Teachers’ Unions Sinking with Thousands of Teachers Jumping Ship

On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln announced his Emancipation Proclamation, declaring that all persons held in slavery in the Confederate states shall be free now and forever. Note that it was a Republican that ended slavery, not a liberal Democrat. In fact, Democrats fought vehemently to preserve slavery. Even though slavery had ended, many […]

Hillary Turning against Obamacare Provision to Win Votes

Twenty years ago, America had another Democrat with socialist agendas occupying the White House. Bill Clinton was very much like Barack Obama, only at that time America would not allow a president to get away with as many things as they do today. During Clinton’s terms in office, his wife Hillary pushed hard for a […]

Joe Biden Waxes Poetic about Socialism on Labor Day

Joe Biden hit the campaign trail on Labor Day to spout some socialist rhetoric while blaming the wealthy for all of America’s problems. He was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Monday with AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka when the Vice President chose to lay all of America’s woes at the feet of the rich. Talking about problems […]

Union Workers Paid Less than Non-union Workers Thanks to Union Officials

Ever since labor unions came on the scene well over a century ago, they have fought for higher wages, more benefits and better working conditions. For many years, they were very successful in helping millions of Americans to better support and provide for their families. However, like many other good things, unions have become more […]

Teachers Union Dues Used to Keep Illegals in US

Over the past several decades, the National Education Association (NEA) has become one of the largest and most liberal and socialistic unions in America. I have friends who have attended the annual NEA conventions and they report how many adamant union members are hostile to anything Christian and conservative. The NEA has been pushing socialist […]

Wisconsin Legislature Moves to End Union Slavery

Have you ever considered the possibility that labor unions are a form of slavery and that states without right-to-work laws are endorsing this kind of slavery? In states like here in Kentucky and Ohio, our neighbor to the north, a person is required to join a union in order to work in many different professions. […]

Will Supreme Court Destroy Unions Grip on Workers?

Twenty-six states have laws that either force workers in a number of fields to join unions or pay union dues even though they do not belong to a union. It doesn’t matter if they want to join or support a union or not. Teachers, electrical workers, plumbers, manufacturing and even many retail workers have to […]

Can Mike Huckabee be President by Supporting Common Core?

Liberals knew that if they could capture the schools, they would have future generations of people agreeing with them on almost everything. They sold parents on the premise that public education is “free.” In reality, it has been very costly, not only in monetary value but in ideological devaluation. Mike Huckabee does not seem to […]

Union Could be Grinch That Steals Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches, millions of Americans have already started their Christmas shopping. Millions more will wait until the last two weeks before they head out to shop. These shoppers may be surprised this year to find many shelves empty and if they do, they can thank the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. On […]

Wisconsin Teachers Union Sues Schools for Being Fiscally Responsible

So many school districts are losing revenue and having to cut teachers and extracurricular activities while just trying to make their budgets. One school district in the Cincinnati area not only had to cut teachers and all sports and music programs, but they also stopped busing students to and from school. They’ve tried to pass […]

$1.6 Million Union Dues Spent in Anti-Scott Walker Campaign Ads

If you’ve ever belonged to a union, have you ever wondered what they do with monthly dues they automatically deduct from your paycheck? Generally you would think that it’s used to pay the salaries of union officials, but that’s not always the truth. Consider the case of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state’s teachers’ […]

Union President Says Vote against Obama Amnesty for Illegals

By and large, most unions are very pro-Democratic and pro-Obama. Their liberal political agenda allows them to blindly follow the political party that does them more harm than good. Historically, the Republican Party has done more for the common working class than the Democratic Party has. The GOP fights to keep taxes down and has […]