My Theory of What Could Have Happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

It’s just a theory. I could be completely wrong. Conspiracy theories are certainly going to abound until we know for sure what happened to the missing Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. The first time I heard an expert address the subject over the weekend, I was immediately struck with the recent history of the plane and the pilots. The First Officer was new to the plane. He had been trained in a simulator in preparation for the 777, a very common and required practice. His name is Fariq Abdul Hamid. In all likelihood, he’s a Muslim.

This shouldn’t surprise us since Islam is the largest practiced religion in Malaysia, “comprising approximately 65% Muslim adherents, or around 19.5 million people, as of 2013. Article 3 of the Constitution of Malaysia establishes Islam as the ‘religion of the Federation.'”

I don’t know if either the Captain or the First Officer had anything to do with the disappearance of the plane, but it’s something to consider given what we know of some past history.

You may recall what happened in 1999 to EgyptAir Flight 990. The National Transformation Board (NTSB) “proposed handing the investigation over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as the evidence they had gathered suggested a criminal act had taken place and that the crash was intentional rather than accidental.” Information from the plane’s voice recorder led to this determination:

“The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) recorded the Captain excusing himself to go to the lavatory, followed thirty seconds later by the First Officer saying in Egyptian Arabic Tawkalt ala Allah, which translates to ‘I rely on God.’ A minute later, the autopilot was disengaged, immediately followed by the First Officer again saying, ‘I rely on God.’ Three seconds later, the throttles for both engines were reduced to idle, and both elevators were moved three degrees nose down. The First Officer repeated ‘I rely on God’ seven more times before the Captain suddenly asked repeatedly, What’s happening, what’s happening?”

I could be completely off base, but it’s something to consider. One of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 pilots could have taken one for Allah and the peaceful religion of Islam. And if the motivation was based on some sick Islamic duty, don’t be surprised if it’s covered up. The Egyptians did not accept the determination of the cause of the crash by the NTSB. The Obama administration might also participate in a coverup if Islam is the cause.

“Details concerning the sudden, Saturday disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 continue to trickle in. Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, the head of Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authority, said the missing Boeing 777 carrying 227 passengers an “unprecedented mystery.”

“In short: We have no idea where the plane is, where the passengers are, or if they’re even alive.

“Here’s what we do know: The flight disappeared on Friday night/Saturday morning en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The plane was at cruising altitude (35,000 feet) and weather was more or less clear. Air traffic controllers in Vietnam say contact with the crew disappeared about 120 nautical miles east of the Malaysian town of Kota Bharu, and radar signals suggest the plane may have turned around before losing contact.

“And yet, nearly three whole days later, there are still no signs of the jet or its passengers. And an oil slick spotted in the South China sea originally thought to be a clue turned out to be a false lead.”

Read more: Fast Company

49 thoughts on “My Theory of What Could Have Happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

  1. As a professional (retired) pilot, I agree with the Democraps theory. A spokesmen for the Obama administration stated that, “This is an isolated case of a few disgruntled illegal aliens. We have made every effort to welcome the aliens into our society providing them with every advantage our government has to offer. Apparently a few aliens are unhappy with the US and foreign stance on illegal alien citizenship and taken matters into their own hands.”

    Similar aircraft and boat disappearances have been reported in and around Bermuda, with the most famous disappearance of Navy flight 19 on December 5, 1945. It has been theorized by such authorities as the Discover Channel and Bill Nye “The Science Guy”, that “illegal” aliens abducted the planes and pilots for research.

    “We need to make sure US citizens are safe from this sort of activity.” said Jey Johnson, the new black Secretary of Homeland Insecurity. “I assure you, this has nothing to do with skin color: black, white, brown or green. We plan to circle the wagons and get to the bottom of these and other issues. We need to insure our future welfare, employment, and safety. We can then focus our time, money and efforts to address security issues that pertain to the public’s safety.”

    1. As a Disc Golf player, I know all about flying saucers and this is the best explanation yet as to what happened to flight 370.
      Well done!

        1. I always keep a stage ticket handy just in case they want to run me out of town.

          I have to laugh at how many people can get sucked in by stuff like this. I’ve had comments from one of the major TV stations in Seattle telling me I’m smoking too much dope and I’m drinking from the bong pipe. Time to bait the hook again.

          I think I’ll keep my day job.

  2. Another possibility- the plane has been hi-jacked, landed safely (somewhere) and is now in the hands of jihadists to use as a secret weapon. How’s that for a conspiracy theory?

  3. Unless you’ve been asleep for the past several days, you know that a
    Boeing 770 belonging to Malaysia airlines mysteriously disappeared on a
    flight from Kuala Lampur to Beijing. It disappeared off radar without
    warning and hasn’t been heard from or seen since.

