Students Taught Rape is Part of ‘Human Nature’ in University Biology Classes

One of the most thankless jobs in America today is being the president of a college or university. Not only do you have to contend with coddled tenured professors, but you have to answer why the football team did not have a winning season. Big bucks flow from football frenzied fans who write big checks to the football program. There’s big money in college football.

We mustn’t forget the know-it-all students who are offended by any slight or misspoken word. Their feelings are easily hurt, and they take it personally and they want something done about it immediately.

The latest dust up happened at the University of Iowa:

“In an interview published Feb. 18 in The Daily Iowan, President Sally Mason said she was dismayed by the reports of sexual assaults. She said ‘the goal would be to end that, to never have another sexual assault. That’s probably not a realistic goal just given human nature, and that’s unfortunate…”

As expected, some students were offended and hurt by her remarks given the fact that there have been a number of reported sexual assaults on campus. Chalking them up to “human nature” was considered insensitive.

But was President Mason wrong in her characterization that sexual assaults are part of human nature?

Given what we know is taught at schools like the University of Iowa, the protestations are directed at the wrong person. Every one of the “humans” on campus got there by evolutionary development. You know the phrases: “Nature, red in tooth and claw” and “survival of the fittest.”Nature-Red-in-Tooth-and-Claw_cropped These are the things they were taught in biology and evolutionary studies.

One particular letter to the editor by an assault victim caught my attention:

 “‘That’s probably not a realistic goal just given human nature’ implies that human beings are naturally inclined toward this type of behavior. Victims and advocates have been fighting to demolish the idea that ‘rape is OK’ for thousands of years. To say that it is natural is to say that it is OK, to say that it is somehow an inbred behavior. I stand for myself as a victim and for many others: Sexual assault is not ‘OK,’ it is not natural, and it is not an impulse that an attacker can somehow not control. It is not born with them. It is not a part of us as human beings.”

Several students held up signs that read, “Rape is not in human nature.” According to what evolution teaches, it most certainly is, and there is no basis in evolutionary dogmatism that says it’s morally wrong.

The offended students should take their concerns to the biology department that teaches that evolution is an undisputed fact and rape is one of the processes that got us all here at this moment in time. Two university professors say so.

The offended students should take a look at C. T. Palmer and Randy Thornhill’s A Natural History of Rape (1997). The authors suggest that rape “is either an adaptation favored in past evolutionary environments by natural selection . . . or a by-product of other biological characteristics of human males, such as aggression and promiscuity.” In any event, rape has an evolutionary origin. It is the very nature of “human nature.”

Evolutionary principles explain rape as a “genetically developed strategy sustained over generations of human life because it is a kind of sexual selection — a successful reproductive strategy.”

Richard Dawkins, whose books are most likely a big hit with students at the University of Iowa, argues that “we animals exist for” genetic “preservation and are nothing more than their throwaway survival machines.” These rapists are only trying to pass their genes on so their progeny will survive and be the dominate gene pool. Dawkins offers a more full explanation here:

“The selfish-gene idea is the idea that the animal is a survival machine for its genes. The animal is a robot that has a brain, eyes, hands, and so on, but it also carries around its own blueprint, its own instructions. This is important, because if the animal gets eaten, if it dies, then the blueprint dies as well. The only genes that get through the generations are the ones that have managed to make their robots avoid getting eaten and succeed in living long enough to reproduce.”

So President Sally Mason was biologically and philosophically correct to describe the sexual assaults on the campus of the University of Iowa as “human nature.” If you believe in evolution, it’s what you must believe. It’s what you were taught in your biology classes.

146 thoughts on “Students Taught Rape is Part of ‘Human Nature’ in University Biology Classes

  1. They ought to be celebrating rather than complaining. They’re getting exactly what they’ve worked so ceaselessly toward; an amoral, non-discriminatory, non-judgmental Godless society. What did they think that was going to produce?

