murdered in a racial attack according to an overheard conversation of my parents, Durham was a stolen id as a teenager by Daniel Wayne Pope so he could goo to war when to young,which made it more difficult for Kansas authorities to find some of her dad;s relatives until the real Stanley Dunham told them and contacted my parents her great uncle and aunt after Fred Phelps of westboro baptist had kicked her out when she finished Jr HS and she had to get a job and support herself at 15 and her dad;s family had no idea this had happened as he mother left her with her relatives and pretty much had charge.  in Topeka. Mom, present at birth.Read my face eyewitness account starting 7/26/12 account an din daily recaps in more detail.”AND the whole world was fooled” Linda Joy Adams

      3. Apparently, Lorona you didn’t watch the GOP convention. They will put people to work on the pipeline from Canada to begin with.  The one that Obama won’t do because of those damn environmentalist who are donating to his constant campain fund raising .. Missy.  You will see immediately after Romney wins and he will, the hiring from the companies that are concerned about their  taxes increasing and Obamacare. Watch the documentary 2016.  That will open your eyes into the direction he’s got planned for the USA

        1.  My friend from church and I saw 2016 last Monday.  When we left the theater we were approached by a woman in the lobby who asked if we could help campaign for Romney.  This was before he was nominated.  Unfortunately we both live too far away from her town to help.  The movie scared us to death.  And I understand there’s another one to be released next month.  Not sure of the name – – Hope and Change? 

          Doubters – see 2016.  You will no longer be doubters.

      4. right now any plan from anyone else would give us time.  We need time to get ready for the oppressive world government that Obama is rushing us into.  It’s going to come, there s not stopping it now, but to have a little more time would help a lot ofpeople get ready that aren’t ready.   Cashless society; can’t buy or sell without their number;  complete control; liquidate any dissent;   NO freedom.
        The model is the same every time… incrementally seizing full power.

    2. I only want to caution you about our sitting fraud in cheif.  He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. Don’t be fooled in to thinking he’s inept like Jimmy Carter.  His plan is playing out exactly as planned, and the second wave of his agenda is being held back for his hoped for second term so that he will no longer have the electorate to get in his way.  We can’t allow that to happen, or we will know what the dark ages were all about.

    3. I only want to caution you about our sitting fraud in cheif.  He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. Don’t be fooled in to thinking he’s inept like Jimmy Carter.  His plan is playing out exactly as planned, and the second wave of his agenda is being held back for his hoped for second term so that he will no longer have the electorate to get in his way.  We can’t allow that to happen, or we will know what the dark ages were all about.

      1. I respectfully disagree with you about Obama.  I don’t believe Obama ever had a plan in his life.  I think he is dancing to the piper’s call and has been for most of his life.  Obama is worse than inept.  Obama is not a smart man.  I would bet the farm that his IQ is below 100.

        1.  Unfortunately I must disagree with you.  Obama is a very intelligent man.  Look where he is now.  He knows exactly what he’s doing.  We must be diligent and beware of this man.  We can’t turn our backs on him and think he’s ignorant.  No way.

        2. You make a very valid point as to his intellect.  Maybe I would be more accurate if I had said that he is implementing “the plan”, whether that was a plan he actually laid out or is a product of the associations he freely had over his formative years.  In any case, he is the one doing the implementing, so I still put the blame on him.  In retrospect, knowing how he stumbles when the teleprompter breaks, gives credence to your thinking that he’s not a smart man.  Keep the thoughts coming.  There are many that need to hear the truth. 

    4.  he does know where he was born . Does Pres Obama know he was born in Topeka, Ks. eyt?  Mormons understand respect  for their ancestors,even having salvation after death ceremonies.  its part of who one i to understand who they are and overcome any  human weaknesses in the family tree, Linda Joy Adams

  113. As I read more and More About Mitt Romney, the more I really like him. I sincerely believe he will turn this country around. I also sincrely believe the Progressive Democrats will fight him for every inch he gains. They will lie about him, try their best to disgrace him,with any means they can. But will they win? Who knows. The are the false prophets of our time.