    So far (as of Monday at noon, EDT), there has been no trace of the missing aircraft.

    One thing you have to realize is that the “black box” (it’s actually
    orange) has not been detected anywhere in the search area where the
    aircraft disappeared. Now these

    instruments, which digitally record the prior 5 minutes of cockpit and air surface information, will transmit a sonar and radio
    signal for 30 days after a catastrophe. A search of the area where the
    plane went black has not revealed any such signals or any debris.

    It’s being reported by the CBC that at least two and possibly five
    people were traveling on stolen passports. That’s no biggy 9in that part
    of the world, but it does give you pause to think. If I were to hijack
    an aircraft:

    1: I would be a qualified pilot intimately familkiar with the type of aircraft I wanted.

    2: Gain entry to the cockpit. This can be done easily by threatening a flight attendant.

    3. Kill the pilot immediately and threaten the co-pilot and navigator.

    4. Disable the radar transponder that identifies the aircraft. It takes
    several minutes for ground control radar to adjust between transponder
    moide and “passive” (ping) mode. Passive mode does not report back

    5. Dive below the radar horizon (usually about 2000 feet).

    6. Head for a neutral or friendly country. Remember this is S.E. Asia
    where Islam rules and none of the countries like each other very much.

    7. Sell the aircraft for a small fortune and ransom the passengers eventually…retire very nicely for the rest of my life.

    Until something is found, I think that this is a viable scenario.

  4. As good a theory as any, my guess, the plane was obliterated in flight by some means unknown but that allah thing keeps popping up…

    1. Funny how that ”allah thing” keeps popping up everywhere around the world.

      Since 911 there have been 22,589 Islamic terrorist acts worldwide. ( I hate to think of the numbers if Islam were a ”religion of war”).

      I think we’ll likely add Flight 370 to that list.

  5. We’ve heard of just about every possible solution for the disappearance except being plucked out of the air by Aliens, which I’m sure, is on the minds of a number of kooks.
    It is possible that all transponders were cut off and the plane dropped to an altitude below radar capabilities, and flown to a designated location of which we will soon receive a request for a huge ransom.

  6. Lets go one farther with that. They did not crash the plane but, landed it to be loaded with explosives to be driven in to the nearest US base with a false transpodor code.

  7. The notion that the plane might have turned, before it went missing/lost contact, was probably the missile signature that was heading towards the plane.

  8. One thing I heard on the radio today was that an Iranian bought the 2 tickets for the guys with the stolen passports and paid cash. How often do you pay out thousands in cash for your air fair and if you did, you think you’d get a second look by security?

    1. And both were one way tickets, no return. Just like the 9/11 muslims who knew they would not be returning…nor unfortunately would anyone else.

      But 7 years later, Americans elected a muslim. We forgot to never forget.

  9. Islam is a major threat to World Peace. Islam is basically FASCISM no different from NAZIS of Germany of the WWII Era! EVIL to their ROTTEN CORES.

    VILE Liberals are allies of Islam working to destroy Freedom and Liberty for personal gain, just like WWII NAZIS!

    Like it or not, believe it or not WWIII is upon us. Obama seems to be the third anti Christ who bears the mark of the Beast. One of the curses God punished Cain with was Black skin. LIberals have ability to steal your SOUL. Be careful who you choose to side with.

    1. Your exegesis of Scripture is flawed. No biblical support for your claims about a ‘third antichrist” or about Cain. And no one can steal your soul. You can, however, choose to allow the Enemy to oppress you.

        1. You are free to defend yourself. But if you’re going to use ”biblical” support for it, you will be called on it.

        2. It is TRUE along with other curses. All black folks descended from Cain.a FACT! Yet each individual is responsible only for themselves not for their ancestors. .


          Race and the Priesthood

          … blacks descended from the same lineage as the biblical Cain, who slew his
          brother Abel.10 Those who accepted this view believed that God’s “curse” on
          Cain …

          Eve bears Cain and Abel—They offer sacrifices—Cain slays Abel and is … The
          descendants of Noah are Japheth, whose descendants are Gentiles; Ham, …
          Moses 6

          And Adam glorified the name of God; for he said: God hath appointed me another
          seed, instead of Abel, whom Cain slew. 3 And God revealed himself unto a …
          The Guide to the Scriptures
          A son of Adam and Eve who slew his younger brother Abel (Gen. 4:1–16).
          All Results from Scriptures on ‘descendent of Cain’

    2. I agree the theology is flawed, and those that follow it delusional and simple….although motivated.

      What I’m not sure of is the “third anti-Christ” you mention and how liberals can steal my soul…I’m sure you mean my mind ( work to change my beliefs).