  2. We live in an hedonistic culture exemplified by evil policies and godless men. Sin no longer exists, it has been abolished and been replaced with tolerance. Rape, pedophilia, homosexuality, etc., are no longer considered shameful. Modern man has concluded that those unfortunate people are no longer responsible for these “conditions” because of a malfunction in the brain or an innate gene rendering all those who are disposed to these “diseases” unaccountable. Tolerance is the god of the day and those who are without it are hateful and more deserving of contempt then those poor suffering souls who have no choice in the matter. Sex is glorified, primiscuous behavior is encouraged and our children, no matter how young, are being taught to accept it all. We have lost our humanity, and have become what many contend we were from the very beginning, animals with similar instincts, that need to be trained, taught new tricks, and kept under control for the betterment of mankind.

  3. If liberals believe they evolved from flea-bitten mangy apes then rape might be part of their nature. However, I don’t believe apes would act that way!

  4. Human Nature; to rape?!? What the heck is she talking about. Liberalism = rape is human nature, abortion is birth control, homosexuality and their rights outweigh the Religious beliefs of others, Muslims and their rights outweigh the rights and beliefs of Christians, if you don’t agree with liberals then you are a racist. If you don’t have a job or don’t want to have a job don’t worry the dumb working people will pay for you to live. It seems as though everything liberals believe in goes against everything this Nation was founded for and based upon.

  5. Rape may be part of human nature especially since the government fools have abolished God from academia. So as there is no recognized morality allowed to be taught I can see why the youth feel it’s ok to force themselves on the weaker sex.
    Well do as you please guys but what probably isn’t taught in your classrooms is the act of revenge is also part of human nature and because of the moronic legal system that glorifies criminals, many fathers and husbands are ready to exact an eye for an eye from those insane enough to rape one of their family.

  6. Fine example of Progressives evolving. Rape is now human nature.
    Man questioned:
    Rape? It wasn’t rape. It was my human nature. I was just doing what I’m programmed to do. Survival of the fittest you know. I was trying to pro-create. What is she complaining about? She can have a tax payer provided abortion.
    All Sarcastic.

  7. Of course, normalizing homosexuality was just the first step. Now comes the normalizing of pedophilia, rape, murder, incest, and any other immoral act. Only when you normalize immorality can you undermine and overthrow the Word of God.

      1. Agreed, it is coming soon, but whether or not it is before all of this transpires is highly debatable. In order for the Great Tribulation to occur, the great falling away from the Church must come first.

        1. I think that’s already happened, since almost all these churches are not preaching truth anymore and are too intimidated to talk about sin and punishment.

        2. Yes, I believe we are seeing the beginnings of it here, but, from what I hear, the Word is spreading like wildfire in the former USSR. So. although it may be diminishing here as it did in Europe. it is taking root in other places. Make no mistake though, I do believe it is indeed happening now.

    1. Makes you wonder how they would feel it it happened to one of their own

      rather than a stranger? But considering how they had degraded the morals
      of the nation by acting like homosexuality is normal an teaching corruption

      thru the Common Core teaching aids. Their attack upon Christian values
      and morals have further degraded our nations respect for law and order

      and respect for others.

    2. Even though the Soviet Union was athiest, I don’t even think they stooped this low. I remember them requiring their youth to be educated and able to speak English as well as Russian. (I was in the Soviet Union in 1970 or 1971,with a group of fellow College students on a University sponsored trip. Life there was Agenda 21 all over. Of course, we never heard of Agenda 21, but we were so happy we lived in America!
      Putin has loudly declared he wants no Homosexuals in his country and has actually told Muslims not to come to Russia if they want to live under Sharia. (No wonder Putin hates O, O is both)

  8. Well in one of our college classes, the book for that class tells us that the most important invention of this century was the birth control pill! What a fool I was for thinking it was the internet!

    1. Nothing natural/human nature about religion either but good luck getting anyone to see that fact. All the crazies make it hard to stay a Conservative agnostic, but I take solace in the fact I’m so far to the right of most of them it makes them look like Van Jones.