      1. It s sad isn’t it that evil wins so easily.  I think first you have to take over Hollywood hell and the News media and those who pay them to get any sanity

      2. In the end, evil will not win. Even now, they only can do their evil as the Lord allows for his plan to work. Read the first part of Job. See what the Lord allowed the devil to do to him.

        We Americans, and I say this as a general statement, have allowed evil to get elected, have allowed the Unied States to fall away from the Lord, by keeping silent. Have put aside the Christain Principles this nation was founded on.

  114. On one hand you have CHARACTER/CONVICTION/INTEGRITY!!  And on the other hand you have (in lower case – the lowest of the case) “ovomit”.

  115. One thing I think is apparant the liberals don’t know the first thing about running a fair election their campaign is based strictly on lies and deception an article by Mr. Cain in Facebook bears this out during the last election the Dems fed the lies to their propoganda machine at CNN both the Republicans and Democrats bought into the lies as well as the voters, and GW was cast as a political pariah by everyone because of the CNN propoganda.

  116.  I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he was the only one on the ballot!  He has killed our country. We don’t even know who he really is. He and his wife make me sick to my stomach. I won’t be able to watch the DNC because they are so wicked. Everything they say about someone else is about them. They are false accusers, deceivers and liars. Everyone they have as speakers are all clowns.  

  117. It’s funny I remember this story on the news. I didn’t remember it was Romney who did it. At the time I remember thinking, MY GOD, what a person, I hadn’t thought there was anyone left like him!

    Some of the old news clips of this would be the best campaign ad in American history! Talk about character! Romney has more character in his little toe than there is in 1000 Obamas.

  118. Romney seems to have the ability to turn this nation around. He has the business experience at the high level required.  I hope he has the integrity and courage to do it. The question is, will he do the job?
    I fear for his life. If he bucks the system, the elites will kill him. Or if they don’t kill him they will suggest that accidents could happen to his family.
    I’ve heard it said the Ronald Reagan did some changing after his first 100 days. The theory is that someone had a chat with him; if you know what I mean? (conspiracy theory???)
    It’s my belief that the present administration has made some people “an offer they can’t refuse”. Certainly the Panthers, and some Chicago political types, aren’t adversed to such tactics.

    1. There are some people that can’t be intimated.  The president and his family have secret service protection.  While presidents can be killed it is not a common event and I have never heard of a presidents family being assinated.  Sometimes we tend to let our imaginations run away from us.

    1.  I agree…why isnt this story out where people can read and hear about this?? He may not care for the accolades but we need him in office…not obummer. Spread it around…i jsut sent it to all in my email list!!

  119. Romney has proven to be a respectable man.  He wasn’t my first choice, but I am committed to doing everything I can to see this businessman in the White House. I agree with Eastwood that we’re done with attorneys! We need LEADERS!!!!

  120. I’ve long thought Romney was a good man (even though I backed Gingrich at first in the primary) even though he made some rather rough ads … but this confirms it.  It could well be part of the Mormon Way – let’s hope so.  He is the one who can turn this country around.  It seems Obama’s job was to help make things so bad that Democrats would be discredited in the eyes of the public … if so, mission accomplished, particularly if enough of us wake up and take the country back from the forces of evil.

      1. THAT My Friend is EXACTLY why Paul Ryan is the VP ,so He can be the Real Guiding PATRIOT and keep Mitt Out of Trouble. and strengthen Mitts Backbone.!!!!

      2. I am highly suspicious of people who use the term bankster.  They tend to be people that let others do their thinking for them, like democrats who all use the same terms as provided by the DNC. 

      3. THAT My Friend is EXACTLY why Paul Ryan is the VP ,so He can be the Real Guiding PATRIOT and keep Mitt Out of Trouble. and strengthen Mitts Backbone.!!!!

