Truth! Trump Says ObamaCare is a ‘Disgrace to Our Nation’

The truth hurts sometimes! Unless you’re a liberal…..then the truth hurts all the time!

President Trump met with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday at the White House. Afterwards, the president answered a reporter’s question about Trump stating that “ObamaCare is dead.”

Trump explained, “ObamaCare is virtually dead. At best you could say it’s [on] its final legs,” and then mentioned the high deductible and premiums that are “through the roof”.

He continued, “ObamaCare is a disgrace to our nation, and we are solving the problem of ObamaCare.”

Anyone else get chills reading that? I sure got them when I wrote it! Hearing our president take charge like that and speak the honest truth, without all the political correctness, makes me want to do a fist pump!

Say it with me now: “Obamacare is dead!”

Fox News Insider reports:

Trump campaigned on the promise to repeal and replace the health care law, and he has expressed frustration with the Republican-controlled Senate for failing to pass health care reform legislation.

Trump announced last week he would end cost-sharing reduction payments to insurance companies, which help lower-income Americans afford health insurance.

That came after he signed an executive order that aims to offer “alternatives” to ObamaCare plans by allowing insurance companies to sell short-term, low-cost plans that fall short of coverage requirements under Obama’s law.

If you got chills reading about Trump’s assertion, just wait…it gets better! Here is a video of him saying it:

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