      1. I disagree. It is also human nature to desire excellence and want to achieve immortality. In humans that have the capability and IQ to exercise critical thinking skills and understand that we are born with those desires it nearly proves he existence of God and intelligent design. Fish need to swim, birds need to fly; humans need to reach for a higher level of excellence in their spiritual requirements. If they haven’t been subjected to enough method in ways to quest for those higher levels of thought and spirituality, many end up rationalizing that we are nothing more than mammalian animals and the only treasures to be had in life are purely sensational or animalistic. Why would we be desirous in our heart of hearts or when we are sitting alone with our own thoughts for God if there was no such higher power in the first place. That which makes us human beings beyond the day to day animal functions we fulfill to live proves the existence of a higher power beyond our capabilities to fully understand.

  9. Well, if you consider humans as nothing more than animals (as Liberals do) who cannot control their natural uncivilized instincts, I guess you would see the world that way. Certainly, Islamic cultures that see the world this way and demand that women be covered head to toe and never venture out unescorted by a male, expect men to be irrational and uncontrollable think this way. If a woman is raped in that society, it is considered the woman’s fault for enticing the blameless man by merely existing. This sort of primitive thinking takes all responsibility from the man to control himself. That a female college president can accept that as simply part of nature, is astounding.

    1. I agree. This is to teach women that being raped is a natural thing, nothing against the law here at all. So, just shut up, grin, and bare it.

      1. It’s also natural for any intelligent woman who is being attacked, to pull out her favorite hand gun and blow the brains out for the two legged animal attacking her. The most effective birth control there is!

        1. EXACTLY! I fully agree, but I also assert that rape and/or harming others is no less human nature than our desire to defend ourselves from such aggression.

          Both are HUMAN traits that transcend age, race, ethnicity, culture, time, and international boundary.

      2. As a conservative who does not believe in or ascribe to evolution, I feel that’s idiotic. It’s not natural for women to get raped, nor is anyone asserting it is. The fact is there ARE people out there that would do you harm, that is both their nature and fact.

        IT IS A BEHAVIOR, and is human nature no different than racism or tribalism, which is why it is present in all cultures, groups, ethnicities, and regions on this planet.
        Saying rape is not human nature is like saying wanting power over people or being greedy is not human nature.
        It’s dangerous to do so because it excuses by extension many other behaviors in our nature than we repress ALL DAY everyday by choice to live in a civil society.
        Who DOESN’T want to issue physical violence against people who wrong us even though it’s against societies laws? But we resist that part of our nature, that behavior, to conform.
        EVERY human is easily capable of rape, and large numbers of both men and women all over the world choose to perpetrate that crime everyday.


        Will it stop? Only when all people disappear.

        1. It will stop when the one with absolute authority shows up and rules this world.
          Until that day comes, pick your favorite caliber and practice with both hands.

  10. Oh how the liberals like to teach subjects that are near and dear to their hearts. Their favorite past times they like to practice they get to teach and see if they can misdirect others to join them in the misdeeds and mayhem against God’s will, to rape, molest children, kill those they molest so they don’t get found out and then get awarded medals of merit by a pResident that is as corrupt as they are and killed his homosexual buddies so they couldn’t tell of theirs and his exploits. Makes you want to puke.

  11. President Sally Mason must be a Liberal!!! Caveman mentality!!! I thought human intelligence & morals had evolved thru the centuries… I guess killing all infidels as ordered by Mohammad is just human nature too…. Great education our children are getting in college!!!!! No wonder Christianity is under attack by the Muslims and Islamic Activists!!!!!! Obamaworld is just around the corner!!!

    1. The liberals are so dispicable in their total disregard of morality, they are idiots. Oh, they love Islam, though. Oh, I forgot, Muslim men love to rape women and children ( both sexes) but then kill the female victims because they were too enticing. Maybe that’s why this excuse for a human being thinks rape is ok. Puke.