    1. What is your point ?  Regardless if they were AT work working or in NY, on a voluntary mission, the person in charge knew that they would still have lives and expenses that dont just go away, so, they kept them on the payroll, so what !

      1. SO JOHN: Do YOU have a Friend or a employer that would do that for You,Would Obama do that for You if He was Your Friend,?????? THINK ABOUT THAT.   or maybe no one would give a damn ,oh well so what.

      2. WHAT!!?  WHAT you said ‘goes without saying’.  WHAT Romney DID wouldn’t’ve.  You’d’a grumbled had you been an employee ..thinking yo boss a jackas.  Be truthful.  Got you pegged, don’t I?

      3. SO JOHN: Do YOU have a Friend or a employer that would do that for You,Would Obama do that for You if He was Your Friend,?????? THINK ABOUT THAT.   or maybe no one would give a damn ,oh well so what.

  121. God has watched and seen us grow fat and lazy and selfish from His blessings, I think he allowed the worst of us to elect the Fool and Demon we deserved as “leader” of this country, as a country. If God allows us to elect a good man, we need to fight to bring back God into our lives and the social fabric of our country. If Obama wins, we know we are under condemnation by God as apostate, if Romney wins, we know God has poured out yet more grace for a bit longer and we had better make strides to re-establish this as a Christian nation that tolerates the presence of… but does not bow down to the deluded demands of the godless or worshippers of false gods, as mercy to allow them time to find the truth here, but not to pollute the truth.

    1. Yes, very good.  But the Christians will have to forget their so called churches and get back to real faith and act on their faith .  The churches are like nurseries taking care of and keeping everyone as babies… well most churches, not all.  
      also the enemy is much stronger than you know. they do not allow nor tolerate different opinions or enemies. They will kill their enemies when in full power and when it looks like they may lose power.  Prepare for an Obama surprise in October or in January if he loses.

  122. If this was an Obama story, he would have thought that putting up multiple pictures of himself around the city would have been enough.

  123. Very good story. Thanks for letting us know.  I hope if he wins, he can stand up against the real power thugs behind the scenes

  124. Thank you for this story.  It has been out there for several years, but there has been so much in-fighting that few people wanted to pay attention.  This is a man of character.  This country needs a man of character.

  125. I wish this was brought out earlier in the campaign because lots of hard earn money was wasted in the primary.  We could have spent the money on his campaign and would have more heads up
    on the Obama campaign.  


    1. Obama needs to be fired.if not guess who obama will pick for your next supreme court judge?Does the name Eric Holder ring a bell? Four judges will be retireing next year.


  128. On a personal level, Mitt Romney is a successful businessman who has devoted substantial resources to charity and government service.  Very admirable.  But it doesn’t mean he would make a good president or be good for the US economy.

    Herbert Hoover had a similar, but even more impressive personal biography. 

    1. Isn’t this a matter of each individual citizen entering a voting booth and making an informed, reasoned choice between two candidates on November 6th? If so, then isn’t this a matter of comparing the background, careers, and accomplishments of the respective men who are running for the office?

      It is, of course, up to you, but for me and my family, we will vote for Mr. Romney. We have made this decision (and both me and my wife come from fiercely Democratic households) based on our observations of the Governor’s track record.

      As a Governor, he worked with the opposition and built consensus in a state that has a great deal more Democrats than Republicans. He appointed many women to positions of responsibility, and listened to them. 

      While some may say “Romney worked closely with Ted Kennedy” and count that as a negative, we do not. As a matter of fact, his willingness to converse and compromise is both healthy and a refreshing change from the partisan battles under which we currently labor. 

      His track record with the Olympics is a matter of public record. The bottom line is that we have done our research and are comfortable with what we have learned.

      Likewise, we have watched President Obama with no small hope that he would succeed, that he would chart a course that gave us comfort. We have seen what he has been able to accomplish during his term in the White House, and do not find his record to particularly impressive. 

