TSA Agents Let Explosives Through Security

Every time the TSA does a sting operation on its own agents at airports to make sure they’re doing their job correctly, it further solidifies the fact that the TSA is there purely for theater and show. They don’t actually do anything to stop terrorists. They’re a complete waste of money.

A recent sting operation at Newark Airport showed that if a terrorist wanted to bring explosives on a plane, he could. The operation was performed by TSA “Red Team,” a 4-person unit of agents posing as passengers. The New York Post reported on one of the agents who got through “security” with an improvised explosive device (IED):

 “With the inert ‘bomb’ stashed somewhere in his pants, he got through the magnetometer undetected at around 11 a.m. He was then pulled aside for a physical screening, and a TSA agent failed to discover the IED and allowed the ‘bomber’ to go to his gate.”

 Last year, a blogger showed how anyone could get a metal object past the body scanners. He explained that since the person’s image that comes up on the scanner is white, and since any metal objects come up as black, they’re easy to see, but only if they’re in front of your body or in the back. Since the background of the image is also black, all you’d have to do is place the metal object on your side, and the scanner won’t be able to differentiate between the metal object and the black background.

He even tested it with an empty metal case. He filmed himself going through security at the airport, and since he placed the metal case in a side pocket, the scanner didn’t pick up on it. He pointed out that the case could easily have contained razor blades or even explosives, and the TSA technology, in all its glory and expense, would not have been able to pick up on it.

And this TSA sting operation showed that even when pat down, the screening agents still didn’t notice the explosive device (albeit a fake one) on the undercover agent.

This isn’t the first time the TSA have conducted a sting operation on their own agents. They’ve done this many, many times, and every time, the agents are able to get through drugs, large amounts of cash, explosives, guns. Many times, the screeners are bribed to allow such things through.

TSA proponents love to point out how the U.S. hasn’t had to endure even one terrorist attack since 9/11, and they attribute this largely to TSA security. I would argue that we haven’t had one since 9/11 in spite of TSA theatrics.

11 thoughts on “TSA Agents Let Explosives Through Security

  1. It’s just another government band-aid. They try to solve problems by pumping a lot of money into them, so the problem should magically go away…they purchased the problem out of existence. With as much “Looney Tune” history of incompetence at this department, it’s no surprise Elmer Fudd could do a better job at catching the bad guy “wabbit”.

  2. The TSA is the biggest failure to come down the road in years. Their agents come from the lowest segment of society and are given the power to force their will on anyone who wants to use public transportation.

    The TSA has yet to stop a single terrorist action anywhere in America. They never find the explosives and other contraband that are used in these tests. But America can sleep well at night knowing their grandma didn’t get on the plane with explosives in her diaper, a little girl will have nightmares after being manhandled by agents, the disabled old girl whose wheelchair was almost disassembled will always remember the humiliation forced upon her. The only good thing about the TSA is that they have taken quite a few pedophiles and sexual perverts out of our legal system by giving them jobs in which they get to utilize their special skills.

    A few months back I went to the Portland Oregon airport to pick up my wife when she was lying in. I look around and see what has to be the most disgusting TSA agent on the payroll. His shirt was half tucked in, buttoned unevenly, his hair was a total mess, he had food stains on his shirt, and he weighed at least 350 to 375 pounds. As he waddled by stuffing his face with of all things a doughnut. The best that could be said about it was that he was a total slob. Is this the best the TSA can do!

  3. Thats because they hire thiefs and murderers for the TSA agents. Marsha Blackburn Senator in TN, did extensive investigating into this matter and that is what she found. 1 person had been in jail for manslaughter, and a lot of them had been in jail for robbery. One agent was caught with $80,000 worth of merchandise stolen from passengers. His comment was….It’s easy, you just take it and walk off, no one checks. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that this is what our tax dollars are going for.

    1. Do you know what agencies fall under HS that you are calling worthless?

      National Guard, Cost Guard, Border Protection, etc

  4. I propose we KEEP the Border Patrol and the US Navy drug interdiction efforts and eliminate the TSA. They don’t actually accomplish anything and, they’re not even good as “security theater”. It’s a bad show and I for one stopped travelling by air after I got off of Active Duty. I HAD to fly in the military. I’ve told my civilian employer he can fire me if he wants but, I refuse to fly EVEN ON HIS DIME.

  5. TSA has lost objectivity. They forgot that their mission is to stop terrorists. Now it’s all about one-upmanship among the agents…who can stop the most water bottles. Small minds have small goals.

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