    2. And here we see another example of behavior that is human nature, tribalism.

      You don’t like the mooslims tribe, so you assume they don’t like you. They have no clue who you are, nor do they care.

      Dicing people in to groups and hating them is a Liberal central tenant, don’t ascribe to it.

    1. You’re right in that it is human nature to sin. But it is also human nature if you have a brain to know the taboos of the type of sin you wish to indulge in. Either you are a murderer, a thief, a rapist or just damn mean. God sees and you will get your reward at tribulation.

  12. Whatever happened to the old humanistic idea that babies were born perfect, sweet, and without sin? They used to put down Christianity for believing that we were born sinful and needed a savior. I guess their real objection was that they wanted to be the moral police.

  13. Sounds to me like Thornhill, Palmer, Dawkins and Mason would get along very well together in their natural primate environment…..Jungle Boogie

  14. Teaching that rape is human nature is also teaching JIHAD. Jihadists rape women in their host country, as a means of declaring their violence to scare the masses…this instructor is an apologist for de-humanizing the populace and softening them up to be victims. Of all the inhumanity experienced by Jews during WW II, we didn’t see them resort to violence of non-Jews or rape; they were freed and went on with their lives to create an amazing culture in their biblical homeland, improving life that extends to third world countries as well as others. This professor is spreading violent Islamism and should be stopped.

  15. There are two underlying causes to this rape-acceptance class.
    1 – To acclimate the female students to male domination as practiced in Islam – jihadists rape women in their new host countries, and
    2 – To consider wearing the burqa to avoid being raped. Norway and Sweden are now the rape capitals of the world…Muslim men rape (and kill) Nordic women as a means of confirming their conquest and subjugating the populace in fear.
    NOTE: The Jews who survived the Holocaust did not seek vengeance against the rest of the population in Europe. They picked themselves up and built a successful country, creating a democracy and innovations that are helping the rest of the world. They did not go out and rape! The jihadists are being dehumanized and to rape for conquest – they’ve turned Europe into a battleground and they’ll do the same here if we don’t stop them.

  16. She wasn’t saying it’s human nature to rape. She was saying it’s human nature that a certain percentage of the populace is criminal, sociopathic, and incorrigible. And she’s right. If she wasn’t, we wouldn’t even need police….. or a criminal justice system for that matter.

  17. Rape is a part of human nature, the same as racism and tribalism. All those behaviors would have to be to explain their enduring prevalence in every nation, ethnicity, tribe, group, and culture on Earth.

    Even a non-evolution believing Conservative agnostic right-wing tea party wacko Missouri farmboy living in the city like me knows that.

    And acknowledging it as human nature in no way justifies or excuses such behavior no more then the same fact justifies racism or cruelty. Even though we are all human animals we can easily choose to be more, to be a part of civil society.

    1. Ditto and being part of the human condition does not excuse it from societal punishment and that includes the death penalty.

  18. President Mason was correct, such vile things as rape, assault, stealing, murder, adultery, etc. are human nature and has been since the fall of Adam and Eve. Since then we have all been born with a sin nature capable of the most vile, contemptible acts.
    There is only one solution-repent and put your trust in Jesus and He will redeem you and change your nature. Until that time all this violence we hear about will continue and not only continue but get worse.

  19. Words like respect, chivalry ,manners, proper , formal address, title, discipline ,self-control, kind, thoughtful, love , discriminate ,selective and God have been replaced by
    self-absorbed , deviant , predatory ,greed, envy and thoughtless abuse of our fellow men and women.
    Beauty, line, form, essence and elegance have been abandoned in favor of ugly ,crass , perverted , deformed and rude as ideals known as reality art.
    We always aspired to emulate the well breed and educated classes but now the society, trend and fad with the provocative teaching of the communist university has sent us into a spiral of decline.
    We now dare not call these acts of barbaric behavior the truth but instead call them the new normal.