      At the end of the day, while it may be true that Governor Romney’s performance as President is yet to be known, he shows every sign of being the more competent of the two candidates. 

      We are ready for a change —  

    2. Yeah, and Hoover got the mess left by Woodrow Wilson, the first Socialist in the Democrat Party.  Romney will have to face the same situation left from this Democrat.  My firm belief and hope that when Romney wins the WH, and Republicans win the Senate and House, Harry Reid will suddenly retire, and take Pelosi with him, because they both know it’ll be a long time before the Dems are in power again!

    3. Well, sir, it’s apparent that the current occupant of the White House hasn’t been good for the economy.  Let’s give someone else an opportunity!  

    4. Does your comment mean that you think Obama has done a good job as President and is not responsible for the condition of our economy or the fact that inflation is rising more every day?  Are you also ok with all the laws he has broken and the fact that he is not even eligible to be President for three different reasons, without any politician doing anything about it because they are afraid of him?  Obama belongs in prison, not in the White House.  Romney is not my favorite, but I have a much higher regard for him now that he has chosen Paul Ryan for VP. I was afraid the Republican base (who are mostly RINOs) would pull the same stunt as Obama’s supporters and choose Marco Rubio or Jindal, both of whom are also not eligible because they are not natural-born citizens of America, which our Constitution requires.



  131. In answer to karl fromchicago: No it doesn’t mean Romney will be a good president,but he would be a lot better than the clown that is now in the office. Our deficit is going to reach $16 Trillion before the end of the month,unemployment is at 8.3%,23 million out of work,47 million on food stamps. I believe Romney would do a much better job that what Obummer has done.

      1. Frankly, I would be thrilled for a President to do LESS.  Read what Thos Jefferson said about passing bills— he wanted a minimum of one year for passing bills and enacting new laws.  Yes,…. let’s have LESS legislation.  Get the gov’t off of us; leave us alone and give us  FREEDOM TO LIVE.

  132. MY FELLOW AMERICANS: THIS site is having issues and posts will take time to be posted Yet, The comment that I just put up on Conspiracy and threats needs to be moderated ,IMAGINE THAT     Plenty of time to moderate no time to post, Hmmmm

  133. VERSTEHEN hit the nail on the head ,It’s a shame the Moderators here wouldn’t post My reply to Him. THE TRUTH MUST REALLY HURT EVEN HERE.

  134. what’s that line Obama said in that one video/commercial of his?   something about, a person isn’t transparent because he has something to hide?   well, you know what they say in psychology – projection.

  135. Romney’s  altruism is unquestionable, but then so is his Socialism. We do not need the “Boy” who can’t say “No”.

  136. Karl is from Chicago.  I’m from Chicago.  Chicago benefits from the Obama gravy train at the expense of the taxpayer.
    Look at the state of Illinois.  2 out of the last 2 governors in prison.
    The state is bankrupt.  Politicians & union thugs are taking home a ton of money-our money.
    How many houses has Tony Rezko supplied politicians including Obama?
    Pay to play.It doesn’t matter what happens to the country, chump.Obama is qualified-to screw you.Romney’s probably not qualified?Remember-  If you voted for Obama to prove you weren’t a racist, now you have the opportunity to vote for a Mormon to prove you’re not STUPID.

      1. I wish o were just a moron.  Don’t fool yourself: he isn’t.  O is accomplishing what he set our to do:  Dismantle America.  See the movie “2016.”

    1. I never voted for Obama to prove I wasn’t racist and I’m not voting for Romney or Obama because I’m not foolish enough to believe either one will be good for the country. If the GOP establishment was concerned about what is best for the country they would not have chosen Mit Romney to be their candidate and if you voted for Romney, you don’t care either. If Romney is elected and nothing changes for the better, then we will know who’s stupid. As far as I’m concerned anyone who votes for Obama or Romney doesn’t really care what happens to the country and has no respect for the Constitution. In my oppinion, if you vote for Obama or Romney, you are a traitor to this country and the Constitution. 

