How Justice Scalia Set the Anti-Religion Crowd Straight

Justice Scalia rocked the secularist establishment in many ways — from his views on abortion and same-sex sexuality to affirmative action and religion and the founding of the United States. In a speech he gave in January of this year, Justice Scalia said: “One of the reasons God has been good to us is that we […]

New Round of Polls has Nothing but GOOD NEWS for Ted Cruz

The latest round of presidential political polling has nothing but good news for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his conservative supporters. Even as the establishment continues to step up the attacks against the Senator from Texas, GOP voters continue to warm up to the possibility of having him as President. The latest poll from respected […]

Bernie Sanders is a Socialist with Power and a Government Club

A meme is going around showing a young man being pushed aside by an armed police officer. Here’s what’s written over the image: Arrested for fighting for civil rights for African Americans. Name this guy. The bespectacled young man is Bernie Sanders. Good for him. He stood up for the personal and property rights of […]

Obama Makes Stupid Comment on Clinton Emails Angering the FBI

Last weekend the President sat down with CBS’ 60 Minutes and interviewer Steve Kroft for an in depth conversation that covered many different topics. However, the most interesting moment of the conversation, and the one which will likely end up having the deepest impact, was Obama’s comments on the Clinton email scandal. When Kroft wondered […]

Chicago Mayor Blames Police for Increase in Crimes

Over the past couple of years there have been a growing number of incidents where law enforcement officers are being accused of crimes for carrying out their jobs and defending themselves. Most of the cases involve blacks and the majority of these cases involve blacks who refuse to cooperate with police and resist arrest. The […]

Madonna’s Gay Brother Defends Christian Kim Davis

The homosexual community has descended in force to destroy the life and career of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis. Once they heard that she was refusing to issue marriage licenses, gay and lesbian couples traveled to Ashland, Kentucky just to be part of the feeding frenzy designed to devour a woman who was standing firm […]

Black Executes White Cop – No Racial Outcry!

Once again we have an example of how the liberal media is refusing to accuse a black of committing a racial hate crime. Sheriff’s Deputy Darren H. Goforth, 47 had stopped at a Chevron station to fill his patrol car. He was in full uniform when a young black man came up behind him and […]

Republicans Prep Senate for Neutering

Forty-eight Republicans and 14 Democrats voted to close debate on fast-track authority for President Obama this morning and set up a final vote for Wednesday. Some Democrats had been resisting the so-called “trade promotion authority,” or TPA, bill, but after a procedural maneuver that took out some of the parts they objected to and pasted them […]

Disabled Veteran’s IVF Treatment vs. Prisoner Sex Change: Which One is Paid For?

Who should have more rights and benefits? Men and women who were willing to sacrifice their lives to serve our country or those who committed heinous crimes like murder? According to our courts and laws, convicted murderers sitting in prison can receive more fully paid for medical care and treatment than some of our permanently […]

White House Correspondents Issue Demands in Response to Obama’s Lack of Promised Transparency

When Barack Obama first ran for the White House in 2008, he repeatedly promised to have a completely open and transparent administration. Virtually everything else that spewed from his lips, that was a premeditated lie that he had no intention of keeping. To be honest, Obama didn’t care about keeping any part of his word […]

U.S. Leaders Absent as World Rallies to France’s Side

As much as Americans like to make fun of the French and vice versa, our two countries have historically usually been very close. The French were our first allies. Without them, it’s doubtful we could have defeated the British in the Revolutionary War. The Statue of Independence? That was a gift from the French to […]

Boehner’s Vindictive Action Against Those Who Voted Against Him

Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) should not be Speaker of the House. The person who holds that position is supposed to be the leader of his political party who stands firm for the party’s platform and agenda. Based upon Boehner’s history since taking the gavel from Nancy Pelosi in 2010, Boehner failed to meet that criterion. […]