  20. This is the most preposterous piece of crap I have ever read. First evolution had nothing to do with humans. The biology they are teaching is completely a lie. Evolution has never been proven. But God’s works is and has been proven time and time again every day. If this is the stance our colleges and professors have taken in teaching our children then there is no sense in sending your child to these public supported colleges. Instead pick yourselves out the good Christian based Private colleges to have them educated. Rape is not a gene passed thing from one to the other. Rape is an evil degradation of the female. Evil people, low educated and some just plain mean would take advantage of a weaker person by nature to impose his will upon them. If they do not desire you and are the age of consent then go your own happy way when they say no. Leave the females alone. Only one thing I will agree with here. Since the beginning of time atheist and idol worshipers have mistreated woman. If you think this is a matter of evolution then you need to live in the middle east, especially Afghanistan where to them a woman is no more than a piece of meat. God said to Adam I will make you a mate for you to cherish and to protect. Not to abuse, rape or treat as something that is below man. A woman is the most treasured gift ever given to man. To not cherish her and worship God with her you are less than an animal and should be put to death immediately. I have long said that to commit a rape and it to be judged true as such beyond the shadow of doubt the guilty should be put to death.You have taken something from a person who can never get it back. Left a lower than life image upon her brain. No human in my world has that right. If I ever saw it taking place the rapist would be a dead person.

    1. The penalty for rape use to be death, when did it go out of fashion?
      A civilized nation executes it’s murderers and rapist. Anything less makes us animals!

      1. When “bleeding heart” liberalism infested the churches and courts, and inserted the lie that they didn’t deserve such ” cruel and unusual” punishment!

        1. The Churches I know support capital punishment because they know God’s word. Those that don’t, don’t know God!

        2. Some few still do; the majority don’t and are embracing these sins into their bodies, unfortunately. They don’t even preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ any longer.

        3. I wish I was wrong, truly. But the reality is that adulterers, fornicators and others have been accepted for some decades in churches unchallenged, and now many are “embracing” homosexuals as well, and some are already embracing “Chrislam”, a blending of Christianity and Islam, pushed by Rick Warren out of the LA area in CA, but apparently with sufficient influence to be selling texts to seminaries on that and other subjects of similar destructive nature, from what I’ve been hearing. It was the LA Times that put me onto his “Chrislam” scam a few months before Francis was elected Pope.

  21. What we allow will continue to happen, when we want it to stop we will enforce consequences and accountability on the perpetrators of all wrong doings. This will mean will need to identify things/actions as wrong and leave some PC thinking behind.

  22. Actually, rape IS part of our human nature, as is fornication, adultery, child molestation, and homosexual behavior. Saying it’s part of our sinful human nature is not the same as saying it’s okay (there are many “natural” poisons). The Bible teaches us to crucify our sinful nature with Christ, along with its penalty of death, and wear His righteousness instead.

  23. “The Rape of the Sabine women” comes to mind. Rape has been used as a political force to disgrace societies and people, to degrade women to little more than chattel for some societies. Look to the History of man kind to see just that Rape is just like Homosexuality the recourse of those lacking morals standards or ethical values

  24. Before civilization, it was called procreation. Societies developed and gravitated toward a one man/one woman relationships. It became a violation once this became the accepted practice for all. Unfortunately, the inner cities have not caught up to civilization and forced procreation (rape) continues.

    1. It doesn’t just happen in inner cities. While rape was probably acceptable in man’s earlier days, we now have a more highly developed civilization, and we also have LAWS. Unfortunately we seem to be regressing.

  25. This whole idea is not only ridiculous it’s insulting. By trying to justify rape as nothing more than a biological function is to grading and morally wrong.

    Before human beings that the steps to come down out of the trees and start their progression towards humanity this argument might have had a place. But when humanity reach that stage where we were no longer simple dumb animals certain imperatives would neither desirable or justifiable. There is no basis to say that rape is a beneficial part of evolution even amongst animals.

    In a herd or social group in the animal kingdom rate does not serve as a viable imperative to passing on successful genes in fact it’s just the opposite. Whether it’s a pride of lions were herd of elk the genes that are passed on are those of the most successful and strongest of the male individual. You will have lesser males will attempt to isolate females out of the group and essentially rape them but these are not necessarily superior genes.