  10. I think it would be wise for no citizens of the U.S.A. to ever board a plane which is piloted by a Muslim. There’s no way to know ahead of time who will be the pilots, of course. So my advice can’t be followed unless somehow the citizen becomes aware prior to board or before takeoff that the pilot is a Muslim. It’s granted that some Muslims are honest and good people. But they are taught to be otherwise, so if they are honest and good, that’s contrary to their religion. They are taught to have no respect or regard for “unbelievers.” They are taught their god, Allah, will reward them for destroying “infidels.” Even if it costs them their life.

      1. In the small city where I live in Southwest Missouri, there are Muslims. At least 100 for sure. And one of them is my kidney doctor. I have no reason to think he is other than he appears to be, a person who seeks to live at peace with others and serve in a profession which rewards those who qualify. I don’t think this man is a “sleeper.” But he surely IS a Muslim.

        I’ve seen only one young Muslim whose wife had to be hidden from sight and was not allowed out in public except with her husband there to tell her what she could and could not do. She could not think for herself, obviously. She was controlled by the husband. We were both in a doctor’s waiting room. She was not allowed to talk with others. Her husband kept his eyes on her every minute. If she wanted to be free, there was no chance she could gain her freedom once she was owned by the man.

        1. The doctor may very well be just a guy who wants to live in harmony with others and practice medicine. However, the Quran makes it clear that he is a hypocrite, worthy of a savage death, and destined for eternity in Hell. Allah clearly distinquishes who the true Muslim is: it’s he who is willing to wage Jihad against all non-believers. Jihad is opligatory for every Muslim. That means that the nephrologist is a ”lousy” Muslim, and one that does not obey the Quran. Secular Muslims make up most of the world’s Muslim population.

          As for the young couple you saw……the poor wife is in for a life of pain. Islam offers NOTHING to a woman except suffering and degradation. I hope she is able to be free from this maniac, but it’s likely he will kill her if she ever threatened to leave.

          Remember, that ”nice” Muslim who lives next door and grills out with your family or operates the corner market serving infidels, is only one of two things: either he is a lousy Muslim for befriending a non-believer, or a Quran-obeying Muslim practicing al taquiyya….. the lying sanctioned by allah to allow the Muslim to gain the trust of the infidel to be used against him at a later date as Islam ascends and gains power in the society. Al taquiyya is rewarded by allah and it’s common practice makes dealing with any Muslim……regardless of their demeanor…..problematic.

    1. Correct. Those ”honest and good” Muslims are NOT even genuine Muslims, allah would say, because they are not waging jihad.

  11. you forgot the that ” Malaysian authorities are investigating the identities of at
    least two other passengers on a missing Malaysia Airlines flight, in
    addition to two who were found to be using stolen passports.”

    1. I noticed this morning on the news that they’re talking about who the two passengers are with the stolen passports but nothing more has been said about the other two “suspicious” passengers.

  12. I read your article and research the name of the co-pilot and this is what i found: He was named after: Abdul Hamid II: an assessine. Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Caliph of Islam, Amir al-Mu’minin prince of the faithful, and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

    Abdul Hamid II (Ottoman Turkish: 22 September 1842 – 10 February 1918) was the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and the last Sultan to exert effective autocratic control over the fracturing state.

    He oversaw a period of decline in the power and extent of the Empire, including widespread pogroms and government massacres against the minorities of the Empire
    (named the Hamidian massacres after him) as well as an assassination attempt, ruling from 31 August 1876 until he was deposed shortly after the 1908 Young Turk Revolution, on 27 April 1909

    Often known as the “Red Sultan” due to the atrocities committed against the Empire’s minorities under his rule and use of a secret police to silence dissent.

    also see

  13. search on the Captain:

    Web tribute page lauds MH370 captain Zaharie Ahmad

    An anonymous writer who knew the captain at the controls of the missing
    Flight 370 aircraft launched a tribute page rejecting accusations against the
    veteran pilot. Those close to Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, with 18,365 flying hours under his belt in a 33-year career, hastily released an information page for people to
    know him better in a bid to avoid a character assassination against his
    professional record.

    Entitled “Who exactly is Malaysia Airlines Captain Zaharie Shah of MH370”,
    the unidentified author of the page wrote: “The brave pilot of MH370 must not go
    unnoticed. We find out just how passionate Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is about

    The tribute page described the former Penang Free School student as a
    trustworthy and reliable pilot with more than 18,000 flying hours. It added: “It
    is very unfortunate that he was involved in the tragic MH370 accident.”
    [i have a feeling they had a fight and the captain got killed first. My specultation]

  14. Until recently, democratic processes yielded such slow evolutions of public opinion that 20 years would pass before new ideas were accepted.

  15. Another possible theory is that there was someone or someones on this flight that some other ones wanted to kidnap or prevent from their mission, as in scientists or engineers or politicians or God knows what else.

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