  137. For most of us, we may NOT like the choice we have come for this Election, but we also must make a decision of what is best for OUR COUNTRY and it’s PEOPLE…..  Whom we may NOT like, has nothing to do with what may be Best for us…..  As it is, the choice is either to stay with Obama or to go with Romney and NO other will be that will succeed in winning the Election…. A Lot of you may be for Ron Paul, but there is NO CHANCE for him to Win, so Voting for him is like voting for Obama to Win…..where is the Logic in this ????  Forget the Idea of Voting for Ron Paul, he cannot Win and he does NOT have the Support needed to succeed…..  Even if you DO NOT like Romney, he is a much better choice than to staying with Obama and it being a certainty for OUR COUNTRY to diminish and become some Socialistic Marxist Society that is sure to happen with Obama… you will give up all of your Freedoms as you know it to be……  I see and hear a lot of supporters for Ron Paul, but there just is NOT enough of you to succeed, so my suggestion to you is this, If you DO NOT want Obama for another 4 Years, you had better give your support to Romney and Vote for him and NOT Ron Paul……

    1. If Obama is reelected it will be because the GOP establishment chose the wrong candidate in Mitt Romney, and if you voted for Romney you have nobody to blame but yourself. It’s not a matter of whether I like Romney or not. It’s a matter of who is the best for the country and neither Obama nor Romney are good for the country. personally, I don’t see any difference between Obama and Tomney, so why would anyone in their right mind vote for either of them. Anyone who votes for Obama or Romney is a traitor to this country and the Constitution.

      1. When is the last time a Republican socialized healthcare? I know most people are too simple minded or scared to understand the fiscal hole this PO S has created & its consequences but we are in serious trouble. Barack Obama has spent us into a $5 TRILLION deficit & a $16 TRILLION debt, if you taxed every person making over $1 million at 100% it would not even come close to paying off these amounts. 49% of Americans are receiving some form of WELFARE, when has THAT ever happened under a Republican?

        GROW UP, QUIT POUTING like a child, QUIT making uninformed, blanket statements, hold your nose & vote for the lesser evil.

  138. Whoever vote for OBAMA are the ones that didn’t get the HOPE and CHANGE…OBAMA got everything of HOPE AND CHANGE for himself….not you idiot voters…WAKE UP!!!HE IS LAUGHING AT YOU TO THE BANK……Romney do not need the money….he’s got money….OBAMA needs money whatever he can get…promises for middle class…I am one of the middle class and I do not have a job…

  139. There will always be people who will follow someone blindly ,because of promises that truly can’t be fulfilled.  No matter who we put in Office some people won’t be pleased. So  we go for the Majority and what will work for our country. There are people who will want something for nothing——our country was not founded for free hand outs–we work for we get and pay for them——True our government through-out the years and the congress and the house of representatives and the Senate–have made some really bad decisions—but each time we vote we need to oust the ones who did not make decisions that are best for our country.
         Obama is not the man for our country—–neither is his the persons in office who back him up———They are in Office solely because they need a JOB too.  We need to oust them too.
         Our Flag— our Nation–Constitution–Are our basic foundation——-We were once great nation and we can get there again——We need someone to lead us back to where we were And become strong ———– Then we can help others to follow.

    1. and I say we  need to stop turning our back on God.  He was the one that inspired our constitution,  our basic foundation,  helped us become that once great nation we are losing.   He, only, can lead us back to the America we remember… back when there were laws to protect our freedoms, our God-given rights, peace as only law abiding-country-loving people can experience.   Where has our respect for this land of America gone?   

  140. I can;t help thinking had he put just a smidgen of this kind of effort reaching out to The Honorable Congressman Paul, would have showed a lot more class and intelligence 
    Because the picture I now have of him is one of totalitarianism, and tyranny, however since this is the first good real thing i HAVE heard about him I will, share this, when somebody does something this good the honorable thing is to at least acknowledge him for doing  good, the same acknowledgement that statesmanship good manners and class dictate we should do.