    But there’s even a bigger problem with this whole discussion! Humans may be animals by definition but being human and being a human being are two separate things. The lowest form of a hairless upright walking primate may be class scientifically as being human but that does not meet the criteria of BEING HUMAN . Our intellect, reasoning mind, and social nature separates Man from being a simple animal.

    Rapists should be eliminated from the gene pool as having inferior intellect, lesser intelligence, and total lacking of the ability the classified as being human, there nothing but lesser animals.

  26. Rape is a part of man’s “sin” nature (not his biological nature), much as all other forms of satanic rebellion against God’s laws are.

  27. So who cares if its “natural behaviour”” It harms others whose natural behaviour is to not be raped…Maybe we should punish all who do not want to be raped..Maybe we could get the libs and lib judges to say its okay to rape. The next thing the libs will want is to
    rape your pet dog or rabbit…I must be out of touch, I say castrate all rapists and send them to prison where they can be raped…

    1. Castration and incarceratio, FAR too kind to those monsters! And they ARE truly monsters, undeserving of the label of “human”, a being created in the image and likeness of God! Jesus, as our perfect example, showed us what humans were meant to be, and rape was NOT part of that package! We, as humans, HAVE the ability to control our passions built into us, and we are intended to exercise that, not behave like mindless animals!

    2. just allow the women on campus to pack….. that will end the rape problem, Consider the track record of the two universities on denver.. one allowing carry on campus, the other prohibiting it. Check the stats of both for violent crimes….. and no, the carry campus did not experience a huge number of shootings. The rapists simply understood the hunt would be far safer for them at the “Victim Disarmament Zone” at the OTHER school.

  28. The problem of rape can be solved by giving every girl a handgun… Then she can shoot scumbags that rape and we can eliminate their defective genes from the pool…..

      1. but the local cops will nly get there in time to take down the name of the victim and arrange transport to a medical facility to obtain a “rape kit”, and MAYBE to get a police artist to try and make a sketch of the perp…. so when he strikes the next time, a similar artist sketch can help them determine they’ve got a guy who can’t control his toolkit. Big help. I’ll vote for allowing the women to be armed…. .. and all the other students who want to.

  29. She must not be an evolutionist at heart – an evolutionist would hold onto the assumption that human nature would improve to the point of not requiring restraint. I have to wonder how she ever climbed to such a prominent position at a government institution without being outed.

    1. You need to read Genesis 6:1-6. Man is the problem. That’s part of the problem on this earth, not many people take accountability for the wrongs they do.

        1. I will answer this way. Do you have a sister? I’m assuming you have a living mother? Ask them what they think.

        2. No, I said rape is of a satanic nature, you say it is human nature. People are free to choose the road they go down in life it`s either good or evil no middle of the road. God way or Satan’s way.

        3. I said nothing of the sort, I gave you verses to read and for you to ask your sister or mother. If you disagree with the scripture or your sister or mother, that’s on you.

  30. How many years have humans developed laws for themselves to obey. That must be human nature as well. And what do the laws say about rapists in virtually every culture in the world, except those Islamic bastards who worship satan! Doesn’t it throw rapists in prison.

  31. Pretty much everyone agrees as to what should be done with rapists. So i will not beat a dead horse even more. The assumption or the assertion that it is part of human nature is valid although darker part of human nature. Again there are too many ways to attack that and be correct. It is the seeming surrendering to the assertion by President Mason that I will address. When one equates mankind with animals which is the cornerstone of evolution we end up with abortion being common practice thumbing our noses at an innocent life and laughing at God. When mankind is no better than an animal then it is no wonder that mankind would violate others’ rights in the most personal way. This is not science just human nature.

    1. Actually, abortion is quite un-natural, even for those who follow the dictates of evolution and “natural” law. No animal mother (at least those animals that care for their young) kills its own offspring maliciously; in fact, many animal mothers will die to protect their young. The only exception is that if conditions are really bad – like if there is a severe famine, animal mothers may abandon their young to die because they themselves can barely survive. And some animals may consume the remains of their young if they die of disease, starvation or some other cause. But otherwise, no female animal deliberately kills its own young on a regular basis like many of us humans do. So it is very unnatural for any female, human or otherwise, to kill its offspring.

  32. Chalking rape up to “human nature” is considered insensitive to naive people who do not understand human nature. As long as mankind lives in sin outside God’s moral code then evil will consume the hearts & minds of man and atrocities will ensue. In the mean time, I believe an effective rape remedy is a bullet to the back of the head.

    FYI: 17,500 women & children are victims of human trafficking each year in the US.
    It is estimated the over 25-million people world wide live in slavery. This too is human nature — at its worst.

  33. I wonder what Sally would think if a human animal rape her? Same for all those in the Biology Dep.t that teach this. I guess my Biology classes in 53-57 are all out dated because ;progressives have written new facts, rules. and laws.

  34. When people don’t follow the laws of God and nature, their conscience becomes seared and they do things that consume upon their lust, like rape, homosexuality, murder, etc.

  35. So is Sally Mason giving a pass to pedophiles? On campus, off campus….nothing to do with “human nature”. Rape is rape and it is wrong in my book.

  36. This is what you get with evolution and humanism. They would consider pederasty acceptable as well, as being a natural inclination of people, but there are other names….perversion,abomination, evil. In ttoday’s compromised world where so many refuse God, morality, and right thinking, is this really a suprise? No.

  37. Then MURDER is human nature too. Going to give that a pass too, lady? War on Women being waged at the University level? Or just trying to scrub rapist Bill Clinton’s sins away.

  38. It’s called SIN ! Pure and simple.. !… and until people open their eyes and see how ugly “SIN” really is they will continue to carry that ugly spirit with them and will continue to rape innocent women and girls… Maybe if we wait long enough, the doctors will attach some letters to name it as a disease and will come up with a medicine to control that spirit.. But wait till you see the side effects ! God Help Us !

  39. Three close family members are grads of the U of I. Fortunately, #1: the last graduated in the late 90’s and #2: none of them took biology!!!

    1. Higher education is smoking a joint and then trying to find your class! Never mind trying to retain any useful knowlege, as none is taught anymore!

  40. B4UACT is a Leftist organization that is working to decriminalize rape and child molestation.
    LBJ’s Leftist Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, set the foundation by claiming these are mental issues, so now the Leftist shrinks will get the law overturned like on abortion and gay sexual preference. Probably create more votes and Campaign donations for Democrats.
    Of course, Ramsey defends Islamic terrorists at the International court.
    What a guy. Typical Neo Communist.

    1. Johnson was a very bad person. I don’t think anyone who knew him would be surprised to learn that he had Kennedy assassinated.

  41. JustAmerethought: I seem to recall a fellow from Texas a while back, sent a fellow raping his daughter into the next life. I submit that behavior is also human nature.

  42. And these so-called educators wonder why they have so many problems with date-rape on their campuses. If rape is such a natural function, as taught in their textbooks, I’m sure all these college professors and administrators wouldn’t mind at all if all of the males in the student body decided to gang-rape their wives and daughters.

  43. Someone needs to tell this Sally creature that it is ALSO in human nature to protect itself and its integrity….. which includes against unwanted sexual assault (rape). that means she, as president, needs to change the rules to allow ALL students on campus who so desire, and can pass the other legal requirements (NOT including the minimum age.. that needs to be waived) to carry their own defensive weapons on campus to protect against these unwanted sexual assaults.

    1. I was thinking along the same lines. All prey animals initiate some sort of defense, be it runnng away, to flat out biting the bullet so to say, and involving itself in a mortal combat for survival!

    1. It’s already in kindergarten, and they just tried to pass a bill last year making preschool mandatory; didn’t go through so far as I’ve heard since.