    1.  Your dishonorable Dr. Paul is an anti-semite. Go to and read the entire page. You will see how dishonorable he really is.

    2. If you have just now learned that Mitt is one of the good guys, your eyes must have been closed and your ears stuffed full of obama (feces).

      Have you ever heard of Fox News?  If you should have occasion to watch them, you will be exposed to something other than hate for the conservatives.

      Good Morning, Brian.

  141. When Hitler and Moseline, and Castro, and all the Saddum assin–how ever you spell it but you know who I mean——-they had followers too-they killed people in massive ways especially the one’s who disagreed——— We don’t need a Dictator-we need someone to lead and be willing to get the country behind him so we can grow and prosper again–Let this next president Mitt Romney–Oust these bad people out of office “run this Country” We need someone who will denounce the people who are in Congress and the House, And the senate who are lining their pockets with our money ___”OUT”

  142. I feel sorry for our next President Cause we have NOW more serious problems to contend with——–Lets hope its not to late———–to dig ourselves out of this hole!!!!!!!!

  143. Obama has buried us deep, make no mistake about that, but this country will rebound under Mitt Romney’s reign that’s for sure. We need more Jobs  and Romney knows how to generate them. It’s not only the leader that must go Pelosi, Reid  and others must also kicked out of Washington, come their re-elections! We need a strong voice and We need it now, Congress has not passed a budget and this must be done soon, Illegals are running wild thanks to the Commander In Chief who doesn’t care if he can get a llegal alien to vote for him.

  144. Thank you for reporting the Truth about a man with exceptional character and LEADERSHIP SKILLS: The next President of the United States, Mitt Romney!. 

  145. Has Anyone stood up for Obozo’s good qualities? No One. No one said he helped them over come problems nor helped anyone. The dems are going to through everything but the sink at Romney because they don’t have anything good to their credit!. Why are people so dumb to think this fool is good for anything? Ijust don’t get it.

  146. The only thing B.O. has ever done for another person, is to steal from those who work, then give it to the freeloader that does not. B.O.  sick mindset is going to ruin our country. Vote this evil man out of office before it is to late, (sad part is, it may already be to late) Vote for the guy with an actual American birth certificate. not the poser. 

    1. Pres Obama has a real birth records in Topeka, Ks and needs to go get it and tell the real bio And ask for justice form AG Holder for three dead of a racial hate crime under civil rights act. he may not have ever been told, and his grandmother stopped me form saying anything in 1/71 and i had no idea he didn’t know until after he was elected and Hawaii was put out there and then all the rest. Oi son strted out to  do a genealogy in early -08 and no one was talking and my own extended family should have and McCain and other realative Palin would in the white house and running for reelection, now. And Ron Paul sitting over in Bernanke’s job already overhauling our monetary  it to stop the  stealing of our tax dollars. Linda Joy Adams.

  147. It does not matter if Democrats have any facts, it does not matter when they LIE through their teeth and viciously attack ANYONE who dares disagree with them because they know the media has their back, along with the entire public school system, colleges, Hollywood, the art & music communities & our judiciary. 

    Unless you are on conservative email lists & watch a LOT of Fox News you will NEVER hear stories like this. Nor will you here about the unbelievable CORRUPTION & numerous SCANDALS of the Obama administration.

    1. Sure. The democrats are the only politicians who lie and endorse corruption. How about Reagan’s administration? Possibly the most corrupt administration since Grant. You want to talk about blatant lies? Go to your precious Fox news and read about the multiple distortions of the truth and outright lies made by your golden boy Paul Ryan during his VP acceptance speech. Even a Fox news reporter made a list of the lies he told that night. Your ignorance is terrifying and I can only hope you’re an internet troll.