  44. These authors are Clintonesque in their views of life. If homosexuality is ok and rape is ok, I am sure they would not mind if someone raped them.

  45. Oh, it’s human nature? Is that why so many teachers, male and female are $crewing their students….they feel justified and/or entitled???…..or Oh, I can’t help myself…it’s my human nature!!!!

  46. Rape IS part of human nature, just as greed is, but just as not all humans are greedy, so also are not all humans inclined to rape; every single human does not have every single element of human nature, any more than every human has the same skin, hair, and eye color. One of the reasons we have religions is to teach us to control the less desirable elements of human nature.

      1. Human nature encompasses the full range of human behavior, from the Pol Pots to the Mother Teresas. It is up to each of us to decide where on that spectrum we will fall; religions help us to do this by teaching us what is good and what is bad (caveat: not all religions are created equal, and all carry the biases of the societies in which they came to be; Islam, for example, encourages the rape of infidels and Shariah law even makes it damned hard to punish a Muslim man for raping a Muslim woman).

        1. God’s Word tells us He wrote His law in EVERY human heart so that NONE would have excuse when standing before Him for judgment; that means no human ever created has an excuse for not having that inborn knowledge of what is right and wrong; the difference is those who choose to violate it do so by ignoring that law in their own hearts.

    1. We all HAVE the basic ingredients; the difference is in our CHOICES! Some choose to be ruled by their baser impulses, and others choose to rule those impulses.

  47. It may very well be human nature to rape, I do not know however, it is not “civilized” (human nature) to rape. Humans have a language unlike other animals on earth therefore specific communication is possible which negates the need (necessity) to rape! However, some rape has been determined not to be associated with sexual intercourse but rather control.

    1. Rape is ALWAYS about power, control, humiliation and violence, never about sex or procreation; that’s simply the weapon used. Even convicted rapists who do talk about it will admit that.

    2. All rape has been considered a need for control…usually because the rapist fails to develop the ability to control their own life in a normal way. It is often generated from being controlled or abused in early childhood by someone in authority over them. Whatever the underlying reasons, virtually NONE are directly committed out of sexual gratification. Sex is the means that allows the rapist to demean and maintain control over someone weaker than them because they feel compelled to do so out of inability to control anything else in their lives. Sometimes I think those responsible for creating rapists (through abusive behavior that lasts a long time) should be incarcerated right along with the product of their abuse. Both are equally responsible for the damage they do/did.

  48. Those who believe they evolved from animals, have evolved in their behavior in acting like animals! You become what you believe, so sad.

  49. The University President never said that rape was OK or natural. The complaining students characterized what she said when they complained. It is a part of human nature to take advantage of others and that is why societies developed a legal system. Punishment was meant to have us think twice before we yielded to our base instincts. Thus the genesis behind the 10 Commandments and the Code of Hammurabi.

  50. Hard to believe that so called educated Students at the Universaty of Iowa could completely miss the point that President Sally Mason was making. She did not say it was human Nature to rape. She said she would like to stop all sexual assaults, but it is not human nature to do that. That means in normal speak that it is impossible to stop all crimes Rape included. These Students are so eat up with liberal speak they are not able to understand a spoken word for what it really is. They always haves to be a underlying slight. They need to grow up and get a life. Normal humans can understand what the President was trying to say. I am beginning to believe that our College students are absolutely Ignorant.

  51. This woman actually made a good point. From the days of the ancient Greeks there has been a view that mankind possesses a dual nature…. one Apollonian and one Dionysian.

    We call the former our “rational/civilized” nature and the latter our “animal” nature. Christianity adopted this view at the Council of Nicea, I think, with the Church teaching that the Apollonian nature should overrule and control the Dionysian. Comparing the 7 deadly sins (wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony) to the 7 virtues shows clearly the rational/animal dichotomy. The offended students were typical…. ignorant as a bucket of horse-apples.

    “Human nature” is a coin with 2 sides!

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